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1 Nov 2017 - 31 Dec 2017

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

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Australian War Memorial

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2/6 Cavalry Commando Regiment 16-11-2017
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National Film and Sound Archive

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National Gallery of Australia

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National Library of Australia

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2017 Bennelong by-election (AEC) 21-12-2017
2017 New England by-election (AEC) 12-12-2017
25 Years of Native Title Recognition 01-11-2017
ACT Government Asbestos Response Taskforce 13-11-2017
ACT Government Media Releases 11-12-2017
ASIC Regulatory guides 01-12-2017
Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper 06-11-2017
Annual Report - National Library of Australia 14-11-2017
Army Research Papers 21-11-2017
Australia India Education 10-11-2017
Australian Federal Attorney-General 20-12-2017
Australian Federal Minister for Communications and Australian Federal Minister for the Arts 26-12-2017
Australian Federal Minister for Education and Training 23-12-2017
Australian Federal Minister for Employment 19-12-2017
Australian Federal Minister for Immigration and Border Protection 20-12-2017
Australian Federal Minister for Justice 19-12-2017
Australian Federal Minister for Social Services 20-12-2017
Australian Federal Minister for Veterans Affairs 19-12-2017
Australian Government. National Capital Authority 06-12-2017
Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey (Australian Bureau of Statistics) 09-11-2017
Australian Renewable Energy Agency 21-12-2017
Australian prescriber 27-11-2017
Blue Mountains Observatory 06-11-2017
Canberra Metro 03-11-2017
Closing the gap: issues papers 09-12-2017
Commonwealth of Australia gazette. Business 15-11-2017
Department of Defence Ministers 19-12-2017
Department of Health Ministers 19-12-2017
Deputy Prime Minister and Australian Federal Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources 19-12-2017
Electronic APS Employment Gazette 03-11-2017
Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (ACT Government) 14-11-2017
FEPCOW : Feed and Educate Poor Children of Our World 03-11-2017
Flight Safety Australia 02-11-2017
Foreign Policy White Paper 2017 09-11-2017
General Practice Education and Training Limited 19-11-2017
Gold Coast 2018 XXI Commonwealth Games [on Twitter] 08-12-2017
Government online directory 06-11-2017
Gravity Discovery Centre 09-11-2017
Growing up in Australia : the longitudinal study of Australian children 18-12-2017
IPS Radio and Space Services (Space Weather Services) 28-12-2017
Indian Voice 01-12-2017
Innovative Ideas Forum 20-12-2017
International Day of People with Disability 06-12-2017
Jacka (Suburban Land Agency) 01-11-2017
Kenneth Myer Lecture 06-12-2017
Linden Observatory 09-11-2017
Ministers Media Centre - Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet 19-12-2017
Ministers and Assistant Ministers for the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science 20-12-2017
Ministers for the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development 20-12-2017
Murray-Darling Basin Authority 18-12-2017
National Arboretum : Canberra 21-11-2017
National Blood Authority 14-12-2017
National Library Aus [twitter page] 12-12-2017
National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program 14-11-2017
New West Industry Park (Suburban Land Agency) 01-11-2017
Nick Xenophon (Senator for South Australia) 10-11-2017
Northern Land Council 15-12-2017
Prime Minister's literary awards 11-12-2017
RBA: Chart pack 10-11-2017
Raiders Gungahlin 20-12-2017
Rainfall and temperature records 15-11-2017
Register of Members' Interests 10-11-2017
Research papers and reports (Australian Institute of Family Studies) 21-12-2017
Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse 18-12-2017
Rubyvale Observatory 06-11-2017
Senate Standing Committee of Senators' Interests 16-12-2017
Southquay Greenway (Suburban Land Agency) 01-11-2017
Taxation Ruling / Australian Taxation Office 08-11-2017
Telopea : journal of plant systematics 24-11-2017
Tetoora Road Observatory 06-11-2017
The PMO (Twitter page) 10-12-2017
Tidbinbilla 04-12-2017
Transport for Canberra 30-11-2017
TroveAustralia [twitter page] 04-12-2017
Vacancy report 28-12-2017
Your Say ACT 02-11-2017
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New Agency

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Northern Territory Library

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State Library of New South Wales

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Adapt NSW 08-12-2017
Annual report (Ausgrid) 25-11-2017
Annual report (Board of Surveying and Spatial Information NSW) 16-11-2017
Annual report (Information and Privacy Commission New South Wales) 11-12-2017
Annual report (Inverell Shire Council) 10-11-2017
Annual report (Lachlan Shire Council) 25-11-2017
Annual report (Lane Cove Municipal Council) 02-12-2017
Annual report (Legal Aid Commission of New South Wales) 14-11-2017
Annual report (Wakool Shire Council) 04-11-2017
Annual report (Warrumbungle Shire Council) 03-11-2017
Annual report (Weddin Shire Council) 28-11-2017
Anzac Memorial Hyde Park 23-11-2017
Australian Liberty Alliance. NSW 14-12-2017
Bells Line of Road Long Term Strategic Corridor Plan 08-12-2017
Boorowa Council 05-12-2017
Bringelly Road Upgrade 05-12-2017
Camden Council 04-12-2017
Centenary of ANZAC 2014-2018 01-11-2017
Centennial Parklands [website] 07-12-2017
Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) NSW 17-11-2017
Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research and Innovation 18-11-2017
Cobar Shire Council 29-11-2017
Cooks River Alliance 07-11-2017
Domestic Overnight Travel to NSW 19-11-2017
Drug statistics, trends and policies (State Library of New South Wales) 11-11-2017
Evaluation of the Development and Implementation of Tertiary Pathway Degree Courses 18-12-2017
Fairfield City Library Local Studies 04-11-2017
Final determinations (NSW Scientific Committee.) 05-11-2017
Fit for the Future (NSW Government) 14-11-2017
Heritage and Conservation Register (Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW) 17-11-2017
Hot topics : legal issues in plain language 18-12-2017
Inquest into the deaths arising from the Lindt Cafe Siege 20-12-2017
Inquiry into museums and galleries (Parliament of New South Wales) 08-11-2017
Legislative Council Select Committee on off-protocol prescribing of chemotherapy in NSW 24-11-2017
Living learning libraries ; standards and guidelines for NSW public libraries 16-12-2017
Macquarie Street, Sydney (Property NSW) 08-11-2017
National Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance (NCIRS) 04-12-2017
New South Wales industrial gazette 18-11-2017
NorthConnex 26-11-2017
Our stories : Coffs Coast Heritage 09-11-2017
Parramatta City Council 08-12-2017
Point Magazine 01-12-2017
Ponds Community Website 06-12-2017
Premier's Priorities - NSW Government 08-11-2017
Real Festival 09-11-2017
Return and earn 14-12-2017
Review of seclusion, restraint and observation of consumers with a mental illness in NSW Health facilities 20-12-2017
Safety alert (NSW Trade & Investment, Mine Safety) 03-12-2017
Social plan (Bellingen Shire Council) 12-11-2017
Social plan (Snowy River Shire Council) 18-12-2017
State of the Environment Report (Lachlan Shire Council) 28-11-2017
State of the Environment Report (Lismore City Council) 06-12-2017
Statistical indicators (New South Wales. Parliamentary Research Service) 20-12-2017
Sydney Children's Hospitals Network 08-11-2017
Sydney Design Festival 08-11-2017
Sydney Olympic Park 19-12-2017
The Cook and the Curator : eat your history 30-11-2017
Tomorrow's Sydney : My Sydney 06-12-2017
Travel to Central NSW 15-11-2017
Travel to New England North West 28-11-2017
Travel to New South Wales 22-11-2017
Travel to South Coast NSW 17-11-2017
WestConnex 23-11-2017
Wollongong City Council 12-12-2017
Woollahra Crime Prevention Plan 13-12-2017
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State Library of Queensland

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2017 State General Election 21-11-2017
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workforce Strategic Framework 2016-2026 23-11-2017
Advance Queensland 09-11-2017
Advancing rural and remote health service delivery through workforce: A strategy for Queensland 2017-2020 20-11-2017
Council of Mayors South East Queensland 21-11-2017
Daradgee Environmental Education Centre 07-11-2017
Fair Share 4 Logan 04-12-2017
Medical Practitioner Workforce Plan for Queensland 23-11-2017
National Servicemen's Association of Australia Queensland Inc. 07-11-2017
Newsroom / Queensland Government Fire and Emergency Services 03-12-2017
Queensland Cabinet and Ministerial Directory 23-11-2017
Queensland Government. Department of Energy and Water Supply 19-11-2017
Queensland Reconstruction Authority 24-11-2017
Reef 2050 Water Quality Improvement Plan 15-11-2017
Schoolies 07-11-2017
State of the environment Queensland 17-11-2017
The Premier of Queensland 23-11-2017
The Queensland Plan 09-11-2017
Toohey Forest Environmental Education Centre 30-11-2017
qld water on tap 30-11-2017
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State Library of South Australia

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Art Gallery of South Australia 17-12-2017
Attorney-General's Department [South Australia] 13-12-2017
Child and Youth Health 28-11-2017
Children, youth and women's health service annual report 04-11-2017
Department for Communities and Social Inclusion [SA] 19-12-2017
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure 16-11-2017
Electoral Commission [SA]: annual report 04-11-2017
Environment Protection Authority [SA] annual report 04-11-2017
Equal Opportunity Commission SA 14-12-2017
Extreme Weather Event Review 11-12-2017
Forestry SA 02-11-2017
ICAC: Independent Commissioner Against Corruption South Australia 20-11-2017
Living Adelaide 16-11-2017
Look North 04-12-2017
Office of the Public Advocate [SA] annual report 04-11-2017
Premier of South Australia 11-12-2017
SA planning portal 07-11-2017
South Australian Museum Annual Report 04-11-2017
YourSAy 02-11-2017
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State Library of Victoria

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The Waterway Ecosystem Research Group 02-11-2017
Agricultural traineeships for school leavers in north-west Victoria 17-11-2017
Agriculture minister Jaala Pulford tags a lamb 16-11-2017
Albert Park draft master plan 05-12-2017
Amendments to the puppy farm legislation 06-12-2017
Announcement of support package for sheep and goats EID 06-12-2017
Annual report / Places Victoria 10-11-2017
Antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobial stewardship : Glenn Browning 17-11-2017
Are we prepared : Charles Milne 16-11-2017
Art bytes 03-12-2017
Assessing planning proposals within the buffer of a landfill 03-11-2017
Australian sheep and wool show sheep traceability : what is it for 17-11-2017
Aviation training day Walsh's Airbase: Mansfield Victoria 06-12-2017
Ballarat Station precinct redevelopment 06-12-2017
Bass Coast Shire Council 01-11-2017
Bigger trains for a better Melbourne : jobs for Victorians 06-12-2017
Boao Forum for Asia 06-12-2017
Building a resilient business 16-11-2017
Building megaprojects in megacities 17-11-2017
Calculation of financial assurance for landfills, prescribed industrial waste management (PIW) and container washing 03-11-2017
Changes to the bicycle network 10-11-2017
City of Ballarat 05-11-2017
City of Kingston 03-12-2017
Classing up the opportunities for sheep : Georgia Twomey 16-11-2017
Climatedog Mojo 09-11-2017
Corangamite Catchment Management Authority 26-11-2017
Creating new opportunities : Victorian manufacturing showcase 2017 06-12-2017
Dairy forages for the future 09-11-2017
Daniel's Donuts gives young jobseekers some sweet relief 06-12-2017
Demonwiki : the history of the Melbourne Football Club 18-11-2017
Designing a sheep fit for purpose 16-11-2017
Determination of odour concentration by dynamic olfactometry 03-11-2017
Domain station options assessment 17-11-2017
EES Process overview [Melbourne Metro Rail project] 17-11-2017
Eastern Metropolitan Partnership Assembly in 30 seconds 06-12-2017
Eco-shout 05-11-2017
Estuary perch 09-11-2017
FFMVic firefighter deployed to Southern Californian wildfires 06-12-2017
Fact sheet : Consumption advice for fish and game - Heart Morass Wetlands 03-11-2017
Fact sheet : Fishermans Bend groundwater studies 2015-2017 24-11-2017
Farm worker Jessica Brogden talks about electronic tagging in safeguarding biosecurity 17-11-2017
Financial assurance for licences and works approvals 03-11-2017
Fire danger ratings - today [low bandwith/mobile version] 29-11-2017
Fisheries at work tackling illegal fishing 09-11-2017
Food & Beverage Trade Week 06-12-2017
Geelong arts atlas 19-11-2017
Getting Melbourne ready for Metro Tunnel construction 10-11-2017
Getting motivated : making change 16-11-2017
Glenn Rea is a stock agent in Bendigo who knows electronic tagging can maximise profits for farmers 17-11-2017
Goat producer Berwyn Squire understand how easy it will be to track her goats 16-11-2017
Gordon Brown says electronic tagging enables older farmers to move with the times 17-11-2017
Governor of Victoria export award : Deakin University 06-12-2017
Governor of Victoria export award : Hipster Whale 06-12-2017
Governor of Victoria export awards : Raygen Resources 06-12-2017
Grampians Wimmera arts atlas 29-11-2017
Grampians region all staff day November 29 2017 - Ararat 06-12-2017
Grazing management of perennial forage shrubs 16-11-2017
Greater Dandenong 17-11-2017
Grow your food & fibre career : Claire Lewis 09-11-2017
Grow your food & fibre career : Damien Murphy 09-11-2017
Grow your food & fibre career : Elise Wenden 09-11-2017
Grow your food & fibre career : John Droppert 09-11-2017
Grow your food & fibre career : Safet Kutrolli 09-11-2017
Grow your food & fibre career : Sam Price 09-11-2017
Grow your food & fibre career : Sara Scott 09-11-2017
Guide for media - reporting on gender identity 01-12-2017
Harcourt mountain bike park update 5 December 2017 06-12-2017
Heritage Council of Victoria 10-11-2017
High rainfall zone cropping (video) 09-11-2017
Inner Metro Metropolitan Partnership Assembly in 30 seconds 06-12-2017
Inner South-East Metropolitan Partnership Assembly in 30 seconds 06-12-2017
Interim position statement on PFAS 24-11-2017
International Biofest 2016 06-12-2017
International Mining & Resources Conference opening 06-12-2017
James Molesworth on the benefits of electronic tagging 17-11-2017
Jobs & economy [Melbourne Metro Rail project] 17-11-2017
Keeping Melbourne moving 10-11-2017
Laberal 15-12-2017
Land tenure options : getting in / getting out of farming 16-11-2017
Landowners fact sheet : storage and abandonment of waste 01-12-2017
Lead in Victorian wetlands study : preliminary investigation 15-12-2017
Lean meat yield and eating quality in lamb production systems : paddock to plate value chain 09-11-2017
Licence management guidelines 24-11-2017
Livestock management in cropping systems 16-11-2017
Making sense of seasonal forecasting 15-11-2017
Managing air quality 10-11-2017
Managing construction noise and vibration 17-11-2017
Managing dairy effluent 09-11-2017
Managing natural resources to enhance dairy production 09-11-2017
Managing trees and the natural environment 20-11-2017
Measuring fish the right way 09-11-2017
Melbourne : your City of Melbourne magazine 24-11-2017
Metro Tunnel 15-12-2017
Metro Tunnel : Eastern tunnel entrance 24-11-2017
Metro Tunnel : Western tunnel entrance 24-11-2017
Metro Tunnel : project overview 10-11-2017
Milk bar 11-11-2017
Modifications to water corporation sewage treatment plants exempt from works approvals : guideline 08-12-2017
Monash Freeway upgrade 06-12-2017
Murrindindi Shire 15-11-2017
Native vegetation removal regulations : part 1 06-12-2017
New opportunities for Australian summerfruit in Asia 09-11-2017
Noise and vibration Management 17-11-2017
Norhtern Victoria new energy roundtable 06-12-2017
North East Water 26-11-2017
Northern Metropolitan Partnership Assembly 06-12-2017
Northern Metropolitan Partnership Assembly in 30 seconds 06-12-2017
Off label use : managing the risks 15-11-2017
Otherways Magazine 28-11-2017
Our work 2016/17 [Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission] 01-12-2017
PV Parliament of Victoria @VicPalriament (Twitter page) 29-11-2017
Practical steps for landowners : building sediment fences 09-11-2017
Premier of Victoria Australia 29-11-2017
Professor Chris Baggoley : One health : a personal perspective (2017 AVA Annual Conference) 17-11-2017
Program guidelines : alcohol and other drugs 15-12-2017
Property condition surveys : general information for landowners and tenants 17-11-2017
Renewable energy potential in the Grampians region (conference video) 06-12-2017
Respite, relocation and noise management for residents during construction 17-11-2017
Response to comments on assessing planning proposals near landfills draft guideline 03-11-2017
Review of licence management guidelines : response to submissions from August 2017 consultation 24-11-2017
Rule of thumb for practice change & adoption in agriculture 15-11-2017
Safe distances from marine mammals 06-12-2017
Seasonal outlooks and a quick climate briefing 15-11-2017
Sheep flows for electronic tagging at Wycheproof salesyard 16-11-2017
Shire of Strathbogie 13-11-2017
Smoky outside? Protect your health 01-12-2017
Snapper tracking 09-11-2017
South Gippsland Shire Council 03-12-2017
Southern Metropolitan Partnership Assembly in 30 seconds 06-12-2017
Stock containment areas : managing dry times 17-11-2017
Stock containment areas : more than a drought measure 16-11-2017
Strategies for dry weather farming in Gippsland 09-11-2017
Strategies for dry weather farming in South West Victoria 09-11-2017
Strategies for dry weather farming in central Victoria 09-11-2017
Strategies to manage tail-end lambs 16-11-2017
Summary statistics Victorian schools 24-11-2017
Supporting businesses during construction 17-11-2017
Sustainability Victoria 26-11-2017
The impact of Feeding pastures for profit program in the dairy sector 09-11-2017
The role of fibre in the sheep diet : Jim Gibbs 16-11-2017
Topsoil loss : protecting your farm's most valuable asset 16-11-2017
Transformation of Ballarat Station Precinct begins 06-12-2017
Unimog : the toughest trucks this summer 06-12-2017
Unimog driver training 06-12-2017
Usain Bolt to run in Melbourne in February 2017 06-12-2017
Vehicle guidence : non-tanker vehicles/trailers 08-12-2017
Vehicle guidence : tanker/tanker trailer 08-12-2017
Vic Emergency : incidents and warnings [text only] 29-11-2017
Victoria winning a share of China's booming ecommerce market 06-12-2017
Victoria's vibrant startup ecosystem 06-12-2017
Victoria's wild trout fishery management program 09-11-2017
Victorian Agriculture : young farmers 16-11-2017
Victorian Electoral Commission 20-11-2017
Victorian aquaculture : salmonoid sector 23-11-2017
Victorian manufacturing showcase 2016 06-12-2017
Victorian property sales report 28-11-2017
Voluntary assisted dying bill 2017 28-11-2017
Voluntary assisted dying bill : discussion paper 29-11-2017
Wannon Water 26-11-2017
Welcome to East Gippsland online 13-11-2017
Welcome to Horsham 30-11-2017
Welcome to Moonee Valley 05-11-2017
Welcome to Nillumbik 20-11-2017
Western Metropolitan Partnership Assembly 06-12-2017
Western Metropolitan Partnership Assembly in 30 seconds 06-12-2017
What's on Mildura Rural City Council 08-11-2017
What's on blog 15-11-2017
What's underneath Melbourne 17-11-2017
Women in Agriculture Forum 06-12-2017
Working on Melbourne's Metro 17-11-2017
Works in the Parkville precinct 17-11-2017
Works in the domain precinct 17-11-2017
Young Farmers Scholarship : upskill and invest 16-11-2017
Young Farmers Scholarship winner Harrison Brown 16-11-2017
Youth central 14-11-2017
Total 175

State Library of Western Australia

Title URI Display Date
Kimberley Community Profile 14-12-2017
Shark Smart 21-11-2017
State Library of Western Australia 04-12-2017
Structuralreform's Blog 30-11-2017
The Chronicle 20-11-2017
Total 5

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