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1 Mar 2015 - 30 Apr 2015

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

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Australian War Memorial

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Families and Friends of the First AIF Inc 14-04-2015
Gallipoli 2015 commemorations 26-04-2015
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National Film and Sound Archive

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National Gallery of Australia

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Jon Cattapan 27-03-2015
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National Library of Australia

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#StopDataRetention 01-04-2015
A federation for our future : issues paper 1 06-03-2015
ACTSmart 17-04-2015
AGIMO blog 16-04-2015
ANZAC Day (Department of Veterans' Affairs site) 14-04-2015
AUSTRAC information circular 02-03-2015
AUSTRAC typologies and case studies reports 12-03-2015
Acknowledging and understanding variability in simulating bushfires : part 1 - evaluation of FireDST against Kilmore fire of 7 February 2009 23-04-2015
Acknowledging and understanding variability in simulating bushfires : part 2 - evaluation of FireDST against the Wangary of 10 January 2005 27-04-2015
Acknowledging and understanding variability in simulating bushfires : part 3 - evaluation of FireDST against the Mt Hall fire of 24 December 2001 27-04-2015
Advisory Report on the Counter-Terrorism Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 1 2014) Inquiry 29-04-2015
Aged Care Complaints Scheme 10-04-2015
Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper 03-03-2015
Agricultural commodity statistics 10-04-2015
Airport traffic data 23-03-2015
Anzac Day in Flanders 2015 (Australian Embassy to Belgium and Luxembourg and Mission to the European Union and NATO) 14-04-2015
Anzac Day in Kanchanaburi, Thailand (Australian Embassy Thailand) 14-04-2015
Australia : Boom to Bust Blog 03-03-2015
Australia's trade agreements - Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade 31-03-2015
Australian Alps National Parks 24-03-2015
Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care 04-03-2015
Australian Defence Almanac 09-03-2015
Australian Federal Minister for Agriculture 31-03-2015
Australian Federal Minister for Employment 31-03-2015
Australian Government Register of Lobbyists 03-04-2015
Australian Heritage Week 29-04-2015
Australian Privacy Foundation website 13-04-2015
Australian Securities and Investment Commission consultation papers 18-03-2015
Australian Training Awards 21-03-2015
Be the influence : tackling binge drinking 29-04-2015
Board of Taxation 07-04-2015
Cabinet handbook 20-04-2015
Carer's voice mental health e-bulletin 09-04-2015
Chairman's Speeches (Productivity Commission) 19-03-2015
Challenge of Change 10-04-2015
Child support scheme facts and figures 11-04-2015
Citation: Northern Territory Police Museum & Historical Society 28-04-2015
City to the Lake 27-03-2015
Climate Change Authority 25-04-2015
Climate outlook archive 03-03-2015
Commonwealth of Australia gazette. Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals 22-04-2015
Commonwealth of Australia gazette. Tariff concessions. 16-04-2015
Competition Policy Review (a.k.a Harper Review) 01-04-2015
Cost-Benefit Analysis and Review of Regulation 02-03-2015
Cutting Red Tape 18-03-2015
DMO Bulletin 16-03-2015
DVA pensioner summary 13-04-2015
Defence Abuse Response Taskforce 16-03-2015
Department of Defence Hot Issue Briefs 14-03-2015
Disaster Assist 03-04-2015
ENSO wrap up : a regular commentary on the El Nino-Southern Oscillation 19-03-2015
Embassy of Afghanistan of Australia and New Zealand 30-03-2015
Emissions Reduction Fund 30-03-2015
Energy White Paper 08-04-2015
Enlighten Canberra 09-03-2015
Fair Work Commission 04-04-2015
Find fitness outdoors 31-03-2015
First Principles Review of Defence / First Principles Review : Creating One Defence 01-04-2015
FlagPost: Information and research from Australia's Commonwealth Parliamentary Library 14-03-2015
Food standards news 26-03-2015
Forced Adoptions History Project 25-03-2015
Freedoms Inquiry 16-04-2015
Front-of-pack labelling updates 09-04-2015
G20 (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) 27-03-2015
GST Inquiries (Commonwealth Grants Commission) 09-04-2015
Gallipoli and the Anzacs 16-04-2015
Guide to social security law 09-04-2015
Health Workforce Australia 19-04-2015
Homeopathy Review 12-03-2015
Human capital matters 07-04-2015
Innovation Study: Challenges and Opportunities for Australia's Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums 12-03-2015
Inquiry report (Australia. Productivity Commission) 27-03-2015
Intergenerational Report 05-03-2015
International Air Services Commission : 'Cases Completed' plus 'Determinations and Decisions' 18-04-2015
Invest Canberra 09-04-2015
Joint Agency Coordination Centre 03-03-2015
Kids Matter 26-03-2015
Lake Eyre Basin Agreement 23-04-2015
National Disability Insurance Scheme 09-04-2015
National E-Health Transition Authority 10-04-2015
National Library Aus [twitter page] 09-04-2015
National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) 21-03-2015
Peter Goldsworthy 17-03-2015
Philip Moss Review / Review into recent allegations relating to conditions and circumstances at the Regional Processing Centre in Nauru (a.k.a. Moss Review) 24-03-2015
Prime Minister's Prizes for Science 12-03-2015
Pru Goward 26-03-2015
Public Housing Asset Management Strategy 2012-2017 10-04-2015
Publications - Australian Government Actuary 13-04-2015
Re:think. Better tax, better Australia 30-03-2015
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 02-04-2015
Reconciliation action plan (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) 28-03-2015
Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan 23-03-2015
Reform of the Federation : White paper 21-04-2015
Release of offshore petroleum exploration areas 11-04-2015
Report on government services ... : indigenous compendium 21-04-2015
Research in practice 23-04-2015
Research paper (Australia. Dept. of the Parliamentary Library. Information and Research Services) 03-03-2015
Research report DSTO (Defence Science and Technology Organisation (Australia)) 10-04-2015
Rights and Responsibilities : Consultation Report 09-04-2015
Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption 21-03-2015
Sean McMullen 28-03-2015
Sean Williams Website 08-04-2015
Shire of Christmas Island 03-03-2015
Smart Justice 17-04-2015 27-04-2015
Speeches / Australian National Audit Office 15-03-2015
State of the Health Funds Report 11-04-2015
Student Visa Program Report 04-03-2015
Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area Inquiry 01-04-2015
Technical note DSTO / Defence Science and Technology Organisation (Australia) 16-04-2015
Technical report DSTO (Defence Science and Technology Organisation (Australia)) 24-03-2015
The City Plan 27-03-2015
The Human Brochure : 101 Local Humans 25-03-2015
The Majura Parkway 03-03-2015
Trade Advice Notices 17-04-2015
Transport safety investigation reports 12-04-2015
TroveAustralia [twitter page] 28-04-2015 02-03-2015
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Northern Territory Library

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State Library of New South Wales

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ANTaR NSW : NSW Elections 20-03-2015
Annual report (New South Wales. Royal Botanic Gardens. Plant Sciences Branch) 04-04-2015
Annual report (Oberon Council) 13-04-2015
Annual report (Pittwater Shire Council) 11-04-2015
Annual report (Temora Shire Council) 14-04-2015
Art Gallery NSW 29-04-2015
Atlas of New South Wales 16-04-2015
Australian involvement in South-East Asian conflicts 29-04-2015
Bart Bassett Independent Member for Londonderry [New South Wales] 28-03-2015
Belgenny Farm : birthplace of Australia's Agriculture 27-03-2015
Boating handbook 03-03-2015
Centenary of ANZAC 2014-2018 01-04-2015
Central Coast Region road projects 09-04-2015
City Centre revitalisation 14-04-2015
City West Housing 03-04-2015
Community Engagement Strategy (Hay Shire Council) 12-04-2015
Council reports of dog attacks in NSW 20-03-2015
Disability Action Plan (Newcastle City Council) 01-04-2015
EEO Management Plan (Newcastle City Council) 01-04-2015
Hunter Region road projects 09-04-2015
Independent Local Government review panel 17-04-2015
Just Reinvest NSW 24-03-2015
Knitting Nannas Against Gas (KNAG) @knittingnannas (Twitter page) 26-03-2015
Legal Aid New South Wales 14-04-2015
Lifetime Care and Support Authority New South Wales 16-04-2015
Media Releases from the Premier (New South Wales Government) 16-04-2015
NSW 2021 : A Plan to Make NSW Number One 17-04-2015
NSW Office of Biofuels 01-04-2015
NSW Planning system review 23-04-2015
NSW Ports 17-03-2015
NSW Rural Fire Service - NSW Elections 25-03-2015
NSW Seniors Week 03-04-2015
New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council - NSW Elections 24-03-2015
New South Wales Auditor-General's Report : Financial Audits 09-03-2015
New South Wales Auditor-General's Report : Performance Audit : WestConnex : Assurance to the Government 10-03-2015
New South Wales industrial gazette 18-03-2015
Newcastle Local Disaster Plan (DISPLAN) 01-04-2015
Newcastle Recreation Plan (Newcastle City Council) 08-04-2015
NoMansLanding - Darling Harbour 24-04-2015
North Strathfield Neigbourhood Stories 15-04-2015
Northern Region road projects 09-04-2015
Pittwater social plan 12-04-2015
Rail industry safety report 03-03-2015
Remembering the victims of the Lindt Cafe Siege 12-04-2015
Resource condition assessment report (NSW Office of Water) 19-03-2015
SHOROC (Shore Regional Organisation of Councils) - NSW Elections 23-03-2015
Safe Newcastle : alcohol management strategy for the City of Newcastle 24-03-2015
Screen NSW strategic plan 27-03-2015
Social Plan (Nambucca Shire Council) 10-03-2015
South West Region road projects 09-04-2015
Sustainable Schools NSW 03-03-2015
UAC news 10-04-2015
UrbanGrowth NSW 17-04-2015
Waverley Council 08-04-2015
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State Library of Queensland

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ANZAC Centenary Queensland 22-04-2015
Bowen and Galilee Basins non-resident population projections 30-03-2015
Current Tropical Cyclones: [Tropical Cyclone Nathan] 20-03-2015
Destination Q 04-03-2015
Employment by occupation 16-04-2015
Government House, Queensland 01-04-2015
If you smoke your future's not pretty 14-04-2015
Index of retail prices in Queensland regional centres 07-04-2015
Marriages and divorces, Queensland 18-03-2015
Newsroom : News Releases / Queensland Government Fire and Emergency Services 13-03-2015
North Keppel Island Environmental Education Centre 13-04-2015
Numinbah Valley Environmental Education Centre 10-04-2015
Nurse Endoscopy in Queensland 30-03-2015
Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist 07-04-2015
Queensland Cabinet and Ministerial Directory 09-04-2015
Queensland Clinical Senate 06-03-2015
Queensland Government. Public Service Commission 10-03-2015
Queensland Governor (QldGovernor) [on Twitter] 02-04-2015
Queensland Mental Health Commission 07-03-2015
Queensland Reconstruction Authority 31-03-2015
Sad news, sorry business : guidelines for caring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through death and dying 16-03-2015
Seasonal pursuits : a food and produce blog 14-04-2015
Severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia 02-03-2015
State review panel reports 09-03-2015
Statewide Rural and Remote Clinical Network 07-03-2015
Tallebudgera Beach Outdoor School 28-04-2015
The Premier of Queensland 08-04-2015
Tobacco laws in Queensland 06-03-2015
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State Library of South Australia

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A world away : South Australia's War 22-04-2015
David Speirs [MP for Bright SA] 14-03-2015
Dr Duncan McFetridge MP 11-04-2015
Jay Weatherill (JayWeatherill) [on Twitter] 10-04-2015
NAHA blah 08-04-2015
Office for Recreation and Sport SA 13-04-2015
Outback Communities Authority 11-03-2015
Renewal SA 22-04-2015
Save the River Murray Fund annual report 08-04-2015
State Opera South Australia 15-04-2015
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State Library of Victoria

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2013-14 audit reform 20-03-2015
2013-14 fire season compliance report 14-04-2015
2013-14 fire season compliance report : executive summary 14-04-2015
A new strategic approach to biodiversity management : research component 10-04-2015
A systems analysis framework for greater Melbourne : a fresh approach to urban water 09-04-2015
Amendment VC124 Changes to wind energy facility provisions and vegetation provisions : planning advisory note 61 13-04-2015
An accessment of instream woody habitat in Victorian streams : Victorian investment framework : instream habitat project 10-04-2015
Annual plan and budget (City of Melbourne) 01-04-2015
Application for transfer of registration 21-04-2015
Around Port Phillip 17-03-2015
Arrangements for duck season 01-04-2015
Art bytes 13-04-2015
Arts bulletin 28-04-2015
Assessing children and young people experiencing family violence : a practice guide for family violence practitioners 16-04-2015
Auditing in the public interest 10-03-2015
Australian synchotron : lighting the path to innovation 22-03-2015
Authorised implanters of microchips in Victoria 24-03-2015
Backyard biodiversity : a guide to creating wildlife-friendly and sustainable gardens in Boroondara 09-04-2015
Bendigo goldfields petition 31-03-2015
Betrayal of trust : factsheet : the new 'failure to disclose' offence 19-03-2015
Betrayal of trust : factsheet : the new 'failure to protect' offence 19-03-2015
Betrayal of trust : factsheet : the new 'grooming' offence 17-03-2015
Better assets : securing a strong and sustainable future : fact sheet 16-04-2015
Better communities : making public housing a better place to live : fact sheet 16-04-2015
Better opportunities : helping people to live independently : fact sheet 16-04-2015
Biodiversity interactive map (BIM) user tips 21-04-2015
Bird species at the Western Treatment Plant 01-04-2015
Birds of America 31-03-2015
Black Thursday, February 6th, 1851 31-03-2015
Borough of Queenscliffe 18-03-2015
Boxing and combat sports 18-03-2015
Bully Stoppers : cyberbullying 28-04-2015
Bully Stoppers : inappropriate content 28-04-2015
Bully Stoppers : netiquette 28-04-2015
Bully Stoppers : online grooming 28-04-2015
Bully Stoppers : problematic internet use 28-04-2015
Bully Stoppers : sexting 28-04-2015
Bully Stoppers : social media 28-04-2015
Calculating the baseline offence median : report 14-04-2015
Charles Evans' diary 31-03-2015
City life 27-04-2015
City of Wodonga 14-03-2015
Closing the gap in Aboriginal health outcomes initiative : final evaluation report 14-04-2015
Code of practice for the investigation of family violence 19-03-2015
Code of practice for the operation of breeding and rearing businesses (2014) : remaking of the code of practice 10-04-2015
Code of practice for the operation of breeding and rearing businesses 2014 : large business cat breeder 10-04-2015
Colac Otway Shire Council 14-04-2015
Community correction orders : monitoring report 21-04-2015
Community correction orders in the higher courts : imposition, duration and conditions 21-04-2015
Compliance with AMI regulatory obligations as at 31 December 2013 : Victorian electricity distributors : final report 07-04-2015
Composting 01-04-2015
Computer simulations guide : bushfire risk management 27-03-2015
Consumer Affairs Victoria 03-03-2015
Consumer stuff for kids! : a teaching & learning resource 28-04-2015
Contaminated soil - treatment and disposal 13-03-2015
Court fines and infringement penalties : data methodology 21-04-2015
Creating a vibrant healthy eating culture in Victoria : the Victorian healthy eating enterprise 23-04-2015
Critical infrastructure resilience interim strategy 17-04-2015
Culture Victoria : stories, collections, places 12-04-2015
Cyclorama of early Melbourne 31-03-2015
DEPI science strategy 2014-2019 10-04-2015
Dairy extension centre 27-03-2015
De musica 31-03-2015
Delahey Community Centre newsletter 20-04-2015
Department of Premier and Cabinet Aboriginal inclusion action plan 2014 17-04-2015
Description de l'Egypte 31-03-2015
Designing, constructing and operating composting facilities 13-03-2015
Developing the Metropolitan whole-of-water-cycle strategic framework 2014-2024 : discussion paper 09-04-2015
Diary of a Welsh swagman 30-03-2015
Drilling mud 13-03-2015
East West Link files 19-03-2015
Edithvale-Seaford Wetland Education Centre 01-04-2015
Edna Walling manuscript 31-03-2015
Electrofishing in estuaries : boat Grassl unit 10-04-2015
Energy price and product disclosure 17-03-2015
Energy retailers' financial hardship policies 17-03-2015
Exploring the relationship between community-based order conditions and reoffending 21-04-2015
Fables choisies 25-03-2015
Financial assurance calculation for landfills, prescribed industrial waste management (PIW), container washing, and PIW composting 13-03-2015
Financial statements for the financial year ended 30th June 2014 (Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine) 17-04-2015
Fire danger ratings - today [low bandwith/mobile version] 27-04-2015
Fire partnerships : working in partnership to tackle the threat of bushfire 27-03-2015
Five steps for protecting stormwater 13-03-2015
Food to Asia action plan : putting Victorian food and beverages on Asian tables 10-04-2015
Footscray life (website) 14-04-2015
Fuelled for growth : investing in Victoria's biofuels and bioenergy industries 02-04-2015
Future of manufacturing in south east Melbourne 09-04-2015
Future of manufacturing in south east Melbourne : summary of report 09-04-2015
Gippsland 17-03-2015
Gippsland lakes and catchment literature review 13-03-2015
Government response to the Auditor-General's reports issued during 2010-11 23-04-2015
Greenhouse benefits : a guide to calculating greenhouse benefits of wind energy facility proposals 13-04-2015
Greenhouse gas disclosure on electricity customers' bills for customers other than small customers 17-03-2015
Group of diggers 25-03-2015
Guide to developing CCTV for public safety in Victoria 02-04-2015
Guidelines on the caretaker conventions : guidence on handling government business during the election period 17-04-2015
Hazelwood recovery effort 13-03-2015
Hidden documentary 22-03-2015
Hypnerotomachia poliphili 25-03-2015
IBAC : independent broad based anti-corruption commission 11-03-2015
Ice action framework 10-03-2015
Ice action plan 10-03-2015
Impact of future water availability scenarios on reliability of supply in regulated systems : draft Northern region sustainable water strategy : background report 2 27-03-2015
Impact of future water availability scenarios on rivers and wetlands in regulated systems : Northern region sustainable water strategy : background report 3A 27-03-2015
Independent Schools Victoria 02-03-2015
Jerilderie letter 25-03-2015
John Helder Wedge's field book 25-03-2015
Kelly armour 25-03-2015
Lady Loch's photo album 30-03-2015
Landfills exempt from licensing 23-03-2015
Latrobe City Council 06-03-2015
Light trailer pack : to register light trailers with ATM of 750kg or less 21-04-2015
Local government electoral review 06-03-2015
Look! Draw a story competition 01-04-2015
Managing bushfire risk for ecosystem resilience 27-03-2015
Managing external evaluations 24-03-2015
Melbourne city 17-03-2015
Melbourne for All People 2014-17 12-03-2015
Melbourne suburban 17-03-2015
Metro framework : discussion paper : key questions and answers 09-04-2015
Milk bar 20-04-2015
Miner's rights : most commonly asked questions 18-03-2015
Mrs Butters' press dress 25-03-2015
Multicultural communication policy 10-03-2015
Myrrour of the worlde 25-03-2015
New directions for social housing : a framework for a strong and sustainable future : fact sheet 16-04-2015
New directions for social housing : a framework for a strong and sustainable future : information for public housing tenants 16-04-2015
Newton's principia 25-03-2015
North East Catchment Management Authority 24-04-2015
North-west Victoria 17-03-2015
Northern Victoria 17-03-2015
Occupy Melbourne 11-03-2015
Origin of species 25-03-2015
Overview of fuel management report, 2013-14 16-04-2015
Panorama of Melbourne 25-03-2015
Parks and forests closures on code red fire danger rating days 10-04-2015
Peninsula zero waste : annual report for the financial year 2012/2013 27-03-2015
Peter Lalor's pistol 30-03-2015
Planning means property prepared in drier times : farm planning on the Dundas tablelands 28-04-2015
Play and folklore 24-03-2015
Premier's Sprit of Anzac Prize 01-04-2015
Princes Bridge 30-03-2015
Professional practice and performance for improved learning : performance and development 16-04-2015
Professional practice and performance for improved learning : professional learning and support for school leaders and teachers 16-04-2015
Property identification codes (PICs) for Victorian plant industries 24-03-2015
Public participation in government decision-making 10-03-2015
Rape law in Victoria : a summary paper on options for reform 17-03-2015
Review of Victoria's state environment protection policies for noise 23-03-2015
Rural and regional health plan technical paper : December 2011 23-04-2015
Service sector reform : a roadmap for community and human services reform : final report 21-04-2015
Service sector reform : a roadmap for community and human services reform [summary] 21-04-2015
Shorebirds in Western Port 19-03-2015
Siting, design, operation and rehabilitation of landfills 20-03-2015
South East Water education 21-04-2015
South-west Victoria 17-03-2015
State Library of Victoria collection and resources development policy 13-03-2015
Storage of waste tyres - regulatory impact statement (RIS) 20-03-2015
Stormwater and protecting our waterways 13-03-2015
Stormwater management for car repair industry 13-03-2015
Stormwater management for food businesses 13-03-2015
Structured workplace learning and work experience arrangements : interim guidelines for non-school providers 28-04-2015
Summersalt 02-04-2015
Tallow and used cooking oil 13-03-2015
The Murray River resnagging experiment : demonstrating the benefits of large-scale river restoration 10-04-2015
The Victorian gambling study : a longitudinal study of gambling and public health : wave three findings 23-04-2015
The Victorian gambling study : a longitudinal study of gambling and public health : wave two findings 23-04-2015
The Victorian gambling study: qualitative component : report of findings from qualitative interviews 23-04-2015
The Victorian refugee and asylum seeker health action plan, 2014 - 2018 27-03-2015
The blue book : Victoria 2012 : code of practice on electrical safety for work on or near high voltage electrical apparatus 21-04-2015
The blue book : guidelines for the control of infectious diseases 21-04-2015
The hut that Jack built 30-03-2015
The imposition and enforcement of court fines and infringement penalties in Victoria : report 21-04-2015
The safe system : no road death, no road injury : a future where every journey is a safe one [video] 13-04-2015
Through a child's eyes : children's experience of family violence & homelessness 17-03-2015
Time of sowing for wheat : time of sowing in the Holbrook area of southern NSW 27-03-2015
Tow truck accident allocations 24-04-2015
Tow truck industry 18-03-2015
Types of financial assurance 13-03-2015
Variations to standing offer tariffs following the removal of the carbon price : position paper 02-04-2015
Victoria : providing complete capability : land 02-04-2015
Victoria : providing complete capability aviation and aerospace 02-04-2015
Victoria Jiangsu festival 2014 : 35 years of partnership 21-04-2015
Victoria Police news 25-04-2015
Victoria-Jiangsu regional city alliance : deepening our prosperous relationship 21-04-2015
Victorian Electoral Commission 17-03-2015
Victorian Government accessible communication guidelines 10-03-2015
Victorian Government branding and authorisation interim guidelines 10-03-2015
Victorian Government communication guidelines 10-03-2015
Victorian child death review committee annual report 2013 : information for practitioners 17-03-2015
Victorian health priorities framework 2012 - 2022 : metropolitan health plan 27-03-2015
Victorian traction industry electrical safety rules 2014 28-04-2015
Victorian training guarantee compliance framework annual report 2013 28-04-2015
Warnings, incidents & planned burns - today [text only version] 27-04-2015
Water billing hardship arrangements : a report of interviews with financial counsellors, water customers and advocate organisations 17-03-2015
Watering update 02-04-2015
Welcome to Benalla Rural City 14-03-2015
Welcome to Moira Shire Council 06-03-2015
Western Victoria 17-03-2015
Wild dog exclusion fencing and native vegetation clearance laws 27-03-2015
Wodonga municipal emergency animal welfare plan, 2014 to 2017 27-03-2015
iPres 2014 : Melbourne 6 - 10 October 23-03-2015
Total 201

State Library of Western Australia

Title URI Display Date
Aboriginal Independent Community School 12-03-2015
Anzac a grateful state remembers 30-03-2015
GSWA eNewsletter 17-03-2015
Kimberley Community Profile 20-04-2015
Kojonup Remembrance 24-03-2015
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