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1 Nov 2007 - 31 Dec 2007

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

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Ending domestic violence: programs for perpetrators 12-12-2007
Footprints in time : the longitudinal study 27-12-2007
Northern Territory Government - Board of Inquiry into the Protection of Aboriginal Children from Sexual Abuse 15-11-2007
Northern Territory Prison Referred and Community Based Indigenous Family Violence Offender Program 12-12-2007
Programmes and services for Indigenous Australians 13-11-2007
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Australian War Memorial

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National Film and Sound Archive : A division of the Australian Film Commission

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National Library of Australia

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2005 National Competition Policy : follow-up assessment of water reform progress : permanent water trading arrangements in the connected southern Murray-Darling Basin 03-12-2007
2005 National Competition Policy : follow-up assessment of water reform progress : water planning in New South Wales 03-12-2007
2005 National Competition Policy : follow-up assessment of water reform progress : water planning in Western Australia 03-12-2007
AAA FarmBis training provider survey 2006 : final report 06-12-2007
ACIAR technical report series 01-11-2007
ACT water quality : report for the year 05-11-2007
ASIC gazette 28-11-2007
ASIC news 05-11-2007
Ambient air quality standards setting : an approach to health based hazard assessment 08-11-2007
Assessment of garden city planning principles in the ACT 05-11-2007
Australia and WTO dispute settlement : monthly bulletin 16-11-2007
Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) eNews 05-12-2007
Australian Federal Attorney-General 14-11-2007
Australian Federal Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs 20-11-2007
Australian Federal Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service 16-11-2007
Australian Federal Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations 08-11-2007
Australian Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs homepage 10-11-2007
Australian Federal Minister for Health and Ageing homepage 13-11-2007
Australian Federal Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources : Ministers and Parliamentary Secretary 09-11-2007
Australian Federal Minister for Justice and Customs homepage 13-11-2007
Australian Federal Minister for Revenue and the Assistant Treasurer 09-11-2007
Australian Federal Minister for Veterans Affairs homepage 13-11-2007
Australian Federal Minister for Workforce Participation 02-11-2007
Australian Federal Minister for the Arts and Sport : Media centre 09-11-2007
Australian Federal Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Finance and Administration website 26-11-2007
Australian Plague Locust Commission aerial safety review 05-12-2007
Australian animal welfare strategy 04-12-2007
Australian geomagnetism report 20-11-2007
Australian guidelines for the treatment of adults with acute stress disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder 09-11-2007
Australian petroleum news 26-11-2007
Aviation safety accident and incident reports 29-11-2007
Biotechnology Australia : a Commonwealth government initiative 15-11-2007
Building a healthy, active Australia 27-11-2007
CDNLAO meetings 21-12-2007
Children's Cases Pilot Project : an exploratory study of impacts on parenting capacity and child well-being : final report 10-12-2007
Clinical practice guidelines for the diagnosis and management of lymphoma 09-11-2007
Clinical practice guidelines for the prevention, early detection and management of colorectal cancer 09-11-2007
Connected Government : agencies working together 04-12-2007
Draft ACT heritage guidelines 2007 05-11-2007
Economic analysis of building and construction industry productivity 14-11-2007
Election costings - Australia. Dept. of Finance and Administration 30-11-2007
Electronic APS Employment Gazette 20-12-2007
Enhancing out-of-home care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people 15-11-2007
Evaluation of the Industry Partnerships Programme 05-12-2007
FarmBis annual industry survey 05-12-2007
Garnaut Climate Change Review 06-12-2007
Glebe Park : master plan report : block 2 section 65 city 30-11-2007
Group of Twenty (G-20) 20-11-2007
Guidelines for a palliative approach in residential aged care 08-11-2007
Improving market confidence in water intermediaries 21-11-2007
Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse Research Brief 01-11-2007
Inquiry into the Distribution of the Parliamentary Papers Series 07-11-2007
Inquiry report (Australia. Productivity Commission) 26-11-2007
Knowledge gaps for groundwater reforms 10-12-2007
Living in the sunburnt country : Indigenous housing : findings of the review of the Community Housing and Infrastructure Programme : final report 15-11-2007
Living is for everyone : a framework for prevention of suicide in Australia 10-12-2007
Mental Health Support Pilot Project 10-12-2007
National Blood Authority 06-12-2007
National Gambling Regulation Conference 02-12-2007
National Hepatitis C Testing Policy, May 2007 07-11-2007
National Security Australia 13-11-2007
National farm survey 2006 : AAA Package 05-12-2007
National indigenous forestry strategy 07-12-2007
Not exactly rocket science : replicating good practice in meeting diverse client needs 21-12-2007
Organ and tissue donation by living donors : guidelines for ethical practice for health professionals 08-11-2007
Peak Bodies Forum 19-12-2007
Positive stories 05-11-2007
Preventing falls and harm from falls in older people : best practice guidelines for Australian hospitals and residential aged care facilities 16-11-2007
Prime Minister of Australia (Kevin Rudd) 13-12-2007
Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard 26-11-2007
Publications and Reports - Dept. of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 27-11-2007
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 30-12-2007
Report on investment in the Indonesian food and agriculture sector 06-12-2007
Review of National Safety and Quality Accreditation Standards 17-11-2007
Review of the extension of legal deposit 08-11-2007
Scamwatch 20-11-2007
ShowSkills workshops : workbooks 05-12-2007
South-west marine bioregional plan bioregional profile 07-12-2007
Strengthening the India-Australia corridor in Select Food and Agribusiness Sectors 04-12-2007
Taking the lead : a national WELL strategy for the service industries 09-11-2007
Technical note DSTO / Defence Science and Technology Organisation (Australia) 14-12-2007
Technical report DSTO (Defence Science and Technology Organisation (Australia)) 23-11-2007
The Child Responsive Program operating within the Less Adversarial Trial : a follow up study of parent and child outcomes 10-12-2007
The economic and social impacts of water trading 03-12-2007
The registration and training status of overseas trained doctors in Australia 27-11-2007
Transport safety investigation reports 23-11-2007
Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia 12-11-2007
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Northern Territory Library

Title URI Display Date
Alice Springs Desert Park 12-12-2007
Land Development Corporation 12-11-2007
Natural Resources, Environment and the Arts 16-11-2007
Northern Territory Department of Employment, Education and Training 16-11-2007
Office of the Information Commissioner Northern Territory 13-12-2007
Territory Wildlife Park 12-12-2007
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State Library of New South Wales

Title URI Display Date
32 life pieces 20-11-2007
Annual report (New South Wales. Dept. of Health) 20-12-2007
Annual report (New South Wales. Natural Resources Commission.) 14-11-2007
Australian Museum fish site 06-11-2007
Australian designers at work 18-11-2007
Border Rivers-Gwydir Catchment Management Authority 16-12-2007
Central West Catchment Management Authority 16-12-2007
Cobar Shire Council 30-11-2007
Dubbo City Council 16-12-2007
Fair chance : Proposals for sexual assault law reform in NSW 10-12-2007
Greater Taree City Council 30-11-2007
Guyra Shire Council 17-12-2007
Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment Management Authority 16-12-2007
Healthy kids 07-12-2007
Hunter-Central Rivers Catchment Management Authority 16-12-2007
Improving service and criminal justice responses to victims of sexual assault : a Report of a state-based consultation with adult victims of sexual assault, services and agencies 10-12-2007
Inter-agency protocol : Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care (DADHC) & Office of the Protective Commissioner (OPC) : management of client finances in DADHC residences and group homes 29-11-2007
Kiama Municipal Council 01-12-2007
Kinks and Bends evaluation and report 10-12-2007
Lachlan Catchment Management Authority 16-12-2007
Landscape of Blue Mountains rock-art : Wollemi National Park : phase 1 17-11-2007
Lower Murray Darling Catchment Management Authority 16-12-2007
Maritime Archaeological Inspection Report and Heritage Assessment : White Bay, Sydney Harbour 01-11-2007
Murray Catchment Management Authority 16-12-2007
Murrumbidgee Catchment Management Authority 16-12-2007
NSW Rural Fire Service 18-12-2007
Namoi Catchment Management Authority 19-12-2007
North Sydney Council 11-12-2007
Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority 19-12-2007
Parramatta City Council 02-12-2007
Primefacts 12-11-2007
Recommendations for local council heritage management 13-12-2007
Religion and Family Harmony Project รข€“Western Sydney Region 10-12-2007
Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority 19-12-2007
Surveying the statistics : Sources and Statistics on Violence Against Women in the Wentworth Region 10-12-2007
Sydney Metro Catchment Management Authority 20-12-2007
Sydney larval fish project 17-11-2007
Tamworth City Council 03-12-2007
Tumbarumba Shire Council 04-12-2007
Tweed Shire Council 11-12-2007
Vehicle registration statistics 20-11-2007
Western Catchment Management Authority 20-12-2007
Wollongong City Council 04-12-2007 09-11-2007 28-12-2007
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State Library of Queensland

Title URI Display Date
Brisbane Show Camp 13-11-2007
Gold Coast Schoolies Week 07-12-2007
Goondiwindi Town and Waggamba Shire Council 28-12-2007
Hervey Bay Whale Festival 20-11-2007
Quarterly public hospitals performance report 06-12-2007
Queensland regional profiles : Brisbane and Moreton statistical divisions 12-12-2007
Queensland regional profiles : Central West statistical division 13-12-2007
Queensland regional profiles : Darling Downs statistical division 12-12-2007
Queensland regional profiles : Far North statistical division 13-12-2007
Queensland regional profiles : Fitzroy statistical division 13-12-2007
Queensland regional profiles : Mackay statistical division 12-12-2007
Queensland regional profiles : North West statistical division 13-12-2007
Queensland regional profiles : Northern statistical division 13-12-2007
Queensland regional profiles : South West statistical division 13-12-2007
Queensland regional profiles : Wide Bay-Burnett statistical divisions 13-12-2007
Total 15

State Library of South Australia

Title URI Display Date
Clinton Duncan : the real choice 17-11-2007
David Fawcett MP Federal Member for Wakefield 06-12-2007
Kym Richardson MP Federal Liberal Member for Kingston 07-12-2007
Michelle Drummond : Independent for Social, Environmental and Economic Justice 06-12-2007
Nick Xenophon for the Senate 2007 26-11-2007
Ray McGhee : Independent for Boothby 17-11-2007
Stewart Glass 20-11-2007
Voting Black In Grey 21-12-2007
Total 8

State Library of Victoria

Title URI Display Date
Agriculture notes : identification of sheep and goats in Victoria 30-11-2007
Agriculture notes : organic farming : managing fruit fly in citrus 06-12-2007
Agriculture notes : organic farming : managing scale insects on citrus 06-12-2007
Agriculture notes : stem and bulb nematode, an important pest of vegetables and other crops 30-11-2007
Ararat Rural City Council 02-11-2007
Art journey : Melbourne Docklands public art walk 02-11-2007
Australian synchotron : lighting the path to innovation 28-11-2007
Bass Coast Shire Council 01-11-2007
City of Kingston 12-12-2007
Community survey [Bayside] 01-11-2007
Connections : Loddon Mallee region suicide prevention letter 22-11-2007
DEC 2006 Dairy Conference 12-12-2007
EQ bulletin 08-11-2007
Financial statements : for the year ended 30th June 2006 02-11-2007
Frankston City 29-11-2007
Golden Plains Shire 09-11-2007
Human Services News 29-11-2007
Kingsbury Tennis Club Inc. 02-11-2007
Loddon Shire Council 12-12-2007
Melbourne Docklands visitor map 02-11-2007
Melbourne's new business address 02-11-2007
Mildura City Council 09-11-2007
Murrindindi Shire 12-11-2007
Northern Grampians Shire Council 11-12-2007
Provenance: the journal of Public Record Office Victoria 26-11-2007
Swan Hill Rural City Council 15-11-2007
The source : a magazine by Melbourne Water 30-11-2007
Welcome to Baw Baw Shire 02-11-2007
Welcome to Hobsons Bay City Council 03-11-2007
Welcome to Horsham 15-11-2007
Welcome to Indigo Shire Council 09-11-2007
Welcome to Moonee Valley 03-11-2007
Welcome to Moyne 14-11-2007
Welcome to Nillumbik 09-11-2007
Welcome to Surf Coast Shire 09-11-2007
Welcome to the Pyrenees Shire Council 14-11-2007
Welcome to the Rural City of Wangaratta 11-12-2007
Welcome to the Wellington Shire Council's web site 10-11-2007
Yarra Ranges Shire Council 09-11-2007
Total 39

State Library of Western Australia

Title URI Display Date
A snapshot of WA children 18-12-2007
A snapshot of aboriginal children in WA 18-12-2007
Centre Stage 15-11-2007
Chronic disease and quality of life in Western Australia 16-11-2007
Climate change and adaptation in South West Western Australia : a report to the Western Australian Government and Australian Greenhouse Office 05-11-2007
Daylight savings and its effect on physical activity 16-11-2007
Esperance lead issue updates 20-12-2007
Feeling winyarn ? : get support 18-12-2007
Freedom from fear : campaign against domestic violence 21-11-2007
Get activ8ed 14-12-2007
Getting a place in WA : a guide for indigenous peole looking for housing 14-11-2007
Guide to state government concessions for Western Australians 2007 18-12-2007
Guidelines for consultating with indigenous people by mineral explorers 16-11-2007
Keeping a place in WA : a guide for indigenous people in both private and Department of Housing and Works rental housing 14-11-2007
Leavers and the law 2007 18-12-2007
Leaving a place in WA : a guide for indigenous people in both private and Department of Housing and Works rental housing 14-11-2007
PALS - partnership acceptance learning sharing 14-12-2007
Pathways to apprenticeships and traineeships for people from culturally diverse and linguistically diverse backgrounds 14-12-2007
Perth's creative industries : an analysis 20-12-2007
Petting zoo guidelines 12-11-2007
Power line fault and wildfire near Bastiani road and South Coast highway Parryville Western Australia on 7 March 2007 : electrical incident report 12-11-2007
Power line fault and wildfire near Chatcup road Toodyay Western Australia on 3 February 2007 : electrical incident report 12-11-2007
Review of retirement villages legislation : issues paper 2007 09-11-2007
The social agenda newsletter 18-12-2007
Wagerup winter 2006 intensive air quality investigations : preliminary LIDAR report 20-12-2007
Youth 21-11-2007
Total 26

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