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1 Mar 2009 - 30 Apr 2009

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Title URI Display Date
Closing the gap on Indigenous disadvantage: the challenge for Australia 11-03-2009
Indigenous Employment and Capability Strategy (IndECS) 2007-2010 13-03-2009
Memorandum of Understanding between the Indigenous Land Corporation and the Department of the Environment and Heritage 13-03-2009
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Australian War Memorial

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National Film and Sound Archive

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Classification Board and Classification Review Board 21-04-2009
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National Library of Australia

Title URI Display Date
2008 guidelines for NGOs working with trafficked people 10-03-2009
2009 biennial assessment of implementation of the National Water Initiative : submissions 01-04-2009
A Modern Vision: Charles Bayliss, Photographer, 1850 - 1897 10-03-2009
A methodology for cost-benefit analysis of ambient air pollution health impacts 26-03-2009
A methodology for determining the impact of climate change on ozone levels in an urban area 27-03-2009
ABARE research report 16-03-2009
ACT Legislative Assembly - Business of the Assembly 26-04-2009
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander on pathology forms : feasibility study into increasing the completeness of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identifier in ACT Government registries 12-03-2009
An evaluation of the public access defibrillation (PAD) PAD demonstration 30-03-2009
An overview of the impacts of translocated native fish species in Australia 30-03-2009
Assessing vehicle air pollution emissions 27-03-2009
Assessment of different approaches for determining personal exposure 27-03-2009
Associated off-farm economic values of saving water and restoring pressure in the Great Artesian Basin 30-03-2009
AusLink : building our national transport future 07-04-2009
Australia in the Digital Economy : research report series 18-03-2009
Australia's biodiversity conservation strategy 2010-2020 : consultation draft 26-03-2009
Australia's future tax system 20-03-2009
Australian Government. National Capital Authority 09-03-2009
Australian Journal of Adoption 16-04-2009
Australian Sports Commission 21-04-2009
Bayesian modelling for risk-based environmental water allocation 02-03-2009
Books Alive 29-04-2009
Bragg Institute scientific highlights 08-04-2009
Brief: newsletter of the Australian Institute of Criminology 09-04-2009
Bushfires in Victoria, 7 - 8 February 2009 (Bureau of Meteorology) 12-03-2009
Canberra 100 : celebration of a century 16-03-2009
Chairman's Speeches 17-03-2009
Commonwealth of Australia gazette. Tariff concessions. 24-04-2009
Convergence and communications report series 18-03-2009
DVA client profile by federal electorate 03-04-2009
Development of metrics for individual exposure assessment to traffic related air pollution 27-03-2009
Development of tools for the identification of secondary organic aerosol in Australian cities 27-03-2009
Disability rights : speeches and papers 04-03-2009
Disaster Assist 02-04-2009
Embassy of Afghanistan of Australia and New Zealand 27-03-2009
Find thirty : it's not a big exercise 13-03-2009
Government online directory 28-03-2009
Guide to social security law 11-04-2009
Guide to using the 1:5 000 000 map of Australian Proterozoic mafic-ultramafic magmatic events 01-04-2009
Illicit drug data report 04-03-2009
Impact : a monthly fact sheet on the economic impact of tourism and the latest visitor arrival trends 15-04-2009
Implications of climate change for Australian fisheries and aquaculture : a preliminary assessment 10-03-2009
Improving plants 29-04-2009
Indigenous languages programs in Australian schools : a way forward 15-04-2009
Knowledge tree : an ejournal of flexible learning in vocational education and training 02-04-2009
Learn about Meteorology 30-03-2009
Macquarie station news 12-03-2009
Many Hands Make Light Work: Public Collaborative Text Correction in Australian Historic Newspapers 27-03-2009
Nation Building - Economic Stimulus Plan 25-03-2009
National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality 03-04-2009
National Human Rights Consultation website 24-03-2009
National Youth Week 23-04-2009
National performance framework : 2007 - 08 rural water performance reporting indicators and definitions 01-04-2009
National snapshot of current and planned water recycling and reuse rates 30-03-2009
North marine bioregional plan bioregional profile 30-03-2009
North-west marine bioregional plan bioregional profile 30-03-2009
Parliamentary group on population and development - speeches 13-04-2009
Particles, ozone and air toxic levels in rural communities during prescribed burning seasons 27-03-2009
RIRDC Publications 11-03-2009
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 02-04-2009
Recovery pathways after flow restoration in rivers 02-03-2009
Release of offshore petroleum exploration areas 06-04-2009
Research into natural and induced resistance in Australian native vegetation of Phytophthora cinnamomi and innovative methods to contain and/or eradicate within localised incursions in areas of high biodiversity in Australia 30-03-2009
Review of urban water entitlements in Australia 01-04-2009
Severe Thunderstorms in Southeast Queensland 16th - 20th November 2008 17-03-2009
Severe thunderstorms : facts, warnings and protection 17-03-2009
Severe thunderstorms in New South Wales & the Australian Capital Territory 10-03-2009
Severe thunderstorms in Western Australia 10-03-2009
Severe tropical cyclone Larry 17-03-2009
Severe tropical cyclone Monica 17-03-2009 27-04-2009
Soil-water and salt movement associated with precision irrigation systems 29-04-2009
Sources of ozone precursors and atmospheric chemistry in a typical Australian city 26-03-2009
Spatial distribution and habitat utilisation of the speartooth shark Glyphis sp. A in relation to fishing in Northern Australia 30-03-2009
Speeches / Australian National Audit Office 11-03-2009
Stocktake of Australia's non-urban water metering systems 30-03-2009
Studies of the secondary organic aerosol component of PM2.5 arising from the NEPM air toxic precursors, toluene and m-xylene 27-03-2009
Telecommunications today : report 5: consumer choice and preference in adopting services 21-04-2009
Telecommunications today : report 6: internet activity and content 21-04-2009
The Australian of the Year Awards ... national announcement 01-04-2009
The exceptional January-February 2009 heatwave in south-eastern Australia 17-03-2009
Tropical Cyclone Monty : 27 February-2 March 2004 17-03-2009
Urban water markets 01-04-2009
Urban-scale modelling of reactive air toxics. Does chemical transformation matter? 27-03-2009
Velocity : science in motion 13-03-2009
Visit Gallipoli and the Anzac Commemorative Site 29-04-2009
Waste and recycling in Australia : final report 30-03-2009
Welcome to the Board of Taxation website 08-04-2009
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Northern Territory Library

Title URI Display Date
Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory 04-03-2009
Chung Wah Society 04-03-2009
Off the beaten track: touring exhibition 04-03-2009
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State Library of New South Wales

Title URI Display Date
Access guidelines / Sydney Olympic Park (2008) 20-03-2009
Access guidelines / Sydney Olympic Park Authority (2002) 20-03-2009
Access strategy : the parklands at Sydney Olympic Park (2002) 20-03-2009
Adequacy of environmental releases to the Snowy River 29-04-2009
Ambulance online 19-03-2009
Application of recycled organics in mine site rehabilitation 18-03-2009
Auto dismantlers : guidelines for licensees 06-03-2009
Awareness 10-03-2009
Back to Burrunjuck 11-03-2009
Bago Bluff National Park Plan of Management 29-04-2009
Beef news : New England & North West Slopes 23-04-2009
Bell Miner Associated Dieback National Forum : proceedings 11-03-2009
Bellinger Emydura : challenges for management 10-03-2009
Bellinger Emydura : ecology, population status and management 10-03-2009
Belmont State Park 09-04-2009
Best practice guidelines : Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub 03-03-2009
Best practice guidelines for Blue Gum High Forest 03-03-2009
Best-practice management of water supply and sewerage 06-04-2009
Burra Creek Nature Reserve draft plan of management 02-04-2009
Burrinjuck Waters State Park 09-04-2009
Business retention and expansion survey resource kit 19-03-2009
Capital raising program 19-03-2009
Code of Practice - Contestable works 23-04-2009
Coffs Coast State Park 09-04-2009
Conservation management plan Abattoir Heritage Precinct 26-03-2009
Consumer, Trader & Tenancy Tribunal privacy management plan 12-03-2009
Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal communications strategy 2008-2010 12-03-2009
Copeton Waters State Park 09-04-2009
Country web : a newsletter for rural women and their families 05-04-2009
Developing recycled organic products for use in viticulture : market needs and sensitivity 18-03-2009
Draft Wild Horse Management Plan for the Warragamba Special Area within Blue Mountains National Park 06-04-2009
Environmental guidelines Sydney Olympic Park 2008 20-03-2009
Grabine Lakeside State Park 15-04-2009
Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area : draft strategic plan 07-04-2009
Groundwater Resources Status Report : Mid Murrumbidgee Alluvium Groundwater Management Area 013 : Gundagai to Narrandera 29-04-2009
Guide to water sharing plan for the ... 06-04-2009
Guidelines for Conducting Household Kerbside Residual Waste, Recycling and Garden Organics Audits in NSW Local Government Areas 19-03-2009
Human Waste Management Strategy Main Range Management Unit : Kosciuszko National Park 07-04-2009
Identifying Potential Agricultural and Horticultural Markets for Composted Garden Organics in New South Wales 18-03-2009
Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area : draft master plan for walking tracks and associated facilities 07-04-2009
Integrated Water Cycle Management - Generic scope of work evaluation and strategy - A guide for local water utilities and consultants 23-04-2009
Killalea State Park 09-04-2009
Kosciuszko National Park Horse Management Plan 03-03-2009
Lake Burrendong State Park 09-04-2009
Lake Glenbawn State Park 09-04-2009
Lake Keepit State Park 09-04-2009
Lifetime Care and Support Authority New South Wales 16-04-2009
Lucy mentoring program 20-04-2009
Macro water sharing plans : The approach for unregulated rivers - report to assist community consultation 06-04-2009
Major event impact assessment guidelines 20-03-2009
Meroo National Park and Barnunj State Conservation Area Draft Plan of Management 01-04-2009
Munmorah State Conservation Area and Bird Island Nature Reserve Plan of Management 29-04-2009
NSW Groundwater Quality Protection Policy 23-04-2009
NSW Payroll Tax Incentive Scheme 27-03-2009
NSW Police Force [website] 15-03-2009
NSW Seniors Week 03-04-2009
NSW safe boating handbook 10-03-2009
NSW water extraction monitoring standards 06-04-2009
National Broadband Network invitation to comment comments from the NSW Department of Commerce and NSW Department of State and Regional Development 27-03-2009
New South Wales competitiveness report 27-03-2009
New South Wales first for aquaculture 27-03-2009
New South Wales. Geographical Names Board [Website] 15-04-2009
Parramatta Park Trust heritage asset management strategy (HAMS) 26-03-2009
Parramatta River grey - headed flying fox camp 27-03-2009
Persistent herbicides risk management program 18-03-2009
Pest management strategy. Far West region... 06-03-2009
Pesticide use notification plan Sydney Olympic Park Authority 26-03-2009
Policy and procedural guidelines for the mitigation of commercial crop damage by Flying-foxes 11-03-2009
Proponents Guidelines for the Review of Environmental Factors 19-03-2009
Protecting and restoring eastern suburbs banksia scrub 03-03-2009
Protecting and restoring the Cumberland Plain Woodland community at Campbell Hill West Reserve, Chester Hill 03-03-2009
Response to the Snowy Scientific Committee report on 'Adequacy of environmental releases to the Snowy River' 29-04-2009
Risks and benefits associated with using compost prepared from harvested aquatic weed for improving land condition 18-03-2009
Rural Water Metering 11-03-2009
SDRO review guidelines 10-03-2009
Service station sites: assessment & remediation 03-03-2009
Special Commission of Inquiry into Child Protection Services in NSW 01-03-2009
State Water operating licence 23-04-2009
Status of the endangered population of Little Penguins Eudyptula minor at Manly : review of five years of monitoring (2002-03 to 2006-07) and the implementation of the Recovery Plan since 2000 11-03-2009
Statutory child protection in NSW : discussion paper for review 03-03-2009
Statutory review of Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002 : report 19-03-2009
Sydney Olympic Park Authority Disability Action Plan 2009-2013 20-03-2009
Sydney Olympic Park Authority code of conduct 20-03-2009
The Duke of Ed handbook 17-04-2009
Trial Bay Gaol Conservation Management and Cultural Tourism Plan 01-04-2009
Waste reduction & purchasing plan 2002 26-03-2009
Water compliance policy 06-04-2009
Water supply and sewerage NSW benchmarking report 06-04-2009
Wellbeing : a framework for Aboriginal Cultural Heritage activities 23-03-2009
Wereboldera State Conservation Area Draft Plan of Management 27-04-2009
Wyangala Waters State Park 09-04-2009
Youdales Hut : Oxley Wild Rivers National Park 20-03-2009
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State Library of Queensland

Title URI Display Date
2008 NAPLAN test materials 21-04-2009
Background, rationale and specifications : Queensland curriculum assessment and reporting framework 29-04-2009
Implementing the Essential Learnings and Standards 27-04-2009
Multicultural Affairs Queensland 22-04-2009
NAPLAN Queensland years 3, 5 and 7 tests (pre-2008) 21-04-2009
NAPLAN test preparation and administration (2009) 21-04-2009
Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) handbook 24-04-2009
Queensland Comparable Assessment Tasks (QCATs) 24-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Gladstone Regional Council 20-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Gold Coast City Council 20-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Goondowindi Regional Council 20-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Gympie Regional Council 20-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Hinchinbrook Shire Council 20-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Hope Vale Aboriginal Shire Council 20-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Ipswich City Council 21-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Isaac Regional Council 21-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council 21-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council 21-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Lockyer Valley Regional Council 21-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Logan City Council 23-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Longreach Regional Council 23-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Mackay Regional Council 23-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Mappoon Aboriginal Shire Council 23-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : McKinlay Shire Council 23-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Mornington Shire Council 23-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Mount Isa City Council 23-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Murweh Shire Council 23-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council 23-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : North Burnett Regional Council 23-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council 23-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council 23-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Paroo Shire Council 23-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire Council 23-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Quilpie Shire Council 23-04-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Redland City Council 24-04-2009
Year 10 guidelines 03-03-2009
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State Library of South Australia

Title URI Display Date
Family First Party (South Australia) 18-03-2009
Memorial Drive Tennis Club 02-03-2009
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State Library of Victoria

Title URI Display Date
2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission 20-03-2009
A brief history of hazardous waste in Victoria 03-03-2009
Access to disabiltiy services : an implementation guide for disability providers 03-04-2009
Agriculture notes : agistment of livestock that have been affected by bushfires 27-04-2009
Agriculture notes : assessing cattle after a bushfire 27-04-2009
Agriculture notes : assessing sheep after a bushfire 27-04-2009
Agriculture notes : hay preservatives 27-04-2009
Agriculture notes : livestock and your bushfire preparation plan 27-04-2009
Agriculture notes : recovery from fire damage in fruit orchards 27-04-2009
Agriculture notes : recovery from fire damage in rubus crops 27-04-2009
Agriculture notes : recovery of olive groves after fire 27-04-2009
Agriculture notes : stem rust of wheat 28-04-2009
Agriculture notes : stripe rust in wheat 28-04-2009
Apsirations of people with a disability within an inclusive Victorian community 03-04-2009
Centre for waste and water technology, University of NSW : sustainability covenant 02-03-2009
Children and unguarded PTOs : a lethal mix 29-04-2009
City of Stonnington map of recommended option : three wards, nine councillors 04-03-2009
City of Yarra map of recommended option : three wards, nine councillors 04-03-2009
Clinical framework : for the delivery of health services 29-04-2009
Community visitors protocol 07-04-2009
Country Fire Authority 05-03-2009
Criminal justice practice manual 07-04-2009
Disability Act 2006 : policy and information manual 16-04-2009
Disability estimates for local government areas (LGAs) and regions in Victoria 07-04-2009
Disability services access policy 03-04-2009
Disability services adverse events policy 03-04-2009
Disability services policy statement : registration of disability service providers 16-04-2009
Disablity services : cultural and linguistic diversity strategy : planning and delivering culturally appropriate supports for people with a disability, their families and carers 07-04-2009
Draft : for comment : industrial water reuse guidelines 02-03-2009
Draft guidelines for environmental management : use of biosolids as geotechnical fill 02-03-2009
EPA Victoria news 08-04-2009
EPA's carbon neutral update 2007-08 27-03-2009
EREP guidelines : environment & resource efficiency plans 03-03-2009
Eco-shout 03-04-2009
Enforceable undertakings : draft guidelines 02-03-2009
Environment and resource efficiency plans (EREP) : La Ionica poultry finds major resource savings through EREP 27-03-2009
Environment and resource efficiency plans regulations 2008 : recalculation of the SCM following program finalisation 05-03-2009
Environment protection (industrial waste resource) regulations 2009 : frequently asked questions 27-03-2009
Environment report : an ecological risk assessment of the Lower Wimmera River 02-03-2009
Environmental compliance : quarterly report 03-04-2009
Evaluation of rural access : final report 07-04-2009
Family violence support services 06-04-2009
Final report : review current responses to meeting service needs of people with a disability and the effectiveness of strategies to support families 20-04-2009
Getting your head around ABI : learner guide 03-04-2009
Global footprint network : sustainability covenant 02-03-2009
Guide to mantenance and repairs 07-04-2009
Guidelines : noise control guidelines 20-03-2009
Hazwaste fund framework 02-03-2009
Hints and tips for improving resource efficiency in your business 02-03-2009
Horse Deals bushfires blog 06-03-2009
House mantenance guide : a guide for house supervisors and staff when dealing with house maintenance issues 08-04-2009
Housing options unlocked : a guide to options and assistance available for people with a disability to achieve their housing goals or needs 08-04-2009
Human Services News 01-04-2009
IRIS procedure notes 03-04-2009
Inclusive consultation and communication with people with a disability : a guide for Victorian government departments and agencies 08-04-2009
Information about changes to dangerous goods transport requirements 29-04-2009
Information bulletin : noise from large residential subdivision or urban development sites 02-03-2009
Information bulletin : procedure for the interstate movement of prescribed industrial wastes from Victoria 02-03-2009
Information bulletin : working together to improve the health of the Lower Wimmera River 02-03-2009
Iris data dictionary for family service program 03-04-2009
Kraft : saving water makes us happy little vegemites 02-03-2009
Landcare notes : state prohibited weeds 28-04-2009
Major hazard facilities regulations guidance note 29-04-2009
Medical Radiation Practitioners Board of Victoria 02-04-2009
Medications and pharmacy items 29-04-2009
Monash City Council 20-03-2009
Occupational physiotherapy : information for medical practitioners 29-04-2009
Personal relationships, sexuality and sexual health policy and guidelines 08-04-2009
Plan, prepare, practice : are you fire ready? 25-03-2009
Power sharing and direct care staff interaction with residents of disability accomodation services 16-04-2009
Protocol between child protection and disability services 16-04-2009
Protocol between disability services and juvenile justice and guidelines for workers 16-04-2009
Provenance: the journal of Public Record Office Victoria 04-04-2009
Regulatory impact statement 16-04-2009
Regulatory impact statement : draft environment protection (industrial waste resource) regulations 27-03-2009
Report of the review panel appointed to consider the operation of disability services 16-04-2009
Residential services practice manual 17-04-2009
Residential treatment facilities : implementation guide 17-04-2009
Responding to children and young people : demand management framework for sexual assault counselling services for children and young people 06-04-2009
Response to comments : residential noise regulations 2008 02-03-2009
Restrictive interventions : implementation guide 17-04-2009
Restrictive interventions data system (RIDS) : a guide for paper-based returns 17-04-2009
Return to work inspectors : helping employers get injured workers back to work 29-04-2009
Review and redevelopment of support for children with a disability and their families : final report 20-04-2009
Smart gardens for a dry climate 17-04-2009
South Wangaratta RFB 27-03-2009
Statewide short term accommodation and support program admission guidelines 21-04-2009
Strengthening rights in residential services 21-04-2009
Sure protection against infection 22-04-2009
The first week 29-04-2009
The source : a magazine by Melbourne Water 10-04-2009
VECCI sustainability covenant 02-03-2009
Victoria domestic ballast water management 03-03-2009
Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation 28-04-2009
Victorian occupational health and safety compliance framework handbook 29-04-2009
Viridain sustainability covenant 02-03-2009
We will rebuild 19-03-2009
West Wimmera Shire Council map of recommended option 04-03-2009
Whitehorse City Council map of recommended option 04-03-2009
Worksafe Victoria 2007/08 statistical summary 29-04-2009
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State Library of Western Australia

Title URI Display Date
A duty of care to children and young people in Western Australia : report on the quality assurance of substantiated allegations of abuse in care. 13-03-2009
Act now for the future 27-03-2009
Be active WA : Premier's physical activity taskforce 03-04-2009
East Kimberley COAG Trial Formative Evaluation 16-04-2009
FuelWatch 29-04-2009
GM Canola Trials 25-03-2009
Gumala Aboriginal Corporation 01-04-2009
Hockey WA 03-03-2009
International Women's Day 2009 06-03-2009
Labour market bulletin 20-03-2009
Mundaring and Hills Historical Society 03-04-2009
Sustainable Energy Development Office Newsletter 13-04-2009
Take a walk down William Street 25-03-2009
Tarwangin : talking to me 05-03-2009
Victims of Crime 25-03-2009
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