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1 Dec 2009 - 31 Dec 2009

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Title URI Display Date
Footprints in Time : The Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children (LSIC) 25-12-2009
Goolarri Media Enterprises Pty Ltd 27-12-2009
Juno Gemes photographer 07-12-2009
The Long Walk 04-12-2009
Tomorrow People 18-12-2009
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Australian War Memorial

Title URI Display Date
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National Film and Sound Archive

Title URI Display Date
ABC Mobile 18-12-2009
Camille and Stuie 02-12-2009
Drowning 18-12-2009 : Hip hop and Street Culture 09-12-2009
My Place 07-12-2009
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National Gallery of Australia

Title URI Display Date
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National Library of Australia

Title URI Display Date
2009 By-elections - ABC Elections 14-12-2009
27b/6 11-12-2009
A Just Australia : a campaign of Australians for Just Refugee Programs 11-12-2009
A report on stakeholder assessment of the takeovers panel 23-12-2009
ACT Government legislation handbook 15-12-2009
ACT light rail - an effective light rail network for the capital region 10-12-2009
ADC news 08-12-2009
AIC reports. Technical and background paper 02-12-2009
AMSAaboard 08-12-2009
Alternative Technology Association 16-12-2009
Alternative landscape futures: understanding alternate landscape design options for planning more sustainable regions 07-12-2009
An indicator framework for higher education performance funding : discussion paper 15-12-2009
Artificial eyes by Paul and Jenny Geelen 17-12-2009
Arts Access Australia 07-12-2009
Aust Winner Forum 01-12-2009
Australia on the map 1606-2006 10-12-2009
Australia's crops and pastures in a changing climate : can biotechnology help? 14-12-2009
Australian Ballet 03-12-2009
Australian Federal Minister for Immigration and Citizenship 17-12-2009
Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet 04-12-2009
Australian Institute of Classical Dance 09-12-2009
Australian Jewish news 11-12-2009
Australian Red Cross 20-12-2009
Australian library news 24-12-2009
Australian pottery : 1960s to date 05-12-2009
Australian water markets report ... 18-12-2009
Autospeed : the world's best high performance online magazine 01-12-2009
Bang the Table 02-12-2009
Bharat Times 09-12-2009
Biotechnology and Australian agriculture : towards the development of a vision strategy for the application of biotechnology to Australian agriculture 14-12-2009
Bradfield (NSW) 2009 by-election (Saturday 5 December) - AEC 08-12-2009
Breakthrough in governance 02-12-2009
Business date 30-12-2009
CAPA briefing papers 04-12-2009
CDNLAO meetings 21-12-2009
Canberra & District Historical Society 03-12-2009
Canberra Symphony Orchestra 18-12-2009
Canberra power station information 16-12-2009
Centre for Multicultural Youth 15-12-2009
Climate change in Australia 01-12-2009
Colin Simpson Lectures 01-12-2009
Commonwealth of Australia gazette. Chemical 01-12-2009
Community Action Against Homophobia 07-12-2009
Compendium of workers' compensation statistics 01-12-2009
Cooky La Moo 15-12-2009
Counting the costs : planning requirements, infrastructure contributions, and residential development in Australia 14-12-2009
Daily Chinese Herald 28-12-2009
Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations : video 09-12-2009
Does racial and ethnic discrimination vary across minority groups : evidence from three experiments 09-12-2009
DonnaM : information architecture, user-centred design, usability and much more 01-12-2009
Dreadnought 17-12-2009
Ecodate 24-12-2009
Electronic APS Employment Gazette 24-12-2009
Emergency 2.0 10-12-2009
Eureka Council 12-12-2009
Evaluation of the child health check initiative and expanding health services delivery initiative 11-12-2009
Exchange : incisive, informed, independent, objective 28-12-2009
Exchange Asia 29-12-2009
Fair Wear : stopping the exploitation of homebased outworkers 12-12-2009
Forgotten Australians 01-12-2009
Genetically modified crops : tools for insect pest and weed control in cotton and canola 14-12-2009
German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce : AHK 04-12-2009
Gibaran Journal of Applied Management 02-12-2009
Government 2.0 Taskforce 08-12-2009
Greensblog : Greens MPs 19-12-2009
Headquarters Company 1st Australian Task Force South Vietnam 1966-1971 14-12-2009
Hidden agendas : the films and writing of John Pilger 12-12-2009
Higgins (Vic) 2009 by-election (Saturday 5 December) - AEC 08-12-2009
Hoax Slayer 10-12-2009
Hyundai A-League 02-12-2009
I heart guitar 04-12-2009
IPA Occasional Papers 19-12-2009
Impacts of plastic debris on Australian marine wildlife 11-12-2009
Indian Link: Linking Australia with India 21-12-2009
Indian Voice 28-12-2009
Indigenous home ownership on communal title lands 14-12-2009
Inside story : politcs, society and culture 09-12-2009
James Morrison 13-12-2009
John Quiggin 29-12-2009
Learning and teaching guide : a handbook to support institutions in implementing programs for assisting the development of communication and life skills in veterinary students 15-12-2009
Learning spaces framework : learning in an online world 15-12-2009
Liberal Party of Australia 01-12-2009
Life and Leisure Blogs - Sydney Morning Herald 02-12-2009
MBS working papers 12-12-2009
MRNGUYEN.COM 21-12-2009
Maintaining product integrity in the Australian seed and grain supply chain : the role of sampling and testing for GM events 11-12-2009
Marine weather definitions 10-12-2009
Metal Obsession : supporting Aussie metal 07-12-2009
Moocoo news 23-12-2009
Mutually said : Poets Vegan Anarchist Pacifist 17-12-2009
NAISDA Dance College 18-12-2009
National Blood Authority 06-12-2009
National Capital DanceSport Championships 16-12-2009
National Cultural Policy 01-12-2009
National Library of Australia festive (Xmas) season greetings and activities 21-12-2009
National Security Australia 01-12-2009
National Times 16-12-2009
Native title hot spots 01-12-2009
Neos kosmos 20-12-2009
Nicole R Murphy 14-12-2009
NowUC 11-12-2009
Occasional papers - The Bennelong Society 04-12-2009
One In Three Campaign 04-12-2009
Opinion - Sydney Morning Herald 14-12-2009
OzeUkes 22-12-2009
Passenger ships arriving in Australasian ports 01-12-2009
Peak Bodies Forum 19-12-2009
Peter Costello MP 15-12-2009
Peter Nicholson 18-12-2009
Poetry - Katherine Gallagher 10-12-2009
Polish Historical Institute in Australia 18-12-2009
Possums Pollytics 22-12-2009
Proceedings of the annual Conference of the Australian Linguistic Society 18-12-2009
QFF weekly bulletin 28-12-2009
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 02-12-2009
Relationships Australia 07-12-2009
Report (Australian Customs Service. Trade Measures Branch) 19-12-2009
Research on the impact of marine debris on marine turtle survival and behaviour : north east Arnhem land, Northern Territory, Australia 11-12-2009
Revolving Door 03-12-2009
Russell Blackford official site 19-12-2009
SAND abstracts from the BEACH Program 07-12-2009
Sada-e-Watan Sydney 12-12-2009
Scratch Pad 11-12-2009
Screening the past : an international electronic journal of visual media and history 11-12-2009
Seafood stories 25-12-2009
Sing Tao Newspapers, October - December 2009 30-12-2009
Stephen Conroy : Minister for Fascism 21-12-2009
Strange times 08-12-2009
Student welfare tracking report 1 15-12-2009
Sydney Morning Herald (December 2009) 30-12-2009
Sydney law review 07-12-2009
The Brisbane Institute 12-12-2009
The Other Cheek : Andrew Landeryou's blog of freedom 01-12-2009
The Wilderness Society 07-12-2009
The power of networks to transform education : an international perspective 02-12-2009
The value of biotechnology : applications to Australian agriculture, a review of non-GM biotechnology - its ability and potential to improve Australian agricultural productivity 14-12-2009
Tim Blair 07-12-2009
Tony Abbott MHR : Federal member for Warringah 01-12-2009
Totalisator history : an Australian achievement 20-12-2009
Transformation and innovation : system leaders in the global age 02-12-2009
TurnbullMalcolm [twitter page] 01-12-2009
VTE and ACE e-News 19-12-2009 : access engage empower 01-12-2009
Viet Times Newspaper 29-12-2009
Walter Burley Griffin Society 22-12-2009
Weston Creek Community Council 01-12-2009
Whirlpool : Australian broadband news 18-12-2009
Women in welfare education 04-12-2009
Youth Decide 09 04-12-2009 17-12-2009 02-12-2009
holland1945 18-12-2009 : Australias divorce service directory 09-12-2009
iTWire : IT and Telcom news 25-12-2009
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Northern Territory Library

Title URI Display Date
Alice Springs Desert Park 12-12-2009
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State Library of New South Wales

Title URI Display Date
4 Change (2009 Bradfield By-Election) 02-12-2009
Access & Equity Policy & Action Plan (Blacktown City Council) 22-12-2009
Adding value to BOM flood predictions 17-12-2009
Ambulance online 24-12-2009
Anticipating waves of destruction : preparing the NSW Tsunami Emergency Management State Plan 17-12-2009
Archaeology of the modern city series 16-12-2009
Archival record : for heritage items within the attemperation reservoir construction, footprint, Eraring power station, Dora Creek 07-12-2009
Attorney General's Department of NSW Discussion paper : Are the rights of people whose capacity is in question being adequately protected? : a joint response by People with Disability Australia Inc and Blake Dawson Waldron 08-12-2009
Australia First Party (Sydney Branch) 21-12-2009
Ballina Foreshore Master Plan 17-12-2009
Ballina Shire Open Space Strategy 17-12-2009
Bellingen Global Carnival 24-12-2009
Best management practice for retained areas in forestry plantations 18-12-2009
Blacktown City 2025 23-12-2009
Botanic Gardens Trust 14-12-2009
CCDNSW : Community Cultural Development NSW 06-12-2009
Career moves : longitudinal survey of destinations, pathways and satisfaction of 2005 government school HSC students in New South Wales 01-12-2009
Caring Together : the Health Action Plan for NSW 22-12-2009
Chickiba Lakes Acid Sulfate Soils and Wetland Management Plan 11-12-2009
Climate change discussion paper and, draft climate change policy 01-12-2009
Coal combustion product project 07-12-2009
Coastal erosion emergency planning 11-12-2009
Common ground : the costs and provision of community infrastructure in community title schemes in NSW : a study by the City Futures Research Centre at the University of New South Wales on behalf of the Urban Development Institute of Australia NSW 01-12-2009
Community Facilities Strategy (Ballina Shire Council) 17-12-2009
Community involvement and communications draft: A resource manual for staff 03-12-2009
Construction environmental management plan : project - Eraring Energy Attemperating Reservoir & Pumping Station 02-12-2009
Democratic Labor Party (2009 Bradfield By-Election) 04-12-2009
Discussion paper: The Role of Local Government in the sustainable management of natural resources of NSW 17-12-2009
Draft Threatened Species Conservation (Biodiversity Banking) Regulation 2007 : submission of the Urban Development Institute of Australia NSW to the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change 01-12-2009
Dubbo City Council 16-12-2009
Emergency management arrangements for New South Wales 24-12-2009
Emergency management of coastal erosion in NSW 17-12-2009
Emergency planning for the Hawkebury Nepean Valley 17-12-2009
Emergency response to the Wollongong floods, August 1998 17-12-2009
Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON) 19-12-2009
Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill 2008 : submission of the Urban Development Institute of Australia NSW to the NSW Department of Planning 01-12-2009
Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy (2009 Bradfield By- Election) 05-12-2009
Eraring Dam : preliminary report on hydrology and dam break : Eraring Energy 07-12-2009
Evaluating markers of dysautonomia and noradrenaline related cardiac damage following severe traumatic brain injury : the care and needs scale (CANS) 16-12-2009
Fire management strategy - final (NSW. Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water) 15-12-2009
Flood watch and some issues about them 17-12-2009
Future for regional passenger trains in New South Wales 17-12-2009
Future of disability employment services in Australia 14-12-2009
Gosford City Centre plan : submission of the Urban Development Institute Of Australia NSW to Gosford City Council and the NSW Department of Planning 07-12-2009
Green paper on the Australian Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme 22-12-2009
Growth Management Strategy (Bellingen Shire Council) 07-12-2009
Guyra Shire Council 17-12-2009
Habitat offset plan : Eraring power station 07-12-2009
Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment Management Authority 16-12-2009
Heritage today & tomorrow : a feasibility study into possible cultural & community uses of Blacktown City Council's heritage properties 22-12-2009
Homebake 07-12-2009
Housing affordability : a little less conversation a little more action : submission of the Urban Development Institute of Australia NSW to the Senate Select Committee on Housing Affordability in Australia 01-12-2009
How do you improve community response to warnings? 11-12-2009
Hunter-Central Rivers Catchment Management Authority 16-12-2009
IPART issues paper : review of developer charges for metropolitan water agencies : UDIA NSW submission 01-12-2009
IPART issues paper : review of prices for water, sewerage, stormwater and recycled water services for Hunter Water Corporation and, review of prices for water, wastewater and stormwater services for Gosford City Council and Wyong Shire Council 01-12-2009
IPART review : revenue framework for local government : submission of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (NSW) 01-12-2009
Inquiry into climate change and environmental impacts on coastal communities 22-12-2009
Inquiry into issues relating to Redfern and Waterloo : final report 09-12-2009
Inquiry into the NSW Planning Framework : submission of the Urban Development Institute of Australia 07-12-2009
Jervis Bay marine park review 22-12-2009
Kangaloon Borefield project 22-12-2009
Kiama Municipal Council 18-12-2009
Lachlan Catchment Management Authority 16-12-2009
Lake Ainsworth Management Plan 09-12-2009
Liberal Democratic Party (2009 Bradfield By-Election) 04-12-2009
Litigants in person in the Land and Environment Court of New South Wales 01-12-2009
Living learning libraries ; standards and guidelines for NSW public libraries 23-12-2009
Lower Murray Darling Catchment Management Authority 16-12-2009
Malcolm Turnbull - Federal Member for Wentworth 07-12-2009
Mental health rights manual 16-12-2009
Murray Catchment Management Authority 16-12-2009
Murrumbidgee Catchment Management Authority 17-12-2009
NGO Report on the Implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) in Australia : prepared by YWCA Australia and Women's Legal Services Australia 07-12-2009
NSW Health Review of the Mental Health Act 1990 : Exposure Draft Bill : Mental Health Bill 2006 : People with Disability Australia Incorporated 07-12-2009
NSW Sporting Injuries Committee handbook 10-12-2009
NSW biodiversity strategy : discussion paper 22-12-2009
New South Wales industrial gazette 18-12-2009
Newcastle inner city bypass Sandgate to Shortland : review of environmental factors 14-12-2009
No Carbon Tax Vote 1 Independent Climate Sceptics (2009 Bradfield By-Election) 04-12-2009
North Sydney Council 11-12-2009
Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority 19-12-2009
Northern Rivers Invasive Plants Action Strategy 2009-2013 08-12-2009
Of Petersham - Welcome to Bilateral Petersham 11-12-2009
One Nation (2009 Bradfield By-Election) 02-12-2009
Open submission to the Garnaut Climate Change Review 22-12-2009
Our campaign for a robust National Disability Strategy : improving the lives of Australians with disability 07-12-2009
Parramatta City Council 02-12-2009
Paul Fletcher -Strong Liberal Voice for Bradfield (2009 Bradfield By-election) 05-12-2009
Pedestrians (RTA Brochures) 21-12-2009
Permit parking : 2.1 11-12-2009
Pinchgut Opera 06-12-2009
Pine Street Creative Arts Centre 08-12-2009
Plan of management : Williams Reserve, Lennox Head (Ballina Shire Council) 09-12-2009
Planning for the inevitable - emergency planning for floods in New South Wales 17-12-2009
Power-Assisted Pedal Cycles - Proposal for a new AB vehicle definition 08-12-2009
Primefacts 29-12-2009
Proposed Amendments to the Guardianship Act 1987 (NSW) : PWD's response to the Guardianship Tribunal's Discussion Paper 07-12-2009
Proposed merger of the Public Trustee NSW and the Office of the Protective Commissioner : People with Disabilities Australia : position statement 07-12-2009
Redfern-Waterloo human services plan : phase I : 18 month evaluation report 09-12-2009
Report for attemperating cooling water reservoir : design report 07-12-2009
Report on vegetation and land management in the Maguires Creek Catchment 10-12-2009
Review of Lord Howe Island Act 1953 [by The Nature Conservation Council of NSW (the NCC)] 15-12-2009
Review of the Native Vegetation Act 2003 : Submission of the Urban Development Institute of Australia NSW 01-12-2009
Scan : journal of media arts culture 09-12-2009
Sculpture by the sea 18-12-2009
Seizing the Newcastle moment: data collection in the aftermath of A flood event 11-12-2009
Shorebird newsletter 14-12-2009
Simon Kelly -Independent (2009 Bradfield By-Election) 04-12-2009
Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority 19-12-2009
Special Commission of Inquiry into Child Protection Services in NSW 01-12-2009
Speeding (RTA Brochures) 15-12-2009
Sprite torque : official journal of the Sprite Car Club of Australia 29-12-2009
Standing Committee of Attorneys-General Sterilisation of Children with an Intellectual Disability : Issues Paper : Draft Model Bill 07-12-2009
State Water operating licence issues paper 22-12-2009
Submission in response to the Green Paper : Which Way Home? a new approach to homelessness 14-12-2009
Submission in response to the NSW Office of Fair Trading Residential Tenancy Law Reform Report : A new direction 14-12-2009
Submission to the Australian Law Reform Commission Inquiry into Privacy 14-12-2009
Submission to the Residential Tenancy Database Working Party 14-12-2009
Substitute decision making : time for reform : submission to the NSW Legislative Council's Inquiry into Substitute decisionmaking for people lacking capacity 07-12-2009
Taking Care : Mature Age Workers with Elder Care Responsibilities 16-12-2009
Tamworth Regional Council 03-12-2009
The Australian Sex Party (2009 Bradfield By-Election) 03-12-2009
The Greens - ( 2009 Bradfield by-election) 01-12-2009
The Inevitable ripple - emergency management of tsunami in New South Wales and the response to the Solomon Islands tsunami April 2nd 2007 11-12-2009
The Maitland Flood of 2007 Operation of the Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme and the Maitland City Local Flood Plan 11-12-2009
The application of timelines to evacuation planning 17-12-2009
The largest hailstorm in our history 17-12-2009
The role of the New South Wales State Emergency Service in flood management 17-12-2009
To flee or not to flee - an evaluation of warning and evacuation effectiveness 17-12-2009
Transport reliability bulletin 25-12-2009
Tumbarumba Shire Council 04-12-2009
Valuing community safety in the management of dams : developing the partnership between dam agencies, the communities at risk and emergency managers in NSW 17-12-2009
Visit Corner Country 08-12-2009
Vote 1 Philip Dowling ... ( 2009 Bradfield By-Election) 04-12-2009
Warnervale Town Centre and Wyong Employment Zone : submission to the Department of Planning, UDIA NSW - Central Coast Chapter 01-12-2009
Western Catchment Management Authority 20-12-2009
Who Bargains? A report prepared for the NSW Office of Industrial Relations by the Workplace Research Centre, The University of Sydney 16-12-2009
Wollongbar Urban Expansion Area Infrastructure Strategy 17-12-2009
Women with disabilities accessing crisis services : a project to assist domestic violence/crisis services in the ACT to better support women with disabilities who are escaping domestic and family violence 07-12-2009
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State Library of Queensland

Title URI Display Date
Anne Kemps lungfish 30-12-2009
Bilby Awards 03-12-2009
Census of the Colony of Queensland, taken on the 7th April 1861 30-12-2009
Central Queensland regional growth management framework 2002 30-12-2009
Dance North 03-12-2009
Integrity and accountability in Queensland 30-12-2009
Jimbour 14-12-2009
Managing unwanted cats and dogs : discussion paper 30-12-2009
Northern economic triangle infrastruture plan 2007-2012 30-12-2009
Our first half-century : a review of Queensland progress based upon official information 30-12-2009
QR journey 30-12-2009
Queensland Training Awards 03-12-2009
Queensland assets sale 15-12-2009
Queensland past and present : 100 years of statistics 1896-1996 30-12-2009
Report of the Queensland Ombudsman : the regulation of mine safety in Queensland : a review of the Queensland Mines Inspectorate 14-12-2009
Schoolies 08-12-2009
Second annual report on Registration of births, marriages and deaths 30-12-2009
Statistical Register of Queensland for the year 1861 30-12-2009
Triumph in the tropics : an historical sketch of Queensland 30-12-2009
Young Workers Advisory Service 01-12-2009
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State Library of South Australia

Title URI Display Date
A Brush with Art 08-12-2009
Australian International 3 Day Event 01-12-2009
Feast festival website 12-12-2009
Fishers for Conservation 08-12-2009
Flinders Ranges Research and South Australian History 29-12-2009
Fran West: Australia's life pilot 09-12-2009
Friends of Black Hill and Morialta Conservation Parks Incorporated 08-12-2009
Friends of Parks 01-12-2009
Friends of Scott Creek Conservation Park, The 01-12-2009
Friends of the Great Victoria Desert 09-12-2009
Friends of the Whyalla Conservation Park 01-12-2009
Gillian Rolton 08-12-2009
Investigator Magazine 08-12-2009
Life. Be in it [SA] 02-12-2009
Raynart Studio Gallery 05-12-2009
Royal Geographical Society of South Australia 24-12-2009
Russell Morrison Galleries 08-12-2009
Save our Gulf Coalition 21-12-2009
South Australian Council for Country Music 08-12-2009
Spirit Festival 29-12-2009
Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary 08-12-2009
Water for good 07-12-2009
Woomera South Australia 21-12-2009
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State Library of Victoria

Title URI Display Date
2009 Higgins by-election [Australian Greens] 06-12-2009
Aboriginal Housing Board of Victoria 02-12-2009
Alex Schlotzer 07-12-2009
Allocations manual 10-12-2009
And the nightmare continues. Bushfire in Melbourne 17-12-2009
Assessment of spatial variation in grapevine nutrient status 08-12-2009
Austin Hospital reaps major energy savings at minimal cost 08-12-2009
Ban on smoking in motor vehicles if a person under 18 is present 24-12-2009
Ban on the display of tobacco products 24-12-2009
Ban on the sale of tobacco products from temporary outlets 24-12-2009
Berwick Youth Choir 02-12-2009
Boys blokes books and bytes 04-12-2009
City of Kingston 03-12-2009
Cr Samantha Dunn : the official blog of Greens Councillor Samantha Dunn, Shire of Yarra Ranges 05-12-2009
Disability services division statewide short term accommodation and support program admission guidelines 10-12-2009
Disability services planning policy : disability services division 2009 10-12-2009
EREP delivers efficiency for Sugar Australia's Yarraville operations 08-12-2009
Edward Foulston : for transparent government and fiscal responsibility 02-12-2009
Edward Ginger : visual artist 01-12-2009
Eildon Urban Fire Brigade 02-12-2009
Flowerdale - Survivor Spirit 17-12-2009
Friends of the Yarra Valley Parks 11-12-2009
Grange newsletter 05-12-2009
Greenlink news 04-12-2009
Growing triticale 08-12-2009
Higgins by-election 2009 : David Collyer for Higgins 06-12-2009
Housing standards policy manual 10-12-2009
Iluka Resources fine-tunes new plant for more than $200,000 in energy savings 08-12-2009
Individual support package handbook 10-12-2009
Individual support package information sheet : August 2008 10-12-2009
Introducing Steve Raskovy endorsed candidate for One Nation Victoria 06-12-2009
Investor Group on Climate Change : sustainability covenant 08-12-2009
Kelly O'Dwyer 07-12-2009
Loddon Shire Council 03-12-2009
Malvern Historical Society Inc. 03-12-2009
Mediasearch : music, film & fashion in Australia 04-12-2009
Melbourne's freshwater systems : community natural history 11-12-2009
Methodist Ladies' College 03-12-2009
Ministerial power to ban certain products 24-12-2009
Modest investment brings significant resource savings for Warrnambool Cheese 08-12-2009
Neerim South Fire Brigade 05-12-2009
O - I cuts compressed air usage and acheives big energy savings 08-12-2009
Occupational violence in disability services code of practice 10-12-2009
Penalties and infringements 24-12-2009
Personal relationships sexuality and sexual health policy and guidelines 10-12-2009
Perspective 17-12-2009
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) management 01-12-2009
Probus Club of Canterbury (Victoria) 20-12-2009
Provenance: the journal of Public Record Office Victoria 04-12-2009
Residential services practice manual 10-12-2009
Rooming house standards taskforce : chairperson's report 10-12-2009
Rowville-Lysterfield History Project 01-12-2009
Royal Melbourne Golf Club 08-12-2009
SKCC : St. Kilda Cycling Club 03-12-2009
Slightly nutty 07-12-2009
Special focus on burns 17-12-2009
Special focus on spinal cord injury 17-12-2009
St. Kilda Film Festival 08-12-2009
Statement of principles for children and young people with a disability and their families 10-12-2009
Swan Hill Rural City Council 03-12-2009
Terminate Tulla Toxic Dump Action Group 09-12-2009
The EREP program : designed for flexibility 08-12-2009
The Poll Bludger 2009 : Reflections on the miracle of democracy at work in the greatest nation on earth : Higgins by-election: December 5 07-12-2009
Trail bike initiative 06-12-2009
Victorian Local Governance Association 03-12-2009
Victorian state trauma system : July 2001 - June 2006 17-12-2009
Welcome to the Darebin Creek catchment 11-12-2009
What's ni an EREP? 08-12-2009
Total 68

State Library of Western Australia

Title URI Display Date
A Cappella West 18-12-2009
Bushwalkers of Western Australia 10-12-2009
Community Midwifery in Western Australia 18-12-2009
Creating Connections Maureen Sexton 22-12-2009
Environment and Conservation News 09-12-2009
Fremantle environmental resources network - FERN 22-12-2009
FuelWatch 30-12-2009
Funk Club 21-12-2009
Harvey history online 15-12-2009
Herb Growers Network of WA 03-12-2009
Human swine flu : what Western Australians need to know 09-12-2009
Japingka Gallery 13-12-2009
Jules Sher 04-12-2009
Katy Watson-Kell 22-12-2009
Kimberley Community Profile 06-12-2009
Office of Native Title Newsletter 14-12-2009
On Track 03-12-2009
PALS - partnership acceptance learning sharing 14-12-2009
Rachel Coad 21-12-2009
Seniors' Recreation Council of Western Australia 18-12-2009
Sue Peacock 21-12-2009
Swanleigh Part of the Anglican Community 18-12-2009
Telethon Institute for Child Health Research 18-12-2009
The Country Link : WA country health services newsletter 17-12-2009
The Hydro Zone 10-12-2009
The worst of Perth blog 17-12-2009
Urban Growth Monitor 15-12-2009
WA Poets Inc : poetry resource for poets in Western Australia and elsewhere 22-12-2009
Wanslea Family Services 10-12-2009
West Australian Railscene E-Mag 09-12-2009
Western Australian Youth Music Association 11-12-2009
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