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1 Jul 2013 - 31 Aug 2013

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

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Indigenous Business Australia 10-08-2013
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Australian War Memorial

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ANZAC Centenary 08-08-2013
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National Film and Sound Archive

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National Gallery of Australia

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National Library of Australia

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Australian Federal Minister for Employment Participation. Australian Federal Minister for Early Childhood and Child Care 01-07-2013
25 years 1988-2013 Parliament House 09-08-2013
ABARE Outlook Conference proceedings (National Agricultural and Resources) 23-07-2013
ABARES Technical Reports 09-08-2013
ACT State of the Environment Reporting 11-08-2013
ACT criminal justice statistical profile 17-07-2013
ACT surgery report card 21-08-2013
Action Bus - Free Centenary Loop starts Monday 4 February 13-08-2013
Advancing Australia as a digital economy : an update to the national digital economy strategy 27-08-2013
Air Power Development Centre Publications 16-08-2013
Airline On Time Performance (Annual Reports) 07-08-2013
Annual climate summary archive 23-08-2013
Assistant Treasurer (2011-2013) 01-07-2013
Audit report : review into the treatment of women at the Australian Defence Force Academy 08-08-2013
Australia and New Zealand SKA project (anzSKA) 04-07-2013
Australia's web archives : curating Australia's online heritage 20-08-2013
Australian Electoral Commission 17-08-2013
Australian Federal Minister for Defence 12-07-2013
Australian Federal Minister for Education and Australian Federal Minister for Workplace Relations 19-07-2013
Australian Federal Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations 01-07-2013
Australian Federal Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation 01-07-2013
Australian Federal Minister for Health 01-07-2013
Australian Federal Minister for Immigration, Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship 30-08-2013
Australian Federal Minister for Indigenous Employment and Economic Development 18-07-2013
Australian Federal Minister for Multicultural Affairs 02-07-2013
Australian Federal Minister for Regional Services, Local Communities and Territories 01-07-2013
Australian Federal Minister for Resources and Energy / Australian Federal Minister for Tourism 18-07-2013
Australian Federal Minister for Road Safety 16-07-2013
Australian Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission speeches 17-07-2013
Australian Research Council - Online Publications 16-07-2013
Australian Tsunami alert system 01-08-2013
Australian prescriber 01-08-2013
Australian social trends, April 2013 : 100 Centenary of Canberra 09-07-2013
Aviation international airline activity 02-07-2013
Background notes 25-07-2013
Behind the scenes 15-08-2013
Beyond the Classroom: A New Digital Education for Young Australians in the 21st Century 08-07-2013
Beyondblue : the national depression initiative 12-07-2013
Business gazette 05-08-2013
Canberra create your future 23-07-2013
Carbon challenge : take the 3 month challenge 21-08-2013
Caring for our country 31-07-2013
Class ruling / Australian Taxation Office 04-08-2013
Clean Energy Future 12-08-2013
Closing the gap : tackling Indigenous chronic disease 31-07-2013
Commonwealth of Australia gazette. Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals 04-07-2013
Commonwealth of Australia gazette. Business 15-08-2013
Constitutional Recognition of Local Government 31-07-2013
Coochiemudlo Island 08-07-2013
Daily weather observations 25-08-2013
Delegated legislation monitor 11-07-2013
Digital Australians - Expectations about media content in a converging media environment 03-07-2013
Dollars for Dili 20-08-2013
Drought statement archive 22-08-2013
Economic Statement : August 2013 (Budget 2013-2014) 02-08-2013
Educators and Providers Library (Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority) 10-07-2013
El telegraph 17-07-2013
Election commitment costings 29-08-2013
Electronic Resources Australia (ERA) 09-07-2013
Families Library (Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority) 10-07-2013
Family Court of Australia conference papers and reports 21-07-2013
Family First Party 13-08-2013
Federal Election 7 Septemver 2013 ( 15-08-2013
Fisheries assessments 30-07-2013
G'day USA: Australia Week 24-07-2013
General document DSTO (Defence Science and Technology Organisation) Australia 29-08-2013
Growing up in Australia : the longitudinal study of Australian children 10-07-2013
Health Emergency 14-07-2013
Housing affordability 23-08-2013
How to vote : voters who are blind or who have low vision factsheet 26-08-2013
Immigration Detention Statistics Summary 02-07-2013
In work and play : building the Canberra community 07-08-2013
Indonesia: Country Strategy 30-07-2013
Innovation showcase 06-07-2013
Inquiry into IT pricing 30-07-2013
It's a Big Fat Lie - Senator Nick Xenophon 06-08-2013
Libraries Australia eNewsletter 19-07-2013
Managing Climate Variability Program 22-07-2013
Media releases - Department of Immigration and Citizenship 19-08-2013
NQF Library (Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority) 10-07-2013
National Education Agreement: report to the Council of Australian Governments 15-07-2013
National Food Plan 19-07-2013
National Library Aus [twitter page] 29-08-2013
National newsletter : living the faith of our mothers 23-07-2013
Norfolk Island Museum (Website) 04-07-2013
Northern Land Council 01-08-2013
Pacific Seasonal Worker Pilot Scheme Home 09-07-2013
Parliamentary Budget Office 28-08-2013
Perspective Paper 30-08-2013
Plastic bag ban 16-08-2013
Practical hydroponics and greenhouses 20-08-2013
Pre-Election Economic and Fiscal Outlook 2013 13-08-2013
Prime Minister of Australia - Kevin Rudd 30-08-2013
Prime Minister's literary awards 26-07-2013
Product Ruling / Australian Taxation Office 05-08-2013
Public Sector Innovation Toolkit 05-08-2013
Publications and Reports - Dept. of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 17-07-2013
RBA: Chart pack 17-08-2013
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 05-08-2013
Regulatory Library (Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority) 10-07-2013
Report (Commonwealth ombudsman) 09-07-2013
Reports on Australian government advertising 09-07-2013
Research report DSTO (Defence Science and Technology Organisation (Australia)) 29-08-2013
Reserve Bank of Australia conferences 23-08-2013
Risk Factor trends: age patterns in key health risks over time 21-08-2013
Royal Commission into Institutional Response into Child Sexual Abuses 01-07-2013
S.O.I. (Southern Oscillation Index) archives - 1876 to present 03-08-2013
Safe Work Australia 09-07-2013
Shed notes 29-07-2013
Social Media Blog - Bureau of Meteorology 14-07-2013
State of Australian cities 31-07-2013
Sustainable Australia report 08-07-2013
Technical report DSTO (Defence Science and Technology Organisation (Australia)) 29-08-2013
The Brumby Anti-Dumping Review 10-07-2013
The World of Nortfolk's Museum 04-07-2013
The eloquent page : the National Library of Australia's fringe publishing blog 27-07-2013
The renewable energy target review 26-08-2013
Transforming Australia's higher education system 03-07-2013
TroveAustralia [twitter page] 07-08-2013
Virtual tally room (Australian Electoral Commission) 18-08-2013
Visas, immigration and refugees : by boat, no visa 26-07-2013
Welcome to the Bureau's blog 20-08-2013 16-08-2013
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Northern Territory Library

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State Library of New South Wales

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A report to the Barangaroo Authority : Executive report 15-08-2013
Agency Information Guide 09-08-2013
Amended remedial action plan: Barangaroo - ORWS Area 09-07-2013
Annual report (Game Council of NSW) 05-07-2013
Annual report (State Rescue Board of New South Wales) 14-08-2013
Assay : a newsletter about acid sulfate soils 05-07-2013
Australian Poetry Slam 15-07-2013
Barangaroo Community Forums May 2010: Outcomes report 14-08-2013
Barangaroo Development : a review of the impact of site remediation 09-07-2013
Barangaroo Review Report - August 2011 14-08-2013
Barangaroo South - Commercial Precinct 14-08-2013
Barangaroo Sydney Australia: submissions and ideas for Barangaroo from the Sydney Community 14-08-2013
Barangaroo independent review panel report 15-08-2013
Barangaroo: cultural study arts and cultural development at Barangaroo 14-08-2013
Between the Flags: keeping patients safe 15-08-2013
Capability framework : NSW Public Sector 21-08-2013
Community Plan (Wyong Shire Council) 04-07-2013
Compliance and Operation of the NSW Energy Savings Scheme during 2011 - Report to Minister 15-07-2013
Compliance and Operation of the NSW Energy Savings Scheme during 2011 - Report to Minister 22-08-2013
Compliance and Operation of the NSW Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scheme during 2011 - Report to Minister 15-07-2013
Crime and Justice Bulletin 05-07-2013
Culture and Barangaroo Community Forum: outcomes report, Sept. 2010 14-08-2013
Customer service performance of electricity retail suppliers 1 July 2007 - 30 June 2012 - Information paper 22-08-2013
Department of the Legislative Council strategic plan 2012-2015 16-07-2013
ESC Aboriginal Plan (Eurobodalla Shire Council) 07-07-2013
East Darling Harbour Geotechnical and Environmental Investigation 14-08-2013
Ecological deer management manual 12-07-2013
Environmental assessment report projection application 15-08-2013
External benefits of CityRail services - Final report to IPART 22-08-2013
Governance review of the Game Council of NSW 10-07-2013
Hawkesbury Cultural Plan 18-07-2013
Human health and ecological risk assessment 15-08-2013
Human health and ecological risk assessment addendum 15-08-2013
Integrated Strategic Plan (Port Stephens Council) 03-07-2013
Issues and position statements for conservation hunting in NSW 12-07-2013
Living with urban deer: a guide for the residents of the Illawarra 20-08-2013
MAAS bulletin 14-08-2013
Maragle EDM Cooperative: EDM update 20-08-2013
Maragle Ecological Deer Management Research Project 20-08-2013
NSW Cancer plan 18-07-2013
NSW Mine Safety Update (NSW Trade & Investment) 13-08-2013
Newborn deer: leave them be! 20-08-2013
Northern herbicide resistance reporter 17-08-2013
Overarching remedial action plan for the Barangaroo Project site, Sydney 15-08-2013
Patients and Visitors Guide (Hunter New England Local Health District) 01-07-2013
People with dementia in hospitals in New South Wales 2006-07 04-07-2013
Population forecasts (Bureau of Transport Statistics (NSW)) 17-08-2013
Property Assett UtilisationTaskforce Report 04-07-2013
Reforming licensing in NSW - Review of licence rationale and design 15-07-2013
Research annual report (Ingham Health Research Institute) 18-07-2013
Response to the Premier in reference to: The Barangaroo Review (Sussex Penn August 2011) 09-07-2013
Review of Rural Water Charging Systems - Final Report 15-07-2013
Review of maximum fares for Sydney Ferries services from January 2013 - Final report 22-08-2013
Review of regulated retail prices and charges for electricity 2013 to 2016 15-07-2013
Rural Women's Network (New South Wales) 17-07-2013
Social Plan (City of Canterbury) 29-07-2013
Social Plan (Kyogle Council) 11-08-2013
Social Plan (Tweed Shire Council) 15-08-2013
Social and Community Plan (Upper Lachlan Shire Council) 12-08-2013
Social plan (Mid-Western Regional Council) 25-08-2013
State of the Environment Report (Kyogle Council) 11-08-2013
Strategic outlook for the NSW Parliamentary Departments 2012-2015 16-07-2013
Supplementary Report on externalities for Sydney Ferries - report to IPART 22-08-2013
Tamworth Regional Council 09-08-2013
Upper Lachlan Shire Community Heritage Study (Upper Lachlan Shire Council) 15-08-2013
Women in NSW 18-07-2013
Year in review (Bureau of Health Information NSW) 08-08-2013
Your rights and responsibilities as a client, patient or visitor 02-07-2013
data gap investigation : EPA declaration area 14-08-2013
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State Library of Queensland

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Annual report / Health Consumers Queensland 13-08-2013
Bremer River, Warrill, Lockyer and Laidly Creek floods, November 2008 12-07-2013
Brisbane City Hall restoration [YouTube] 24-07-2013
Brisbane Show Camp 16-08-2013
Brisbane community profile : Bracken Ridge Ward 27-08-2013
Brisbane community profile : Central Ward 27-08-2013
Brisbane community profile : Chandler Ward 27-08-2013
Commonwealth response to the Final Report of the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry 16-08-2013
Creative Generation : State Schools Onstange 30-07-2013
Crocodiles 26-07-2013
Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum 15-07-2013
Draft Brisbane City Plan 2014 19-08-2013
E.N.D. H.I.V. 16-07-2013
Erosion prone area mapping 24-07-2013
Gladstone region non-resident population projections 11-07-2013
Great Barrier Reef Ports Strategy 20-08-2013
Great skills. Real opportunities. The Queensland government reform action plan for further education and training 30-07-2013
Great teachers = great results : a direct action plan for Queensland schools 30-07-2013
Guideline for Preparing a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy 24-07-2013
In touch (Queensland. Prostitution Licensing Authority) 16-08-2013
Indigenous health indicators : north Queensland 2011 30-08-2013
Land cover change in Queensland 2009 - 2010 24-07-2013
Managing the impacts of major projects in resource communities 17-07-2013
Mary Poppins Festival 11-07-2013
Megan Cope 28-08-2013
Monitor data and reports [Gladstone] 02-07-2013
Monthly coal statistics 20-08-2013
Opening and closing dates of Queensland schools 20-08-2013
Queensland Children's Hospital 19-07-2013
Queensland Health (qldhealthnews) [on Twitter] 09-08-2013
Queensland River Information Brochures / Bureau of Meteorology 02-08-2013
Queensland School for Travelling Show Children 26-07-2013
Queensland government mining journal 12-08-2013
Queensland north tropical coast floods, March 2008 12-07-2013
Queenslandersign 04-07-2013
Redcliffe Agricultural, Horticultural and Industrial Society Inc. 22-08-2013
Report on Queensland floods, February 2008 12-07-2013
Satellite imagery assists flood emergency response and recovery 20-08-2013
Science in Practice 2011 (authority-registered subject) : study area specification 11-07-2013
Statewide weekly communicable diseases surveillance report 30-07-2013
The crux of the matter : language, literacy and numeracy and vocational education and training 29-07-2013
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State Library of South Australia

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5000 plus 30-07-2013
ARTSsmart 01-07-2013
Australasian Heritage Software Database 08-08-2013
Bradman Digital Library 29-08-2013
Catherine Helen Spence: a bibliography 22-08-2013
Cindy Durant kiln-formed glass and jewellery 29-07-2013
Country Health SA 11-08-2013
Eat Local South Australia 05-08-2013
Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer 08-07-2013
Flinders Medical Centre 03-07-2013
Flora of South Australia 21-07-2013
Isaac Lomman Hypnotist 24-07-2013
Libraries Board of South Australia annual report 27-08-2013
Ride Like Crazy 14-07-2013
Skinny Lattes Women's Cycling 11-07-2013
South Australian Food Industry Awards 05-08-2013
State Library of South Australia 06-07-2013
Tasting Australia 09-07-2013
Team Flinders 08-07-2013
Unleashed Adelaide 23-08-2013
Waterwatch Adelaide and Mount Lofty 24-07-2013
Welcome to the Flinders Ranges of South Australia 05-08-2013
Word Adelaide 05-07-2013
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State Library of Victoria

Title URI Display Date
A framework for assessing the biological risks of increasing salinity in Victoria 18-07-2013
About the bays : the newsletter of the Central Coast Board : coastal issues in Port Phillip and Western Port 19-07-2013
Access for all abilities newsletter 10-07-2013
Accessible tourism : it's your business : accessibility resource kit 25-07-2013
Advisory list of threatened vertebrate fauna in Victoria - 2007 01-08-2013
Annual NRM reporting template : Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) annual NRM reporting template, 2009/10 11-07-2013
Armillaria root rot : a disease of native and introduced trees 11-07-2013
Bendigo Forest Management Area : shaping our forests future : prescriptions to maintain habitat in timber harvesting areas 11-07-2013
Boroondara says "no" : White Ribbon Day 2012 04-07-2013
Bush guardians grants 2010-2011 : Grants for community groups to undertake weed and pest work on public land 01-08-2013
Business connect enewsletter 29-08-2013
Caring for wildlife factsheet for volunteers : working with fire agencies at bushfires 11-07-2013
Children's Services in Victoria : information for parents and guardians [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
City of Whittlesea environmental sustainability strategy 2012-2022 25-07-2013
City of Whittlesea register of public roads 22-07-2013
City of Whittlesea youth plan 2030 : summary & action plan 22-07-2013
City of Whittlesea youth plan 2030 : what young people are saying 2008 : an overview of consultation with young people 2008 22-07-2013
City of Whittlesea youth plan 2030 : youth summit report : 2006 Youth Summit on the priority issues raised and discussed by young people and the programmatic responses of the City of Whittlesea Youth Services 22-07-2013
Colac Otway Shire Council 14-07-2013
Committee of management responsibilities and good practice guidelines : summary 18-07-2013
Community centres network 19-08-2013
Dams to habitat : farm dam restoration for the Growling Grass Frog 11-07-2013
Data publishing service : managing our spatial data assets : frequently asked questions 18-07-2013
Delahey Community Centre newsletter 29-08-2013
Discovery : Victoria's earth resources journal 18-07-2013
Do other parent's feel like this? [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
Does my child need a second year of kindergarten? [Arabic language] 17-07-2013
EDM calibration handbook 01-08-2013
Early childhood intervention services [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
Early diagnosis of hearing loss : why now and what's next? [Arabic language] 17-07-2013
Ethan's story [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
Explaining your child's hearing loss to extended family [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
Flinders Street Station Design Competition : jury report 08-08-2013
Flinders Street Station Design Competition : people's choice award : overview 08-08-2013
Flinders Street Station Design Competition : six shortlisted enteries [Youtube videos]. 24-07-2013
Footscray life 29-08-2013
Forestry in the box-ironbark Bendigo forest management area : forests factsheet 18-07-2013
Forests notes : Colquhoun State Forest 11-07-2013
Free or low-cost kindergarten [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
Freshwater catfish : a recovery plan 18-07-2013
Freshwater catfish : a resource document 18-07-2013
Freshwater ecosystems biodiversity management issues 3 : Changes to riparian vegetation 15-08-2013
Future living: a discussion paper identifying issues and options for housing our community. 11-07-2013
Getting started in your local kindergarten [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
Good neighbour tender 08-08-2013
Great Divide fire recovery plan 15-08-2013
Greening Maribyrnong 23-08-2013
Groundwater safe : secure allocations, future entitlements : a review of the Victorian Aquifer Framework 25-07-2013
Guidelines for managing the endangered Growling Grass Frog in urbanising landscapes 15-08-2013
Harrietville Fire 2013 : report to the Minister for Police and Emergency Services 24-07-2013
Hearing loss : the facts [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
Housing & Accomodation 13-07-2013
If I live in rural Victoria, what services are available? [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
Improving access to spatial information : managing our spatial data assets 15-08-2013
Information for families who have a baby or young child with a hearing loss [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
Isaac's story [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
Kerang wetlands ramsar site : ecological character description 15-08-2013
Knox City Council 06-07-2013
Landcare Victoria : volunteer management manual 15-08-2013
Linking Melbourne 17-07-2013
List of indigenous plants found in the City of Whittlesea 22-07-2013
Literacy tips to help your child before school year 2 [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
Literacy tips to help your child years 3-6 [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
Making art with communities : a work guide 01-07-2013
Maribyrnong News 20-08-2013
Maribyrnong art bytes 10-07-2013
Marine video survey of western port 04-07-2013
Martin Ferguson 14-08-2013
Maths tips to help your child before school year 2 [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
Maths tips to help your child years 3-6 [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
Misha's story [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
My two boys [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
Notices to schools 28-08-2013
Pathways for improving the energy-related performance of residential buildings 04-07-2013
Peter D Gardner : Independent candidate for Gippsland (Twitter) 22-08-2013
Peter Gardner : global warming dwarfs all other political issues 23-08-2013
Proposed amendment wood utilisation plan : East Gippsalnd forest management area 2010/11 to 2012/13 04-07-2013
Proposed directions: review of VCE English, History, Mathematics and Science studies : discussion paper 24-07-2013
Proposed wood utilisation plan : Bendigo forest management area 2010/11 to 2012/13 04-07-2013
Public health compliance 15-07-2013
Shire of Melton 02-07-2013
Silver perch : a recovery plan 25-07-2013
Silver perch : a resource document 25-07-2013
Single mothers : a resource for parenting solo [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
South East Asia market engagement plan 2013 24-07-2013
Spatula, Spoon and Saturday 21-07-2013
Spencer's story [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
Stage 2 water restrictions apply across Melbourne 08-08-2013
Starting kindergarten : when is the right time? [Arabic language] 17-07-2013
The Blurb e-newsletter 10-07-2013
Tourism Victoria's accessible tourism plan 2010-2013 01-08-2013
V/Line access arrangement : final decision 22-07-2013
VicRoads 14-07-2013
Victoria's mental health services 14-07-2013
Welcome to Benalla Rural City 10-07-2013
Welcome to Early Childhood Services [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
What does early diagnosis of hearing loss mean for my baby's future? [Arabic language] 17-07-2013
What does early diagnosis of hearing loss mean? [Arabic language] 17-07-2013
What does this diagnosis mean for my role as a parent [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
Why should my child go to kindergarten program? [Arabic language]. 17-07-2013
Wood utilisation plan : Benalla Mansfield forest management area 2010/11 to 2012/13 04-07-2013
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State Library of Western Australia

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Annual report - Court Security & Custodial Services Contract 04-07-2013
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