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1 Jul 2012 - 31 Aug 2012

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Title URI Display Date
AIATSIS Research Discussion Papers Series 14-08-2012
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Social Justice 03-07-2012
Aboriginal Hostels Limited 21-07-2012
Indigenous Business Australia 10-08-2012
Native title representative bodies 14-08-2012
Remote Jobs and Communities Program 10-07-2012
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Australian War Memorial

Title URI Display Date
ANZAC Centenary 06-07-2012
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National Film and Sound Archive

Title URI Display Date
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National Gallery of Australia

Title URI Display Date
Bernard Ollis 06-07-2012
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National Library of Australia

Title URI Display Date
COAG Standing Council on Environment and Water (incorporating the National Environment Protection Council) 28-08-2012
2012 ACT election campaign (Carers ACT) 24-08-2012
ABARE Outlook Conference proceedings (National Agricultural and Resources) 21-07-2012
ABARES Technical Reports 09-08-2012
ACSSA (Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault) research summary 10-08-2012
ACT Health public services performance quarterly report 09-07-2012
ACT Taxation review 13-08-2012
AGIMO blog 14-07-2012
ASIC gazette 04-08-2012
AUSTRAC guidance note 02-08-2012
Age assessment in people smuggling cases : Inquiry into the treatment of individuals suspected of people smuggling offences who say that they are children 28-08-2012
Air Power Development Centre Publications 17-08-2012
Annual climate summary archive 23-08-2012
Ausgeo news 03-08-2012
Australia 19-07-2012
Australia in the Asian century 08-08-2012
Australia's response to sexualised or sexually abusive behaviours in children and young people 24-07-2012
Australian Federal Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy 27-07-2012
Australian Federal Minister for Sport 31-07-2012
Australian Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission speeches 14-07-2012
Australian Research Council Nanotechnology Network (ARCNN) 21-08-2012
Australian Securities and Investment Commission consultation papers 18-08-2012
Australian dress register 08-08-2012
Australian sea level monthly data report 21-08-2012
Background notes 19-07-2012
Building the Education Revolution 19-08-2012
Caring for our country review 31-07-2012
Clean Energy Future 09-08-2012
Closing the gap : Education programs for indigenous Australians about sexually transmitted infections and bloodborne viruses 29-08-2012
Closing the gap : Engaging indigenous students through school-based health education 29-08-2012
Closing the gap : tackling Indigenous chronic disease 31-07-2012
Convergence Review 09-07-2012
Daily weather observations 25-08-2012
Delegated legislation monitor 11-07-2012
Effects of changes in water availability on Indigenous people of the Murray-Darling Basin : a scoping study 15-08-2012
El telegraph 17-07-2012
Electronic APS Employment Gazette 29-08-2012
Expert Panel on Constitutional Recognition of Local Government 15-08-2012
Expert panel on asylum seekers 13-08-2012
Family Court of Australia conference papers and reports 21-07-2012
Final report on the tax treatment of losses 17-08-2012
Funding the nation's research base : an evaluation of the Australian Research Council large grants scheme 16-07-2012
Handwritten 23-08-2012
Housing affordability 22-08-2012
Immigration Detention Statistics Summary 28-08-2012
Innovation showcase 06-07-2012
Inquiry into IT pricing 02-08-2012
Inquiry into the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2012 and Marriage Amendment Bill 2012 23-08-2012
It's a big fat lie 06-08-2012
Managing Climate Variability Program 21-07-2012
Media release / Department of immigration and citizenship 20-08-2012
National Library Aus [twitter page] 30-08-2012
National Library of Australia service charter 30-08-2012
News of Friends of Grasslands 02-08-2012
Northern Land Council 01-08-2012
Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations - Speeches 10-07-2012
Organised crime in Australia 24-07-2012
PM's Olympic Challenge 10-08-2012
PM's Paralympic Challenge 10-07-2012
Pacific Seasonal Worker Pilot Scheme Home 08-07-2012
Play by the Rules : making sport inclusive, safe and fair 17-07-2012
Prime Minister of Australia - Julia Gillard 17-08-2012
Prime Minister's Literary Awards ... 26-07-2012
Public Sector Innovation Toolkit 05-08-2012
RBA: Chart pack 17-08-2012
RIRDC Rural Women's Award 05-08-2012
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 10-08-2012
Report of the review of allegations of sexual and other abuse in Defence 13-07-2012
Reports on Australian government advertising 09-07-2012
Research paper (Australia. Dept. of the Parliamentary Library. Information and Research Services) 18-07-2012
Reserve Bank of Australia - Conferences 23-08-2012
Review into the the treatment of women in the Australian Defence Force Academy and the Australian Defence Force 22-08-2012
Saving Aussie books 12-07-2012
Serious and organised investment fraud in Australia 24-07-2012
Shedden papers 19-07-2012
Social Media Blog - Bureau of Meteorology 14-07-2012 21-08-2012
Staff in Australia's Schools 2010 : Main report on the survey 02-07-2012
State of Australia's Birds 10-08-2012
Strong corporations, strong stores, strong communities 10-07-2012
Symposium on social marketing in obesity : report on proceedings 05-07-2012
Take the 3 months carbon challenge 23-08-2012
Technical report DSTO (Defence Science and Technology Organisation (Australia)) 06-07-2012
The Dunera Boys: 70 years on 31-07-2012
The Flight of the Mind 10-08-2012
The eloquent page: The National Library of Australia's fringe publishing blog 27-07-2012
The rewnable energy target review 24-08-2012
Transport for Canberra 23-08-2012
Treasures Gallery 07-08-2012
Treasures Gallery 2010 07-08-2012
Treasury working paper series 07-08-2012
Trends and issues in crime and criminal justice 04-08-2012
TroveAustralia [twitter page] 24-08-2012
Tuggeranong and Erindale centres master planning projects 17-07-2012
Vacancy report 25-07-2012
Walk-in centre evaluation report 23-08-2012
Water matters (Canberra : Online) 03-08-2012
Youth InterACT 09-08-2012
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Northern Territory Library

Title URI Display Date
Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority 26-07-2012
Department for construction and infrastructure 03-07-2012
Department of Education and Training 04-07-2012
E Health NT 06-07-2012
NT Build 19-07-2012
Working future : a Territory government initiative 20-07-2012
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State Library of New South Wales

Title URI Display Date
36-66 Nobbys Road, East Newcastle Handbook 07-08-2012
Addressing locational disadvantage effectively 07-08-2012
All the dirt 28-07-2012
Ballina Rest Area : submissions report 19-07-2012
Bangalow Interchange: outcomes of the review into the alternative options to the Bangalow interchange 19-07-2012
Beef news : New England & North West Slopes 07-08-2012
Berry Bypass Alignment: issues report 30-07-2012
Centennial Parklands [website] 02-07-2012
Community Services research report (NSW Department of Human Services) 28-07-2012
Cooma-Monaro Shire Council 02-07-2012
Crime prevention factsheets (New South Wales. Attorney General's Dept. Crime Prevention Division) 09-07-2012
Deniliquin Region Social Plan 30-07-2012
ESC Aboriginal Plan (Eurobodalla Shire Council) 07-07-2012
Early Action for Success: implementing the NSW Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan 27-08-2012
Future directions for specialist homelessness services : consultation paper 18-07-2012
Innovator 20-07-2012
MDP ... report : Metropolitan Development Program : residential forecasts 04-08-2012
Management of the Barwon-Darling floods of November 2011-June 2012 07-08-2012
Minerals and metals availability in New South Wales Australia 04-07-2012
NSW Architects Registration Board 25-08-2012
NSW ageing strategy 11-07-2012
OSR connect 19-08-2012
Pacific Highway: Nambucca Heads to Urunga - road safety review report 18-07-2012
Professional Update 30-07-2012
Quantitative Health Risk Assessment : Contaminated Site 18-07-2012
Rail Safety Investigation Report : Collision between hi-rail and rail motor, Zig Zag Railway, Clarence April 1 2011. 13-08-2012
Re-ablement of Older People in North Coast NSW 02-07-2012
Rectification of the noise walls alongside city west link: issues report 30-07-2012
Remediation Options Decision Report: Contaminated Site 18-07-2012
Rent and sales report NSW 29-07-2012
Report on people with a disability and their carers in NSW 02-08-2012
Research annual report (Ingham Health Research Institute) 18-07-2012
Respite program guidelines (disability) : operated and funded services under the disability services program 02-07-2012
Review of the Combat Sports Act 2008: discussion paper 27-08-2012
Roads and Maritime Services procedure for Aboriginal cultural heritage consultation and investigation 30-07-2012
Roadside Hazards on the Kings Highway near Braidwood: issues report 19-07-2012
Rural Women's Network (New South Wales) 17-07-2012
Sapphire to Woolgoolga upgrade: upgrading the Pacific Highway: rest area: environmental assessment submissions Report 26-07-2012
State of the Environment Report (Wollongong City Council) 06-07-2012
Thirlmere Lakes drilling report 19-07-2012
Upgrading the Pacific Highway: Warrell Creek to Urunga - project approval documents 18-07-2012
Wallis Lake Wetlands Strategy 08-07-2012
Women in NSW 07-08-2012
Work in heat : fact sheet (WorkCover Authority) 18-07-2012
Young carers : Social policy impacts of the caring responsibilities of children and young adults - final report 03-07-2012
Youth Strategy (Eurobodalla Shire Council) 06-07-2012
Total 46

State Library of Queensland

Title URI Display Date
2004 state general election : election summary 10-08-2012
2006 state general election : election summary 14-08-2012
2008 Local Government Elections 10-08-2012
2009 state general election : election summary 28-08-2012
2012 Local Government Elections : interim report 03-08-2012
Aurukun Mayoral Election 03-08-2012
BreastScreen Queensland 07-08-2012
Brisbane Show Camp 24-08-2012
Consumer and community engagement and patient involvement and participation in health service planning, delivery and evaluation 13-08-2012
Corporate governance framework 2011-2015 / Queensland. Dept. of Education and Training 08-08-2012
Creative Generation : State Schools Onstange 03-08-2012
Developing a consumer health council for Queensland : engaging Queensland consumers in health care 13-08-2012
Disability service plan 2011-2014 / Queensland. Dept. of Education and Training 08-08-2012
E.J Beardmore Dam to St George 22-08-2012
Flood recovery in the Somerset Region / Somerset Regional Council 27-08-2012
Getting the healthcare you need : an advocacy toolkit for people using the healthcare system in Queensland 13-08-2012
Guidelines for negotiating an Indigenous land use agreement (area agreement) 13-07-2012
Hepatitis B in Queensland : a situation analysis 13-08-2012
Housing update 13-08-2012
In touch (Queensland. Prostitution Licensing Authority) 16-08-2012
Landholders' guide to fodder harvesting applications 20-07-2012
Lawn Hill Gorge, Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park 02-07-2012
Native Title claims process 27-07-2012
Queensland Commission of Audit 11-07-2012
Queensland Health response to Pacific Islander and Maori health needs assessment 27-08-2012
Queensland population update 16-08-2012
Queenslandersign 04-07-2012
Redcliffe Agricultural, Horticultural and Industrial Society Inc. 21-08-2012
Regrowth vegetation code 13-07-2012
Report on consultation process undertaken as part of the Consumer Health Council Project 13-08-2012
Riversleigh World Heritage Site, Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park 02-07-2012
State general election 2009 : ballot paper survey report 09-08-2012
Strategic plan 2012-2016 / Queensland Dept. of Education, Training and Employment 08-08-2012
The health of Australian South Sea Islander people in Queensland : an analysis of hospital separation data 27-08-2012
The health of Queensland's Fijian population 2009 27-08-2012
The health of Queensland's India-born population 2010 13-08-2012
The health of Queensland's Italy-born population 2010 13-08-2012
The health of Queensland's Maori population 2009 27-08-2012
The health of Queensland's Papua New Guinean population 2009 27-08-2012
The health of Queensland's Samoan population 2009 27-08-2012
The health of Queensland's Vietnam-born population 2010 27-08-2012
Town of Alpha 22-08-2012
Town of Charleville 22-08-2012
Town of Cunnamulla 22-08-2012
Town of Dirranbandi 22-08-2012
Town of Eulo 22-08-2012
Town of Hebel 22-08-2012
Town of Mitchell 22-08-2012
Town of Mungindi 22-08-2012
Town of Roma 22-08-2012
Town of St George 22-08-2012
Town of Surat 22-08-2012
Town of Thallon 22-08-2012
Town of Wyandra 22-08-2012
Total 54

State Library of South Australia

Title URI Display Date
A model for city revitalisation 09-08-2012
A risk assessment of threats to water quality in Gulf St Vincent 09-08-2012
Annual Report (Libraries Board of South Australia) 21-07-2012
Annual report (South Australia. Office of the Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner) 08-08-2012
Annual report / South Australia. Office of the Public Advocate 24-07-2012
Annual report. South Australia. Dept. of Education and Children's Services 25-07-2012
Atlas of urban excellence: knowledge base recommendations report 09-08-2012
Australasian Heritage Software Database 08-08-2012
CMP news: a newsletter for Museums and Historical Societies in the Community Museums Program 10-08-2012
DesignLAB c1.0: safety in the city 09-08-2012
Digging Deep : social benefits of mining in South Australia 03-08-2012
Life on the edge: an exercise in solicited optimism 09-08-2012
Patterns of living: design testing 16-08-2012
Port waterways water quality improvement plan 09-08-2012
Ride Like Crazy 14-07-2012
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Services Quarterly Surveillance Report 10-08-2012
South Australia's national parks guide 20-07-2012
South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board 29-08-2012
South Australian Whale Centre 29-08-2012
Specialist forum summaries: a model for informed engagement 03-07-2012
State Library of South Australia 06-07-2012
State Theatre Company of South Australia 01-08-2012
Strong voices : a blueprint to enhance life and claim the rights of people with disability in South Australia (2012-2020) 27-07-2012
Towards zero together 20-07-2012
Water for good: a plan to ensure our water future to 2050 30-08-2012
Total 25

State Library of Victoria

Title URI Display Date
About the bays : the newsletter of the Central Coast Board : coastal issues in Port Phillip and Western Port 19-07-2012
Assessing the effectiveness of ground-based baiting for the control of wild dogs 21-08-2012
Business connect enewsletter 03-08-2012
Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria 11-07-2012
Colac Otway Shire Council 14-07-2012
Delahey Community Centre newsletter 05-07-2012
Department of Planning and Community Development 09-08-2012
EPA Victoria news 18-07-2012
Electoral structure of West Wimmera Shire Council 09-07-2012
Electoral structure of Whitehorse City Council 10-07-2012
Electoral structure of Whittlesea City Council 10-07-2012
Electoral structure of Wodonga City Council 10-07-2012
Electoral structure of Wyndham City Council 10-07-2012
Electoral structure of Yarra City Council 10-07-2012
Electoral structure of Yarra Ranges Shire Council 10-07-2012
Electoral structure of Yarriambiack Ranges Shire Council 10-07-2012
Electronically assisted voting : position paper 12-07-2012
Greening Maribyrnong 03-08-2012
In language electoral information : position paper 12-07-2012
Knox City Council and community festival & events plan 06-08-2012
Knox bicycle plan review 06-08-2012
Maribyrnong art bytes 03-08-2012
Milk bar 05-07-2012
Minerals and extractive newsletter 03-08-2012
Multiple voting : position paper 12-07-2012
Notices to schools 28-08-2012
Parks Victoria 21-07-2012
Problem gambling vulnerability : the interaction between access, individual cognitions and group beliefs/preferences 09-08-2012
Sentencing survey : results of community consultation 08-08-2012
Shire of Melton 02-07-2012
The climatedogs : the four drivers that influence Victoria's climate 06-07-2012
Top twenty data sources for describing community wellbeing in Victoria 08-08-2012
Vision 2025 : Knox City Council 06-08-2012
Water plan 3 08-08-2012
Welcome to the City of Melbourne, Australia 24-08-2012
Wyndham City Council 26-07-2012
Youth 21-07-2012
Total 37

State Library of Western Australia

Title URI Display Date
Annual report - Court Security & Custodial Services Contract 02-07-2012
Anzac a grateful state remembers 13-08-2012
Constitutional Centre of Western Australia 21-08-2012
Department of Corrective Services (Western Australia) 11-07-2012
Department of the Premier and Cabinet Western Australia 21-08-2012
Occupational Therapists Registration Board of Western Australia 03-07-2012
Office of State Security and Emergency Coordination Western Australia 18-07-2012
Western Australia State Government Badge Guide 13-08-2012
Western Australian Premier's Book Awards 02-07-2012
Total 9

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