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1 Jan 2010 - 31 Jan 2010

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

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Australian War Memorial

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National Film and Sound Archive

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Australian Blues Music Festival 22-01-2010
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National Library of Australia

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ACT criminal justice statistical profile 16-01-2010
Australia's future tax system 20-01-2010
Australian Federal Minister for Ageing 17-01-2010
Australian Federal Minister for Climate Change and Water 22-01-2010
Australian Federal Minister for Education / Australian Federal Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations / Australian Federal Minister for Social Inclusion 27-01-2010
Australian Federal Minister for Sport 18-01-2010
Australian Federal Minister for Youth 25-01-2010
Australian Federal Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts 24-01-2010
Bradfield (NSW) 2009 by-election (Saturday 5 December) - AEC 19-01-2010
Communicable diseases intelligence 07-01-2010
Demographic and labour supply futures for Australia 22-01-2010
Disability employment services performance framework 19-01-2010
Diverse Australia Program 29-01-2010
Evaluation of Australia's Working Holiday Maker (WHM) program 22-01-2010
Evaluation of the Palmer and Comrie reform agenda : including related ombudsman reports 22-01-2010
Fourth national mental health plan : an agenda for collaborative government action in mental health 2009 - 2014 20-01-2010
Health Emergency 15-01-2010
Higgins (Vic) 2009 by-election (Saturday 5 December) - AEC 19-01-2010
Indian Voice 28-01-2010
Making waves : the growth of radio in Australia 1992-2001 19-01-2010
Muslim-Australians & local government : grassroots strategies to improve relations between Muslim and non-Muslim-Australians : final research report 22-01-2010
National Australia Day Council 29-01-2010
National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission 12-01-2010
Nick Possum 08-01-2010
Per capita 21-01-2010
Preschool education in Australia 13-01-2010
Proposed long term immigration planning framework : state and territory linkages report 22-01-2010
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 02-01-2010
Research to inform the development of a capacity building program : final report 18-01-2010
ScreenACT 23-01-2010
Systems for people: the halfway mark 25-01-2010
The civil and social participation of Muslim women in Australian community life 22-01-2010
Understanding Muslim identities : from perceived relative exclusion to inclusion 22-01-2010
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Northern Territory Library

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CHARTTES Training Advisory Council newsletter 17-01-2010
COTA NT 17-01-2010
Children's Book Council of Australia, Northern Territory branch 22-01-2010
Desert Dreams 17-01-2010
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State Library of New South Wales

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@ your library (N.S.W.) 21-01-2010
A Strategy to accelerate innovation in NSW outline for policy development 15-01-2010
Accomodation food and beverage services sector (ANZSIC 44 and 45) : Report of the Small Business Regulation Review Taskforce 19-01-2010
Brunswick Heads Foreshore Strategic Plan 11-01-2010
Central West Catchment Management Authority 17-01-2010
Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshores Plan of Management 11-01-2010
Correct Weight? A review of wagering and the future sustainability of the NSW racing industry 13-01-2010
Demand management and planning project: final report 19-01-2010
Development of 132/kV Lake Munmorah zone substation: final report 14-01-2010
Development of Electricity Supply to Port Macquarie: final report 29-01-2010
Development of Electricity Supply to the Macarthur Area and Southwest Sector: final report 29-01-2010
Development of Electricity Supply to the Mid North Coast: final report 29-01-2010
Development of electricity supply to the Lower Mid North Coast: final report 14-01-2010
Development of the Southern Supply to the ACT: final report 14-01-2010
Diggers Headland Reserve plan of management 12-01-2010
Evaluation of the 6 hour shutdown of electronic gambling machines in NSW 14-01-2010
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scheme 30-01-2010
Guardianship Tribunal [website[] 28-01-2010
Guide for managing the amalgamation of government departments 11-01-2010
Hillston Common- Plan of Management 12-01-2010
In:Fo - Social profile report 13-01-2010
Independent Review of the Thoroughbred Racing Act 1996 14-01-2010
Kosciuszko National Park ski resorts : winter access arrangements 12-01-2010
Lake Illawarra Authority 14-01-2010
Merewether Beach Reserves Plan of Management 12-01-2010
Mistreatment of vulnerable adults in their homes 07-01-2010
Motor vehicle retailing and services sector (ANZSIC 53) : Report of the Small Business Regulation Review Taskforce 19-01-2010
Namoi Catchment Management Authority 17-01-2010
Needs Analysis of Specialist Support Services for Problem Gambling Counselling in NSW -Key findings and future directions 14-01-2010
Needs analysis of problem gambling counselling services for NSW CALD communities 14-01-2010
Partnership against homelessness : guidelines for field staff to assist people living in severe domestic squalor 07-01-2010
Past and future incidence of Mesothelioma in men in New South Wales 07-01-2010
Plan of management for the King Edward Headland Reserve, Newcastle (Reserve no. 1011189) 12-01-2010
Preliminary assessment of the impact of wind farms on surrounding land values in Australia 11-01-2010
Pseudo Underage Liquor Sales : A Research Report 13-01-2010
Reasonable adjustment for people with a disability policy 07-01-2010
Redevelopment of Orange 132/66kV substation: final report 14-01-2010
Rehabilitation guidelines for the resort areas of Kosciuszko National Park 12-01-2010
Report of the Betting Exchange Task Force 13-01-2010
Report of the Inquiry into the Australian Red Cross Bali Appeal 13-01-2010
Review of Alcoholic Beverages that may target Young People 13-01-2010
Review of the Problem Gambling Treatment and Support Service provided by Life Activities Inc 14-01-2010
Tabulam Racecourse Trust Plan of Management 12-01-2010
Teacher Housing Authority of NSW [website] 28-01-2010
Think the drink : reaching out to the senior students of the Eurobodalla 13-01-2010
Towards a Culture of Responsibility in Gambling 13-01-2010
TransGrid Revised Revenue Proposal 1 July 2009-30 June 2014 29-01-2010
Transgrid Strategic Network Development Plan 2008 29-01-2010
Wellington Caves Plan of Management 12-01-2010
Wollongong Harbour redevelopment : Wollongong Harbour Consultative Committee Report to Minister Kelly 11-01-2010
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State Library of Queensland

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Bold But Faithful : John Oxley Library at work 14-01-2010
Illuminated : books, albums and addresses 14-01-2010
Q150 statistical collection 04-01-2010
Queensland regional profiles : Aurukun Shire Council 04-01-2010
Queensland regional profiles : Balonne Shire Council 04-01-2010
Queensland regional profiles : Banana Shire Council 02-01-2010
Queensland regional profiles : Barcaldine Regional Council 02-01-2010
Queensland regional profiles : Barcoo Shire Council 02-01-2010
Queensland regional profiles : Blackall-Tambo Regional Council 02-01-2010
Queensland regional profiles : Boulia Shire Council 02-01-2010
Queensland regional profiles : Bulloo Shire Council 02-01-2010
Queensland regional profiles : Bundaberg Regional Council 02-01-2010
Queensland regional profiles : Burke Shire Council 02-01-2010
Report of the Queensland Ombudsman : the regulation of mine safety in Queensland : a review of the Queensland Mines Inspectorate 05-01-2010
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State Library of South Australia

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State Library of Victoria

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Aging in Victoria - discussion paper issues for GLBTI people 07-01-2010
Analysis of the inquiry held by the Health Services Commissioner 2002, into an incident at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria : October 2004 07-01-2010
Bayside City Council 12-01-2010
Best practice models for the assessment, treatment and care of transgender people and people with transsexualism : a discussion paper for Victoria (Australia) : Vikki Sinnott June 2005 07-01-2010
Borough of Queenscliffe 12-01-2010
Break 29-01-2010
City of Greater Geelong 15-01-2010
Consumer Affairs Victoria 25-01-2010
Coroners prevention unit 21-01-2010
Country to coast 28-01-2010
Court integrated services program (CISP) 29-01-2010
Design guide for Victorian Children's Services 22-01-2010
EPA Victoria news 08-01-2010
Going to court 29-01-2010
Guide to complaint handling in health care services 07-01-2010
Health privacy : it's my business 07-01-2010
Health records act : right of access 07-01-2010
Human Services News 05-01-2010
Inquests 29-01-2010
Inquiry into the practice of recovered memory therapy : September 2005 07-01-2010
Investigation into Shamir Shalom : investigation report - November 2009 07-01-2010
Koori court : a defendant's guide 29-01-2010
Magistrates court of Victoria 29-01-2010
Making a complaint 29-01-2010
Noel Campbell inquiry report : July 2008 07-01-2010
Performance and development culture 25-01-2010
Provenance: the journal of Public Record Office Victoria 04-01-2010
Re : submission to the because mental health matters- a new focus for mental health an wellbeing in Victoria consultation paper : May 2008 07-01-2010
Re: submission to the equal opportunity exceptions review 07-01-2010
Re: submission to the equal opportunity review 07-01-2010
Risk Watch 28-01-2010
Royal Melbourne Hospital inquiry report : August 2002 07-01-2010
Sentencing, parole cancellation and confiscation orders report sentencing advisory council : November 2009 29-01-2010
Streamlined process for introduction and updating of wildfire management overlay 22-01-2010
Submission to the National Human Rights Consultation, June 2009 07-01-2010
Submission to the vulnerable youth framework discussion paper on behalf of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex health and wellbeing 07-01-2010
The source : a magazine by Melbourne Water 10-01-2010
Transgender working group discussion paper 07-01-2010
VCAA early years exchange 29-01-2010
Welcome to Hume City online 15-01-2010
Welcome to the Rural City of Wangaratta 11-01-2010
Well proud : a guide to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex inclusive practice for health and human services 07-01-2010
When you receive a witness summons 29-01-2010
Wildfire management overlay 22-01-2010
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State Library of Western Australia

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FuelWatch 30-01-2010
Jessica Singh 07-01-2010
Kimberley LNG Precinct Factsheets 07-01-2010
National Apology to the Forgotten Australians and former child migrants (W.A. Govt.) 07-01-2010
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