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1 Aug 2009 - 31 Aug 2009

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Title URI Display Date
Aboriginal Support Group - Manly Warringah Pittwater (ASG) 19-08-2009
Arthur Beetson-DHS Indigenous Ambassador Factsheet 04-08-2009
Future Directions for the Northern Territory Emergency Response - Discussion Paper 19-08-2009
Information about Centrelink payments and other services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples Brochure 04-08-2009
Kyle Vander-Kuyp-DHS Indigenous Ambassador Factsheet 04-08-2009
Lawful Custody Allowance Factsheet 04-08-2009
Proof of Identity - Verification for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People 04-08-2009
School Enrolment and Attendance Factsheet 04-08-2009
Voluntary Income Management - Indigenous factsheet 04-08-2009
What to do when one of 'our mob' passes away Booklet 04-08-2009
Working Credit for Indigenous Customers Factsheet 04-08-2009
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Australian War Memorial

Title URI Display Date
Center For Research, Allied POWS under the Japanese 24-08-2009
The Loss of HMAS Sydney II 13-08-2009
Total 2

National Film and Sound Archive

Title URI Display Date
Australian Independent Records Label Association 04-08-2009
SPAA : (Screen Producers Association of Australia) 04-08-2009
Sydney's 2SM 1269AM 04-08-2009
Total 3

National Library of Australia

Title URI Display Date
2 flaunt 27-08-2009
A compendium of social inclusion indicators : How's Australia faring? A compilation of comparative data undertaken by the Australian Inclusion Board to inform its advisory work 14-08-2009
ADI list : acceptable daily intakes for agricultural and veterinary chemicals 20-08-2009
AIMIA : Australian Interactive Multimedia Industry Association 22-08-2009
AMSAaboard 26-08-2009
Alcohol-related harm and the operation of licensed premises 21-08-2009
An Australian Poetry Collaboration 07-08-2009
Animals Australia 06-08-2009
Annual climate summary archive 19-08-2009
Architects for peace : Australia planners, engineers and designers of a better world 27-08-2009
Are we there yet : indicators of inequality in health 24-08-2009
Armenian Chamber of Commerce in Australia 05-08-2009
Arts around Canberra 30-08-2009
Asia Pacific Solidairty Network 04-08-2009
Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering 04-08-2009
Association for Canadian Studies in Australia and New Zealand newsletter 09-08-2009
Australasian Union of Jewish Students 21-08-2009
Australasian medical journal 26-08-2009
Australia and New Zealand Society for Cell & Developmental Biology 24-08-2009
Australia's health 27-08-2009
Australian Competition & Consumer Commission 20-08-2009
Australian Marine Conservation Society 23-08-2009
Australian Network for Art and Technology : ANAT 20-08-2009
Australian Paint Approval Scheme 03-08-2009
Australian Rugby Union official web site 27-08-2009
Australian Singing Competition 12-08-2009
Australian Tsunami alert system 03-08-2009
Australian UFO research network : the centre for UFO studies 04-08-2009
Australian Union of Students 21-08-2009
Australian and New Zealand industrial and applied mathematics journal. Electronic supplement 24-08-2009
Australian folk songs 28-08-2009
Australian review of public affairs 06-08-2009
Beatphonik 23-08-2009
Benefits of trade and trade liberalisation 21-08-2009
Beth Spencer's Homepage 18-08-2009
Bharat Times 09-08-2009
Bluegrass Australia 12-08-2009 24-08-2009
Booranga : celebrate the power of words with Wagga Wagga Writers Writers 25-08-2009
Bronwyn Jameson 07-08-2009
Canberra Cycling Club : the largest cycling club in Australia 11-08-2009
Cape York Partnerships 16-08-2009
Centre for Leadership for Women 10-08-2009
Chris Mansell 03-08-2009
Come meet the Banabans 14-08-2009
Cultural diversity, cosmopolitan citizenship and education : issues, options and implications for Australia 03-08-2009
Current speeches (Australian Federal Police) 07-08-2009
Cyclic defrost 29-08-2009
Daily Chinese Herald 28-08-2009
Daily weather observations 19-08-2009
Dance-Movement Therapy Association of Australia 05-08-2009
Dialogue e-journal 26-08-2009
Digital Tracker Report on ... 12-08-2009
Diving Australia 27-08-2009
Drought statement archive 21-08-2009
Drug and Alcohol Service Reporting : a national profile of Australian Government funded Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander substance use specific services 28-08-2009
ENSO wrap up : a regular commentary on the El Nino-Southern Oscillation 16-08-2009
East Asian Library Resources Group of Australia newsletter 03-08-2009
Education, work and economic renewal : an issues paper prepared for the Australian education union 03-08-2009
El telegraph 28-08-2009
Emma Tom 17-08-2009
Enterprising Words 30-08-2009
Evidence based decision making : scholarship and practice : proceedings of the 2008 Australasian higher education evaluation forum 13-08-2009
Fatal heavy vehicle crashes Australia 20-08-2009
Feast Festival 08 : Nov 15-30 27-08-2009
Fellowship of Australian Composers 14-08-2009
First Home Saver Accounts 19-08-2009
Fisheries assessments 06-08-2009
Flaunt 27-08-2009
Folk odyssey : the magazine 27-08-2009
Forum for European-Australian Science and Technology Cooperation 21-08-2009
Girl Guides Australia 20-08-2009
Good Aussie design : Australia INFront 15-08-2009
Gorgon gas application for authorisation of joint marketing : final report 21-08-2009
Graham McDonald stringed instruments 17-08-2009
Hecate's Australian women's book review 17-08-2009
Higher education update [ACER] 26-08-2009
Hot Topic: ICT in pre-service teacher training : strategic ICT advisory service 24-08-2009
Hugh Lunn website 21-08-2009
HyShot 20-08-2009
I am a camera 27-08-2009
In-depth study of sexual assault and family violence cases 19-08-2009
Indian Voice 28-08-2009
Inquiry into mass marketed tax effective schemes and investor protection : final report of Senate Economics References Committee 11-08-2009
Issues papers (Australian APEC Study Centre) 24-08-2009
J style 25-08-2009
Journal of educational enquiry 13-08-2009
Journal of the virtual explorer 15-08-2009
Judy Nunn 28-08-2009
Justinian : e-news 05-08-2009
Kenja Trust 07-08-2009
LA online : AILA's landscape architecture magazine online 19-08-2009
Labour and management in development journal 10-08-2009 23-08-2009 13-08-2009
Leading issues journal 09-08-2009
Les Murray 28-08-2009
Man overboard 27-08-2009
Memory of the World Australia 25-08-2009
Milk shadow words 03-08-2009
Monthly significant weather summaries 19-08-2009
Nanjixing xia : under the stars of southern cross 09-08-2009
Nathan Hobby's blog 20-08-2009
National Basketball League - NBL 11-08-2009
National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre 25-08-2009
National Capital Bootscooters 07-08-2009
National Childcare Accreditation Council : resources, reports and statistics 07-08-2009
National Library of Australia service charter 26-08-2009
Nicholson 21-08-2009
No. 211 Squadron RAF 06-08-2009
One hand clapping 08-08-2009
Outback art : reflect your dreams... mirror your soul... 26-08-2009
Performance and accountability in the ACT : towards a new framework 21-08-2009
Proceedings - Workshop on the Applications of Radio Science 01-08-2009
Quit : the National Tobacco Campaign 03-08-2009
RIRDC Rural Women's Award 05-08-2009
Racket 01-08-2009
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 02-08-2009
Relationship matters : not-for-profit community organisations and corporate community investment 24-08-2009
Reporting and comparing school performances 19-08-2009
Reviews in Australian studies 27-08-2009
Rewarding quality teaching : research report 19-08-2009
Risk and Uncertainty Program working paper 12-08-2009
S.O.I. (Southern Oscillation Index) archives - 1876 to present 03-08-2009
STI prevention testing & treatment - National Sexual Health Campaign 10-08-2009
ScienceAlert 06-08-2009
Sexual Assault Archival Study (SAAS) : an archival study of sexual offence cases disposed in Youth Court and by conference and formal caution in South Australia 19-08-2009
Sing Tao Newspapers, July- September 2009 30-08-2009
Snippets of life 01-08-2009
Snowyhydro : renewable energy 28-08-2009
Sophie's fantastic castel 17-08-2009
South Australian Writers' Centre 01-08-2009
Species associations and companion TAC in the SESSF 18-08-2009
Strange fruit 04-08-2009
Strut Dance 25-08-2009
Summernats 25-08-2009
Surfrider Foundation Australia 23-08-2009
Susan Johnson : an Australian author 24-08-2009
Sydney Morning Herald (August 2009) 30-08-2009
Technical report : the wellbeing of young Australians 24-08-2009
Tennis Australia home page 28-08-2009
The 2009 New Mardi Gras / NSW Writers' Centre short story competition 27-08-2009
The Learning Federation 08-08-2009
The Middle East Times 28-08-2009
The benefits to Australian households of trade with China 21-08-2009
The contextual villains 01-08-2009
Treasury working paper series 22-08-2009
Two flat whites 12-08-2009
Urban cinefile : the world of film in Australia on the Internet 14-08-2009
Urban water : a vision and road map for national progress 21-08-2009
Viet Times Newspaper 28-08-2009
Welcome to more affordable housing 05-08-2009
Wolanski Foundation 07-08-2009
Women's National Basketball League - WNBL 11-08-2009
Working paper series (Curtin University of Technology. School of Economics and Finance) 07-08-2009
Working papers in economics and econometrics 14-08-2009
artsConnect 02-08-2009
Total 157

Northern Territory Library

Title URI Display Date
Australia Day Council NT 13-08-2009
Australian Labor Party, NT Branch 13-08-2009
Bushfires in Northern Territory, Australia 11-08-2009
Country Liberals 13-08-2009
Don't sleep on the road 11-08-2009
Hot topics from the tropics 13-08-2009
Look out for people - Imparja road safety advertisement 11-08-2009
Multicultural Community Services of Central Australia 13-08-2009
Northern Territory Workplace Advocate 13-08-2009
Records Territory : Northern Territory Archives Service newsletter 11-08-2009
Top End Arts. 25-08-2009
Top End Folk Club 13-08-2009
Total 12

State Library of New South Wales

Title URI Display Date
Way home: reducing homelessness in NSW 21-08-2009
Annual report (New South Wales. State Electoral Office) 01-08-2009
Best Practice Management Guidelines for Phytophthora cinnamomi within the Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority Area. 21-08-2009
Budawangs walking and camping strategy 03-08-2009
CHERE discussion paper 22-08-2009
CHERE report series 02-08-2009
Cape Banks Family History Society 30-08-2009
Chatswood zone substation transformer explosion and fire onTuesday 14 December 1999 07-08-2009
Corporate Responsibility Index Feedback Report 2008 Country Energy 21-08-2009
Country web : a newsletter for rural women and their families 20-08-2009
Cowpasture road 25-08-2009
Cronulla Sharks 11-08-2009
Decisions of the Superior Courts of New South Wales, 1788-1899 23-08-2009
Determinants of quality in child care: A review of the research evidence 21-08-2009
DoCS research ethics guidance for conducting research involving services, clients or information about clients of the NSW Department of Community Services 21-08-2009
Early intervention strategies for children and young people 8 to 14 years : Literature review. 21-08-2009
Effective strategies and interventions for adolescents in a child protection context : Literature review 21-08-2009
F3 Freeway Project 28-08-2009
Fact sheet (Botany Groundwater Cleanup Project) 07-08-2009
Family preservation services : Literature review 21-08-2009
Filming projects : guidelines for parking and road closures 18-08-2009 : the history of Australian theatre 03-08-2009
Housing NSW Disability Action Plan 18-08-2009
Hunter Water Corporation 22-08-2009
Leaving school in Australia. Year 12 state by state. 04-08-2009
Little Billabong 26-08-2009
Mount Hyland Nature Reserve and Mount Hyland State Conservation Area : plan of management 03-08-2009
Munmorah Gas Turbine Facility environmental assessment 12-08-2009
Munro Island Nature Reserve : plan of management 04-08-2009
Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve : plan of management 04-08-2009
NSW Architects Registration Board 16-08-2009
New direction for NSW: state plan 02-08-2009
Parents with mental health issues: Consequences for children and effectiveness of interventions designed to assist children and their families 21-08-2009
Permanent protection visas and temporary protection visas 20-08-2009
Prevention and early intervention update - trends in recent research : research report 21-08-2009
Quarterly drinking water quality report 07-08-2009
RTA privacy management plan 20-08-2009
Samuel Griffith Society 23-08-2009
South Coast Writers Centre 21-08-2009
State Budget 2009/10 Housing NSW Budget Commentary 21-08-2009
Statement of business ethics October 2007 a Guide to contractors, consultants, suppliers, tenderers and business partners 21-08-2009
Submission to Citizenship Task Force, Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMA), October 2006, on the Australian Citizenship: Much more than a ceremony Discussion Paper, September 2006 20-08-2009
Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre 29-08-2009
Sydney's Desalination Project 12-08-2009
Tapin Tops National Park : plan of management 26-08-2009
Turallo Nature Reserve Plan of management 26-08-2009
Ulandra Nature Reserve Plan of Management 26-08-2009
Wambool Nature Reserve plan of management 26-08-2009
Weddin Mountains National Park of management 26-08-2009
Winburndale Nature Reserve plan of management 26-08-2009
Wolli Creek regional park plan of management 26-08-2009
Total 51

State Library of Queensland

Title URI Display Date
Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts 14-08-2009
Access Arts Inc 14-08-2009
Birdsville Races 27-08-2009
Can of words : the e-magazine of the Hinchinbrook community 13-08-2009
Captian Cook 1770 Festival 07-08-2009
Code of conduct - Queensland. Prostitution Licensing Authority 28-08-2009
Cyclone Larry publications 03-08-2009
Education for sustainable futures : schooling for the smart state 05-08-2009
Ekka : Royal Queensland Show 18-08-2009
Festuri : a multicultural celebration 28-08-2009
Friends of Peel Island Association 06-08-2009
Housing update 02-08-2009
Ideas Festival 08-08-2009
In touch (Queensland. Prostitution Licensing Authority) 27-08-2009
Link-Up (Qld) Aboriginal Corporation 21-08-2009
Liquor licensing update 01-08-2009
Opera Queensland 15-08-2009
Photo gallery from the Cyclone Larry recovery 03-08-2009
Pomona King of the Mountain Festival 29-08-2009
Queensland population update 02-08-2009
Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia. Queensland Section 04-08-2009
Smart schools, smart behaviour : advice to the Minister on behaviour management in Queensland schools 05-08-2009
Southern Downs Steam Railway 01-08-2009
Statement of affairs - Queensland. Prostitution Licensing Authority 28-08-2009
Summer reading club 13-08-2009
Swell Sculpture Festival 24-08-2009
Tolga Bat Hospital 05-08-2009
flytrap 06-08-2009
Total 28

State Library of South Australia

Title URI Display Date
Adelaide Jewish Museum 21-08-2009
Adelaide Thunderbirds 21-08-2009
Adelaide United Football Club 25-08-2009
Bay to Birdwood: an icon event 05-08-2009
Buzz Newsletter (South Australia. Office of the Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner) 20-08-2009
Flinders University Art Museum 29-08-2009
Greenaway Art Gallery 27-08-2009
Greenhill Galleries Adelaide 29-08-2009
Hurry Save the Murray 26-08-2009
Old Timer's Mine 21-08-2009
Rally SA 18-08-2009
River Lakes and Coorong Action Group 26-08-2009
SA Great 18-08-2009
SACA 21-08-2009
The Bakehouse Theatre 07-08-2009
The Sentimental Bloke 12-08-2009
Trails SA 18-08-2009
Welcome to SA Rugby Union 19-08-2009
Total 18

State Library of Victoria

Title URI Display Date
3CR Community Radio 855 AM 23-08-2009
About the bays : the newsletter of the Central Coast Board : coastal issues in Port Phillip and Western Port 19-08-2009
Adriano Gemelli : sculptor artist 21-08-2009
Adult education in the community 23-08-2009
Anita Traverso Gallery 15-08-2009
Apollo Bay Music Festival 29-08-2009
Astor Theatre 14-08-2009
Australian Association for Byzantine Studies 25-08-2009
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art 13-08-2009
Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies 02-08-2009
Australian fluoridation news 17-08-2009
Awakenings Performing Arts Festival 14-08-2009
Axia Modern Art 14-08-2009
Balance Research 26-08-2009
Bird Observers Club of Australia 24-08-2009
Building Stronger Communities website 25-08-2009
CICD : Campaign for International Cooperation and Disarmament 08-08-2009
Camberwell Central Bowls Club 21-08-2009
Cancer Council Victoria 24-08-2009
Care for Cardenia Creek 10-08-2009
Centre for Contemporary Photography 24-08-2009
Charles Smith Gallery 20-08-2009
City of Ballarat 24-08-2009
City of Darebin 24-08-2009
City of Whittlesea 16-08-2009
Coalition Against Duck Shooting 20-08-2009
Collingwood Gallery 15-08-2009
Committee for Melbourne : connecting business and community leaders 06-08-2009
Connections : Loddon Mallee region suicide prevention letter 10-08-2009
Conserve water 16-08-2009
Contemporary Art Society of Victoria 22-08-2009
Diamond Valley Group newsletter (Diamond Valley Oxfam Australia) 01-08-2009
ERA [Eastern Regional Access] Community Television 25-08-2009
East Burwood Preschool community news 21-08-2009
Experimenta Media Arts 25-08-2009
Federation of Victorian Walking Clubs 25-08-2009
Footscray Historical Society 10-08-2009
FourThousand 16-08-2009
Freeza : urbangrooveglobalculture 26-08-2009
Friends of Merri Creek newsletter 09-08-2009
Friends of Willow Park Inc. newsletter 18-08-2009
Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi 16-08-2009
Geekgirl 17-08-2009
Geelong Performing Arts Centre 08-08-2009
Grange newsletter 05-08-2009
Greenlink news 04-08-2009
Groundwater notes [Victoria. Dept. of Sustainability and Environment] 27-08-2009
Heretic Press 27-08-2009
Heritage Victoria 24-08-2009
Human Services News 17-08-2009
Keilor Villiage Junior Basketball Club 17-08-2009
Lauraine Diggins Fine Art 17-08-2009
Loreto College Ballarat 21-08-2009
Maude Fire Brigade 15-08-2009
McKinnon Secondary College 27-08-2009
Mediasearch : music, film & fashion in Australia 04-08-2009
Melbourne Canary Improvement Society 25-08-2009
Melbourne Poets Union 27-08-2009
Melbourne School of Art 16-08-2009
Meredith Music Festival 25-08-2009
Merri Creek Management Committee 14-08-2009
Midsumma : Melbourne's gay & lesbian festival 19-08-2009
Mildura Country Music Festival 25-08-2009
Mornington Historical Society 25-08-2009 24-08-2009
National Exhibitions Touring Support (NETS) Victoria 02-08-2009
Nerds gone wild 15-08-2009
Newsletter and project diary 22-08-2009
Northcote History Group 19-08-2009
Ochre Gallery 20-08-2009
Office for Youth at the centre 19-08-2009
Official site of the Melbourne Cricket Club 07-08-2009
Orchestra of U3A Hawthorn 17-08-2009
Play and folklore 14-08-2009
Port Fairy Folk Festival 01-08-2009
Port Phillip Eco-Centre annual report 21-08-2009
Premier of Victoria Australia 17-08-2009
Probus Club of Canterbury (Victoria) 08-08-2009
Provenance: the journal of Public Record Office Victoria 04-08-2009
Ranges Burrinja Folk Club 19-08-2009
Royal Park Golf Club 26-08-2009
Safe kids now 27-08-2009
Socialist Alternative 15-08-2009
Somerville, Tyabb and District Heritage Society 27-08-2009
Sporting Shooters' Association of Australia (VIC) 18-08-2009
Sprocket : magazine of the Geelong touring cyclists 25-08-2009
Sri Lankan home page (SCATS Australia) 19-08-2009
St Martins Youth Arts Centre 18-08-2009
St. Kilda Festival 24-08-2009
Tenant news 16-08-2009
The Eco 17-08-2009
ThreeThousand 17-08-2009
Transcend 17-08-2009
TwoThousand 17-08-2009
Urban Art 15-08-2009
VRFish : fish for the future 09-08-2009
Vegetarian Network Victoria 14-08-2009
Verve 16-08-2009
Victoria's three great zoos 11-08-2009
Victorian Electronic Records Strategy Project 22-08-2009
Victorian Groups newsletter [Oxfam Community Aid Abroad] 01-08-2009
Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council 23-08-2009
Victorian Training Awards 14-08-2009
Welcome to Maroondah online 08-08-2009
Welcome to the Robb Street Gallery 16-08-2009
Williamstown Camera Club 15-08-2009
Zelman Memorial Symphony Orchestra 10-08-2009
Total 107

State Library of Western Australia

Title URI Display Date
Aboriginal Perspectives Across the Curriculum 03-08-2009
Andrew Horabin 29-08-2009
Annual Report -Western Australian Stimulant Regulatory Scheme 20-08-2009
Annual compliance report - Western Australia. Public Sector Standards Commission. 27-08-2009
Annual report - Acacia Prison Services Agreement 07-08-2009
Anthony Eaton 20-08-2009
Burrup Rock Art monitoring management committee report and recommendations to the minister for State Development 05-08-2009
CIA studios : Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts 18-08-2009
Captain Cool Gudia, the monster and the girl 07-08-2009
Council on the Ageing Western Australia 19-08-2009
Deckchair Theatre 05-08-2009
Dianne Wolfers website 17-08-2009
Fitzgerald Biosphere Group Inc FBG 25-08-2009
Forest Management Plan 2004-2013 18-08-2009
FuelWatch 30-08-2009
GP handbook 01-08-2009
Human swine flu : what Western Australians need to know 19-08-2009
Inta Goddard 19-08-2009
Labour market bulletin 26-08-2009
Lisa Harper-Brown 28-08-2009
Malleefowl Preservation Group 26-08-2009
Mamarapha College 14-08-2009
Mundaring Truffle Festival 11-08-2009
PVI Collective 18-08-2009
Palliative Care WA Inc 26-08-2009
Parkerville Children and Youth Care 28-08-2009
Perth Arena : Perth's new indoor entertainment and sports venue 07-08-2009
Perth Observatory 15-08-2009
Perth Primary Care Network 28-08-2009
Perth Stadium 28-08-2009
Perth Zoo 10-08-2009
Putting people first : agency drug and alcohol plan : Department of Indigenous Affairs 2003-2005 21-08-2009
Royal Western Australia Regiment Association Inc 28-08-2009
Shelter WA 24-08-2009
Sitelines : new online writing 12-08-2009
Spirit of the Streets Choir 14-08-2009
Sungroper 05-08-2009
Sustainable September - sustainability in practice in Western Australia 01-08-2009
Sustainable Transport Coalition of WA 30-08-2009
Tarwangin : talking to me 14-08-2009
Teknoscape 11-08-2009
The Ellington Jazz Club 28-08-2009
The Fremantle Light and Sound Discovery Centre 05-08-2009
The Kimberley Toad Busters 12-08-2009
The Oakajee project 07-08-2009
The Western Australian No Interest Loan Service 28-08-2009
Tierra Ecologia 20-08-2009
Underground Power Program 07-08-2009
University of Western Australia Choral Society 17-08-2009
W A Deaf Society Inc. 10-08-2009
Welcome to AirWatch 15-08-2009
Welcome to Ngala 16-08-2009
Wendy Lugg 24-08-2009
Write, right, rite : an historical perspective of Western Australian children's literature 16-08-2009
Yarloop Workshops Inc. 03-08-2009 10-08-2009
Total 56

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