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1 Dec 2009 - 31 Dec 2009

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

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Footprints in Time : The Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children (LSIC) 25-12-2009
Tomorrow People 18-12-2009
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Australian War Memorial

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National Film and Sound Archive

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National Gallery of Australia

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National Library of Australia

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A report on stakeholder assessment of the takeovers panel 23-12-2009
ACT Government legislation handbook 15-12-2009
AIC reports. Technical and background paper 02-12-2009
AMSAaboard 08-12-2009
An indicator framework for higher education performance funding : discussion paper 15-12-2009
Australia's crops and pastures in a changing climate : can biotechnology help? 14-12-2009
Australian Federal Minister for Immigration and Citizenship 17-12-2009
Australian water markets report ... 18-12-2009
Bang the Table 02-12-2009
Biotechnology and Australian agriculture : towards the development of a vision strategy for the application of biotechnology to Australian agriculture 14-12-2009
Bradfield (NSW) 2009 by-election (Saturday 5 December) - AEC 08-12-2009
CDNLAO meetings 21-12-2009
Climate change in Australia 01-12-2009
Compendium of workers' compensation statistics 01-12-2009
Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations : video 09-12-2009
Electronic APS Employment Gazette 24-12-2009
Evaluation of the child health check initiative and expanding health services delivery initiative 11-12-2009
Genetically modified crops : tools for insect pest and weed control in cotton and canola 14-12-2009
Government 2.0 Taskforce 08-12-2009
Higgins (Vic) 2009 by-election (Saturday 5 December) - AEC 08-12-2009
Impacts of plastic debris on Australian marine wildlife 11-12-2009
Indian Voice 28-12-2009
Maintaining product integrity in the Australian seed and grain supply chain : the role of sampling and testing for GM events 11-12-2009
Marine weather definitions 10-12-2009
National Blood Authority 06-12-2009
National Cultural Policy 01-12-2009
National Library of Australia festive (Xmas) season greetings and activities 21-12-2009
National Security Australia 01-12-2009
Native title hot spots 01-12-2009
Peak Bodies Forum 19-12-2009
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 02-12-2009
Report (Australian Customs Service. Trade Measures Branch) 19-12-2009
Research on the impact of marine debris on marine turtle survival and behaviour : north east Arnhem land, Northern Territory, Australia 11-12-2009
The value of biotechnology : applications to Australian agriculture, a review of non-GM biotechnology - its ability and potential to improve Australian agricultural productivity 14-12-2009 02-12-2009
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Northern Territory Library

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Alice Springs Desert Park 12-12-2009
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State Library of New South Wales

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Access & Equity Policy & Action Plan (Blacktown City Council) 22-12-2009
Adding value to BOM flood predictions 17-12-2009
Ambulance online 24-12-2009
Anticipating waves of destruction : preparing the NSW Tsunami Emergency Management State Plan 17-12-2009
Archival record : for heritage items within the attemperation reservoir construction, footprint, Eraring power station, Dora Creek 07-12-2009
Ballina Foreshore Master Plan 17-12-2009
Ballina Shire Open Space Strategy 17-12-2009
Best management practice for retained areas in forestry plantations 18-12-2009
Blacktown City 2025 23-12-2009
Botanic Gardens Trust 14-12-2009
Career moves : longitudinal survey of destinations, pathways and satisfaction of 2005 government school HSC students in New South Wales 01-12-2009
Caring Together : the Health Action Plan for NSW 22-12-2009
Chickiba Lakes Acid Sulfate Soils and Wetland Management Plan 11-12-2009
Coal combustion product project 07-12-2009
Coastal erosion emergency planning 11-12-2009
Community Facilities Strategy (Ballina Shire Council) 17-12-2009
Community involvement and communications draft: A resource manual for staff 03-12-2009
Construction environmental management plan : project - Eraring Energy Attemperating Reservoir & Pumping Station 02-12-2009
Dubbo City Council 16-12-2009
Emergency management of coastal erosion in NSW 17-12-2009
Emergency planning for the Hawkebury Nepean Valley 17-12-2009
Emergency response to the Wollongong floods, August 1998 17-12-2009
Eraring Dam : preliminary report on hydrology and dam break : Eraring Energy 07-12-2009
Evaluating markers of dysautonomia and noradrenaline related cardiac damage following severe traumatic brain injury : the care and needs scale (CANS) 16-12-2009
Fire management strategy - final (NSW. Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water) 15-12-2009
Flood watch and some issues about them 17-12-2009
Future of disability employment services in Australia 14-12-2009
Growth Management Strategy (Bellingen Shire Council) 07-12-2009
Guyra Shire Council 17-12-2009
Habitat offset plan : Eraring power station 07-12-2009
Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment Management Authority 16-12-2009
Heritage today & tomorrow : a feasibility study into possible cultural & community uses of Blacktown City Council's heritage properties 22-12-2009
Hunter-Central Rivers Catchment Management Authority 16-12-2009
Inquiry into issues relating to Redfern and Waterloo : final report 09-12-2009
Kiama Municipal Council 18-12-2009
Lachlan Catchment Management Authority 16-12-2009
Lake Ainsworth Management Plan 09-12-2009
Litigants in person in the Land and Environment Court of New South Wales 01-12-2009
Living learning libraries ; standards and guidelines for NSW public libraries 23-12-2009
Lower Murray Darling Catchment Management Authority 16-12-2009
Murray Catchment Management Authority 16-12-2009
Murrumbidgee Catchment Management Authority 17-12-2009
NSW Sporting Injuries Committee handbook 10-12-2009
New South Wales industrial gazette 18-12-2009
Newcastle inner city bypass Sandgate to Shortland : review of environmental factors 14-12-2009
North Sydney Council 11-12-2009
Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority 19-12-2009
Parramatta City Council 02-12-2009
Pedestrians (RTA Brochures) 21-12-2009
Permit parking : 2.1 11-12-2009
Plan of management : Williams Reserve, Lennox Head (Ballina Shire Council) 09-12-2009
Planning for the inevitable - emergency planning for floods in New South Wales 17-12-2009
Power-Assisted Pedal Cycles - Proposal for a new AB vehicle definition 08-12-2009
Primefacts 29-12-2009
Redfern-Waterloo human services plan : phase I : 18 month evaluation report 09-12-2009
Report for attemperating cooling water reservoir : design report 07-12-2009
Report on vegetation and land management in the Maguires Creek Catchment 10-12-2009
Seizing the Newcastle moment: data collection in the aftermath of A flood event 11-12-2009
Shorebird newsletter 14-12-2009
Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority 19-12-2009
Special Commission of Inquiry into Child Protection Services in NSW 01-12-2009
Speeding (RTA Brochures) 15-12-2009
Taking Care : Mature Age Workers with Elder Care Responsibilities 16-12-2009
Tamworth Regional Council 03-12-2009
The Inevitable ripple - emergency management of tsunami in New South Wales and the response to the Solomon Islands tsunami April 2nd 2007 11-12-2009
The Maitland Flood of 2007 Operation of the Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme and the Maitland City Local Flood Plan 11-12-2009
The application of timelines to evacuation planning 17-12-2009
The largest hailstorm in our history 17-12-2009
The role of the New South Wales State Emergency Service in flood management 17-12-2009
To flee or not to flee - an evaluation of warning and evacuation effectiveness 17-12-2009
Transport reliability bulletin 25-12-2009
Tumbarumba Shire Council 04-12-2009
Valuing community safety in the management of dams : developing the partnership between dam agencies, the communities at risk and emergency managers in NSW 17-12-2009
Western Catchment Management Authority 20-12-2009
Who Bargains? A report prepared for the NSW Office of Industrial Relations by the Workplace Research Centre, The University of Sydney 16-12-2009
Wollongbar Urban Expansion Area Infrastructure Strategy 17-12-2009
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State Library of Queensland

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Census of the Colony of Queensland, taken on the 7th April 1861 30-12-2009
Central Queensland regional growth management framework 2002 30-12-2009
Managing unwanted cats and dogs : discussion paper 30-12-2009
Northern economic triangle infrastruture plan 2007-2012 30-12-2009
Our first half-century : a review of Queensland progress based upon official information 30-12-2009
Queensland assets sale 15-12-2009
Queensland past and present : 100 years of statistics 1896-1996 30-12-2009
Report of the Queensland Ombudsman : the regulation of mine safety in Queensland : a review of the Queensland Mines Inspectorate 14-12-2009
Schoolies 08-12-2009
Second annual report on Registration of births, marriages and deaths 30-12-2009
Statistical Register of Queensland for the year 1861 30-12-2009
Triumph in the tropics : an historical sketch of Queensland 30-12-2009
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State Library of South Australia

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Water for good 07-12-2009
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State Library of Victoria

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Allocations manual 10-12-2009
Assessment of spatial variation in grapevine nutrient status 08-12-2009
Austin Hospital reaps major energy savings at minimal cost 08-12-2009
Ban on smoking in motor vehicles if a person under 18 is present 24-12-2009
Ban on the display of tobacco products 24-12-2009
Ban on the sale of tobacco products from temporary outlets 24-12-2009
Boys blokes books and bytes 04-12-2009
City of Kingston 03-12-2009
Disability services division statewide short term accommodation and support program admission guidelines 10-12-2009
Disability services planning policy : disability services division 2009 10-12-2009
EREP delivers efficiency for Sugar Australia's Yarraville operations 08-12-2009
Growing triticale 08-12-2009
Housing standards policy manual 10-12-2009
Iluka Resources fine-tunes new plant for more than $200,000 in energy savings 08-12-2009
Individual support package handbook 10-12-2009
Individual support package information sheet : August 2008 10-12-2009
Investor Group on Climate Change : sustainability covenant 08-12-2009
Loddon Shire Council 03-12-2009
Ministerial power to ban certain products 24-12-2009
Modest investment brings significant resource savings for Warrnambool Cheese 08-12-2009
O - I cuts compressed air usage and acheives big energy savings 08-12-2009
Occupational violence in disability services code of practice 10-12-2009
Penalties and infringements 24-12-2009
Personal relationships sexuality and sexual health policy and guidelines 10-12-2009
Perspective 17-12-2009
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) management 01-12-2009
Provenance: the journal of Public Record Office Victoria 04-12-2009
Residential services practice manual 10-12-2009
Rooming house standards taskforce : chairperson's report 10-12-2009
Special focus on burns 17-12-2009
Special focus on spinal cord injury 17-12-2009
Statement of principles for children and young people with a disability and their families 10-12-2009
Swan Hill Rural City Council 03-12-2009
The EREP program : designed for flexibility 08-12-2009
Trail bike initiative 06-12-2009
Victorian state trauma system : July 2001 - June 2006 17-12-2009
What's ni an EREP? 08-12-2009
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State Library of Western Australia

Title URI Display Date
Environment and Conservation News 09-12-2009
FuelWatch 30-12-2009
Human swine flu : what Western Australians need to know 09-12-2009
Kimberley Community Profile 06-12-2009
Office of Native Title Newsletter 14-12-2009
PALS - partnership acceptance learning sharing 14-12-2009
The Country Link : WA country health services newsletter 17-12-2009
The Hydro Zone 10-12-2009
Urban Growth Monitor 15-12-2009
Total 9

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