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1 Jun 2011 - 31 Jul 2011

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Title URI Display Date
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Social Justice 03-07-2011
AuSIL 08-07-2011
CLC [Central Land Council] 29-06-2011
Indigenous Business Australia 17-07-2011
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Australian War Memorial

Title URI Display Date
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National Film and Sound Archive

Title URI Display Date
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National Gallery of Australia

Title URI Display Date
Bernard Ollis 06-07-2011
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National Library of Australia

Title URI Display Date
12 words 21-06-2011
A snapshot of early childhood development in Australia : Australian early development index (AEDI) national report 2009 12-07-2011
ABARE Outlook Conference proceedings (National Agricultural and Resources) 21-07-2011
AUSFocus 28-06-2011
AUSTRAC e-news 13-07-2011
Analysis of year 12 or certificate II attainment of Indigenous young people : stage 1 26-07-2011
Australian Federal Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs 25-07-2011
Australian Federal Police - The First Thirty Years 01-07-2011
Australian Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission speeches 14-07-2011
Australian Tsunami alert system 29-07-2011
Australian crop report 02-07-2011
Australian journal of pastoral care and health 23-06-2011
Australian official journal of trade marks 29-06-2011
Aviation international airline activity 24-06-2011
Background notes 16-07-2011
Bang the Table 02-06-2011
Biotech business indicators 06-07-2011
Bonner (Land Development Agency) 17-06-2011
Building the education revolution implementation taskforce 27-07-2011
Bureau of Meteorology social media blog 14-07-2011
Canberra Brickworks and Environs Planning Strategy 17-06-2011
Cancer learning 14-07-2011
Commonwealth personal information digest 06-07-2011
Convergence Review 06-07-2011
Delegated legislation monitor 11-07-2011
Developing a framework for teaching and learning standards in Australian higher education and the role of TEQSA 14-07-2011
Evaluation Report on the Student Aptitude Test for Tertiary Admission (SATTA) Pilot Program 09-06-2011
Family Court of Australia conference papers and reports 21-07-2011
Framework for an Australian Capital Territory clean economy strategy : economic, environmental, and social perspectives 21-07-2011
G'day USA: Australia Week 08-06-2011
Garnaut Climate Change Review 06-06-2011
Harrison Four (Land Development Agency) 17-06-2011
Health Emergency 14-07-2011
Identifying and evaluating regulation reforms 05-07-2011
Immigration Detention Statistics Summary 15-06-2011
Impact : a monthly fact sheet on the economic impact of tourism and the latest visitor arrival trends 05-07-2011
Innovation showcase 06-07-2011
Inquiry into competition within the Australian banking sector 15-06-2011
Inquiry into the role and potential of the National Broadband Network 12-07-2011
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (Australia) 01-06-2011
International student survey 07-07-2011
Kingston Foreshore 17-06-2011
Libraries Australia eNewsletter 19-07-2011
Live Trade Animal Welfare Partnership 14-06-2011
Managing Climate Variability Program 21-07-2011
Max Barry 18-06-2011
Mesothelioma in Australia 02-06-2011
Molonglo Valley 17-06-2011
Moneysmart tips 15-07-2011
Monthly Weather Review 08-06-2011
Namadgi : summary of the Namadgi National Park plan of management 2010 11-07-2011
National Library of Australia staff papers 29-06-2011
National digital economy strategy 02-06-2011
National newsletter 06-07-2011
News of Friends of Grasslands 08-07-2011
Office of the Gene Technology Regulator 30-06-2011
OwnPlace 17-06-2011
Parliamentary information - documents and related guidelines 11-06-2011
Prime Minister of Australia - Julia Gillard 05-06-2011
Prime Minister's Literary Awards 08-07-2011
Prime Minister's Literary Awards ... 26-07-2011
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 01-07-2011
Regenerating the academic workforce : the careers, intentions and motivations of higher degree research students in Australia : findings of the national research student survey (NRSS) 12-07-2011
Report (Australian Securities & Investments Commission) 11-07-2011
Reports on Australian government advertising 07-07-2011
Research in practice 30-06-2011
Research report : Australian regional higher education : student characteristics and experiences 29-06-2011
Research skills for an innovative future : a research workforce strategy to cover the decade to 2020 and beyond 17-06-2011
Solarise : the newsletter for Australia's solar cities 08-07-2011
Strong growth, low pollution: modelling a carbon price 12-07-2011
Sustainable Australia - sustainable communities: sustainable population strategy for Australia 06-07-2011
Talking native title 06-07-2011
Technical report (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) 19-07-2011
Technical report DSTO (Defence Science and Technology Organisation (Australia)) 08-06-2011
The ACT breastfeeding strategic framework 2010-2015 11-07-2011
The Critical decade: climate science, risks and responses 02-06-2011
The benefits of school business relationships 17-06-2011
The eleoquent page: The National Library of Australia's fringe publishing blog 27-07-2011
Trends and issues in crime and criminal justice 21-07-2011
Universal access to early childhood education for Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander universal access strategy 22-06-2011
Vacancy report 20-06-2011
Water matters (Canberra : Online) 06-07-2011
Who'll come a waltzing Matilda with me? 06-06-2011
Year 12 student choices : a survey on factors influencing year 12 decision making on post school destination, choice of university and preferred subject 29-06-2011
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Northern Territory Library

Title URI Display Date
Grind Online 20-06-2011
Growing NT 11-06-2011
Housing NT 13-06-2011
Inquiry into the child protection system in the Nortern Territory 2010 03-06-2011
NT News : Live cattle export stopped 08-06-2011
Northern Territory Bushfires Volunteers 22-06-2011
Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority 09-06-2011
Northern Territory Government newsroom 08-06-2011
Northern Territory Transport Group 08-06-2011
Nursing NT 08-06-2011
Office of youth affairs 08-06-2011
Open Government NT 15-06-2011
Our generation 23-06-2011
Seniors card 25-06-2011
Territory 2030 12-06-2011
Urgent care after hours clinic 27-06-2011
specialist writing services 04-06-2011
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State Library of New South Wales

Title URI Display Date
Adapting and Recycling Anti-smoking advertisements : Two case studies: Sponge and Artery 28-07-2011
Adequacy of environmental releases to the upper Murrumbidgee River 06-06-2011
Ageing well in Sutherland Shire (Sutherland Shire Council) 01-06-2011
Ambulance online 27-07-2011
Ambulatory Chemotherapy Business Improvement Strategy - Pilot project across eight representative sites 28-07-2011
Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy Background Information (Sutherland Shire Council) 03-06-2011
Background report : Wyong Shre Youth Engagement Strategy (Wyong Shire Council) 05-07-2011
Cancer nursing in New South Wales 28-07-2011
Claims technical manual for self and specialised insurers 04-07-2011
Community Attitudes to Wind Farms in NSW 09-06-2011
Community Facilities Study and Plan (Randwick City Council) 17-06-2011
Community Services research report (NSW Department of Human Services) 28-07-2011
Community Strategic Plan [2030] (Wyong Shire Council) 04-07-2011
Conflict resolution in end of life settings project working group report 01-06-2011
Critical water planning for the Murrumbidgee Valley 08-06-2011
Cultural Randwick City (Randwick City Council) 17-06-2011
Cycling connecting communities 01-06-2011
Emergency department co-design Program 1: Stage 2 evaluation report 15-06-2011
Estimating Greenhouse Gas Emissions Abatement from Wind Farms in NSW 09-06-2011
Experience based co-design : programe 2 stage 1 : evaluation report 15-06-2011
Fact sheet (Australian Museum) 12-07-2011
Histopathology in NSW : A business improvement strategy-website report 28-07-2011
Migrant's Story : a collection of memories (Randwick City Council) 20-06-2011
Mooring maps (NSW Maritime) 17-06-2011
Mortality and hospitalisation due to injury in the Aboriginal population of New South Wales 01-06-2011
Multidisciplinary teams in New South Wales : 2006 and 2008 28-07-2011
NSW Cancer plan 30-06-2011
NSW Health review of substance use in pregnancy services 15-06-2011
New South Wales Premier's literary awards 20-06-2011
New South Wales. Centre for Affordable Housing [Website] 16-06-2011
New South Wales. Geographical Names Board [Website] 15-06-2011
Penrhyn Estuary Habitat Enhancement Shorebird Monitoring Progam 19-07-2011
Pigbytes newsletter 18-06-2011
Plan for NSW Familial Cancer Services 2010-2015 : Discussion paper 28-07-2011
Pre-Feasability Study for a Solar Power Precinct 09-06-2011
Projections of cancer incidence and mortality 2011-2021 28-07-2011
Public Art Policy & Implementation Plan (Wyong Shire Council) 01-07-2011
Randwick Economic Development Strategy 23-06-2011
Recreation needs study (Randwick City Council) 27-06-2011
Rent and sales report NSW 07-07-2011
Report on the determination of fares for Sydney Ferries from... 27-07-2011
Research and Consultation Strategy Tables : 1. Crime Prevention and Community Safety (Sutherland Shire Council) 06-06-2011
Response to the Snowy Scientific Committee report on the adequacy of environmental releases to the Murrumbidgee River 06-06-2011
Rural Women's Network (New South Wales) 17-07-2011
Safer Randwick City (Randwick City Council) 17-06-2011
Shellharbour City Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan (Shellharbour City Council) 01-06-2011
State of the Shire report (Sutherland Shire Council) 01-06-2011
Sydney Metropolitan Strategy 02-07-2011
Towns and Villages Study (Yass Valley Council) 03-06-2011
Water for life plan 14-06-2011
Willoughby City Strategy (Willoughby City Council) 06-06-2011
You can't hide it - Family Violence Shows 04-07-2011
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State Library of Queensland

Title URI Display Date
Asbestos management and control policy for government buildings 03-06-2011
Be active Queensland 2006-2010 18-07-2011
Brisbane urban corridor strategy 2007 15-07-2011
Brisbane-Cairns corridor strategy 2007 15-07-2011
Brisbane-Darwin corridor strategy 2007 15-07-2011
Calendar of flood affected cities and towns in Queensland, December 2010 and January 2011 16-06-2011
Carbon reduction strategy for government office buildings 03-06-2011
Cyclone Yasi / Queensland Government 15-06-2011
Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in schools 13-07-2011
Flood response review action plan / Brisbane City Council 12-07-2011
Flooding in Brisbane / Brisbane City Council 16-06-2011
Guidelines for pre-admission processes, discharge planning and transitional care 15-07-2011
Health matters, March 2011 / Queensland Health 18-07-2011
Independent Commission of Inquiry - 2011 flood disaster [documents related to operation of Wivenhoe, Somerset and North Pine Dams] / Queensland. Dept. of Environment and Resource Management 15-07-2011
Kurilpa Bridge 16-06-2011
Location specific flood summaries / Bureau of Meteorology 15-06-2011
Map of flood affected cities and towns in Queensland, December 2010 and January 2011 16-06-2011
Mary Poppins Festival 08-07-2011
Mount Isa-Townsville corridor strategy 2007 13-07-2011
Moving people connecting communities : a passenger transport strategy for Queensland 2007-2017 14-07-2011
Notifiable conditions counts and rates 2003-2007 15-07-2011
Notifiable diseases report 2002-2006 15-07-2011
Passenger transport industry overview 2007 14-07-2011
Queensland Reconstruction Authority 17-06-2011
Queensland assets sale 20-06-2011
Queensland floods / Queensland Government 15-06-2011
Queensland mental health strategic plan 2003-2008 18-07-2011
Rebuilding Queensland after the natural disasters of the summer of 2010-11 08-07-2011
Redress Scheme 20-07-2011
Strategic directions for mental health promotion 2009-2012 18-07-2011
Strategic energy efficiency policy for Queensland government buildings 03-06-2011
Ten Year Mental Health Strategy for Queensland 1996-2006 18-07-2011
Then and now : Gympie region 04-07-2011
Transport coordination plan for Queensland 2008-2018 11-07-2011
Urban Land Development Authority 20-06-2011
Water management in government built assets 03-06-2011
Working with interpreters : guidelines 03-06-2011
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State Library of South Australia

Title URI Display Date
A strategic assessment of the children's services industry 06-07-2011
Aboriginal employment strategy 2007-2012 21-07-2011
Annual Report (Department of Health. South Australia) 10-07-2011
Annual report (South Australia. Office of the Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner) 11-07-2011
Annual report / Land Management Corporation 21-07-2011
Annual report / South Australia. Office of the Public Advocate 21-06-2011
Annual report of the Funds S.A. Superannuation Fund Management Corporation 08-07-2011
Annual report of the Native Vegetation Council 06-07-2011
Carrick Hill 27-06-2011
Conditional registration of historic vehicles and prescribed left hand drive vehicles 06-07-2011
Credentialling in SA country public health services 06-07-2011
Cyber-Safety keeping children safe in a connected world: guidelines for schools and preschools 06-07-2011
Department of Planning and Local Government: BDP Planning Policy Library: version 5 06-07-2011
Developing local government environmental health indicators for South Australia : a discussion paper 06-07-2011
Epidemiologic report. Sexually Transmitted Diseases in South Australia 10-07-2011
Families empowered : a strengths based approach : an evaluation of FEAT, Families Empowered to Act Together 21-07-2011
Historic Adelaide 22-06-2011
Online edition of the Law Handbook published by the Legal Services Commision 27-06-2011
Physical activity among South Australian adults 06-07-2011
Premier of South Australia 22-06-2011
Remember to BYO Bags when you go shopping 25-07-2011
Ride Like Crazy 14-07-2011
SA Memory 05-07-2011
Scope of clinical practice in SA country public health services 06-07-2011
Skills for South Australia: Building on Strong Foundations 06-07-2011
Social Inclusion Initiative 24-06-2011
State Library of South Australia 06-07-2011
State of Public and Environmental Health Report for South Australia / South Australia. Dept. of Health 17-06-2011
Strengthening religious diversity and harmony in South Australia : report by the taskforce on religious diversity 06-07-2011
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State Library of Victoria

Title URI Display Date
A guide to apprenticeships and traineeships 19-07-2011
Agnes Falls scenic reserve 28-06-2011
Albert Park : dining & function venues 29-06-2011
Albert Park Reserve : visitor guide 29-06-2011
Alcohol health information labels : report of qualitative research into health information labels on alcoholic beverages 20-07-2011
Alfred National Park : visitor guide 28-06-2011
Alfred Nicholas Gardens : visitor guide 27-06-2011
Alpine National Park : horseriding 28-06-2011
Alpine National Park : our mountain heritage - around Heyfield, Licola and Dargo in the Wonnangatta - Moroka area 28-06-2011
Alpine National Park : our mountain heritage : walks around Howitt, Snowy Range and Tali Karng 28-06-2011
Alpine National Park : source of the rivers around Mitta Mitta, Omeo, Tallangatta and Corryong 28-06-2011
Alpine National Park : the high country : walks around Feathertop, Hotham and Dinner Plain 28-06-2011
Alpine National Park : valleys and bluffs : car tours and walks around Wabonga Plateau, Mt Cobbler and Powers Lookout 28-06-2011
Alpine National Park : valleys and bluffs around Mansfield and Whitfield 28-06-2011
Andersons Mill : boom to bust to historical attraction 29-06-2011
Better practice local laws strategy 20-07-2011
Bird feeding : Albert Park : it's not all it's quacked up to be 28-06-2011
Boating on Western Port 28-06-2011
Brambuk : the national park and cultural centre 29-06-2011
Building health through sport : VicHealth action plan 2010-13 20-07-2011
Colac Otway Shire Council 14-07-2011
Community centres network 02-06-2011
Consumer Education in Schools : Background Report 01-06-2011
Customer information bulletins (Victoria. Dept. of Sustainability and Environment) 07-07-2011
Delahey Community Centre newsletter 05-07-2011
EPA Victoria news 18-07-2011
Environment report : Port Phillip and Westernport receving water quality modelling : hydrodynamics 10-06-2011
Environmental water quality guidelines for Victorian riverine estuaries 10-06-2011
Firemark 07-06-2011
Food For All 2005-15 : program evaluation report 20-07-2011
Food-sensitive planning and urban design : a conceptual framework for achieving a sustainable and healthy food system 19-07-2011
Fruit and vegetable consumption and waste in Australia 20-07-2011
Future proofing Geelong : sustainability covenant 10-06-2011
Geelong smart move 01-07-2011
Greenhouse gas emission factors for office copy paper 10-06-2011
Greening Maribyrnong 21-07-2011
Guidelines for local laws manual 20-07-2011
Guidelines for local laws resource book 20-07-2011
Hazwastefund : guidance for stage 2 applications to the hazwaste fund 10-06-2011
Health matters 01-06-2011
How does freedom of religion and belief affect health and wellbeing? 20-07-2011
Implementing Parks Victoria's framework for working with indigenous communities 29-06-2011
Independent Schools Victoria 06-07-2011
Investing in Transport 09-06-2011
Knox City Council 25-06-2011
Lake Eildon National Park : Jerusalem Creek Camping Area One 29-06-2011
Lakeside camping area : Lake Eildon National Park 29-06-2011
Lysterfield Park : mountain bike trails & state mountain bike course 29-06-2011
Maidstone Community Centre harmony feast 2011 recipe book 02-06-2011
Making sense of sustainability : what do we really mean by sustainability in relation to the Food for All Program 20-07-2011
Maribyrnong art bytes 07-07-2011
Marine national parks and marine sanctuaries boundary coordinates 27-06-2011
Milking the weather 07-07-2011
Minimal impact education : interpretation guidelines 27-06-2011
National Mosquito Catamaran Council (NMCC) 11-07-2011
New residential zones for Victoria : a discussion paper 10-06-2011
New residential zones for Victoria : consultation draft 10-06-2011
Office of Housing (Victoria) 10-07-2011
Painting a concrete path forward 10-06-2011
Parks Victoria 18-07-2011
Parks Victoria : corporate governence charter 29-06-2011
Planning for all of Melbourne 10-06-2011
Position statement on healthy eating 19-07-2011
Public health compliance 14-07-2011
Public health nutrition policy in organised settings for children aged 0-12 : an overview of policy, knowledge and interventions 20-07-2011
Reef Watch Victoria 19-06-2011
Report on AISV project : mathletics : does it enhance achievement in mathematics 02-06-2011
Rosanna Parklands Protection Association 02-06-2011
Royal Botanic Gardens : green in more ways than one 10-06-2011
Schizophrenia : an overview 01-06-2011
School entry immunisation certificates 01-06-2011
Scoping a food policy coalition 20-07-2011
Shire of Melton 01-07-2011
Solu-Medral (R) : Methylprednisolone sodium succinate 01-06-2011
Spatula, Spoon and Saturday 15-07-2011
Statutory policy review : discussion paper 10-06-2011
The Society of Editors (Victoria) Inc. 08-06-2011
The second Vicsuper and EPA Victoria sustainability covenant fifth year review (2009 -10) 10-06-2011
The society of editors newsletter 08-06-2011
The value of parks : the economic value of three of Victoria's national parks : Port Campbell : Grampians : Wilsons Promontory 29-06-2011
VicHealth letter 20-07-2011
VicHealth position statement : food marketing directed to children 20-07-2011
VicRoads 09-07-2011
Victorian food supply scenarios : Impacts on availability of a nutritious diet 19-07-2011
Volunteer and friends information kit 27-06-2011
Wyndham City Council 14-07-2011
Yarra Ranges Shire Council 22-06-2011
Yarra watch 2009-11 20-07-2011
Youth 21-07-2011
Total 89

State Library of Western Australia

Title URI Display Date
Aboriginal Independent Community School 04-07-2011
AgTactics Northern Agricultural Region Newsletter 01-07-2011
Annual report - Court Security & Custodial Services Contract 28-07-2011
Buy West Eat Best Newsletter 06-07-2011
Natural Resource Management in Western Australia 29-06-2011
Rica Erickson 05-07-2011
Subiaco Church of Christ 26-07-2011
Western perspectives on a nation 05-07-2011
Total 8

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