PANDORA: Newly Archived Titles

1 Mar 2008 - 30 Apr 2008

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Title URI Display Date
Auseinet: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples 28-04-2008
Carpentaria Ghost Nets Programme 17-04-2008
DAA Factsheets 06-03-2008
Footprints in time : the longitudinal study 27-03-2008
Imparja Television 17-03-2008
Indigenous Partnership Strategy and Action Plan 17-03-2008
Lajamanu and the Law 29-04-2008
Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council 08-03-2008
Messagestick Telecommunications: Australia's Indigenous Telecommunications Company 29-03-2008
Stolen Generations Alliance: Australians for healing, truth and justice 13-03-2008
Waru : the web portal for Anangu, Pitjantjatjara, Yankunytjatjara and Ngaanyatjarra people, communities and organisations 22-03-2008
Women for Wik 25-04-2008
Yamatji Marlpa Barna Baba Maaja Aboriginal Corporation 29-03-2008
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Australian War Memorial

Title URI Display Date
Fifth Battalion the Royal Australian Regiment website 14-03-2008
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National Film and Sound Archive : A division of the Australian Film Commission

Title URI Display Date
2XXfm 98.3 Community Radio : People Powered Radio 07-03-2008
ACMI : Australian Centre for the Moving Image 02-03-2008
ATOM Awards 25-03-2008
Australasian Computer Music Association 21-03-2008
Australasian Sound Recordings Association : ASRA 09-03-2008
Australian Art Orchestra 20-03-2008
Australian Blues Music Festival 21-04-2008
Dance Music Awards 25-03-2008
Diaspora 25-03-2008
ELISION Ensemble 20-03-2008
Great Southern International Blues & Rockabilly Festival 20-03-2008
Hilltop Hoods 07-03-2008
Jimmy Little Foundation 27-03-2008
Lee Kernaghan 15-04-2008
MidLate : The Songwriters Bridge 21-04-2008
Scinema : a festival of science film, television and multimedia 28-03-2008
ScreenWest 12-03-2008
Tania Kernaghan 13-03-2008
The Dave Graney Show 12-03-2008
Time Off 01-03-2008
Topology 21-04-2008
W. Minc Productions 12-04-2008
Welcome to Kool Skools 09-03-2008
b(if)tek 22-03-2008
milesago - Australasian Music and Popular Culture 1964-1975 15-03-2008
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National Library of Australia

Title URI Display Date
2006 environmental flow guidelines 03-03-2008
2008 Pacific School Games Canberra 16-04-2008
3CMedia : journal of community, citizen's and third sector media and communciation 23-04-2008
A Fugitive Phenomenon 19-03-2008
A final report of the investigation into adverse patient outcomes of neurosurgical services 11-03-2008
A future-proofed Basin : a new water management regime for the Murray-Darling Basin 06-03-2008
A national internship scheme 22-04-2008
A study into the teaching of geography in years 3-10 : final report 18-04-2008
A well-skilled future : tailoring VET to the emerging labour market, about the research 21-04-2008
ACT Forests, ACTION and Australian International Hotel School : report (no.2) on the state of the Territory's finances 03-03-2008
ACT Health public services performance quarterly report 07-03-2008
ACT Legislative Assembly - Business of the Assembly 26-04-2008
ACT action plan for mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention : 2006-2008 07-03-2008
ACT chief health officer’s report 12-03-2008
ACT community recovery plan : a functional plan of the act emergency plan 12-03-2008
ACT government and non government school enrolments : February 1995 to 2006 12-03-2008
ACT legislation register 07-03-2008
ACT roads asset management plan 2004-2007 03-03-2008
ACT young people’s plan 2004-2008 : progress report 12-03-2008
ACTs new Youth Detention Centre 12-03-2008
ADC news 29-04-2008
AM radio issues : an examination of technical and engineering issues, their impact on the AM radio business model, and digitalisation 24-04-2008
APEC and the rise of the global middle class 31-03-2008
AQUAVETPLAN : operational procedures manual decontamination 16-04-2008
ARfD list : acute reference doses for agricultural and veterinary chemicals 20-04-2008
AVCC response on Indigenous Higher Education Advisory Council conference report 17-03-2008
Aborigines and Torres Strait Islander people in the ACT 07-03-2008
Adam Lindsay Gordon : the poet of Australia : poems to music 27-03-2008
Afrikaans in Sydney 02-03-2008
Agrifood Awareness Australia 23-03-2008
Agroforestry & farm trees research reports 09-03-2008
Air transport statistics. Digest of statistics 15-04-2008
An International Comparison of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 17-04-2008
An innovation framework based on best practice exemplars from the Australian school innovation in science, technology and mathematics (ASISTM) project 01-04-2008
An innovation platform for TAFE : bridging city & country Australian skills 03-04-2008
An investigation of the state and nature of languages in Australian schools 01-04-2008
Andy Griffiths home page 01-03-2008
Angle Crossing Option : project plan 25-03-2008
Anne Summers 29-03-2008
Annual review of development effectiveness 2007 07-04-2008
Antipodean SF 19-03-2008
Approaches to, and challenges of managing interception 03-03-2008
Argyle Diamonds 10-03-2008
Art Gang in Spoleto 04-03-2008
Aspects of skills shortages and innovation in Australian businesses : an analysis of the 2003 innovation survey data 10-04-2008
Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc 25-03-2008
Attitudes and behaviour before & after the introduction of a New Domestic Resource Recovery Service in ACT : final report 03-03-2008
AusLink : building our national transport future 05-04-2008
Aussie-Magyar Infonet 12-03-2008
Austhink : putting critical thinking to work 07-03-2008
Australasian Masters Games! 12-03-2008
Australasian SpecialEvents magazine 11-04-2008
Australasian journal of disaster and trauma studies 30-03-2008
Australia 2020 10-04-2008
Australia Defence Association 10-03-2008
Australia Post Stawell Gift 28-04-2008
Australia and New Zealand government framework for sustainable procurement 23-04-2008
Australian British Chamber of Commerce 16-03-2008
Australian Chinese Performing Artists Association 27-03-2008
Australian Citrus Growers Inc. 18-03-2008
Australian Council for the Promotion of the Peaceful Reunification of China (ACPPRC) 27-03-2008
Australian Council on Healthcare Standards accreditation : final reports 07-03-2008
Australian Directory of Human Animal Interaction Programs 16-04-2008
Australian Earthquake Engineering Society (AEES) Newsletters 05-04-2008
Australian Earthquake Engineering Society (AEES) Proceedings 05-04-2008
Australian Fabian Society 29-04-2008
Australian Federation of Islamic Councils 10-03-2008
Australian Government. National Capital Authority 09-03-2008
Australian Institute for Commercialisation Newsletter 08-03-2008
Australian International Education Conference 24-04-2008
Australian Journal of Earth Sciences. Supplementary Papers 15-04-2008
Australian Libertarian Society 14-03-2008
Australian Monarchist League 19-03-2008
Australian Reproductive Health Alliance 04-04-2008
Australian Science Communicators 16-03-2008
Australian Society of Archivists conference papers 04-04-2008
Australian Space Research Institute 15-04-2008
Australian Wind Energy Association : AusWEA 08-03-2008
Australian Women's History Forum incorporating Women's History Month 14-04-2008
Australian Writers' Guild 28-03-2008
Australian commodity statistics 01-04-2008
Australian defence force journal 17-04-2008
Australian e-journal for the advancement of mental health : AeJAMH 03-04-2008
Australian journal of advanced nursing 27-03-2008
Australian journal of management 18-04-2008
Australian library news 24-04-2008
Australian policy online 11-03-2008
Australian venture capital journal 20-03-2008
Australians Donate 19-03-2008
Aviation Safety Foundation Australasia (ASFA) 27-04-2008
Avoid abate adapt : a discussion paper for an ACT climate change 03-03-2008
BFSO Bulletin 15-03-2008
Backing Australia's ability 07-03-2008
Balls in the 19-03-2008
Barbara Hannay 31-03-2008
Best practice reference points for Australian fisheries 15-04-2008
Beyond Ben Bulben : an Australian Yeats Society : celebrating the work of W.B. Yeats and his circle 11-03-2008
Bilegrip : the blog of an insect living in excrement 19-03-2008
Books Alive 29-04-2008
Bowerbird 07-04-2008
Brave women 02-04-2008
Breaking the cycle : the ACT homelessness strategy annual progress report 12-03-2008
Brisbane line 30-03-2008
Businessdate 17-03-2008
CALL-EJ online 28-03-2008
CSIRO Land and Water science report 22-03-2008
Calling the emergency call service : review of arrangements 24-04-2008
Canberra 100 : celebration of a century 16-03-2008
Canberra Airport roads working group report 03-03-2008
Canberra Dragon Boat Association 20-03-2008
Canberra Midwifery Program demand analysis report 12-03-2008
Canberra marathon 25-03-2008
Cancer in the ACT 1983-1992 07-03-2008
Cancer in the ACT 1998-2004 07-03-2008
Capital Football 31-03-2008 02-04-2008
Career education elective curriculum : a Department of education, science and training project 18-04-2008
Caring for carers 12-03-2008
Carol Lefevre 27-04-2008
Casemix 18-03-2008
Caslon Analytics : internet research, analysis, strategies 07-04-2008
Castan Centre for Human Rights Law 04-03-2008
Census ACT schools 12-03-2008
Centre for Democratic Institutions 10-03-2008
Centre for Social Science Research working papers 18-03-2008
Chairman's Speeches 14-03-2008
Chemical engineering in Australia newsletter 06-03-2008
Children's television standards review : issues paper 17-03-2008
Client skills : skills required by government as the construction industry client 23-04-2008
Climate change working paper 07-03-2008
Clinical records policy and procedures 12-03-2008
Come in spinner : tales of the top end 14-03-2008
Commonwealth of Australia gazette. Tariff concessions. 24-04-2008
Communities and memories : a global perspective. The third international conference of the UNESCO Memory of the World programme 15-04-2008
Community consultation report : report on the community consultation undertaken on the Water2WATER proposal 25-03-2008
Comparative assessment of the environmental performance of small engines : marine outboards and personal watercraft 27-03-2008
Conservation Council of the South East Region and Canberra 28-04-2008
Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies : CO2CRC 22-04-2008
Craig Harper : motivational speaker 28-04-2008
Creative Commons worldwide : International Commons : Australia 20-04-2008
Croc Festival 17-04-2008
DVA client profile by federal electorate 03-04-2008
Daily Flute 18-03-2008
Danish Church Australia 29-03-2008
David Jones 08-03-2008
Deltoid 21-04-2008
Demand and value assessment methodology for better government services 23-04-2008
Derek's ALIA blog 13-03-2008
Development Assessment Forum 20-03-2008
Developments in internet filtering technologies and other measures for promoting online safety 12-03-2008
Diagnosing dementia 16-04-2008
Directions A.C.T. 02-03-2008
Disability rights : speeches and papers 04-03-2008
Driving and dementia : a background paper 16-04-2008
Drugs in the family project : evaluation report 12-03-2008
Dunn and Wilson Scholarship 2005 01-03-2008
EOWA news alert 10-03-2008
ESAA news 25-04-2008
Earth Science Australia 22-03-2008
East coast very high speed train scoping study : phase 1-preliminary study : final report 11-04-2008
Ecodate 17-03-2008
Economic Costs of Obesity 14-03-2008 Limited : working together building Australia's knowledge networks 10-03-2008
Effects of The Le@rning Federation’s curriculum content on Indigenous students' motivation to learn and their engagement in learning 16-04-2008
Electronic APS Employment Gazette 24-04-2008
Embassy of Afghanistan of Australia and New Zealand 27-03-2008
Emerging patterns of health status in the ACT 07-03-2008
Emerging technologies : a framework for thinking : final report 12-03-2008
Employment framework toolkit for people with a disability 12-03-2008
Empyre : soft - skinned - space 20-03-2008
Engaging children in research on sensitive issues 12-03-2008
Enlarged Cotter Dam : update report 25-03-2008
Evatt Foundation 15-03-2008
Exchange : incisive, informed, independent, objective 25-04-2008
Exchange Asia 28-04-2008
Families Australia 22-04-2008
Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies : FASTS 11-03-2008
Field natter 29-04-2008
Final report of the review of clinical governance arrangements at the Canberra Hospital 11-03-2008
Finding their way home : children’s experiences of homelessness 12-03-2008
Fine print 01-03-2008
Finished college, where are you now? : a survey of students who successfully completed Year 12 in 2006 12-03-2008
Five-year spectrum outlook 2009–2014 24-04-2008
Flyer & salvage 03-04-2008
Food history : she knows where your food has been 21-04-2008
Food survey reports 07-03-2008
Football Fans Against Sexual Assault (FFASA) 05-03-2008
Game theorist 13-04-2008
Garth Paine - Activated Space 07-03-2008
General environment protection policy 25-03-2008
Geodate 17-03-2008
Glug : an eccentric mix of wine, drinks, politics, food, sport and other interesting things 05-04-2008
Go greener, Australia blog 03-04-2008
Government online directory 28-03-2008
Government secondary colleges in the Australian Capital Territory : challenge, opportunity and renewal 12-03-2008
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia : is a jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate 17-03-2008
Greening Australia 07-03-2008
Grown Fuel Biodiesel Consultancy 27-03-2008
Guide to social security law 11-04-2008
Guidelines and procedures manual for the support of people with disability requiring hospital treatment 12-03-2008
Guidelines for proposed water recovery measures in the Living Murray 18-04-2008
Gumnuts: the ASGAP blog 02-04-2008
HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C and sexually transmissible infections : a strategic framework for the ACT 2007-2012 11-03-2008
Harry Potter Fan Zone 12-03-2008
Heritage impact assessment for Nobby's Lighthouse, Newcastle NSW 27-03-2008
High standards in ACT school education : discussion paper for an ACT school standards authority 25-03-2008
History Australia : journal of the Australian Historical Association 25-04-2008
Homepage of Carmel Bird 10-03-2008
Honeybee research reports 07-04-2008
Horses research reports 08-03-2008
Hotel futures update 28-04-2008
Human Rights Act for Australia 05-04-2008
Illicit drug data report 04-03-2008
Impacts of implementing container deposit legislation for the ACT 03-03-2008
Improving language and learning support for offshore students : AVCC project report. 01-04-2008
Independent Australian Jewish Voices 20-03-2008
Independent review of government spectrum holdings 24-04-2008
Indirect potable use and expansion of the Cotter Reservoir : preliminary investigation of 25-03-2008
Inspire Foundation 22-03-2008
Institute for Private Enterprise 23-04-2008
Interim recreation strategy for the natural areas of the ACT 19-03-2008
Intersections : gender and sexuality in Asia and the Pacific 13-04-2008
Investing in productivity! : engaging TAFE to accelerate workforce development and job participation 11-04-2008
Issue analysis 03-04-2008
J.O.I.N. : Jewish Ozzies' Inter.Net 11-03-2008
James Moloney 13-03-2008
Jeremy Fisher : writing and publishing in Australia 18-04-2008
Jewish Communal Appeal 20-03-2008
Journal of student wellbeing 28-03-2008
Kate Ceberano official website 22-04-2008
Kate Grenville's homepage 11-04-2008
Learning technologies plan for ACT government schools and preschools 2004–2006 12-03-2008
Legaldate 17-03-2008
Leveraging remittances with microfinance : synthesis report and country studies 31-03-2008
Lian 29-04-2008
Liberal Party of Australia 28-04-2008
Link : Link list on Australian network policy and communications 20-03-2008
Literary minded 18-04-2008
Living Murray business plan 18-04-2008
Living spirit : a dialogue on human rights and responsibilities : report on HREOC's Muslim Women's Project 2006 27-03-2008
Lots of stories, some cartoons and a few poems / D.W. Walker 17-04-2008
M/C : a journal of media and culture 15-04-2008
Macquarie Law Working Paper Series 14-03-2008
Macquarie station news 12-03-2008
Management options for Canberra urban grasslands 25-03-2008
Manual of air traffic services and supplementary information online 28-03-2008
Marine Education Society of Australasia 18-04-2008
Mars Society of Australia 10-04-2008
Maths? why not? : final report prepared for the Dept of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) 21-04-2008
Melbourne Papers in Language Testing 04-03-2008
Merit and transparency : merit-based selection of APS agency heads and statutory office holders 11-04-2008
Michael Robotham 13-04-2008
Migration and development in the Pacific Islands : lessons from the New Zealand experience 31-03-2008
Mission Australia 07-04-2008
Moocoo news 03-03-2008
Moore Theological College 13-03-2008
Mound and Mount Kosciuszko Festival 19-03-2008
National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality 03-04-2008
National Centre for History Education 17-04-2008
National ICT contractual framework : charter 23-04-2008
National Youth Week 23-04-2008
National construction industry CEOs survey 2001 23-04-2008
National interest analyses 10-03-2008
Nebula 17-04-2008
New Mardi Gras 14-03-2008
New Matilda 28-04-2008
New animal products research reports 23-03-2008
New plant products research reports 08-03-2008
Newsletter - Cardiovascular Nurses Working Group (CNWG) 17-03-2008
NowUC 17-03-2008
Nutcote : home of May Gibbs 14-04-2008
Nutridate 17-03-2008
Oceania Athletics 19-03-2008
Olympic stamps 01-04-2008
On line opinion 02-04-2008
Operation Anode 16-04-2008
Organised crime in Australia 15-04-2008
Ozhistorybytes 08-04-2008
Papers (Evatt Foundation) 13-03-2008
Parliamentary group on population and development - speeches 13-04-2008
Partnerships, pathways and policies : improving indigenous education outcomes : conference report of the Second Annual Indigenous Higher Education Conference, 18-19 September 2006 01-04-2008
Parton words : the musings of Mix 106.3's Mark Parton 02-04-2008
Party drug trends bulletin 15-04-2008
Patient Safety : an overview : a background paper examining the ACT’s hospitals and day surgery facilities and national and international developments in patient safety 11-03-2008
Performing arts : protocols for producing indigenous Australian performing arts 23-04-2008
Personal and possible : achieving quality dementia care in residential aged care services 16-04-2008
Peter Martin blog 06-03-2008
Policy : a journal of public policy and ideas 31-03-2008
Polish Community Council of Australia 11-03-2008
Poverty lines, Australia 20-03-2008
Proceedings Western Australian Institute for Educational Research Forum ... 04-03-2008
Projected enrolments 2006-2010 12-03-2008
Psyche : an interdisciplinary journal of research on consciousness 25-03-2008
Public Libraries Australia 19-03-2008
Publications - Lowy Institute for International Policy 27-03-2008
QFF weekly bulletin 28-04-2008
Quality in postgraduate research 06-03-2008
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 29-04-2008
Refugee Council of Australia 31-03-2008
Removal of the hospitality exemptions available in the ACT's smoke-free areas (Enclosed Public Places) Act 1994 : regulation impact statement 11-03-2008
Report (Monash University. Accident Research Centre) 01-04-2008
Report of the organisation wide survey for the ACHS evaluation and quality improvement program : the Canberra Hospital 11-03-2008
Report on evaluation of school based management 12-03-2008
Report on the 2006 ACT Year 6 physical activity and nutrition survey (ACTPANS) 11-03-2008
Report on the National Competition Policy Review of tobacco legislation 03-03-2008
Report to the ACT Minister for Education, Youth and Family Services on non attendance in ACT government schools 12-03-2008
Research reports and research papers (University of Melbourne. Centre for Corporate Law and Securities Regulation) 03-04-2008
Rethinking aggression and dementia 16-04-2008
Review of ACT business regulation 06-03-2008
Review of the Australian Capital Territory mental health (Treatment and Care) Act 1994 11-03-2008
Review of the application of environmental, social and governance principles to Territory investment practices 03-03-2008
Ribbons of life : ACT aquatic species and riparian zone conservation strategy 25-03-2008
Risk assessment and health effects studies of indirect potable reuse schemes 25-03-2008
Rob Walker : South Australian poet 05-03-2008
Robert Clinch 01-04-2008
SEARCH Foundation 31-03-2008
SPELD NSW literacy skills for students with specific learning difficulties : an innovative package for classroom teachers of primary students with specific learning difficulties 12-03-2008
SPRC report 14-04-2008
Safe Routes Pilot Poject : final report 13-03-2008 07-03-2008
School board operational manual 2007 12-03-2008
School improvement framework for achieving high standards in student learning, innovation and best practice in ACT government schools : guidelines for school improvement ACT 12-03-2008
School legislation in the ACT 12-03-2008
Scouts Australia 07-04-2008
Select Committee on Working Families in the Australian Capital Territory 06-03-2008
Shandong Association WA Inc 19-04-2008
Sharing water : options for the introduction of shares as a means to define groundwater entitlements in the South East of South Australia 07-03-2008
Simpson Prize 22-04-2008
Sketchycrew 31-03-2008
Smart Internet Technology Cooperative Research Centre - Annual report 15-03-2008 27-04-2008
Snurblog - Axel Bruns 01-03-2008
Solutions for building Australia's human capital through universities 13-03-2008
Southern bluefin tuna aerial survey in the Great Australian Bight - 2007 : preliminary results of aerial survey and commercial spotting data : final report to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 15-04-2008
Speeches (Australian Industrial Relations Commission) 04-04-2008
Speeches / Australian National Audit Office 11-03-2008
Staff in Australia’s schools 2007 01-04-2008
Staff in Australia’s schools : teacher workforce data and planning processes in Australia 01-04-2008
Standing orders and continuing resolutions of the assembly 06-03-2008
Sticky Institute 29-04-2008
Student use of, and engagement with, information technology 17-03-2008
Students in a digital age : some implications of ICT for teaching and learning 17-03-2008
Supercharging HECS : creating new foundations for the education revolution 22-04-2008
Susanne Gervay : an Australian author 29-04-2008
Sustainable, Healthy Development : the ACT way : a forum of keynote speakers invited to the ‘Focus On Business' conference, Canberra, Wednesday 13 September 2006 11-03-2008
Tea tree oil research reports 10-03-2008
Teachers and school leaders : making a difference though evidence-based practice 17-04-2008
Teaching and learning in the middle years in the ACT : a study of middle schooling practices in ACT government schools 12-03-2008
Technical report DSTO (Defence Science and Technology Organisation (Australia)) 13-03-2008
The Antonella Gambotto web 19-03-2008
The Australian of the Year Awards ... national announcement 01-04-2008
The Daily Grind Network 12-03-2008
The Happiness Institute 12-04-2008
The ICT investment framework 23-04-2008
The National Code 2007 self assessment guide 11-04-2008
The New City : a web journal of urban and political affairs 05-03-2008
The Whitlam Institute within the University of Western Sydney 27-03-2008
The change agency 02-03-2008
The experiences and effects of family homelessness for children : a literature review 12-03-2008
The health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the ACT 2000 to 2005 11-03-2008
The intergenerational health effects of service in the military : research protocol 04-04-2008
The official Dads on the Air website 01-03-2008
The results of the 2005 ACT secondary student drug and health risk survey 11-03-2008
Thoughts on Freedom : Australian Libertarian Society Blog 14-03-2008
Tim Blair 04-03-2008
Timber building in Australia 15-04-2008
Top of the class : making the most of Western Australia's school system 04-04-2008
Training for work is more effective than Working for the Dole 11-04-2008
Travel by Australians : quarterly results of the National Visitor Survey 20-03-2008
UNSW computer science and engineering technical reports 02-04-2008
Understanding data about the number of applicants and offers for university places 10-04-2008
Uranium Information Centre 07-03-2008
VOC Historical Society : enriching Australian history 07-03-2008
Vanessa Berry world 29-04-2008
Vote Climate 04-03-2008
Warren Fahey : Australian folklore unit 10-03-2008
Warrior librarian weekly 05-03-2008
Water purification scheme for the ACT 25-03-2008
We are what we do - change the world for ten bucks 11-04-2008
Web papers - Australia Institute 29-04-2008
Welcome to Woomera on the web 19-04-2008
Welcome to the Board of Taxation website 08-04-2008
Welcome to the Sydney Centre for Studies in Caodaism 04-04-2008
Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists 11-03-2008
William Yang 03-03-2008
Without Water: the economics of supplying water to 5 million more Australians 06-03-2008
Women with Disabilities Australia (WWDA) 28-03-2008
Women's Rights Action Network Australia 15-04-2008
Woodford Folk Festival 02-03-2008
Working paper series (University of New England. Centre for Local Government) 20-03-2008
World Youth Day 2008 23-03-2008
Youth field xpress 18-03-2008
Zionist Federation of Australia 15-03-2008
eJournal of tax research 22-03-2008
emaj electronic Melbourne art journal 04-03-2008
iCiNG : crowning your beautiful life 19-03-2008
iTWire : IT and Telcom news 11-03-2008 : everything you want to know about Nuclear Power 20-03-2008 : political and legislative review 16-04-2008
proACTive 02-03-2008
reCollections : Journal of the National Museum of Australia 21-03-2008 09-03-2008 22-03-2008
Total 403

Northern Territory Library

Title URI Display Date
Multicultural Council of the Northern Territory 31-03-2008
Northern Territory Soccer Federation 04-04-2008
Total 2

State Library of New South Wales

Title URI Display Date
A program for providing aids for individuals in DADHC accommodation services (AIDAS) 04-04-2008
Aboriginal strategic direction 2007-2011 12-03-2008
About date rape 04-03-2008
Abuse and neglect policy and procedures 28-03-2008
Access to neighbouring land 25-03-2008
Access to published information : laws, policy and guidelines 09-04-2008
Ambulance online 03-03-2008
Annual report (New South Wales. Royal Botanic Gardens. Plant Sciences Branch) 04-04-2008
Assessment of crown land at Bloomfield, Orange 01-04-2008
Belmont State Park 09-04-2008
Belvoir Street Theatre : the home of Company B and B Sharp 11-03-2008
Beyond the Pavement: RTA Urban and Regional Design Practice Notes 04-03-2008
Boards and committees handbook 23-04-2008
Burrinjuck Waters State Park 09-04-2008
Cabinet conventions : NSW practice 23-04-2008
Cityscape : news and comment 10-04-2008
Client participation in the individual planning process 25-03-2008
Client wills and estates 04-04-2008
Climate change in the Western Catchment 03-03-2008
Climate change projections for the Wooli Wooli Estuary and Batemans Bay 04-03-2008
Coffs Coast State Park 09-04-2008
Collaboration and partnerships between councils - a guidance paper 29-04-2008
Community consultation for the Tweed River Enterance sand bypassing project 08-04-2008
Control surveys and SCIMS : what is acceptable 10-04-2008
Conveyancing Amendment (Law of Support) Act 2000 27-03-2008
Conveyancing amendment (Building Management Statements) Act 2001 27-03-2008
Coordinating NSW Government action against domestic and family violence 04-03-2008
Copeton Waters State Park 09-04-2008
Cost curve for NSW greenhouse gas abatement 05-03-2008
Crown Employees (Administrative and Clerical Officers - Salaries) Award 2007 18-04-2008
Crown Employees (General Staff -Salaries) Award 2007 18-04-2008
Crown Employees (Major and Community Events Reassignment) Award 18-04-2008
Crown Employees (Public Sector -Salaries 2007) Award 22-04-2008
Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2006 22-04-2008
Crown Employees (Public Service Training Wage) Award 2005 22-04-2008
Crown Employees (Research Scientists) Award 2007 22-04-2008
Crown Employees (Senior Officers Salaries) Award 2007 22-04-2008
Crown Employees Wages Staff (Rates of Pay) Award 2007 22-04-2008
Crown lands policy for marinas and waterfront commercial tenures 04-04-2008
Crown lands policy for tourist & associated facilities on crown land 04-04-2008
Dignity & respect in the workplace charter 23-04-2008
Dignity and respect : policy and guidelines on preventing and managing workplace bullying 23-04-2008
Dividing fences law 25-03-2008
Energy distribution and retail licences : Compliance report 09-04-2008
Environmental management of the construction and operation of a sand bypassing system at the Tweed River Entrance 09-04-2008
Equine Influenza (NSW. Dept. of Primary Industries) 26-03-2008
Evaluating diagnostic tools in the assessment of autism and parental experiences of the assessment and diagnostic process 20-03-2008
Ferknerkle Productions 26-03-2008
Frequently asked questions about native title 26-03-2008
Goolawah State Park 09-04-2008
Grabine Lakeside State Park 09-04-2008
Guidelines for the determination of the state border between New South Wales & Victoria along the Murray 15-04-2008
Guidelines for the use of security cameras in New South Wales taxis 14-03-2008
Guidelines to determine the type of special variation required 29-04-2008
Healthy workforce policy on improving the health and well being of public sector employees 29-04-2008
Henry Lawson Festival of the Arts 27-04-2008
Hunters Hill Trust Inc 06-04-2008
Implementing systems to achieve the best possible patient outcomes : Quality Systems Assessment Program, QSA implementation update 2007 12-03-2008
Innovated models of community support for people of high and complex support needs 25-03-2008
Jessie Street National Women's Library 21-04-2008
Killalea State Park 09-04-2008
King Edward Headland Reserve, Newcastle (Reserve 1011189) 01-04-2008
Lake Burrendong State Park 09-04-2008
Lake Glenbawn State Park 09-04-2008
Lake Keepit State Park 09-04-2008
Land rights and the Western Region 26-03-2008
Legal Aid New South Wales 23-04-2008
Lifetime Care and Support Authority New South Wales 16-04-2008
Local government general manager performance management guidelines 29-04-2008
Managing client finances in DADHC residences 28-03-2008
Marinators - Central Coast Mariners Supporters 02-04-2008
Medicare health assessment for people with an intellectual disability 28-03-2008
Memorandum of understanding between NSW Government and Unions NSW in its own right and representing its affiliated members 29-04-2008
Monitoring of Tweed River Enterance dredging and nourishment activities 08-04-2008
Mortgagee sale of land affected by caveat 27-03-2008
Motor vehicle policy for New South Wales government agencies September 2002 (Updated October 2007) 29-04-2008
NSW Cadastral delivery model data dictionary v2.4.2 10-04-2008
NSW Department of Lands Topographic data model data dictionary v8.2 10-04-2008
NSW Government statement on innovation 06-03-2008
NSW Police Force [website] 15-03-2008
NSW Police priorities for working in a culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse society and Ethnic Affairs priorities statement. Forward plan 2006-2009 12-03-2008
NSW Seniors Week 03-04-2008
NSW public lighting code 07-03-2008
NSW renewable energy target: explanatory paper 06-03-2008
National Art School 27-03-2008
Nelson Bay Foreshore plan of management 04-04-2008
New South Wales industrial gazette 14-03-2008
New South Wales. Centre for Affordable Housing [Website] 16-04-2008
New South Wales. Geographical Names Board [Website] 15-04-2008
New direction for NSW: state plan 11-04-2008
Palliative care in people with congenital or acquired intellectual disability and high nursing support needs: a literature review 25-03-2008
Palliative care policy 28-03-2008
Parents have their say on new student reports 25-03-2008
Parish map in family history research 15-04-2008
Parish map preservation project : the use of digital photography, CDs and computers to copy, view (and preserve) old maps 15-04-2008
Parramatta Park Trust 05-03-2008
Patient Safety : a comparative analysis of eight inquiries in six countries 12-03-2008
Pesticide use notification plan 01-04-2008
Placement strategy and monitoring of the Tweed River Enterance sand bypassing project nourishment works 08-04-2008
Policy framework: providing behaviour support and intervention for people with an intellectual disability 27-03-2008
Policy to guide the provision of out of home placements for children and young people 27-03-2008
Port Stephens Regional Crown Reserve 09-04-2008
Positive Life NSW 02-04-2008
Profile of the medical practitioner workforce in NSW 01-04-2008
Projected changes in climatological forcing for coastal erosion in NSW 04-03-2008
Real Property Amendment (Compensation) Act 2000 27-03-2008
Reform of shop trading hours in New South Wales 22-04-2008
Register of war memorials in New South Wales 22-04-2008
Report of the Kyoto Protocol Ratification Advisory Group: a risk assessment 05-03-2008
Responding to risk of harm to children and young people 27-03-2008
Response to the death of a client and reporting reviewable deaths 04-04-2008
Review of NSW Community Schemes Legislation : consultation paper 28-03-2008
Review of positive behaviour support programs for families 20-03-2008
Review of statewide assessments in the context of national developments 10-04-2008
Rural Women's Network (New South Wales) 22-04-2008
Ryde Riverside Crown Reserve 09-04-2008
Safety regulation of heritage railway operators : discussion paper 14-03-2008
Sand bypassing the Tweed River Enterance : an overview 08-04-2008
Shakespeare by the Sea 26-03-2008
Stretch Mk1 31-03-2008
Surveyor General's Direction no 11 : preservation of survey infrastructure 10-04-2008
Sydney Bus Museum (formerly Bus &Truck Museum, Tempe) 09-04-2008
Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority 04-03-2008
Thirroul Seaside and Arts Festival 07-04-2008
Total Environment Centre : advocacy action information 12-04-2008
Tweed River Enterance sand bypassing precommissioning dredging works 08-04-2008
Up close and spineless 14-03-2008
Variations effected to the Crown Employees (Public Service Training Wage) Award 18-04-2008
Vehicle registration statistics 20-03-2008
Voluntary Euthanasia Society of New South Wales 20-03-2008
Walk Sydney streets 03-04-2008
Western Division of New South Wales 26-03-2008
Wonga Wetlands 02-04-2008
Wyangala Waters State Park 09-04-2008
Total 134

State Library of Queensland

Title URI Display Date
Aussie Helpers 31-03-2008
Australian Artists' Books Forum 03-04-2008
Australian Cottonweek Festival 30-03-2008
BHP Billiton Roadshow Queensland 29-04-2008
Banana Shire Council 14-03-2008
Belyando Shire Council 11-03-2008
Biodiversity of Tamborine Mountain 30-03-2008
Bundaberg City Council 13-03-2008
Caloundra City Council 06-03-2008
Canegrowers 29-04-2008
Clifton Shire Council 14-03-2008
Creative workforce for a smart state : professional development for teachers in an era of innovation 18-04-2008
Fluoridation in Queensland 26-03-2008
Friends of Noosa 20-04-2008
Housing update 12-03-2008
Inglewood Shire Council 10-03-2008
Isisford Shire Council 06-03-2008
Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Fund 04-04-2008
Kilkivan Great Horse Ride 30-03-2008
Kingaroy Shire Council 12-03-2008
Liquor licensing update 28-03-2008
Mount Morgan Shire Council 14-03-2008
Multicultural Affairs Queensland 23-04-2008
Natalie Cook 28-03-2008
Noosa Shire Council 03-03-2008
Pine Rivers Shire Council 11-03-2008
Pittsworth Shire Council 06-03-2008
Queensland Ballet 20-04-2008
Queensland Boulder Opal Association Inc. 15-03-2008
Queensland labour market and training review 08-03-2008
Recognition of qualifications through multiple pathways 29-04-2008
Saint Andrew's Uniting Church 15-03-2008
Stanthorpe Apple and Grape Harvest Festival 09-03-2008
State of environment report, Cairns 19-03-2008
Tambo Shire Council 11-03-2008
The Premier of Queensland 03-04-2008
Toowoomba City Council 12-03-2008
Townsville City Council 08-03-2008
Warwick Shire Council 04-03-2008
Whitsunday Shire Council 18-03-2008
Workshops Rail Museum 01-04-2008
Youth Arts Queensland 10-04-2008
grahame galleries + editions 07-04-2008
Total 43

State Library of South Australia

Title URI Display Date
Evaluation study. Service delivery to adolescents who are the subjects of child protection and "adolescent at risk" notifications in SA / by Carmela Bastian 11-04-2008
Safilm news / South Australian Film Corporation 21-04-2008
Total 2

State Library of Victoria

Title URI Display Date
AALITRA : Australian Association for Literary Translation 17-04-2008
Airshows downunder 28-03-2008
Anarchist Age 29-04-2008
Applied imagaination : Australian OzIdeas and innovations 1 24-04-2008
Australian Nursing Federation (Federal Office) 04-04-2008
Australian Plants Society : growing Australian 31-03-2008
Australian Red Poll Society. Victorian Region 02-04-2008
Baking Industry Association of Victoria 17-04-2008
Barringo Reserve 10-03-2008
Benalla & District Family History Group 27-03-2008
Blackburn Lake Sanctuary 09-04-2008
Boxwars: the international site [a battle of elite cardboard warriors] 05-03-2008
Brighton Historical Society 03-04-2008
Bruce Evans' page 15-04-2008
Brunswick Community History Group 18-03-2008
Children youth and families 01-04-2008
Chinese Association of Victoria 31-03-2008
Cinema and Theatre Historical Society Victoria Inc. 09-04-2008
Citylights Project 18-03-2008
Connections : Loddon Mallee region suicide prevention letter 10-03-2008
Cybafaeries 27-03-2008
Deakin University Museum of Art 24-04-2008
Diary of an average Australian 08-04-2008
Early years strategy 03-03-2008
East Burwood Preschool 25-03-2008
Environmental compliance : quarterly report 03-04-2008
Fitzroy Residents Association 24-04-2008
Friends of Newport Lakes 27-03-2008
Friends of Willow Park 07-03-2008
Friends of the Maribyrnong Valley 17-04-2008
Geekgirl 07-04-2008
Geelong West Cycling Club 30-03-2008
Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces 24-04-2008
Grange newsletter 05-04-2008
Greenlink news 09-04-2008
Heretic Press 21-04-2008
Horsham Botanic Gardens 15-03-2008
Human Services News 01-04-2008
Industry demand for higher education graduates in Victoria 2008-2022 : an identification of the higher education graduates requires to meet industry skill demands. 27-03-2008
Inquiry into vocational education and training 27-03-2008
Magnormous 18-03-2008
Malmsbury Historical Society 19-03-2008
Mediasearch : music, film & fashion in Australia 04-04-2008
Medical Radiation Practitioners Board of Victoria 14-03-2008
Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 24-04-2008
Melbourne's Living Museum of the West 24-03-2008
Mildura Country Music Festival 13-03-2008
Mildura independent star 04-04-2008
Moreland City Council presents the ... annual Brunswick Music Festival and Sydney Rd Street Party 01-04-2008
Moreland Theatre Company 02-04-2008
Mullum Mullum Creek 14-03-2008
Musings from the photographic memepool [the shallow end] 10-04-2008
NBTC homepage 24-04-2008
Newsletter : Medical Radiation Practitioners Board of Victoria 14-03-2008
Nomads Outdoors Group 15-04-2008
OPENChannel 29-03-2008
Osteoporosis 17-04-2008
Osteoporosis and disability 17-04-2008
Osteoporosis and exercise 17-04-2008
Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion 17-04-2008
Ovarian cancer 17-04-2008
Overweight children : healthy lifestyle tips 17-04-2008
Ovulation 17-04-2008
Ovulation pain 17-04-2008
Paget's disease 17-04-2008
Pain management 17-04-2008
Pain-killing drugs 17-04-2008
Pako Festa 10-04-2008
Palliative care : help for the terminally ill 17-04-2008
Palliative care explained 17-04-2008
Pancreas explained 17-04-2008
Pancreatic cancer 17-04-2008
Pancreatitis explained 17-04-2008
Panic attack 17-04-2008
Pap test abnormalities 17-04-2008
Pap tests : Q & A 17-04-2008
Pap tests after hysterectomy 17-04-2008
Pap tests and older women 17-04-2008
Pap tests and women with disabilities 17-04-2008
Pap tests explained 17-04-2008
Pap tests for all women 17-04-2008
Paranoia 17-04-2008
Paraplegia (spinal cord injury) 17-04-2008
Parenting : communicating with children 17-04-2008
Parenting : communicating with teenagers 24-04-2008
Parenting : coping with stress 24-04-2008
Parenting centres support families 24-04-2008
Parenting services 24-04-2008
Parenting support to help prevent abuse 24-04-2008
Parkinson's disease : treatment 24-04-2008
Parkinson's disease and constipation 24-04-2008
Parkinson's disease and exercise 24-04-2008
Parkinson's disease and going to hospital 24-04-2008
Parkinson's disease and sexual issues 24-04-2008
Parkinson's disease explained 24-04-2008
Partying safely : tips for teenagers 24-04-2008
Paruresis : shy bladder syndrome 24-04-2008
Prahran Historical and Arts Society Inc. 04-04-2008
Provenance: the journal of Public Record Office Victoria 09-04-2008
Public health compliance 11-04-2008
Reading recovery 07-03-2008
Royal Life Saving Society Victoria 03-03-2008
Shame File Music 08-04-2008
South Melbourne FC official website 03-04-2008
Spaced Out : Australia's first science fiction club for gays, lesbians and friends 18-03-2008
St. Kilda Festival 05-03-2008
The Flemington & Kensington community website 28-03-2008
The Wimmera Association for Genealogy Inc. Horsham 25-03-2008
The source : a magazine by Melbourne Water 10-04-2008
ThreeThousand 07-04-2008
Tow truck accident allocations 14-03-2008
Triple R FM 24-04-2008
TwoThousand 19-04-2008
Urban creature ... blog 14-03-2008
Victorian Malleefowl Recovery Group 29-03-2008
Welcome to Orchestra Victoria 20-04-2008
Welcome to the website of the Boronia Swimming Club 15-03-2008
Women's web : women's stories - women's actions 19-04-2008
YMCA 17-04-2008
Yarra Touism Association : Yarra River Precinct 03-04-2008
Total 120

State Library of Western Australia

Title URI Display Date
2008 handbook : a guide to services provided by the Department 12-03-2008
20th UNIMA congress & world puppetry festival : 2nd - 11th April 2008 29-04-2008
A precis of search related events leading up to the commencement of the HMAS Sydney search 29-04-2008
Aboriginal justice agreement fact sheet 13-03-2008
Aboriginal lands trust : strategic plan 2004 - 2007 09-04-2008
Act now for the future 27-03-2008
Adult community education : a strategy for all Western Australians 2004-2008 13-03-2008
All aboard as the new Perth-to-Mandurah Railway begins 13-03-2008
An introduction to the Western Australian planning system 2007 31-03-2008
Australian workplace agreements (AWAs) 07-04-2008
Baselining wandoo crown condition : preliminary report of wandoo crown decline surveys, 2006 31-03-2008
Be active WA : Premier's physical activity taskforce 26-03-2008
Biofuels in Western Australia 29-04-2008
Bon Scott : rock and roll legend 03-04-2008
Building networks 26-03-2008
Building renewing and withdrawing from your partners without blood on the floor 27-03-2008
Care for children and young people strategic framework 08-04-2008
Climate change is no longer just a concept : how climate change could affect sport and recreation in the future 13-03-2008
Code of practice for housing and infrastructure development in Western Australian indigenous communities 08-04-2008
Crown decline in Wandoo : observations from Wundabiniring Brook 1999-2006 31-03-2008
Crude oil facing the end of the oil age 29-04-2008
Cultural diversity in Western Australia : a demographic profile 13-03-2008
Danny Green 07-04-2008
Denmark Arts Council 07-03-2008
Denmark festival of voices 30 May -1 June 2008 07-03-2008
Diana Chase : author and historian 04-04-2008
Discussion paper gas issues in Western Australia 12-03-2008
Domestic and dating violence peer education program : a pilot study 13-03-2008
Driving away with someone else's pay 07-04-2008
Enhancing the capacity of mental health services : a discussion paper 08-04-2008
Ethanol production from grain 29-04-2008
Food strategy WA : building a healthy food future 13-03-2008
Fremantle Trails 14-03-2008
Go for 2 & 5 13-03-2008
Greener taxis for Perth 17-03-2008
Guide to institutions attended by Aboriginal people in Western Australia 08-04-2008
Healthy food and drink 13-03-2008
Ignite : create , culture community 26-03-2008
Impact of Alcohol on the Population of Western Australia 06-03-2008
Jade Lewis & friends : building drug free Australian communities 07-04-2008
Kavisha Mazella 17-03-2008
Kerrianne Cox 07-03-2008
Labour market bulletin 04-04-2008
Labour relations newsletter 10-03-2008
Liz Byrski 17-03-2008
Making decisions for the future : climate change the Premier's climate change action statement May 2007 31-03-2008
Mining evironmental management guidelines : development of an operating manual for tailings storage 18-03-2008
Mundaring Arts Centre 03-04-2008
Ngalypa muwarr : stories from Aboriginal health workers involved in sexual health work 20-03-2008
Office of climate change 31-03-2008
Overcoming Indigenous disadvantage in Western Australia report : key indicators 2005 20-03-2008
Palliative care in Western Australia : final report 20-03-2008
Perth International Arts Festival : festival 08 25-03-2008
Plan for public schools 2008-2011 12-03-2008
Potential impacts of climate change on the Swan and Canning rivers 18-03-2008
Progress report of the Western Australian state aged care plan 19-03-2008
Proposal for the establishment of a consumer research and advocacy centre in Western Australia 19-03-2008
Public sector performance report 2008 02-04-2008
Rachelle Durkin 11-03-2008
Reconciliation action plan 2008 - 2010 08-04-2008
Report on a survey of Western Australian museums, galleries, indigenous keeping places and local knowledge 07-04-2008
Response to the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts discussion paper on backing indigenous ability 18-03-2008
Save Dampier rock art 03-03-2008
Science research and innovation plan 2008-2012 18-03-2008
Sculpture Walk 2008 : City of Melville 04-04-2008
Shallow water search options for HMAS Sydney / HKS Kormoran 29-04-2008
Still safe ? a review of keeping safe : blood borne virus and harm reduction information for offenders in Western Australian prisons 20-03-2008
Strategic policy on police and Aboriginal people : a strategic approach to working with Aboriginal people in providing equitable and accessible policing services 20-03-2008
Teacher supply and demand and student placements in Western Australia : strategic issues December 2006 12-03-2008
The Western Australian Marine Science Institution : WAMSI 03-04-2008
The status of primary care and Aboriginal health from a state and regional perspective in Western Australia 19-03-2008
Tobacco products control act 2006 : smoking in enclosed public places 19-03-2008
Towards zero : getting there together road safety strategy for Western Australia 2008-2020 discussion paper 26-03-2008
Transitions action plan for Western Australia 2004-2007 19-03-2008
Visual landscape planning in Western Australia : a manual for evaluation , assessment, siting and design 26-03-2008
Voyager Estate Margaret River 11-03-2008
WA aboriginal health impact statement and guidelines 27-03-2008
WA fauna list 29-04-2008
Welcome to Project SafeCom Inc.! 25-03-2008
Wendy McArthur 28-04-2008
Western Australia biofuels taskforce report 29-04-2008
Western Australia's early years strategy : part of the state government's children first agenda 20-03-2008
Western Australia's plan to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes 13-03-2008
Western Australian Aboriginal health strategy : a strategic approach to improving the health of Aboriginal people in Western Australia 19-03-2008
Western Australian sexually transmitted infections action plan 2006-2008 19-03-2008
Total 85

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