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1 Nov 2012 - 31 Dec 2012

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

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Australian War Memorial

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2/6 Cavalry Commando Regiment 16-11-2012
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National Film and Sound Archive

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Classification Board and Classification Review Board 01-11-2012
Screen Australia 08-11-2012
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National Gallery of Australia

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National Library of Australia

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ACT election 2012 11-12-2012
ATO interpretative decision 17-11-2012
AUSMIN : Australia-United States Ministerial Consultations 22-11-2012
AUSTRAC guidance note 02-11-2012
Age assessment in people smuggling cases : Inquiry into the treatment of individuals suspected of people smuggling offences who say that they are children 06-11-2012
Annual Report - National Library of Australia 12-11-2012
Archives in the digital era 21-11-2012
Australia's water 04-11-2012
Australia's winning edge 2012-2022 06-12-2012
Australian Government. National Capital Authority 06-12-2012
Australian Public Service Information and Communications Technology Strategy 2012-2015 21-11-2012
Australian Youth Forum 01-11-2012
Australian geomagnetism report 21-11-2012
Australian prescriber 12-12-2012
Aviation international airline activity 24-12-2012
Better schools : A national plan for school improvement 06-11-2012
Bringing them home : report of the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from their Families 18-12-2012
Bringing them home: The 'Stolen Children' report (1997) 18-12-2012
Cancer learning 03-11-2012
Carbon challenge : take the 3 month challenge 23-11-2012
Child Support - media releases 16-12-2012
Clean Energy Future 09-11-2012
Climate change in Australia 01-12-2012
Contributing life : the 2012 national report card on mental health and suicide prevention 06-12-2012
Creating jobs through NBN- enabled telework 21-11-2012
Department of defence media releases 19-11-2012
Deriving key patient variables : a technical paper for the Hospital Dementia Services Project 06-12-2012
Digital switchover : are you ready for digital TV? 19-11-2012
Dutch Australians at a glance - DAAAG 12-11-2012
EOWA news alert 26-12-2012
Electronic APS Employment Gazette 28-12-2012
Energy white paper 2012 19-11-2012
Fair Work Australia 30-12-2012
FlagPost: Information and research from Australia's Commonwealth Parliamentary Library 07-12-2012
Floriade : event reports 07-11-2012
Government 2.0 Taskforce 07-12-2012
Government online directory 01-11-2012
Growing up in Australia : the longitudinal study of Australian children 05-11-2012
Immigration Detention Statistics Summary 20-11-2012
Impact : a monthly fact sheet on the economic impact of tourism and the latest visitor arrival trends 28-11-2012
Indigenous weather knowledge 23-11-2012
Inquiry into the role and potential of the National Broadband Network 28-11-2012
Letters to editors 28-11-2012
Library Podcasts 20-12-2012
Monthly Weather Review 10-12-2012
National Arboretum : Canberra 21-11-2012
National Blood Authority 06-12-2012
National Broadband Network 22-11-2012
National Cultural Policy 04-12-2012
National Library Aus [twitter page] 27-11-2012
National Science Week 26-11-2012
National Security Australia 30-11-2012
News of Friends of Grasslands 05-11-2012
OwnPlace 17-12-2012
Ozzie Sport 07-11-2012
Paddy's Kitchen 01-12-2012
Papers : Office of the Australian Information Commissioner 21-11-2012
Parliamentary information - documents and related guidelines 11-12-2012
Picture of Australia's children 2012 05-12-2012
Prime Minister of Australia - Julia Gillard 21-11-2012
Publications (Australian National Council on Drugs) 07-11-2012
RBA: Chart pack 17-11-2012
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 04-12-2012
Report (Commonwealth ombudsman) 27-11-2012
Research in practice 09-11-2012
Royal Commission into Institutional Response into Child Sexual Abuses 26-11-2012
Skills and workforce development 2011 : Comparing performance across Australia 19-11-2012
Substance fact sheets (National Pollutant Inventory) 01-11-2012
Success stories of Australian migration 28-11-2012
Swap it, don't stop it 28-11-2012
The Human Brochure 11-12-2012
The Life of Patrick White 11-12-2012
The Line 01-11-2012
The Lodge, Canberra - refurbishment works 13-11-2012
The Strategist : The Australian Strategic Policy Institute blog 20-12-2012
The altered proposed basin plan 26-11-2012
TroveAustralia [twitter page] 27-12-2012
Vacancy report 26-12-2012
Working paper series (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) 09-11-2012
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Northern Territory Library

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State Library of New South Wales

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Adamstown level crossing : operational review : final report 20-11-2012
Annual report (Auburn Council) 02-11-2012
Annual report (Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales) 13-12-2012
Annual report (Ku-ring-gai Council) 17-11-2012
Annual report (Lachlan Shire Council) 25-11-2012
Annual report (NSW Rural Fire Service) 17-12-2012
Annual report (New South Wales. Commission for Children and Young People) 23-11-2012
Annual report (Uralla Shire Council) 02-11-2012
Application for a Network Operator and Retail Suppliers Licence from Osmoflo Water Supply Pty Ltd - IPART's report to the Minister 07-11-2012
Application for a Network Operator's and Retail Supplier's Licence from Orica Australia Pty Ltd - IPART's report to the Minister 07-11-2012
Arbitration under Part 4A of the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal Act 1992 (NSW) - Practice Directions 07-11-2012
Audit Guideline - Public Water Utilities 07-11-2012
Audit report Border Rivers Gwydir Catchment Management Authority 06-11-2012
Audit report Border Rivers-Gwydir catchment action plan implementation 05-11-2012
Audit report Central West Catchment Management Authority 06-11-2012
Audit report Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment Management Authority 06-11-2012
Audit report Hunter-Central Rivers Catchment Management Authority 06-11-2012
Audit report Lachlan Catchment Management Authority 06-11-2012
Audit report Lower Murray Darling Catchment Management Authority 05-11-2012
Audit report Lower Murray Darling Catchment Management Authority March 2009 06-11-2012
Audit report Murray Catchment Management Authority 05-11-2012
Audit report Murray Catchment Management Authority Dec. 2008 06-11-2012
Audit report Murrumbidgee Catchment Management Authority 06-11-2012
Audit report Namoi Catchment Management Authority 06-11-2012
Audit report Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority 05-11-2012
Audit report Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority 05-11-2012
Audit report Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority Nov. 2009 06-11-2012
Audit report Sydney Metropolitan Catchment action plan implementation 05-11-2012
Audit report Western Catchment Management Authority 06-11-2012
Barangaroo Delivery Authority - Annual Report 03-12-2012
Bringelly Road Upgrade 05-12-2012
Bringelly Road upgrade: Camden Valley Way to The Northern Road: Submissions Report 09-11-2012
CIE Consultant Report - Reweighting the taxi cost index - Final Report - April 2012 16-11-2012
Catchment management setting the scene 11-12-2012
Cause and effect of native vegetation law in NSW : the essence and spirit of the Native Vegetation Act 2003 04-12-2012
Challenges for integrated natural resource management in coastal New South Wales 11-12-2012
Citizen Me! Engaging children and young people in your organisation 14-11-2012
Claims technical manual 03-12-2012
Coastal catchment management : the future of catchment action plans in New South Wales 04-12-2012
Cobar Crime Prevention Plan (Cobar Shire Council) 12-12-2012
Community issues report: Fullers Road, Chatswood - improving road safety and pedestrian amenity 05-12-2012
Construction noise and vibration assessment Cumberland Highway southbound upgrade between M4 and Smith Street, Wentworthville 09-11-2012
Cooks River Alliance 07-11-2012
Crime prevention factsheets (New South Wales. Attorney General's Dept. Crime Prevention Division) 13-12-2012
Cultural Plan (Lithgow City Council) 08-11-2012
Cultural Respect & Communication Guide: a resource to assist sexual health service delivery to Aboriginal communities 03-12-2012
Discussion Paper: review of the NSW Mobility Parking Scheme (Transport for NSW) 05-12-2012
Distribution businesses' performance against customer service indicators For the period 1 July 2006 to 30 June 2011 - Information paper 22-11-2012
Draft Consultant Report - Frontier Economics - Energy costs - annual review from 2012/13 16-11-2012
E-brief (New South Wales. Parliamentary Research Service) 17-12-2012
Ecologically sustainable forest management (ESFM) plans- Native Forests 23-11-2012
End of Term Review for Sydney Catchment Authority's Operating Licence - Report to the Minister 15-11-2012
Equal time : newsletter of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board 01-11-2012
Evaluation of NRM & MER initiatives against the NSW natural resources MER strategy 04-12-2012
Fact Sheets (Family & Community Services. Housing NSW) 14-11-2012
Final determinations (NSW Scientific Committee.) 05-11-2012
Framework for auditing the implementation of catchment action plans 06-11-2012
Funding our Emergency Services: discussion paper (NSW Treasury and the Ministry for Police and Emergency Services) 10-12-2012
Guide for applicants for plant design registration : January 2012 04-12-2012
Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment Management Authority 16-12-2012
Heritage and Conservation Register (Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW) 16-11-2012
Hunter Water Corporation Operating Licence - End of Term Review - Report to the Minister 07-11-2012
Hunter-Central Rivers Catchment Management Authority 14-12-2012
Improvements to Route 311 bus service : community consultation feedback report 20-11-2012
Is integrated catchment management now a possibility in New South Wales? 11-12-2012
Key Roads Performance Report 07-11-2012
Kings Highway Route Safety review: collaborative community mapping report 09-11-2012
Lachlan Catchment Management Authority 13-12-2012
Lismore City Council Access & Inclusion Plan 07-12-2012
Long-term strategic plan for rail 26-11-2012
Lower Murray Darling Catchment Management Authority 12-12-2012
Management of road and traffic incidents : memorandum of understanding 20-11-2012
Market value of solar PV exports - A Final Report Prepared For IPART 22-11-2012
Master planning under State Environmental Planning Policy 71 coastal protection : periodic progress report 27-11-2012
Modelling local development contributions - Selection of a discount rate for councils that use an NPV methodology - Draft Technical Paper 07-11-2012
Murray Catchment Management Authority 16-12-2012
Murrumbidgee Catchment Management Authority 12-12-2012
NSW Resource Recovery Industries Survey 07-11-2012
Neutral bay Wharf Upgrade 09-11-2012
Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority 14-12-2012
Northern Road, Cranebrook 09-11-2012
Occupy Sydney 09-11-2012
Pay parking 07-11-2012
People Matter Employee Survey 2012 23-11-2012
Performance report - NSW water utilities performance - 2010/11 16-11-2012
RMS achievements in transport infrastructure projects 08-11-2012
Regulatory Impact Statement - Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal Regulation 2012 07-11-2012
Research report : an investigation of Aboriginal driver licencing issues 19-12-2012
Review of NSW resource condition MER : CMA interviews summary of findings 04-12-2012
Review of evidence against NRC attributes Central West upgraded Catchment Action Plan 27-11-2012
Review of evidence against NRC attributes Namoi upgraded Catchment Action Plan 27-11-2012
Review of imputation credits (gamma) - Research - Final decision 22-11-2012
Review of price structures for metropolitan water utilities - Final report 16-11-2012
River red gum assessment : socio economic impact assessment final report 27-11-2012
Roads and Maritime Services 2012 - 2016 corporate strategy 18-12-2012
Roads and Maritime Services Information Guide : 2012 18-12-2012
Rose Bay Wharf Upgrade 09-11-2012
Salt in our cities : counteracting the silent flood 11-12-2012
Social plan (Lithgow City Council) 09-11-2012
Socio-economic tools and frameworks for facilitating decision-making in NRM : discussion paper (final draft for comment) 04-12-2012
Solar feed-in tariffs - Setting a fair and reasonable value for electricity generated by small-scale solar PV units in NSW - Final report 22-11-2012
Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority 13-12-2012
State of the Environment report (Lithgow City Council) 09-11-2012
Sydney Desalination Plant - Efficiency and Energy Adjustment Mechanisms 07-11-2012
Synergy Youth Centre 03-12-2012
Tax incentives for public transport users 20-11-2012
Travel to Blue Mountains 12-12-2012
Travel to Mid North Coast 12-12-2012
Tumbarumba Shire Council 13-12-2012
Upgrading catchment action plans: report on the pilot upgrades in the Central West and Namoi catchments 27-11-2012
WestConnex: Sydney's next motorway priority 10-12-2012
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State Library of Queensland

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2011 Queensland Natural Disasters Jobs and Skills Package 05-11-2012
Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts 06-12-2012
Acid sulphate soils 14-12-2012
Annual Compliance Plan 05-12-2012
Barron Catchment Care : for healthy land and healthy waterways 18-11-2012
Capricorn Conservation Council 16-12-2012
Central and Western Queensland Floods, January 2008 22-11-2012
Gateway to Industry Schools Program Project Report 2010 13-11-2012
Great Artesian Basin Resource Operations Plan : February 2012 : Amended November 2012 14-12-2012
Greentape Reduction : smarter greener partnerships 29-11-2012
Hervey Bay Whale Festival 15-12-2012
Mary Poppins Festival 30-11-2012
Preventative health strategic directions 2010-2013 19-11-2012
QR National 06-11-2012
Queensland Coals : Physical and Chemical Properties, Colliery and Company Information 01-11-2012
Queensland Reconstruction Authority 10-12-2012
Queensland State Election 2012, held on Saturday 24 March 2012 : evaluation report and statistical returns 30-11-2012
Salinity 18-12-2012
Schoolies 08-12-2012
Surat Basin Workforce Development Plan 13-11-2012
The health of Queenslanders : Chief Health Officer reports 19-11-2012
Work for Queensland : Resources Skills and Employment Plan 13-11-2012
art+place : Queensland Public Art Fund 04-11-2012
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State Library of South Australia

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Agricola Mining 20-11-2012
Along the grapevine 11-11-2012
Central District Football Club 09-11-2012
Child and youth health 27-11-2012
Cory Bernardi 15-12-2012
Department of Environment and Natural Resources annual report 08-11-2012
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources [SA] 13-11-2012
Estimation of water requirements of wetlands in the South East of South Australia 03-12-2012
Fight for the Murray 20-12-2012
Leaders Institute of South Australia news 28-12-2012
Public Service Association (South Australia) 02-11-2012
Quilters' Guild of South Australia 21-11-2012
River management plan for the Wakefield catchment 03-12-2012
SA Stories [Adelaide Thinkers in Residence] 16-11-2012
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State Library of Victoria

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2010 State Election Plan 22-11-2012
2010-11 compliance report : energy retail businesses 14-11-2012
A more competative manufacturing industry: new directions for industry policy and manufacturing 12-12-2012
A qualitative research report on CFA warnings 30-11-2012
A right to respect 29-11-2012
A voice for indigenous Victorians. 23-11-2012
AHPACC continuous quality improvement tool March 2012 18-12-2012
Aboriginal health promotion and chronic care partnership (AHPACC) initiative. 12-12-2012
Annual inspection requirements for buses in other jurisdictions. 22-11-2012
Annual report (Victoria. Dept. of Business and Innovation) 29-11-2012
Annual report (Victorian Veterans Council) 29-11-2012
Applying for an EPA certificate of approval for an onsite wastewater treatment system 20-11-2012
At the helm 07-11-2012
Australian packaging covenant : Victorian Government action plan January 2011 - December 2015 13-12-2012
Bass Coast Shire Council 01-11-2012
Behaviour and intentions of households on code red days 10-12-2012
Best practice approach to shelter-in-place for Victoria 30-11-2012
Better practice building site management project : an options discussion paper. 13-11-2012
Building in a wildfire management overlay : applicants handbook 2010 30-11-2012
Bushfire protection for vulnerable use buildings 12-12-2012
Business plan 2011-2012 10-12-2012
CFA Post-Fire qualitative research : preliminary report 30-11-2012
Caravan park fire safety 22-11-2012
Cervical spine acute care guideline. 23-11-2012
City of Kingston 03-12-2012
Closing the gap in Aboriginal health outcomes : October 2011 18-12-2012
Compliance policy statement for Victorian energy businesses 14-11-2012
Construction of input meteorlogical data files for AUSPLUME 05-12-2012
Continuous quality improvement tool : Aboriginal health in acute health services including area mental health services. 19-12-2012
Country Fire Authority post-fire qualative research 30-11-2012
Cr Tony Briffa : Mayor of City of Hobsons Bay 26-11-2012
Cultural resource guide : closing the gap Aboriginal health workforce. 19-12-2012
Draft environmental sustainability strategy 2012-2022. 23-11-2012
Draft guideline : demonstrating best practice 26-11-2012
EPA Victoria sustainability covenant report : annual report 22-11-2012
EPA approvals review : draft report 20-11-2012
EPA customer service charter 29-11-2012
Electricity price update (September 2012) 20-12-2012
Emergency management guidelines for wind energy facilities 22-11-2012
Energy price and product disclosure 14-11-2012
Eric Thake 20-11-2012
Evaluation report 2010-2011: C2.10B evaluation and effectiveness project 30-11-2012
Fire ecology : guide to environmentally sustainable bushfire management in rural Victoria 22-11-2012
Fiskville : understanding the past to Inform the future 22-11-2012
Francis Street monitoring program : report one 26-11-2012
Frankson municipal fire management plan 14-11-2012
Frankston City 02-12-2012
Future air quality in Victoria : interim report 26-11-2012
GWMWater global reporting initiative 10-12-2012
GWMWater reclaimed water reports 10-12-2012
GWMWater water plan 2013-2018 updated 10-12-2012
Glenelg municipal emergency management plan 29-11-2012
Grain logistics taskforce report. 19-12-2012
Health workforce and management resource guide 19-12-2012
Heatwave planning guide : development of heatwave plans in local councils in Victoria. 23-11-2012
ICAP discharge planning toolkit 18-12-2012
IFMP: integrated fire management planning 14-11-2012
Illegal dumping alert 20-11-2012
Illegal dumping alert : avoid the dangers of taking fill material onto your land 26-11-2012
Implementing the Government's response to the 2009 Victorian bushfires Royal Commission, May 2011 30-11-2012
Improving care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Patients (ICAP). 12-12-2012
Inquiry into people trafficking for sex work : government response 22-11-2012
Integrated fire management planning 14-11-2012
Koori health counts! Victorian Aboriginal hospital data 10-12-2012
Living with fire : a community engagement framework 2008-2012 10-12-2012
Loddon Shire Council 03-12-2012
Lower Murray Water customer charter (urban) 10-12-2012
Lynbrook monitoring report 26-11-2012
Marine emergency framework review 28-11-2012
Melbourne, let's talk about the future : discussion paper 30-11-2012
Metropolitan planning strategy : a vision for Victoria 11-12-2012
Mildura City Council 20-11-2012
Murrindindi Shire 12-11-2012
Native vegetation : policy and planning 29-11-2012
Neighbourhood safer places : CFA assessment guidelins 30-11-2012
Noise from outdoor shooting ranges 26-11-2012
North Geelong noise 10-12-2012
Northern Grampians Shire Council 25-11-2012
Nutrition standards for menu items in Victorian hospitals and residential aged care facilities. 23-11-2012
Obligations to customers : disconnection and reconnection 14-11-2012
Permit to transport prescribed industrial waste 11-12-2012
Philip Mallis for a fresh start 08-11-2012
Places Victoria 20-12-2012
Planning for Bushfire Victoria 22-11-2012
Planning for community infrastructure in growth areas. 12-12-2012
Planning for sea level rises : assessing development in areas prone to tidal inundation from sea level rise in the Port Phillip and Westernport region. 19-12-2012
Powerline Bushfire Safety Taskforce 18-12-2012
Premier of Victoria Australia 04-12-2012
Primary Health Branch policy and funding guidelines. 23-11-2012
Protective action decision guide for Emergency Services during outdoor hazardous atmosopheres 30-11-2012
Protective action guide for local government and industry during outdoor hazardous atmospheres 30-11-2012
Quality of care reports 2008-09 : review of Victorian health service reporting against ICAP key result areas. 19-12-2012
Regional Rail Link 11-12-2012
Regional Rail Link construction works December 2012 to January 2013. 12-12-2012
Report of the 2012 North East Victoria Flood Review 28-11-2012
Residential aged care services heatwave ready resource. 23-11-2012
Review of water performance report indicators : staff discussion paper 14-11-2012
Risk insight 28-11-2012
Road management plan 29-11-2012
Safety of advanced metering infrastructure in Victoria. 23-11-2012
Schoolies 19-12-2012
Sentinel event program annual report 29-11-2012
SimulAIt water forecasting & Barwon model configuration 14-11-2012
South Dynon Terminal Access Arrangement Submitted by Pacific National pursuant to section 38W of the Rail Management Act 1996 (Vic) 14-11-2012
State district by-election plan. 22-11-2012
Statewide local government services report 14-11-2012
Street tree masterplan 29-11-2012
Supporting submission to the Essential Services Commission of Victoria regarding the review of theSouth Dynon terminal access arrangement 14-11-2012
Taxi industry inquiry 13-12-2012
The EREP program : interim results 05-12-2012
The link 29-11-2012
Trade waste customer charter 10-12-2012
Tullamarine landfill : community air monitoring program : final report 20-11-2012
V/Line rail access arrangement renewal : issues paper : application to the ESC 15-11-2012
VicTrack 22-11-2012
Victoria closing the health gap implementation plan. 12-12-2012
Victorian Essential Learning Standards 06-12-2012
Victorian Government response to the Grain Logististic Taskforce report : November 2012 19-12-2012
Victorian Government's womens progress report 2008-2009 11-12-2012
Victorian Indigenous Task Force : final report 14-11-2012
Victorian government response to Victorian Indigenous Task Force : final report 14-11-2012
Victorian health policy and funding guidelines 2009-2010 part 2: Policy and funding details cross program initiatives. 20-12-2012
Victorian refugee health and wellbeing strategy : consultation summary 30-11-2012
Vicurban 14-11-2012
Water supply demand strategy 2011-2060 (March 2012) 10-12-2012
We need to talk : preventing violence against women discussion paper. 03-12-2012
Welcome to East Gippsland online 13-11-2012
Welcome to Horsham 23-11-2012
Welcome to Indigo Shire Council 24-11-2012
Welcome to Mitchell Shire Council 16-11-2012
Welcome to Moonee Valley 03-11-2012
Welcome to Nillumbik 20-11-2012
Westpoint chemical fire report to the community 28-11-2012
Your treasures 02-11-2012
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State Library of Western Australia

Title URI Display Date
Environment and Conservation News 20-12-2012
GP handbook 14-11-2012
GSWA eNewsletter 03-12-2012
Labour Relations Newsletter 29-11-2012
Ningaloo Turtle Program 08-11-2012
Office of Native Title Newsletter 05-12-2012
Office of the Electoral Distribution Commissioners 03-11-2012
Office of the Public Sector Standards Commissioner 01-11-2012
Western Australian Community Resource Network 06-11-2012
Youth 26-11-2012
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