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1 May 2010 - 30 Jun 2010

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

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AIATSIS 23-06-2010
Footprints in Time : The Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children (LSIC) 25-06-2010
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Australian War Memorial

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Australian Forces Entertainment Board (FEB) 04-06-2010
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National Film and Sound Archive

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National Gallery of Australia

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ANG and NGA exhibitions listing 11-05-2010
Ocean to Outback essay 13-05-2010
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National Library of Australia

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12 words 21-06-2010
A national health and hospitals network : further investments in Australia's health 04-05-2010
A sporting nation: celebrating Australia's sporting life 01-05-2010
ACT Bushfire Recovery Taskforce 18-05-2010
AGIMO blog 22-06-2010
AMSAaboard 07-06-2010
Australia's Human Rights Framework 31-05-2010
Australia's fifth national communication on climate change 04-05-2010
Australia's future tax system 03-05-2010
Australian Citizenship 09-05-2010
Australian Federal Minister for Education / Australian Federal Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations / Australian Federal Minister for Social Inclusion 24-06-2010
Australian Federal Minister for Employment Participation 24-06-2010
Australian Federal Minister for Financial Services, Superannuation and Corporate Law 16-06-2010
Australian Federal Minister for Small Business, Independent Contractors and the Service Economy 16-06-2010
Australian Federal Minister for Small Business, Independent Contractors and the Service Economy / Australian Federal Minister for Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs / Australian Federal Minister Assisting the Finance Minister on Deregulation 24-06-2010
Australian Pavilion Shanghai EXPO 2010 24-05-2010
Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) 15-05-2010
Australian climate change science : a national framework 04-05-2010
Australian journal of pastoral care and health 23-06-2010
Aviation safety accident and incident reports 03-06-2010
Bang the Table 02-06-2010
Coastal inundation at Narrabeen Lagoon : optimising adaptation investment 04-05-2010
Commonwealth of Australia gazette. Business 03-05-2010
Comparison of workers compensation arrangements in Australia and New Zealand 05-05-2010
Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee reports 25-05-2010
Council of Australian Governments 15-05-2010 : Australia's culture portal : connecting Australian culture online 04-05-2010
DPC/PADI what's new in digital preservation 27-05-2010
Development of a quality framework for the medicare benefits schedule 04-05-2010
Discussion paper on a review of the International Repatriation Program 07-05-2010
Distilled Newsletter 10-06-2010
Empowering change: fostering innovation in the Australian Public Service 04-06-2010
Engaging remote and very remote Indigenous students with education using information and communication technolgies (ICTs) : final report 23-06-2010
Enquiry into claims regarding leprosy testing on Aboriginal children in the Northern Territory between 1920 and 1960 26-05-2010
Establishing the eligibility of activities under the emissions-intensive trade-exposed assistance program 04-05-2010
Evaluation of the indigenous youth mobility program : final report 25-06-2010
Government 2.0 Taskforce 08-06-2010
Government response to the report of the Government 2.0 Taskforce 25-05-2010
Governors' wives in colonial Australia 01-05-2010
Immigration Detention Statistics Summary 10-06-2010
Indian Voice 29-06-2010
Indigenous home ownership issues paper 29-06-2010
Information and research : Olympic games / Australian Sports Commission 10-06-2010
Jobless families in Australia : their prevalence, personal and societal costs, and possible policy responses 05-05-2010
Listening tour - Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission 26-05-2010
Max Barry 18-06-2010
Measuring the impact of the productivity agenda : final report 23-06-2010
National Action Plan for Human Influenza Pandemic 06-05-2010
National Cultural Policy 21-06-2010
National Food Industry Strategy 26-05-2010
National Library of Australia staff papers 18-06-2010
National Performance Reports ... : rural water service providers 18-05-2010
National Performance Reports ... : urban water utilities 18-05-2010
National broadband network implementation study 27-05-2010
National health disaster management capability audit 2008 26-05-2010
National performance report ... : major urban water utilities 06-06-2010
Native title, indigenous economic development and tax : consultation paper 04-06-2010
Nothing like Australia 21-05-2010
Parliamentary information - documents and related guidelines 08-06-2010
Prime Minister of Australia - Kevin Rudd 29-06-2010
Publications and Reports - Dept. of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 24-06-2010
Real folk 01-05-2010
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 02-06-2010
Regulation and Growth of the Not-For-Profit Housing Sector Discussion paper April 2010 21-05-2010
Report on the review of the Dental Benefits Act 2008 26-05-2010
Reports and papers - Australian Securities & Investment Commission 08-05-2010
Research report DSTO (Defence Science and Technology Organisation (Australia)) 24-06-2010
Resourcing the future: National Resource Sector Employment Taskforce: Discussion paper 03-06-2010
Review of the education services for overseas students (ESOS) act 2000 : issues paper 02-06-2010
Revolutionary Socialist Party 15-06-2010
Risks from climate change to indigenous communities in the tropical north of Australia 27-05-2010
Rosemary Dobson: a celebration 01-05-2010
Ruth Park: a celebration 01-05-2010
Schools Quadrennial Administrative Guidelines 23-06-2010
Simpler visas: creating a simpler framework for temporary and permanent entry to Australia, discussion paper - June 2010 29-06-2010
Speeches / Australian Securities & Investment Commission 18-05-2010
Stronger - Fairer - Simpler : a tax plan for our future 04-06-2010
Surface and/or groundwater interception activities : initial estimates 29-06-2010
Talking native title 11-06-2010
Teaching for intercultural understanding : professional learning program. 26-05-2010
The status of school science laboratory technicians in Australian secondary schools. 26-05-2010
This errant lady 01-05-2010
Trusted Information Sharing Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection 14-05-2010
Undergraduate applications, offers and acceptances 03-05-2010
Water issues in jurisdictional planning for mining: an overview of current practice 29-06-2010
Water market rules and water charge (termination fees) rules 17-06-2010
Whole-of-government ICT strategic workforce plan 2010-2013 04-06-2010
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Northern Territory Library

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Health Professions Licensing Authority 29-06-2010
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State Library of New South Wales

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Affordable rental housing SEPP : guidelines for retention of existing affordable rental housing 10-05-2010
Agriculture and GHG mitigation policy : options in addition to the CPRS 29-06-2010
Ambulatory/outpatient chemotherapy and haematology services in New South Wales 14-05-2010
Animal health surveillance (NSW) 08-05-2010
Annual compliance audit (National GreenPower Accreditation Program ) 11-05-2010
Annual report (Eurobodalla Shire Council) 28-06-2010
Annual report (New South Wales. Dept. of Primary Industries) 11-05-2010
Archibald Prize 22-05-2010
Australian Agriculture as a Provider of Carbon Offsets 29-06-2010
Boat ramps (NSW Maritime) 13-06-2010
Boating maps (NSW Maritime) 11-06-2010
Bourke Social Plan 03-05-2010
Brighter futures service provision guidelines 04-05-2010
Business guide to the low carbon economy : New South Wales 28-06-2010
Caring Together : the Health Action Plan for NSW 22-06-2010
Clarence Valley Council 26-05-2010
Clean air for all project : managing nicotine dependence in two mental health units in Sydney South West 07-06-2010
Coal Mine Safety Audit Report : Mine Safety Operations 21-05-2010
Commonwealth Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 : guide to implementation in NSW 10-05-2010
Contribution of the Minerals Industry to the NSW Economy 29-06-2010
Darling Basin Reservoir Prediction Study 21-05-2010
DesignTech : gallery guide : PHM 19-05-2010
Developing a plan for the preparation of a safety report : a guide for major hazard facilities 03-05-2010
Developing information resources for people with head and neck cancer 14-05-2010
Discussion paper and issues paper (NSW Ombudsman) 11-05-2010
Effects of Climate Change on Bushfire Threats to Biodiversity, Ecosystem Processes and People in the Sydney Region 28-06-2010
Entitled to respect : a discussion paper on community attitudes to older people 10-05-2010
Guideline for the prevention, early detection and suppression of fires in coal mines 21-05-2010
Guidelines for establishing and operating community consultative committees for mining projects 10-05-2010
Guidelines for major project community consultation 10-05-2010
Henry Lawson Festival of the Arts 29-06-2010
I & I NSW Game Fishing Tagging Program Summary 29-06-2010
Improving the NSW planning system : community guide 10-05-2010
Inquiry into bee keeping in urban areas report 25-05-2010
Lettuce leaf 20-05-2010
Living alone staying in touch : seminars report Seniors Week 2007 10-05-2010
Management of asbestos in recycled construction and demolition waste : guide 07-06-2010
Marine Parks Authority NSW 08-05-2010
Melanoma recurrence in NSW assessment of the feasibility of measuring melanoma recurrence in the NSW Central Cancer Registry 14-05-2010
Metropolitan Development Program : MDP 2007 update 03-05-2010
Mt Penang Parklands 11-05-2010
Multdisciplinary teams in NSW cancer care services 2006 and 2008 14-05-2010
MyZone 08-06-2010
NSW Aboriginal education and training strategy 2006-2008 : a direct response to the Aboriginal education review 24-05-2010
NSW Government sustainability policy 28-06-2010
NSW Great Artesian Basin water auction 2009 27-05-2010
NSW best practice odour guideline 03-05-2010
NSW grains report 01-05-2010
NSW guidelines for management of private recycled water schemes 28-05-2010
NSW licensed pipelines ... performance report 06-05-2010
NSWOG evaluation report New South Wales oncology groups - program evaluation 14-05-2010
New South Wales industrial gazette 19-05-2010
New South Wales smoking and health survey 2009 13-05-2010
OSR connect 19-05-2010
Overview of palliative care services in New South Wales 2006 14-05-2010
Penrith State By-Election : 19th June 2010 19-06-2010
Potential for Coal Seam Geosequestration of Carbon Dioxide in New South Wales 21-05-2010
Preparation of a safety report : a guide for major hazard facilities 03-05-2010
Progress report on the Snowy Mountains cloud seeding trial 10-05-2010
Quarterly notes 20-05-2010
Quarterly status report. (National GreenPower Accreditation Program ) 06-05-2010
RailCorp safety performance statistics 05-06-2010
Recommendations : state-wide standard and targets 26-05-2010
Report on the evaluation of the nurse/midwife practitioner and clinical nurse/midwife consultant roles 07-06-2010
Report on the status of recommendations arising from independent investigations into rail, bus and ferry incidents in NSW 19-05-2010
Review of Snowy Precipitation Enhancement Research Project annual report (February 2005) : report to the Minister for the Environment and Minister for Planning 10-05-2010
Riverina Citrus 11-06-2010
Routine screening for domestic violence program : snapshot report 3 November 2005, snapshot report 4, November 2006 07-06-2010
Rural mental health emergency and critical care access plan 07-06-2010
Self insurer case management 17-05-2010
Shorebird newsletter 14-06-2010
Snowy flow response monitoring and modelling: Assessment of Matters of National Environmental Significance in the Snowy and Montane Rivers 11-05-2010
Specialised insurer case management 17-05-2010
Standard technical requirements for LEP maps 10-05-2010
Supporting affordable rental housing : community guide 10-05-2010
Sustainable land management practices for graziers : Best management practices for grazing in the Tablelands and Southern Highlands of NSW 21-05-2010
Sydney Metropolitan Strategy : update report 03-05-2010
The NSW planning profession Looking forward 10-05-2010
The effect of the introduction of Commonwealth Medicare Benefit Schedule items 871 and 872 on cancer multidisciplinary teams in NSW 13-05-2010
The health economics of chemoprevention for breast cancer in Australia 27-05-2010
Tide chart and information handbook 23-05-2010
Transport reliability bulletin 25-06-2010
Volunteering it's never too late! : encouraging volunteering at all ages, community consultations 11-05-2010
Water for life plan 14-06-2010
Water supply and sewerage NSW benchmarking report 08-05-2010
Weight of opinion : general practitioners' perceptions about child and adolescent overweight and obesity 07-06-2010
Weight of opinion : perceptions of school teachers and secondary students on child and adolescent overweight and obesity 07-06-2010
Work plan July 2006 - early 2008 10-05-2010
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State Library of Queensland

Title URI Display Date
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives resources : supporting the implementation of Essential Learnings 04-06-2010
Colonial Brisbane Heritage Walk 31-05-2010
Cooroy Lower Mill site 04-05-2010
NAPLAN test preparation and administration 04-06-2010
Office of the Governor, Queensland 18-06-2010
Queensland assets sale 03-06-2010
Residential infill development : South East Queensland 10-05-2010
Year 12 school outcomes ... : all Queensland schools 04-06-2010
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State Library of South Australia

Title URI Display Date
Aldinga Arts Eco Village 18-05-2010
Annual Report (Department of Health. South Australia) 10-05-2010
Annual report (South Australia. Office of the Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner) 11-05-2010
Annual report. South Australia. Dept. of Education and Children's Services 14-05-2010
Asbestos Victims Association (SA) 18-05-2010
Carrick Hill 27-06-2010
Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation 26-05-2010
East End Coordination Group 18-05-2010
History Trust of South Australia 27-06-2010
Landcare South Australia 04-06-2010
Native Vegetation Council 01-06-2010
Public Health Bulletin / South Australia. Dept. of Health 10-05-2010
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Services Quarterly Surveillance Report 10-05-2010
State Flora 26-05-2010
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State Library of Victoria

Title URI Display Date
About the bays : the newsletter of the Central Coast Board : coastal issues in Port Phillip and Western Port 19-05-2010
Access all abilities newsletter 27-05-2010
Alpine Shire 14-05-2010
Ararat 18-06-2010
Beaufort 18-06-2010
Benambra 18-06-2010
Bendoc 21-06-2010
Big help for small business : find services to help you start, run and grow your business 11-05-2010
Bogong 18-06-2010
Buffalo map area geological report 18-06-2010
Buloke Shire Council 13-05-2010
Castlemaine 18-06-2010
Castlemaine Goldfield : Castlemaine-Chewton, Fryers Creek 18-06-2010
Charlton 18-06-2010
Chiropractors Registration Board of Victoria 21-06-2010
City of Wodonga 15-05-2010
Colac 21-06-2010
Colac Otway Shire Council 25-06-2010
Contributing to our economy 15-06-2010
Corryong and parts of Rosewood and Kosciusko 23-06-2010
Cragie 18-06-2010
Creswick 18-06-2010
Cruise shipping at Station Pier 15-06-2010
Current projects 15-06-2010
Dargo 18-06-2010
Dimension stone in Victoria 18-06-2010
Disability Online 17-05-2010
Dookie 21-06-2010
Dunolly 22-06-2010
Explanatory notes on Bacchus Marsh and Ballan 21-06-2010
Geology and mineral potential of the Mount Stavely volcanic complex 22-06-2010
Geophysical signatures of base metal deposits in Victoria 18-06-2010
Glenelg special map area 18-06-2010
Grampians : special map area geological report 22-06-2010
Groundwater resources and associated salinity of the Victorian part of the Riverine plane 22-06-2010
Heathcote and parts of Woodend and Echuca 23-06-2010
Heroes and villans : Australian comics and their creators 25-05-2010
Human Services News 05-06-2010
Industrial minerals and rocks of Victoria 18-06-2010
Inside a dog? 25-05-2010
International student welcome booth 2009 stakeholder report 26-05-2010
Kelly culture 25-05-2010
Kilmore 21-06-2010
Kingsbury Tennis Club newsletter 13-05-2010
La Trobe journal 25-05-2010
Lost & found 25-05-2010
Maribyrnong fruit & veg for all 27-05-2010
Melbourne : Australia's knowledge capital : the contributions of Melbourne's universities to the city's economic, cultural and community development 26-05-2010
Minerals of Victoria 21-06-2010
Mirror of the world 25-05-2010
Moorabool City Council 25-06-2010
Nagambie and part of Yea 18-06-2010
Naked democracy 25-05-2010
Omeo 18-06-2010
Operations and facilities and the Port of Melbourne 15-06-2010
Pet eNewspaper : Maribyrnong City Council 27-05-2010
Phoenix youth centre [newsletter] 27-05-2010
Planning for Melbourne's growth 15-06-2010
PoMC in our community 15-06-2010
Port of Melborune Corporation customer handbook 2009 - 2010 15-06-2010
Port of Melbourne Corporation operations handbook 15-06-2010
Port of Melbourne overview 15-06-2010
Preserving our heritage 15-06-2010
Print & Pixels 15-06-2010
Provenance: the journal of Public Record Office Victoria 04-06-2010
Reading Victoria blog 25-05-2010
Real estate news 02-06-2010
Reef Watch Victoria 19-06-2010
Rosanna Parklands Protection Association 21-05-2010
Sculpture - Footprint Alliance 15-06-2010
Shepparton 21-06-2010
Shire of Melton 25-06-2010
Spring Gully 21-06-2010
St Arnaud 22-06-2010
Submission to the National Innovation System 26-05-2010
Sustainably managing Melbourne's port 15-06-2010
The changing face of Victoria 25-05-2010
The fast break : seasonal climate and risk information for Victorian cropping regions 18-05-2010
The great Victorian summer read blog 26-05-2010
VicRoads 25-06-2010
Victoria-California climate change research collaboration framework 26-05-2010
Walhalla - Woods Point - Tallangallook : special map area geological report 28-06-2010
Warrnambool 21-06-2010
Wedderburn 18-06-2010
Welcome to Benalla Rural City 25-06-2010
Your treasures 25-05-2010
Total 86

State Library of Western Australia

Title URI Display Date
Aboriginal Independent Community School 23-06-2010
AgTactics Northern Agricultural Region Newsletter 19-05-2010
Central Desert Native Title Services 26-06-2010
Dampier Peninsula subregion overview and future directions : Kimberley regional water plan working dicsussion paper 28-05-2010
Department of Corrective Services (Western Australia) 02-06-2010
FuelWatch 29-06-2010
GWSA eNewsletter 31-05-2010
Kimberley Community Profile 10-06-2010
Murray groundwater area : subarea reference sheets 28-05-2010
National Apology to the Forgotten Australians and former child migrants 14-05-2010
Office of Native Title Newsletter 16-05-2010
Ord catchment subregion overview and future directions : Kimberley regional water plan working discussion plan 28-05-2010
The Chronicle 23-06-2010
The Training Accreditation Council 23-06-2010
The social values of south west water resources 28-05-2010
Water quality protection note 104 : aerial spraying of crops with pesticides 28-05-2010
Western Australia First 11-06-2010
Total 17

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