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1 Jan 2018 - 28 Feb 2018

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

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Australian War Memorial

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ANZAC Centenary 08-02-2018
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National Film and Sound Archive

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National Gallery of Australia

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Waldemar Kolbusz 23-01-2018
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National Library of Australia

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100 years of ANZAC : The spirit lives 1914-2014 (Department of Defence) 01-02-2018
2017 Independent Intelligence Review (AKA L'Estrange Report) 19-01-2018
ACT Building and Construction Industry Training Fund Authority : annual report 05-02-2018
ACT Civil & Administrative Tribunal decisions 14-02-2018
ACT Magistrate Court Decisions from 2005 - 08-02-2018
ACT Policing Online News 27-02-2018
ACT Supreme Court decisions 1986- 16-02-2018
ACT criminal justice statistical profile 19-01-2018
ACT public library blog 20-02-2018
ARC Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage 23-01-2018
ASIC gazette 04-01-2018
Administrator National Health Funding Pool 05-02-2018
Annual report / Foreign Investment Review Board 19-01-2018
Annual report / Zoological Parks Authority 13-02-2018
Australia Indonesia Partnership for Economic Governance 02-01-2018
Australia Now : Germany 2017 03-01-2018
Australia Unlimited 26-02-2018
Australian Blues Music Festival 20-02-2018
Australian Capital Territory Gazette (Weekly and Special gazettes) 19-01-2018
Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust 18-01-2018
Australian Federal Attorney-General 22-02-2018
Australian Federal Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources 18-01-2018
Australian Federal Minister for Communications and Australian Federal Minister for the Arts 27-02-2018
Australian Federal Minister for Human Services 19-01-2018
Australian Federal Minister for Justice 27-02-2018
Australian Federal Minister for Social Services 05-01-2018
Australian Federal Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment 17-01-2018
Australian Federal Minister for Veterans Affairs 26-02-2018
Australian Museum - News and Blogs 22-01-2018
Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) 13-02-2018
Australian Research Council Nanotechnology Network (ARCNN) 21-02-2018
Australian grains industry (Grains industry. Performance and outlook) 10-02-2018 26-02-2018
Behind the Lines 23-01-2018
Borobi [on Twitter] 27-01-2018
CBR Sport Awards 18-01-2018
CFCA Paper (Australian Institute of Family Studies) 12-01-2018
CSIRO : Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation 07-02-2018
Canberra Metro 29-01-2018
Caring for our country 25-02-2018
Clean Energy Finance Corporation 22-01-2018
Closing the gap : Prime Minister's Report 14-02-2018
Commonwealth of Australia gazette. Tariff concessions. 04-01-2018
Communicable diseases intelligence 07-01-2018
Contributing life : the ... national report card on mental health and suicide prevention 06-02-2018
Delegated legislation monitor 21-01-2018
Department of Defence Ministers 26-02-2018
Department of Health Ministers 31-01-2018
Department of Home Affairs Ministers 05-01-2018
Dundee The Son of a Legend Returns Home 23-01-2018
Electronic APS Employment Gazette 03-02-2018
Excellence in e-Government Awards 18-02-2018
FEPCOW : Feed and Educate Poor Children of Our World 01-01-2018
Fair Work Commission 24-02-2018
Field Mapped Land Capability Maps and Reports 11-01-2018
Foreign Policy White Paper 2017 04-01-2018
G'day USA: Australia Week 29-01-2018
Garden Organic Green Waste Program 01-02-2018
Get Set for the Games 08-02-2018
Ginninderra 13-02-2018
IPS Radio and Space Services (Space Weather Services) 28-01-2018
Illicit drug data report 07-02-2018
Immigration Detention and Community Statistics Summary 03-01-2018
Inland Rail (ARTC) 17-01-2018
Intercountry Adoption Australia 10-02-2018
Land Use and Management Information for Australia 19-01-2018
Media release - Department of Human Services 30-01-2018
Ministers Media Centre - Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet 05-01-2018
Ministers and Assistant Ministers for the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science 02-02-2018
Ministers for the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities 26-02-2018
Ministers' Media Centre : Jobs and Innovation Portfolio 18-01-2018
Modelled Land Capability Maps 15-01-2018
Monthly Weather Review 12-02-2018
Monthly banking statistics 17-02-2018
MyHospitals 05-02-2018
National Library Aus [twitter page] 12-02-2018
National Multicultural Festival 20-02-2018
National Police Memorial 13-02-2018
Portfolio Ministers : Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 18-01-2018
Prime Minister of Australia - Malcolm Turnbull 30-01-2018
Publications and Reports - Dept. of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 19-01-2018
RBA: Chart pack 10-02-2018
Racism. It Stops With Me. 16-01-2018
Register of Members' Interests 10-02-2018
Religious Freedom Review (Ruddock review) 19-02-2018
Report on the conduct of the Australia Marriage Law Postal Survey 2017 01-02-2018
Research paper (Australia. Dept. of the Parliamentary Library. Information and Research Services) 14-01-2018
Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry 31-01-2018
Royal Commission into the Detention of Children in the Northern Territory 22-02-2018
ScreenACT (Screen Canberra) 25-01-2018
Senate Standing Committee of Senators' Interests 16-02-2018
Speeches / Australian Securities & Investment Commission 07-01-2018
The Australian of the Year Awards ... national announcement 29-01-2018
The Integrity of the Water Market in the Murray-Darling Basin 21-02-2018
The Murray-Darling Declaration 06-02-2018
The PMO (Twitter page) 10-02-2018
The Review of the Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance for Natural Therapies 14-02-2018
Top Yarns with Tim Bowden 05-02-2018
Treasury Portfolio Ministers 04-01-2018
Treasury working paper series 02-02-2018
TroveAustralia [twitter page] 04-02-2018
Vacancy report 28-01-2018
Waste Authority 11-01-2018
Write Around the Murray Festival 03-02-2018
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Northern Territory Library

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State Library of New South Wales

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Annual report (Bogan Shire Council) 21-02-2018
Annual report (NSW Department of Finance and Services) 04-02-2018
Annual report (New South Wales. Office of Transport Safety Investigations) 23-02-2018
Australia Day Council of New South Wales 17-01-2018
Briefing paper (New South Wales. Parliamentary Research Service) 26-01-2018
Bushwalking NSW 14-02-2018
Centenary of ANZAC 2014-2018 01-02-2018
Cervical cancer screening in New South Wales . . . annual statistical report 28-01-2018
Crime and justice statistics : bureau brief 24-01-2018
Domestic violence : it can happen to anyone [website] 06-02-2018
E-brief (New South Wales. Parliamentary Research Service) 12-01-2018
Find legal answers : information about the law in NSW (Legal Information Access Centre - LIAC) 14-02-2018
Fire and Rescue NSW [website] 20-02-2018
Fit for the Future (NSW Government) 14-02-2018
Greater Sydney Commission 17-01-2018
Innovator 01-02-2018
Inquiry into museums and galleries (Parliament of New South Wales) 08-02-2018
NSW Premier's History Awards 21-02-2018
NSW Premier's Literary Awards 02-02-2018
NSW Premier's Reading challenge 05-02-2018
NSW mining design guidelines 13-02-2018
Narrabri Gas Project 27-01-2018
New South Wales industrial gazette 18-01-2018
Point Magazine 01-02-2018
Preliminary traffic crash data. Monthly bulletin 10-02-2018
Professional Update 28-01-2018
Prosecutions (court fines) [Department of Primary Industries. Food Authority] 25-01-2018
Public Inquiry under the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991 13-02-2018
Rediscover Millers Point 11-02-2018
Register of penalty notices [Department of Primary Industries. Food Authority] 25-01-2018
Responsible Gambling Fund annual report 14-01-2018
Saving our species update 27-01-2018
State Library of New South Wales [website] 01-02-2018
Statistical indicators (New South Wales. Parliamentary Research Service) 20-02-2018
Strathfield Council 15-02-2018
Sustainable Blue Mountains 25-01-2018
Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority 23-02-2018
Sydney Water 04-02-2018
The bulletin (Royal Society of New South Wales) 26-02-2018
Travel to New South Wales 22-02-2018
Travel to South Coast NSW 17-02-2018
Travel to Sydney 26-02-2018
UAC news 05-01-2018
Western Catchment Management Authority 16-01-2018
Western Sydney Libraries 06-02-2018
Young people at work 28-01-2018
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State Library of Queensland

Title URI Display Date
2017 State General Election / Electoral Commission of Queensland 05-01-2018
2018 Bundaberg Regional Council - Divisions 8 and 10 Councillor By-Elections 15-02-2018
2018 Lockyer Valley Regional Council - Councillor By-Election 15-02-2018
2018 Morningside Ward - Councillor By-Election 15-02-2018
Advancing education : An action plan for education in Queensland 06-02-2018
Advancing health service delivery through workforce: A strategy for Queensland 2017-2026 30-01-2018
Arts Queensland 14-02-2018
Centre for Palliative Care Research and Education 30-01-2018
Cross River Rail 20-01-2018
Deadly Ears 26-02-2018
Employment by occupation 23-01-2018
Far North Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils 19-01-2018
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games : sporting venue infrastructure 17-01-2018
Gold Coast Cultural Precinct 10-01-2018
Gold Coast Health 20-02-2018
In touch (Queensland. Prostitution Licensing Authority) 24-01-2018
Lord Mayor's Australia Day Awards 29-01-2018
Marriages and divorces, Queensland 19-01-2018
NAPLAN (Years 3, 5, 7 and 9) 23-02-2018
Newsroom / Queensland Government Fire and Emergency Services 05-02-2018
Premier's Sustainability Awards 26-02-2018
Prisoners in Queensland 13-02-2018
Prosecution Bulletins / Queensland. Dept. of Environment and Heritage Protection 27-02-2018
Queensland Cabinet and Ministerial Directory 23-02-2018
Queensland Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing 20-02-2018
Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet 23-01-2018
Queensland Government. Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist 20-02-2018
Queensland Governor (QldGovernor) [on Twitter] 14-01-2018
Queensland Health (qldhealthnews) [on Twitter] 05-01-2018
Queensland flood history 07-02-2018
Schools Queensland 14-02-2018
Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital 12-02-2018
Talk-About : the official newsletter for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Unit 23-02-2018
The Premier of Queensland 23-02-2018
Tinaroo Environmental Education Centre 16-02-2018
Townsville Health and Hospital Service 22-01-2018
Wet Tropics Management Authority 15-02-2018
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State Library of South Australia

Title URI Display Date
Adelaide Cemeteries Authority 12-02-2018
Australian Water Quality Centre 18-01-2018
Carrick Hill 21-01-2018
City of Victor Harbor 06-01-2018
Country Fire Service South Australia 21-02-2018
Electoral Commission SA 09-01-2018
Experience Riverbank 13-01-2018
Government House South Australia 26-02-2018
Immigration SA 18-01-2018
Infrastructure SA 17-01-2018
Libraries of SA 10-01-2018
Michael Pengilly MP 20-01-2018
Office of the Guardian for Children and Young People 06-01-2018
Outreach education: connecting school to community 09-02-2018
Plan for the best: South Australia's strategic plan 10-01-2018
SA Best 21-02-2018
SA History Hub 20-01-2018
SA Water 19-02-2018
South Australian Government Gazette 27-02-2018
South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service 21-02-2018
South Australian Museum 07-01-2018
South East Natural Resources Management Board 13-01-2018
The Aging well revolution 08-02-2018
The Centre of Democracy 20-02-2018
Total 24

State Library of Victoria

Title URI Display Date
02 Rob Gordon : trauma and relationships 27-02-2018
03 Rob Gordon : children and trauma 27-02-2018
04 Rob Gordon : dealing with trauma 27-02-2018
05 Rob Gordon : traumatic events in the media 27-02-2018
Aboriginal Victoria 27-02-2018
Agriculture Victoria Damien Sheehan VVBC reviews 24-01-2018
Agriculture Victoria amenity vines 25-01-2018
All about that bass 18-01-2018
Alpine Resorts Co-Ordinating Council 14-02-2018
Angela, a child protection practice leader, tells us her story 27-02-2018
Annual report (Mildura, Vic. Rural Council) 12-02-2018
Apprentices help build Beaumaris Secondary College 30-01-2018
Apprentices kicking goals at Moorabbin Reserve 23-02-2018
Art bytes 06-01-2018
Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research 12-01-2018
Australian Music Vault opened @ Arts Centre Melbourne 18-01-2018
Barwon South West Waste and Resource Recovery Group 05-02-2018
Barwon South West Waste and Resource Recovery Group newsletter 22-02-2018
Bayside City Council 10-02-2018
Behind the scenes : firefighter training camp 30-01-2018
Better handling for Murray cod 18-01-2018
Bonegilla migrant experience. 24-02-2018
Braeside Park 18-01-2018
Brimbank Park 18-01-2018
Bushfire at-risk register 13-01-2018
Campfire safety : know what you can and can't do 29-01-2018
Cardinia: welcome to Cardenia Shire Council 10-02-2018
City life 11-01-2018
Closed landfill guidelines 12-01-2018
Community Choice Award 13-01-2018
Community resilience newsletter 25-01-2018
Darebin heritage 14-01-2018
Demonwiki : the history of the Melbourne Football Club 18-02-2018
Disability Services Division 10-01-2018
Djandak Wi : traditional burning returns 29-01-2018
Drug rehabilitation plan 16-01-2018
E-cigarette reforms : supplement to the Tobacco retailer guide about reforms commencing 1 August 2017 05-01-2018
Emergency response times 16-01-2018
Extreme heat : what to do to survive the heat 13-02-2018
Fire danger ratings - today [low bandwith/mobile version] 27-02-2018
Fire services property levy 02-02-2018
Fishermans Bend : Australia's largest urban renewal project 26-02-2018
Future Melbourne 21-02-2018
GWM Water 12-01-2018
GWMWater reclaimed water reports 30-01-2018
Geelong arts atlas 19-02-2018
Getting things done, making things fair 27-02-2018
Gippsland Waste and Resource Recovery Group 12-01-2018
Gouldburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Group 12-01-2018
Grampians Wimmera arts atlas 29-01-2018
Guide dogs evaluate Victoria's new bigger, better train 30-01-2018
Healthy parks healthy people 08-01-2018
High capacity Metro Trains Depot : 201 build progress 18-01-2018
High capacity metro trains project : Ambulance Victoria evaluates Melbourne's new train 18-01-2018
Housing Registrar. 06-02-2018
How a wildlife sighting can save a forest : VBA Go 29-01-2018
How to extinguish your campfire safely 29-01-2018
How to follow the campfire rubbish rules 29-01-2018
How to identify Mexican feather grass 23-02-2018
How to identify alligator weed 23-02-2018
How to identify hawkweed 23-02-2018
How to identify horsetails 23-02-2018
How to identify knotweed 23-02-2018
How to identify salvinia 23-02-2018
How to identify water hyacinth 23-02-2018
How to safely construct a campfire 29-01-2018
Independent inquiry into the EPA 21-02-2018
Inner South-East Metropolitan Partnership Assembly 30-01-2018
Inquiry into drug law reform 09-02-2018
Inquiry into services for people with autism spectrum disorder 31-01-2018
Inquiry into the external oversignt of police corruption and misconduct in Victoria 09-02-2018
Inquiry into the sustainability and operational challenges of Victoria's rural and regional councils. 09-02-2018
Inside gambling 21-02-2018
Introducing VBA Go 30-01-2018
It's never ok : paramedics 27-02-2018
Jobs Victoria : Burgerlove 23-02-2018
Jobs Victoria : State Library 23-02-2018
Jobs Victoria working stories : a stargazing vocation in Ballarat 18-01-2018
Jobs Victoria working stories :YES traineeship opens a door onto a brighter future 18-01-2018
Join Child Protection and commit to making real change 30 27-02-2018
Justice and Regulation 12-01-2018
Kate's story 27-02-2018
King parrot creek catchment fox control program 29-01-2018
Kinglake National Park 18-01-2018
Kurth Kiln Regional Park 18-01-2018
Lena, an advanced child protection practitioner, tells us her story 27-02-2018
Level Crossing Removal Authority 20-01-2018
Licence management guidelines 05-01-2018
Local workers suit up for penguin parade revamp 18-01-2018
Loddon Shire Council 20-01-2018
Love food hate waste (Victorian Government) 23-01-2018
MFB (Metropolitan Fire Brigade) 16-01-2018
Making Victoria better for pets 15-02-2018
Manningham online [Manningham City Council] 21-02-2018
Melbourne : your City of Melbourne magazine 24-02-2018
Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group 12-01-2018
Mildura City Council 23-02-2018
Milk bar 11-02-2018
Monash City Council 24-02-2018
More to explore 30-01-2018
Mornington Peninsula National Park 18-01-2018
Mornington Peninsula Shire: committed to a sustainable Peninsula 13-02-2018
Naturekit : species distribution maps 30-01-2018
New partnership to harvest smart farm data 24-01-2018
North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group 21-02-2018
Northern Grampians Shire Council 14-01-2018
Office of the Commissioner for Better Regulation 16-01-2018
Organ Pipes National Park 18-01-2018
Parks Victoria volunteers 23-02-2018
Parks Victoria volunteers : Friends of Bats and Bushcare 23-02-2018
Parks Victoria volunteers : Grampians track rangers 23-02-2018
Parks Victoria volunteers : Red Hill riders 23-02-2018
Parks Victoria volunteers : Sea Search 23-02-2018
Parks Victoria volunteers : Victorian High Country Huts Association 23-02-2018
Parks Victoria volunteers : Werribee Park Heritage Orchard Group 23-02-2018
Parks Victoria volunteers : Wilson's Promontory 23-02-2018
Parks Victoria volunteers : campground hosts 23-02-2018
Parks Victoria volunteers : sherpas 23-02-2018
Pieces of Victoria 17-02-2018
Plan Melbourne 07-02-2018
Port of Melbourne Corporation 06-02-2018
Preparing Melbourne's parks for the fire season 18-01-2018
Regional development Victoria 14-01-2018
Rent Fair : Madeleine 27-02-2018
Rent Fair: Grace 27-02-2018
Rent Fair: overview 27-02-2018
Research matters (Victoria. Dept. of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure) 09-01-2018
Santhosh, a child protection practice leader 27-02-2018
Save lives : save 000 for emergencies 27-02-2018
Shark awareness 18-01-2018
Shark smart tips 18-01-2018
Sheppartonline 25-02-2018
Showcasing the heart and home of manufacturing 30-01-2018
Skills first 21-02-2018
Small business regulation review 21-02-2018
Social Mobility Symposium : Deborah Cobb-Clark, University of Sydney 18-01-2018
Social Mobility Symposium : Professor Shelley Mellet, Brotherhood of St Laurence 18-01-2018
Social Mobility Symposium : Tom Bentley, RMIT 18-01-2018
Social Mobility Symposium : Tom Burton, the mandarin 18-01-2018
Social Mobility Symposium summary video 18-01-2018
Southern Metropolitan Partnership Assembly 29-01-2018
Southland Station 25-01-2018
St Kilda Historical Society 20-01-2018
Streamlining Hoddle Street 16-01-2018
Sustainably managing Victoria's snapper stocks 18-01-2018
Swan Hill Rural City Council 16-01-2018
Tolley Ilustration 10-01-2018
Treaty (Aboriginal Victoria) 13-02-2018
Triennial exhibition @ National Gallery of Victoria 18-01-2018
Vic Emergency : incidents and warnings [text only] 27-02-2018
Victoria Police news 21-02-2018
Victoria's big build : Ballarat Line upgrade 23-02-2018
Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council 16-01-2018
Victorian Early Years Awards 15-02-2018
Victorian Energy Saver 14-02-2018
Victorian Planning Authority 09-02-2018
Victorian Skills Commissioner 15-01-2018
Victorian Socialists 08-02-2018
Victorian Water Register 14-02-2018
Victorian offical fare compliance series 20-01-2018
Victorian public healthcare awards showcase 07-01-2018
Victorian workplace wellbeing collaboration 16-02-2018
Visit your local parks 18-01-2018
Warrnambool City @WarrnamboolCity [Twitter page] 15-01-2018
Warrnambool city centre renewal 15-01-2018
Welcome to Baw Baw Shire 14-01-2018
Welcome to Hobsons Bay City Council 08-02-2018
Welcome to Hume City online 17-01-2018
Welcome to Indigo Shire Council 27-02-2018
Welcome to Mitchell Shire Council 17-01-2018
Welcome to Moyne 21-01-2018
Welcome to VBA Go 29-01-2018
Welcome to the Glenelg Shire website 16-01-2018
Welcome to the Pyrenees Shire Council 21-01-2018
Welcome to the Rural City of Wangaratta 11-01-2018
Welcome to the Wellington Shire Council's web site 21-01-2018
Westerfolds Park 18-01-2018
What's on Mildura Rural City Council 08-01-2018
What's on blog 15-02-2018
Why Live Tiles chose Geelong as its Asia-Pacific HQ 23-02-2018
Yarra Bend Park 18-01-2018
Yarra Ranges National Park 18-01-2018
Yarriambiack Shire Council 20-01-2018
You Yangs Regional Park 18-01-2018
Young Farmers Scholarship Awards 24-01-2018
Total 185

State Library of Western Australia

Title URI Display Date
Fremantle ANZAC Centenary 11-01-2018
Seasonal climate outlook 15-01-2018
The Warbler - Men's Sheds of WA newsletter 14-02-2018
Total 3

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