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1 Mar 2012 - 30 Apr 2012

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Title URI Display Date
ATSILIRN : Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Library Information and Resource Network 06-03-2012
Auseinet: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples 28-04-2012
Evaluation of the Bringing Them Home Program and Indigenous Mental Health Programs 22-03-2012
Let the healing begin 23-03-2012
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Australian War Memorial

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National Film and Sound Archive

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National Gallery of Australia

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National Library of Australia

Title URI Display Date
Australian Federal Minister School Education / Australian Federal Minister for Early Childhood and Youth 28-03-2012
10th Congress of the International Association of Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions (IASAJ) 16-04-2012
ACTSmart 16-04-2012
AGIMO blog 14-04-2012
AMSAaboard 23-04-2012
AUSTRAC e-news 28-03-2012
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body 21-03-2012
Administrative Appeals Tribunal 30th Anniversary 1976-2006 16-04-2012
Advisory Panel on the economic potential of senior Australians 13-04-2012
Ageing in Australia (Report for the Department of Health and Ageing...) 26-04-2012
Agricultural commodities, Australia 19-04-2012
Airport traffic data 08-03-2012
Art bank 20-04-2012
AusLink : building our national transport future 04-04-2012
Ausgeo news 06-03-2012
Australasian Women and Policing Conference 11-04-2012
Australia : Candidate for the United Nations Security Council 2012-2013 02-04-2012
Australia Business Arts Foundation 12-04-2012
Australia's implementation of United Nations Security Council Financial Sanctions 03-04-2012
Australian Alps National Parks 22-03-2012
Australian Charities and not-for-profits Commission 21-03-2012
Australian Federal Minister for Defence 22-03-2012
Australian Federal Minister for Emergency Management 02-03-2012
Australian Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs (2010- ) 13-04-2012
Australian Federal Minister for Housing and Homelessness 02-03-2012
Australian Government Actuary - publications 13-04-2012
Australian Government Lobbyists register 03-04-2012
Australian Privacy Foundation website 12-04-2012
Australian Strategic Policy Institute - Strategic Policy Forum 09-03-2012
Australian Strategic Policy Institute - Strategy Reports 29-03-2012
Australian Summer Grains Conference 16-04-2012
Australian Training Awards 21-03-2012
Australian crop report 30-03-2012
Australian defence force journal 14-04-2012
Australian permanent mission to the United Nations - New York 17-04-2012
Australian prescriber 28-03-2012
Australian wine and grape industry 07-03-2012
Board of Taxation 08-04-2012
Bragg Institute scientific highlights 08-04-2012
Bringing Them Home Oral History Project 10-04-2012
Building approvals, Australia 05-03-2012
Bushfire arson bulletin 29-03-2012
CAFCA practice and resource sheets 09-03-2012
CFCA Paper (Australian Institute of Family Studies) 16-04-2012
Canberra 100 : celebration of a century 18-03-2012
Cancer learning 14-04-2012
Census ACT schools 12-03-2012
Chinese Medicine Board of Australia 17-04-2012
Climate change science information paper : Australian rainfall : past present and future 06-03-2012
Commonwealth Contribution to Former Forced Adoption Policies and Practices 05-03-2012
Completed reviews (Australian Council on Intellectual Property) 16-04-2012
DVA pensioner summary 22-03-2012
Department of Climate Change - publications 19-04-2012
Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer 18-03-2012
Disability rights : speeches and papers 05-03-2012
Disaster Assist 03-04-2012
DonateLife 18-04-2012
ENSO wrap up : a regular commentary on the El Nino-Southern Oscillation 16-03-2012
Education performance indicators and the census : accounting for "Not stated" records 16-04-2012
El telegraph 17-04-2012
Embassy of Afghanistan of Australia and New Zealand 30-03-2012
Enewsletter (National Health and Medical Research Council) 02-03-2012
Enlighten Canberra 09-03-2012
Evaluation of positive partnerships - the DEEWR component of helping children with Autism package 16-04-2012
Extending legal deposit 26-04-2012
Final report of the National Advisory Council on Dental Health 20-03-2012
Food survey reports 19-03-2012
Good practise report : revitalising the academic workforce 16-04-2012
Guide to social security law 11-04-2012
Health Workforce Australia 18-04-2012
Healthheroes 23-04-2012
Home of the Blizzard : the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 18-04-2012
Housing finance, Australia 15-04-2012
Human rights education in the national school curriculum : position paper of the Australian human rights commission 18-04-2012
Immigration Detention Statistics Summary 24-04-2012
Immunise Australia Program 18-04-2012
Impact : a monthly fact sheet on the economic impact of tourism and the latest visitor arrival trends 05-03-2012
Independent media inquiry 21-03-2012
Independent review into livestock export trade 18-04-2012
Independent review of aid effectiveness 06-03-2012
Indian Voice 29-04-2012
Inside : Life in Children's Homes 1920s to 1970s 07-04-2012
Inspector General of Intelligence and Security 18-04-2012
International Air Services Commission : 'Cases Completed' plus 'Determinations and Decisions' 18-04-2012
Issues Insights 01-03-2012
Issues papers - Inspector General of Taxation 13-04-2012
Labour market assistance outcomes 17-03-2012
Lake Eyre Basin Agreement 20-04-2012
Lending finance, Australia 15-04-2012
Literature review : efficiency, international best practice in ABF and future payment reform 06-03-2012
Livestock and meat, Australia 07-03-2012
Loan council outcome report 05-03-2012
Managing Australia's Borders - Detention Services 02-03-2012
Manual of air traffic services and supplementary information online 29-03-2012
Measure Up 18-04-2012
Mineral and petroleum exploration, Australia 15-03-2012
Moneysmart tips 01-03-2012
More Super 03-04-2012
Murray-Darling Basin Commission 24-04-2012
National Classification Scheme Review 11-04-2012
National E-Health Transition Authority 10-04-2012
National Library Aus [twitter page] 30-03-2012
National Measurement Institute technical report 24-03-2012
National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) 21-03-2012
National Volunteering Strategy 16-04-2012
National Youth Week 29-04-2012
Non detriment finding for the Freshwater Sawfish, Pristis microdon 20-04-2012
Obligation to assist : model litigants in Administrative Appeals Tribunal proceedings seminar 16-04-2012
Office for Learning and Teaching 16-04-2012
Overseas arrivals and departures, Australia 06-03-2012
Parliamentary information - documents and related guidelines 11-03-2012
Priority Employment Area Initiative 20-04-2012
Private hospitals, Australia 20-04-2012
Private new capital expenditure and expected expenditure Australia 05-03-2012
RIRDC Publications 11-03-2012
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 10-04-2012
Release of offshore petroleum exploration areas 06-04-2012
Report on ACT Lowland Native Grassland Investigation by the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment 18-04-2012
Report on the use of Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIg) for 2009-2010 06-03-2012
Reports of reviews - Inspector General of Taxation 13-04-2012
Review of Private Sector Support for the Arts 2011 26-03-2012
Review of funding for schooling 27-04-2012
Review of funding for schooling: discussion paper and draft terms of reference 16-03-2012
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 14-04-2012
Sean McMullen 29-03-2012
Sean Williams Website 11-04-2012
Seasonal climate outlook rainfall archive 02-03-2012
Severe thunderstorms in New South Wales & the Australian Capital Territory 11-03-2012 27-04-2012
Social inclusion research papers 06-03-2012
Speeches / Australian National Audit Office 15-03-2012
Strengthening economic relations between Australia and New Zealand 18-04-2012
Student Visa Program Report 02-03-2012
Tax Expenditures Statement 18-03-2012
Technical report DSTO (Defence Science and Technology Organisation (Australia)) 20-03-2012
The Australian of the Year Awards ... national announcement 01-04-2012
The aged in Australia : a research guide and select bibliography of Australia publications 23-04-2012
Touch base 16-04-2012
Trade Advice Notices 18-04-2012
Trends and issues in crime and criminal justice 24-04-2012
TroveAustralia [twitter page] 01-03-2012
Vacancy report 26-04-2012
Velocity : science in motion 13-03-2012
Visit Canberra 13-04-2012 02-03-2012
reCollections : Journal of the National Museum of Australia 17-04-2012 09-03-2012
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Northern Territory Library

Title URI Display Date
Barkly Shire Council 07-03-2012
Bass in the Grass 15-04-2012
Darwin City Council 22-03-2012
East Arnhem Shire Council 07-03-2012
Frontline Australia 03-03-2012
Katrina Fong Lim for Lord Mayor 22-03-2012
Local Government Association of the Northern Territory 01-04-2012
MacDonnell Shire Council 07-03-2012
Northern Territory Electoral Commission 22-03-2012
Northern Territory Library 04-04-2012
Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services 03-04-2012
Roper Gulf Shire Council 07-03-2012
Tiwi Islands Shire Council 07-03-2012
Twitter : kfonglim (katrina fong lim) 26-03-2012
Utilities Commission 31-03-2012
West Arnhem Shire Council 06-03-2012
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State Library of New South Wales

Title URI Display Date
Aboriginal action plan 04-04-2012
Agricultural commodities 18-04-2012
All the dirt 28-04-2012
Ambulance online 27-04-2012
Barangaroo Review 21-03-2012
Battlecruiser HMAS Australian (1) (1910-1924) wreck inspection report 21-03-2012
Belmont State Park 10-04-2012
Blue Mountains Regional Tourism Plan 09-03-2012
Burrinjuck Waters State Park 09-04-2012
Coastal fruitgrowers newsletter 28-04-2012
Coffs Coast State Park 09-04-2012
Conditions for approved training providers delivering WorkCover NSW approved HSR training courses under NSW Work Health and Safety Act 2011 14-03-2012
Copeton Waters State Park 09-04-2012
Cross border arrangements for workers compensation : guide 20-03-2012
Dental Council of New South Wales 31-03-2012
Economic Assessment of Mining Affected Communities 01-03-2012
Energy distribution and retail licences : Compliance report 09-04-2012
Fire and Rescue NSW [website] 06-03-2012
Grabine Lakeside State Park 17-04-2012
Hunter Street revitalisation 06-04-2012
Interconnection of surface and groundwater systems - river losses from losing-disconnected streams 20-03-2012
Killalea State Park 09-04-2012
Lake Burrendong State Park 09-04-2012
Lake Glenbawn State Park 09-04-2012
Lake Keepit State Park 09-04-2012
Lifetime Care and Support Authority New South Wales 16-04-2012
Mid North Coast Regional Strategy 2006-31 (NSW. Planning and Infrastructure) 07-03-2012
Ministerial audit of the NSW Police Force 29-03-2012
NSW 2021 : A Plan to Make NSW Number One 20-04-2012
NSW Planning system review 20-04-2012
NSW Seniors Week 03-04-2012
New South Wales industrial gazette 17-03-2012
Parramatta Park Trust 15-03-2012
Professional Update 21-03-2012
Recommendations for local council heritage management 22-03-2012
Standard Non-parole Periods : A background report by the NSW Sentencing Council 10-04-2012
Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority 04-03-2012
The way ahead for planning in NSW - Issues Paper of the NSW Planning System Review 19-04-2012
Threatened and Potentially Threatened Freshwater Fishes of Coastal New South Wales and the Murray-Darling Basin 19-04-2012
Up close and spineless 14-03-2012
Water Sharing Plan Lower Murray-Darling Basin Unregulated and Alluvial Water Sources :background document 13-03-2012
Water Sharing Plan Murray-Darling Basin Fractured Rock Groundwater Sources : background document 13-03-2012
Water Sharing Plan Murray-Darling Basin Porous Rock Groundwater Sources : background document 13-03-2012
Wyangala Waters State Park 09-04-2012
e-Current (Sydney Ports Corporation) 11-04-2012
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State Library of Queensland

Title URI Display Date
2012 State General Election : election summary / Electoral Commission of Queensland 12-04-2012
Australian Bananas 23-03-2012
Back in business 05-03-2012
Buy local Back Qld 08-03-2012
Council of Mayors South East Queensland 16-04-2012
Everyone has a say. Make your say count on the day : 2012 Local Government quadrennial elections (includes Brisbane City Council) 26-04-2012
Everyone has a say. Make your say count on the day : 2012 State General Election 12-04-2012
Grace Grace MP (Australian Labor Party - Brisbane Central) 05-04-2012
Mount Garnett : your stopover to the Gulf 07-03-2012
Murray Watt MP : Labor State Member for Everton 13-03-2012
Ormiston House 18-04-2012
Planning schemes / Lockyer Valley Regional Council 13-03-2012
Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test : handbook 10-04-2012
Rainbow Labor 19-04-2012
Recovery / Lockyer Vallery Regional Council 09-03-2012
South Brisbane By-Election / Electoral Commission Queensland 26-04-2012
Summer Reading Club 10-03-2012
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State Library of South Australia

Title URI Display Date
Adelaide Central School of Art 01-03-2012
Bound for South Australia 15-03-2012
Child-Safe Environments: Principles of Good Practice for Recreation and Sport 16-03-2012
Environment Protection Authority [SA] 25-04-2012
Family First Party (South Australia) 04-04-2012
Generations in Jazz 15-03-2012
History SA 08-03-2012
Links - Families SA Foster, Relative and Kinship Carers Newsletter 28-03-2012
Office for Recreation and Sport SA 14-03-2012
On the lands: a newsletter for APY communities 15-03-2012
Playground manual: 2nd edition 16-03-2012
Premier of South Australia 19-04-2012
Public Health Bulletin / South Australia. Dept. of Health 05-03-2012
Renmark South Australia 14-03-2012
SA History Week 2010 14-03-2012
Trends in recreation and sport 16-03-2012
Water for good 20-04-2012
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State Library of Victoria

Title URI Display Date
A bright future for dust 23-03-2012
A guide to retrofit your home for better protection from a bushfire 13-04-2012
About the bays : the newsletter of the Central Coast Board : coastal issues in Port Phillip and Western Port 19-04-2012
Access for all abilities newsletter 09-03-2012
Access policy practice advice: autism spectrum disorder 27-04-2012
Accessible events guidelines and checklist for organisers, chairs, speakers and MCs 27-04-2012
Agriculture notes : control options for ovine Johne's disease infected flocks 02-03-2012
Agriculture notes : diagnostic tests for ovine Johne's disease 02-03-2012
Airflow 13-03-2012
Barwon south west : Victoria's region of opportunity 19-04-2012
Bloat prevention in pasture fed beef cattle 02-03-2012
Bond loan scheme policy and procedures 27-04-2012
Building better partnerships : working with Aboriginal communities and organisations: a communication guide for the Department of Human Services 27-04-2012
Buoyancy : a world of drug and alcohol counselling services 08-03-2012
Central Goldfields Shire Council 15-03-2012
Central Highlands regional strategic plan 03-04-2012
Central Hume sub regional plan : the Hume strategy for sustainable communities 29-03-2012
Changes to spray drift management requirements 16-04-2012
Changing days intiative : achieving real choice and social participation for peopl with a disability : a guide to implementing self-directed approaches in day services 27-04-2012
Charter for children Questions and answers in out-of-home care 27-04-2012
City of Greater Geelong 27-04-2012
Client services charter (Victoria. Dept. of Human Services) 27-04-2012
Consumer Affairs Victoria 03-03-2012
DPC corporate plan 2011-2014 26-04-2012
Dairy industry local roads program project evaluation : final report 11-04-2012
Day services guidelines 27-04-2012
Delahey Community Centre newsletter 05-04-2012
Department (of) Health 2011-12 bushfire response: clients and services policy 27-04-2012
Department of Human Services standards 27-04-2012
Department of Human Services standards : evidence guide 27-04-2012
Directions for Latrobe Valley transition : discussion paper 05-04-2012
Disability services community building program : introduction to the program 27-04-2012
Disability services community building program : operational guidelines 27-04-2012
Disability services community building program : planning and reporting framework 27-04-2012
Disability services community building program : practice guide 27-04-2012
E news : news for Melbourne east 12-04-2012
EPA Victoria news 18-04-2012
EPA visitor Information 24-04-2012
East Gippsland Shire Council 26-04-2012
Economic impact of the natural gas extension-program economic review 13-04-2012
Economic infrastructure program: growing and sustaining regional industries and jobs 05-04-2012
Economic infrastructure program: transforming and transitioning local economies 05-04-2012
Emergency relief handbook : a planning guide 27-04-2012
Evaluation of regional aviation developments under the regional infrastructure development fund 13-04-2012
Evaluation of the economic impacts of the regional infrastructure development fund 11-04-2012
Fire Recovery Unit update 09-03-2012
Gippsland region Victoria Australia : an ideal investment destination 29-03-2012
Gippsland regional plan 27-03-2012
Goulburn Valley sub regional plan : the Hume strategy for sustainable communities 29-03-2012
Gov 2.0 action plan 26-04-2012
Grampians RDA bulletin 13-04-2012
Grampians region Victoria Australia : an ideal investment destination 29-03-2012
Growing Melbourne's north : Northern Melbourne Regional Development Australia Committee : activities update February 2011 19-04-2012
Hepburn Mineral Springs bathouse refurbishment 13-04-2012
Hidden documentary 06-03-2012
How you can get disability services : access policy 27-04-2012
Hume region passenger & freight rail review 19-04-2012
Hume region, Victoria, Australia : an ideal investment destination 29-03-2012
Hume regional plan : the Hume strategy for sustainable communities 03-04-2012
I can do that * 10-03-2012
Innovation doubles milk production 26-03-2012
Legacy report [Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority] 13-04-2012
Loddon Mallee regional strategic plan : northern region 30-03-2012
Loddon Mallee regional strategic plan : southern region 30-03-2012
Looking west : Melbourne's west, Victoria's gateway 30-03-2012
Lower Hume sub regional plan : the Hume strategy for sustainable communities 29-03-2012
Making a great region even better : a regional plan for Melbourne's east 12-04-2012
Manufacturing in Melbourne's north : now and into the future 30-03-2012
Maribyrnong City Council 25-04-2012
Maribyrnong art bytes 15-04-2012
Medical Radiation Practitioners Board of Victoria 22-04-2012
Melbourne Water education 15-04-2012
Melbourne's east : achieving the pinnacle of liveability, innovation and learning : advice to government 13-04-2012
Melbourne's north : growing a knowledge economy : Northern Melbourne Regional Development Australia Committee : strategic regional plan 2010-2012 19-04-2012
Melbourne's north : socio-economic overview 30-03-2012
Melbourne's north : the new knowledge economy 19-04-2012
Moorabool City Council 22-03-2012
North East Catchment Management Authority 21-04-2012
Performance issues impacting the development of the Victorian agrifood sector 12-04-2012
Phoenix Youth Centre news 09-03-2012
Positive behaviour support : getting it right from the start : facilitator's reference manual 27-04-2012
Positive behaviour support : getting it right from the start : learners guide 2009 27-04-2012
Post-GFC swot : Melbourne's north 02-04-2012
Print & Pixels 13-03-2012
Profiling Melbourne's east : information behind the regional plan 13-04-2012
Progress review of Moving Forward : final report 19-04-2012
Putting locals first program: local economic development and job creation 05-04-2012
Recovering from floods : 2012 Victorian floods 12-04-2012
Regional Development Victoria application guidelines : farmers' markets support program 05-04-2012
Regional Development Victoria application guidelines : putting locals first program 05-04-2012
Regional Development Victoria application guidelines : regional community leadership program 05-04-2012
Regional Development Victoria application guidelines : young professionals provincial cadetship program 05-04-2012
Regional development Victoria application guidelines : planning for tomorrow 11-04-2012
Regional growth fund : new prosperity, more opportunities and a better quality of life 05-04-2012
Regional growth fund application guidelines : Latrobe Valley industry and infrastructure fund 05-04-2012
Regional growth fund application guidelines : developing stronger regions program 11-04-2012
Regional growth fund application guidelines : economic infrastructure program 05-04-2012
Regional growth fund application guidelines : local government infrastructure program 05-04-2012
Regional infrastructure development fund : building liveable, productive and sustainable communities 13-04-2012
Regional plan : a framework for supporting growth and sustainability in Melbourne's south 12-04-2012
Rental arrears 27-04-2012
Reporting within the restrictive intervention data system : electronic behaviour support plan (RIDS-eBSP) : practice guide 27-04-2012
Review into the Flood Recovery Officer and the Rural Coordination Officer initiatives 19-04-2012
Small towns development fund : building opportunities 11-04-2012
State of the valley : a profile of the Latrobe Valley 05-04-2012
Tenant property damage 27-04-2012
The Victorian Indigenous honour roll : an Australian first 02-03-2012
The regional effects of pricing carbon emissions : an adjustment strategy for the Latrobe Valley : final report 19-04-2012
Upper Hume sub regional plan : the Hume strategy for sustainable communities 29-03-2012
Victoria's Hume region 13-04-2012
Victorian Bushfire recovery three year report 11-04-2012
Victorian Government avertising expenditure 2010/11 26-04-2012
Victorian aids and equipment program guidelines 27-04-2012
Welcome to Charlton/Furlong House : Staff Information 27-04-2012
Welcome to Moira Shire Council 06-03-2012
Wimmera, Southern Mallee regional plan 29-03-2012 08-03-2012
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State Library of Western Australia

Title URI Display Date
Dental Board of Western Australia 14-03-2012
GSWA eNewsletter 07-03-2012
Gumala Aboriginal Corporation 10-04-2012
Mundaring and Hills Historical Society 11-04-2012
Psychologists Registration Board of Western Australia 14-03-2012
The Better Beginnings Family Literacy Program 12-03-2012
Waste Authority 02-04-2012
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