PANDORA: Newly Archived Government Titles

1 May 2020 - 30 Jun 2020

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Title URI Display Date
Reading to Learn 22-06-2020
Walking for Country 27-05-2020
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Australian War Memorial

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Library & Archives NT

Title URI Display Date
Boundless Possible 09-05-2020
Northern Territory Government newsroom 12-06-2020
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National Film and Sound Archive

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National Gallery of Australia

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National Library of Australia

Title URI Display Date
2020 Endeavour anniversary activities - National Museum of Australia 13-05-2020
250th anniversary of Captain Cook's voyage to Australia 11-05-2020
3-Step Framework for a COVIDSafe Australia 23-06-2020
ACT Budget 09-06-2020
ACT Emergency Services Agency 24-05-2020
ACT Government Media Releases 18-06-2020
ACT Health (@ACTHealth)/ Twitter [Coronavirus reporting] 29-06-2020
ACT Policing Online News 27-06-2020
AEC (Australian Electoral Commission) [Twitter account] 12-06-2020
APS jobs : Commonwealth of Australia electronic employment gazette 26-05-2020
ARPANSA activities in response to COVID-19 27-05-2020
Actuarial Eye 18-06-2020
Advice relating to COVID-19 and public transport (Transport for Canberra) 16-06-2020
Affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19) (Services Australia) 24-06-2020
Aged care COVID-19 (Coronavirus) information 18-06-2020
Amendments to the new restrictions on prescribing hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 (Therapeutic Goods Administration) 24-06-2020
Austrade's role in attracting investment in Australia 21-05-2020
Australia 05-06-2020
Australia marks 250th anniversary of Endeavour's historic voyage - media release Minister for Indigenous Australians 03-06-2020
Australia's Chief Scientist - Dr Alan Finkel 12-06-2020
Australia's Epic Story 25-05-2020
Australian Astronomical Observatory 25-05-2020
Australian Blues Music Festival 21-05-2020
Australian Federal Attorney-General and Minister for Industrial Relations 05-05-2020
Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) coronavirus (COVID-19)... 26-06-2020
Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership 13-05-2020
Australian Prime Ministers 24-05-2020
Australian Renewable Energy Agency 23-06-2020
Australian Web Archive (PANDORA) (@NLAPandora) [Twitter page] 13-06-2020
Bang the Table 04-06-2020
COVID-19 (ACT Government) Public Health Emergency 29-06-2020
COVID-19 (Australian Taxation Office) 25-06-2020
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) (Access Canberra) 03-06-2020
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) (Department of Education, Skills and Employment) 24-06-2020
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) information for consumers (ACCC) 16-06-2020
COVID-19 (Grain Trade Australia) 25-05-2020
COVID-19 (Office of the Australian Information Commissioner) 21-06-2020
COVID-19 (Safework NSW) 29-06-2020
COVID-19 (coronavirus) information for business (ACCC) 18-06-2020
COVID-19 (eSafety Commissioner) 02-06-2020
COVID-19 Assistance (ACT Revenue Office) 18-06-2020
COVID-19 Information for Court Users (Supreme Court of Tasmania) 25-06-2020
COVID-19 Information for workplaces (Safe Work Australia) 23-06-2020
COVID-19 Information in your language (Department of Home Affairs) 18-06-2020
COVID-19 International Student Information (Australian Trade and Investment Commission) 25-06-2020
COVID-19 Resource hub (Study in Australia) 22-06-2020
COVID-19 Support (Head to Health) 24-05-2020
COVID-19 Support (Indigenous Business Australia) 24-06-2020
COVID-19 Support for migrants and temporary visa holders (Migration Tasmania) 18-06-2020
COVID-19 Tourism NT (Northern Territory) 29-06-2020
COVID-19 and the border (Department of Home Affairs) 24-06-2020
COVID-19 and the new generation 5G mobile phone network (Department of Health) 29-05-2020
COVID-19 case study videos on YouTube to see how businesses are pivoting in their response to COVID-19 (Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources) 16-06-2020
COVID-19 guidance for Nurses and Midwives (Nurses and Midwifery Board AHPRA) 08-05-2020
COVID-19 impacts (National Health and Medical Research Council) 22-05-2020
COVID-19 information (Australian Human Rights Commission) 24-06-2020
COVID-19 update (Department of Communications and the Arts) 29-06-2020
COVID-19 updates (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) 12-06-2020
COVID-19 updates and information (Federal Circuit Court of Australia) 21-06-2020
COVID-19 visitor information (Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House) 13-05-2020
COVID-19: ASQA is committed to working with providers 02-06-2020
COVID-19: Additional products to measure the impact (Australian Bureau of Statistics) 17-06-2020
COVID-19: Court Updates (Federal Court of Australia) 25-06-2020
COVID-19: Important information for visitors (Department for Correctional services) 25-06-2020
COVID-19: Information on medicines and medical devices (Therapeutic Goods Administration) 29-06-2020
COVID-19: Support for Australian businesses (Australian Trade and Investment Commission) 29-06-2020
COVIDSafe 17-06-2020
Canberra Brickworks (Suburban Land Agency) 12-06-2020
Canberra Region 28-05-2020
Central Land Council 05-05-2020
Central Land Council - stay safe at home or face quarantine! 01-05-2020
Central Station Metro 29-05-2020
Clean Energy Regulator 12-05-2020
Climate outlook archive 16-06-2020
Cockatoo Island 28-06-2020
Collaborating for Indigenous Rights 17-06-2020
Commonwealth of Australia gazette. Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals 05-06-2020
Commonwealth of Australia gazette. Business 19-06-2020
Connect in Canberra (ACT Government) 23-06-2020
Constable Kenny 29-05-2020
Consultation Hub : The Treasury 24-05-2020
Cook and the Pacific 15-05-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) (Tasmanian Government) 24-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) (Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care) 29-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) (Canberra Hospital) 21-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) (Comcare) 11-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) (Department for Energy and Mining) 27-05-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) ( 25-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) (NT Government) 29-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) ( 24-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) - essential information 23-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) - latest regulatory advice (Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency) 18-05-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) : National Health Plan resources 23-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance (Australian Accounting Standards Board) 04-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Legislation (Federal Court of Australia) 23-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update (Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia) 01-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) current situation and case numbers 29-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert (Department of Health) 29-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) information (Department of State Growth, Tasmania) 23-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and support (Department of Social Services) 24-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources (Department of Health) 17-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates & advice (Fair Work Commission) 30-05-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19): Advice for Employers (Safe Work Australia) 24-06-2020
Coronavirus (Covid-19) (Department of Home Affairs) 18-06-2020
Coronavirus Economic Response Package (Payments and Benefits) 2020 23-06-2020
Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service 26-06-2020
Coronavirus advice (Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment) 18-06-2020
Coronavirus and Australian workplace laws (Fair Work Ombudsman) 23-06-2020
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) information (Department of Veterans' Affairs) 26-06-2020
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) weekly epidemiology reports, Australia 2020 25-06-2020
Coronavirus information - Tourism Australia ( 26-06-2020
Coronavirus information and support for business ( 19-06-2020
Coronavirus response update (Screen Australia) 15-05-2020
Council of Australian Governments 02-06-2020
Courts and Tribunals COVID-19 response (Supreme Court of NT) 25-06-2020
Covid-19 (Australian Consulate-General, Hong Kong) 29-06-2020
Covid-19 (Australian High Commission Pretoria Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, eSwatini) 23-06-2020
Covid-19 (Australian High Commission, New Zealand) 06-06-2020
Covid-19 (Australian High Commission, Singapore) 25-06-2020
Covid-19 (Australian Permanent Mission and Consulate-General, Switzerland) 17-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Argentina Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay) 23-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia) 01-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Belgium, Luxembourg and Mission to the European Union and NATO) 01-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Chile) 20-05-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, China) 01-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Denmark) 16-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Egypt, Eritrea and Sudan) 28-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Estonia) 29-05-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, France) 28-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Germany) 01-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Indonesia) 29-05-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Iran) 17-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Ireland) 20-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Israel) 20-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Italy) 28-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Japan) 09-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Kuwait) 29-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Malaysia) 05-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama) 22-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Morocco) 29-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Nederland) 24-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Pakistan) 22-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Peru) 22-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Philippines) 19-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Poland, Czech Republic and Lithuania) 20-05-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Portugal) 20-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Russia) 12-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Saudi Arabia) 22-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, South Korea) 20-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Spain) 08-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Sweden, Finland and Latvia) 28-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, Thailand) 23-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, USA) 17-06-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, United Arab Emirates) 07-05-2020
Covid-19 (Embassy of Australia, United Kingdom) 26-06-2020
Covid-19 (Small Business Development Corporation) 29-06-2020
Covid-19 (South Australia) 26-06-2020
Criminology Research Grants 01-05-2020
Current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) scams (Scam watch) 18-06-2020
Defence response to COVID-19 15-05-2020
Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment Ministers 12-05-2020
Department of Defence Ministers 03-06-2020
Department of Health Ministers 06-05-2020
Department of Home Affairs Ministers 11-05-2020
Department of Social Services Ministers 04-05-2020
Department of Veterans' Affairs [Twitter] 21-06-2020
Do the NT 17-06-2020
DonateLife 21-05-2020
Economic response to the coronavirus - Australian Government 15-06-2020
Emen8 21-05-2020
Encounters 2020 11-05-2020
Endeavour 250 (Australian Government) 11-05-2020
Energy sector response to the novel coronavirus (Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources) 17-06-2020
Finance Portfolio Ministers 04-05-2020
FlagPost: Information and research from Australia's Commonwealth Parliamentary Library 24-06-2020
Forestry Corporation 14-05-2020
Gendered impact of COVID-19 04-06-2020
Grain Trade Australia 24-05-2020
Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report 06-06-2020
Heritage Festival 07-06-2020
HomeBuilder (Economic Response to the Coronavirus - The Treasury) 26-06-2020
Honouring Captain James Cook's voyage 21-05-2020
IPS Radio and Space Services (Space Weather Services) 23-06-2020
ITnews - for Australian Business 09-06-2020
Immigration Detention and Community Statistics Summary 07-06-2020
Important update (Taronga Conservation Society Australia) 07-06-2020
Independent Hospitals Pricing Authority 22-05-2020
Independent Review of the APS 11-06-2020
Indian Voice 01-06-2020
IndigenousX Pty Ltd @IndigenousXLtd (Twitter) 25-06-2020
Information and referals for people with disability and their supporters about coronavirus (CoVID-19) (Department of Social Services) 23-06-2020
Infrastructure Australia 02-06-2020
Jacqui Lambie (@JacquiLambie) [Twitter page] 05-06-2020
JoNova 09-06-2020
JobKeeper Payment (Australian Taxation Office) 23-06-2020
Kamay 2020 13-05-2020
Marine National Facility 29-06-2020
Media Update on coronavirus measures (Prime Minister of Australia) 25-06-2020
Media release - Department of Human Services 04-05-2020
Meeting of two cultures 2020 12-05-2020
Minister for Veterans and Defence Personnel 07-05-2020
Ministers Media Centre - Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet 04-05-2020
Ministers for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications 03-06-2020
Ministers for the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources 12-05-2020
Ministers' Media Centre Department of Education, Skills and Employment 15-05-2020
Moncrieff (Suburban Land Agency) 09-05-2020
Monthly banking statistics 21-06-2020
Moorebank Intermodal Company 27-05-2020
NLA Publishing 19-06-2020
NT Independent 23-06-2020
National Bushfire Recovery Agency 04-06-2020
National COVID-19 Coordination Commission 23-06-2020
National Library Aus [twitter page] 12-06-2020
National Library of Australia Collection Development Policy 16-05-2020
New restrictions on prescribing hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 (Therapeutic Goods Administration) 20-05-2020
Northern Land Council - coronavirus media releases 01-05-2020
Novel Coronavirus Outbreak (Smartraveller) 23-06-2020
Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) (ACT Government) 29-06-2020
Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) - Australian Public Service Commission 18-06-2020
Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV (Department of Education, Skills and Employment) 16-06-2020
Novel coronavirus 2019-nCov (Healthdirect) 23-06-2020
On the Record 12-06-2020
Our department's response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) (Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources) 17-06-2020
Parks Australia news 26-06-2020
Parks Australia temporary closures extended 09-06-2020
Parliament House closed to visitors 20-05-2020
Parliamentary Budget Office 21-06-2020
Personal insolvency regulator 02-06-2020
Political alert (Twitter page) 25-06-2020
Port Pirie Regional Council 20-05-2020
Portfolio Ministers : Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 15-05-2020
Prime Minister of Australia - Scott Morrison 24-06-2020
Privacy awareness week 15-06-2020
RBA: Chart pack 10-05-2020
Recovery plans made or adopted under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 09-06-2020
Register of Members' Interests 10-05-2020
Remediation Australasia 04-05-2020
Reports and papers - Australian Securities & Investment Commission 09-05-2020
Reports of reviews - Inspector General of Taxation 16-06-2020
Response to COVID-19 - Darwin International Airport stakeholder update 29-06-2020
Response to the COVID-19 Virus (ACT Courts) 25-06-2020
Return of Cultural Heritage Project 11-05-2020
Rise Canberra 26-06-2020
Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety 04-05-2020
Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements (Bushfires Royal Commission) 16-06-2020
Sculptures to commemorate the meeting of two cultures at Kamay Botany Bay - press release from Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts 13-05-2020
Sea Power Conference Proceedings 01-05-2020
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 05-05-2020
Senate Standing Committee of Senators' Interests 18-06-2020
Services Australia Minister 04-05-2020
Speeches and media releases (Australia. Dept. of the Prime Minister and Cabinet) 10-06-2020
State of the Service (APSC) 11-05-2020
Statment regarding coronvirus (National Museum of Australia) 07-06-2020
Step by Step: Reopening Together (National Library of Australia) 24-06-2020
Supporting the Economy and Financial System in Response to COVID-19 (Reserve Bank of Australia) 20-06-2020
Sydney Harbour Federation Trust 28-06-2020
Tasmanian Arts Guide 19-06-2020
Taylor (Land Development Agency) 15-05-2020
The Early Morning Centre 20-06-2020
The National Library of Australia Magazine 29-05-2020
The Pin : race, identity, culture 08-05-2020
The Special Commission of Inquiry into the Ruby Princess 26-06-2020
Throsby (Land Development Agency) 15-06-2020
Tigerair 30-05-2020
Transport for Canberra 28-05-2020
Treasury Portfolio Ministers 04-05-2020
Trove (@TroveAustralia) [Twitter page] 13-06-2020
Vacancy report 28-06-2020
Visit : Coronavirus (Australian War Memorial) 07-06-2020 27-05-2020
Wattle Range Council 20-05-2020
Wine Australia Corporation 06-06-2020
WorkSafe Tasmania 17-06-2020
Working paper series (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) 09-05-2020
Total 274

State Library of New South Wales

Title URI Display Date
2020 media releases from NSW Health 24-06-2020
AHO Newsletter 21-05-2020
Adapt NSW 12-06-2020
All the dirt 11-05-2020
An update from PYT Fairfield about COVID-19 12-05-2020
Animal Ethics Infolink 22-05-2020
Anzac Memorial Hyde Park 30-05-2020
BVRG Response to COVID-19 28-05-2020
Background paper (New South Wales. Parliamentary Research Service) 20-06-2020
Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals 28-05-2020
Blues Point Bookshop 1996-2020 28-05-2020
COVID-19 (coronavirus) - NSW Education 25-06-2020
COVID-19 – Handling of bodies by funeral directors (NSW Health) 22-05-2020
Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) NSW 17-05-2020
Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research and Innovation 18-05-2020
City West Housing 26-05-2020
Communities Plus 24-05-2020
Consent in relation to sexual assault offences 17-05-2020
CoronaVirus (Covid-19) Release Orienteering NSW 18-06-2020
Crime and Justice Bulletin 28-05-2020
E-bulletin (New South Wales. Workers Compensation Commission) 06-06-2020
Eden-Monaro By-Election - Bega Valley Shire Council 25-06-2020
Eden-Monaro By-election - Australian Electoral Commission 25-06-2020
Fairfield City Library Local Studies 24-05-2020
Hunter & Central Coast Development Corporation 24-05-2020
Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District (NSW Health) 24-06-2020
Information and resources for councils (COVID-19) - Office of Local Government NSW 23-06-2020
Information for non-healthcare facilities (Coronavirus COVID-19) - NSW Government 15-05-2020
Information for the waste and recycling industry (Coronavirus (COVID-19) - NSW Government 15-05-2020
Information for visitors COVID-19 - Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery 05-05-2020
Information for visitors regarding COVID-19 - Art Gallery of NSW 08-05-2020
Innovator 03-06-2020
Keeping waste and recycling facilities open (Coronavirus (COVID-19) - NSW Government 15-05-2020
Mid North Coast Local Health District (NSW Health) 24-06-2020
Murrumbidgee Local Health District (NSW Health) 24-06-2020
NSW COVID-19 data - Data.NSW 08-05-2020
NSW Curriculum reform 24-06-2020
NSW Curriculum review - NSW Education Standards Authority 26-06-2020
NSW DroughtHub 21-05-2020
NSW Police Force [website] 26-05-2020
NSW Rural Fire Service 04-06-2020
NSW Strategic Communications 02-06-2020
Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District (NSW Health) 24-06-2020
New South Wales. Centre for Affordable Housing [Website] 31-05-2020
New South Wales. Geographical Names Board [Website] 02-06-2020
NorthConnex 27-05-2020
Northern NSW Local Health District 25-06-2020
Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) - NSW Health 26-06-2020
Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) - NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) 25-06-2020
Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) - NSW Government 25-06-2020
Our stories : Coffs Coast Heritage 29-05-2020
Pandemic Kindness Movement : spreading only kindness 11-05-2020
Premier's Priorities - NSW Government 02-06-2020
Professional Update 25-06-2020
Regional Recovery Newsletters. Justice NSW - Office of Emergency Management 28-05-2020
Roads to Refuge 03-06-2020
Safety bulletin (NSW Trade & Investment, Mine Safety) 28-05-2020
South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (NSW Health) 24-06-2020
Southern NSW Local Health District (NSW Health) 24-06-2020
Sydney Local Health District (NSW Health) 24-06-2020
Sydney Metro 18-06-2020 (Destination NSW) 29-05-2020
Tackling Coronavirus in Aboriginal Communities in NSW - New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council 07-05-2020
The Cook and the Curator : eat your history 03-06-2020
The Eden-Monaro by-election and COVID-19 - Parliament of Australia 25-06-2020
The Living Murray Initiative 04-06-2020
Tomorrow's Sydney : My Sydney 12-06-2020
Travel to New South Wales 22-05-2020
UAC news 11-06-2020
Upgrading the Pacific Highway - achievement reports 22-05-2020
WestConnex 28-05-2020
Wonga Wetlands 02-06-2020
Working to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Transport for NSW 28-05-2020
digital.nsw : designing our digital future 26-05-2020
Total 74

State Library of Queensland

Title URI Display Date
Advance Queensland 29-06-2020
Arts Queensland 24-06-2020
Behind the Lines and Swings and Roundabouts 01-05-2020
COVID-19 Blog (Queensland Health) 02-06-2020
COVID-19 Community Portal (Longreach Regional Council) 17-06-2020
COVID-19 Information for Queensland Clinicians 08-06-2020
Chief Health Officer Public Health Directions (Queensland Health) 19-06-2020
Contact tracing — coronavirus (COVID-19) [Queensland] 23-06-2020
Cook Shire Council 23-06-2020
Cooktown & Cape York Expo 25-06-2020
Coronavirus - Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships (DATSIP) [Queensland Government] 08-06-2020
Coronavirus : Council updates and impacts (Brisbane City Council) 23-06-2020
Disability Connect Queensland 04-06-2020
Fair Share 4 Logan 12-05-2020
Fanfare State Festival of Bands and Orchestras 22-06-2020
Gold Coast Waterways Authority 22-06-2020
Health Alerts - COVID-19 (Novel coronavirus) [Queensland Health] 17-06-2020
Maritime Safety Queensland 04-06-2020
Museum of Brisbane 25-05-2020
North Burnett Regional Council 08-05-2020
Office of the Information Commissioner Queensland 20-06-2020
Palm Island Centenary 2018 03-06-2020
Queensland COVID-19 statistics 29-06-2020
Queensland Cabinet and Ministerial Directory 02-06-2020
Queensland Corrective Services 23-06-2020
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QldFES) [on Twitter] 14-05-2020
Queensland Government (QldGov) [on Twitter] 24-06-2020
Queensland Health (qldhealthnews) [on Twitter] 04-06-2020
Queensland Health Media Releases [COVID-19] 23-06-2020
Queensland Human Rights Commission 22-06-2020
Queensland Mental Health Commission 25-05-2020
Queensland WWII Historic Places 01-05-2020
Queensland Whole-of-Government Pandemic Plan 17-06-2020
SEQ Water - Coronavirus 19-06-2020
Scenic Rim Eat Local Week 24-06-2020
So you want to be a councillor? 2020 local government elections 18-06-2020
State Library of Queensland 20-06-2020
State Library of Queensland [on Twitter] 25-06-2020
Sunshine Coast Council 24-05-2020
Talking Families 13-05-2020
The Great Wheelbarrow Race 27-05-2020
The Premier of Queensland 09-05-2020
Unite & Recover (Queensland Government) 29-06-2020
Total 43

State Library of South Australia

Title URI Display Date
Across the Outback 27-06-2020
Adelaide Hills Council 13-05-2020
Adelaide Plains Council 13-05-2020
Alexandrina Council 13-05-2020
Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) 13-05-2020
Art Gallery of South Australia 05-05-2020
Artlab Australia 26-06-2020
Barossa Council 13-05-2020
Barunga West Council 13-05-2020
Berri Barmera Council 13-05-2020
COVID-19 Support Grant - Round Open 11-06-2020
Campbelltown City Council 13-05-2020
City of Burnside 13-05-2020
City of Charles Sturt 20-05-2020
City of Holdfast Bay 20-05-2020
City of Mitcham 21-05-2020
City of Mount Gambier 21-05-2020
City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters 21-05-2020
City of Port Adelaide Enfield 17-06-2020
City of Salisbury 18-06-2020
City of Tea Tree Gully 18-06-2020
City of Unley 18-06-2020
City of West Torrens 13-05-2020
Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council 20-05-2020
Consumer and Business Services 22-06-2020
Copper Coast Council 20-05-2020
Covid-19 (coronavirus) - Keeping SA safe and strong (South Australia) 23-06-2020
Covid-19 Information and Support for Exporters 12-05-2020 South Australian government data directory 24-05-2020
Department for Education [SA] 24-06-2020
Department for Trade and Investment [SA] 12-05-2020
District Council of Cleve 20-05-2020
District Council of Coober Pedy 20-05-2020
District Council of Elliston 20-05-2020
District Council of Franklin Harbour 20-05-2020
District Council of Grant 20-05-2020
District Council of Karoonda East Murray 20-05-2020
District Council of Kimba 20-05-2020
District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula 21-05-2020
District Council of Loxton Waikerie 21-05-2020
District Council of Mount Remarkable 21-05-2020
District Council of Robe 18-06-2020
District Council of Streaky Bay 18-06-2020
District Council of Tumby Bay 18-06-2020
Environment Protection Authority [SA] 23-06-2020
Gawler [Town of Gawler Council] 20-05-2020
Good Living 13-05-2020
Infrastructure SA 24-06-2020
Kangaroo Island Council 20-05-2020
Kingston District Council 20-05-2020
Legislation SA [South Australia] 22-06-2020
Light Regional Council 20-05-2020
Local Government Association of South Australia 28-06-2020
Mark Butler MP: Federal Member for Port Adelaide 14-05-2020
Mid Murray Council 21-05-2020
Mount Barker District Council 21-05-2020
Murray Bridge Council 21-05-2020
Naracoorte Lucindale Council 21-05-2020
Natural Resources: Northern and Yorke 19-05-2020
Northern Areas Council 21-05-2020
Ombudsman SA 15-05-2020
Port Augusta City Council 21-05-2020
Regional Council of Goyder 20-05-2020
Renmark Paringa Council 21-05-2020
Roxby Downs Council 20-05-2020
SA Health 17-06-2020
SA Pathology 04-05-2020
SA Water 18-06-2020
SANAA [Sharing. Exploring. Learning.] 05-06-2020
South Australia's Virtual Power Plant 21-05-2020
South Australian Maritime Museum 25-06-2020
South Australian Police 23-06-2020
Southern Mallee District Council 18-06-2020
State Opera South Australia 26-05-2020
Tatiara District Council 18-06-2020
The District Council of Ceduna 20-05-2020
Town of Walkerville 02-06-2020
Weekend Notes 04-05-2020
Whyalla Council 02-06-2020
Wudinna District Council 01-06-2020
Yankalilla District Council 02-06-2020
Yorke Peninsula Council 01-06-2020
Total 82

State Library of Victoria

Title URI Display Date
$68 million investment in local sports 10-06-2020
A living entity [Surf Coast Shire Council] 04-05-2020
A message from Mayor Joe Awada (ANZAC DAY. Bayside City Council) 11-05-2020
A message from the Hume Interfaith Network during COVID-19 08-05-2020
ANGAIR [Surf Coast Shire Council] 06-05-2020
ANZAC Centenary 2014-2018 : sharing Victoria's stories 16-06-2020
ANZAC Day 2020 message from City of Ballarat councillors 06-05-2020
ANZAC Day Ballarat 2020 06-05-2020
ANZAC services across Corangamite (Corangamite Council) 07-05-2020
Aarat Rural City Council : COVID-19 (Coronavirus) arrangements 16-06-2020
About coronavirus disease (COVID-19) (Victoria. Dept. of Health and Human Services) 23-06-2020
Acknowledgement to Country in language from Mayor Cr Susan Rennie on Sorry Day 2020 10-06-2020
Alex Marshall [Towards environmental leadership] 04-05-2020
Alexandra Gardens Lighting Project 16-06-2020
Alison Marchant [Towards environmental leadership] 04-05-2020
Alpine Shire Council : Coronavius (COVID-19) 15-06-2020
Ambulance Victoria 10-06-2020
An important message from the Ararat Rural City Mayor 16-06-2020
Andrew Giles @andrewjgiles [Twitter page] 26-06-2020
Andy Griffiths on why libraries change lives 15-05-2020
Animated artist impressions 2019 10-06-2020
Annual forward plan of reviews : (20**) & forward project of reviews 26-06-2020
Annual report (Mildura, Vic. Rural Council) 26-06-2020
Annual report (Victoria. Mental Health Tribunal) 03-06-2020
Anzac Day Mayors message (Latrobe City Council) 17-06-2020
Ararat Fitness Centre 17-06-2020
Ararat Rural City Council @AraratCouncil (Twitter page) 25-06-2020
Arrangements for duck season 19-06-2020
Art bytes 22-06-2020
Arts House 27-05-2020
Assistance for creatives during COVID-19 (Victorian Government) 19-06-2020
Ballarat Council @cityofballarat (Twitter page) 24-06-2020
Ballarat Mayor and CEO say thank you 14-05-2020
Banyle City Council : Advice on COVID-19 15-06-2020
Banyule City Council @BanyuleCouncil (Twitter page) 23-06-2020
Bass Coast Shire @BassCoast (Twitter page) 24-06-2020
Baw Baw Shire Council @BawBawCouncil (Twitter page) 25-06-2020
Bayside City Council Victoria @BaysideCouncil (Twitter page) 24-06-2020
Bayside still open for business directory 10-06-2020
Be kind Maroondah 10-06-2020
Benalla Rural City : Coronavirus (COVID-19) 11-06-2020
Benalla Rural City @BenallaRuralCty (Twitter page) 23-06-2020
Boroondara : Coronavirus (COVID-19) 13-06-2020
Borough of Queenscliffe 17-06-2020
Breaking ground : Eastern tunnel entrance breakthrough 15-06-2020
Breaking ground : TBMs break through in Kensington 27-05-2020
Breaking ground : launching TBMs at Anzac Station 10-06-2020
Breastfeeding support program available online (Maroondah Council) 18-05-2020
Buloke Shire Council @BulokeShire (Twitter page) 25-06-2020
Buloke Shire Council : Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert 13-06-2020
Bushfire recovery (East Gippsland Shire) 25-06-2020
Business of the year 2020 in the Northern Business Achievements Awards, Nominee : Mocopan 10-06-2020
Business of the year 2020 in the Northern Business Achievements Awards, Nominee : Moon Rabbit Cafe 10-06-2020
CEH : Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health 27-05-2020
CFA updates @CFA _Updates (Twitter page) 10-06-2020
COVID-19 and food businesses (Melbourne City Council) 14-05-2020
COVID-19 community support hub (Baw Baw Shire Council) 14-06-2020
COVID-19 council update (Golden Plains Shire) 20-06-2020
COVID-19 employee health, safety and wellbeing supports for schools 19-05-2020
COVID-19 hotline (Boroondara Council) 15-05-2020
COVID-19 impact on Bayside City Council services & facilities 27-06-2020
COVID-19 statement (Buloke Shire Council) 07-05-2020
COVID-19 update (Dental Health Services Victoria) 18-06-2020
COVID-19 update (Victoria. Parks Victoria) 28-06-2020
COVID-19 update 14 May 2020 (Greater Shepparton Council) 25-06-2020
Campaspe Shire @campaspeshire (Twitter page) 03-06-2020
Campaspe Shire Council : COVID-19 update 11-06-2020
Cardinia : Coronavirus (COVID-19) online help hub 15-06-2020
Cardinia Shire @CardiniaShire (Twitter page) 25-06-2020
Central Goldfields @CG_Shire (Twitter page) 25-06-2020
Central Goldfields Shire Council : COVID-19 (Coronavirus) information 16-06-2020
Charles Goode AC at 'Under the Night Sky' 13-05-2020
Chief Health Officer, Victoria @VictorianCHO (Twitter page) 25-06-2020
City Heart 05-05-2020
City of Ballarat emergency food relief drop off 06-05-2020
City of Boroondara @Boroondara (Twitter page) 26-06-2020
City of Casey @CityOfCasey (Twitter page) 25-06-2020
City of Darebin : Coronavirus COVID-19 14-06-2020
City of Darebin @CityofDarebin (Twitter page) 25-06-2020
City of Greater Bendigo CityofGreaterBendigo @GreaterBendigo (Twitter page) 24-06-2020
City of Greater Dandenong @greaterdandy (Twitter page) 25-06-2020
City of Greater Geelong 03-05-2020
City of Greater Geelong @GreaterGeelong (Twitter page) 25-06-2020
City of Kingston : Community information COVID-19 10-06-2020
City of Maroondah @CityofMaroondah (Twitter page) 29-06-2020
City of Melbourne @cityofmelbourne (Twitter page) 29-06-2020
City of Melton : Coronavirus (COVID-19) update 18-06-2020
City of Monash : We're here for you... during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond 04-06-2020
City of Moonee Valley : what you need to know : COVID-19 27-06-2020
City of Stonnington @StonningtonNews (Twitter page) 23-06-2020
City of Whittlesea @CityWhittlesea (Twitter page) 23-06-2020
City of Wodonga 07-05-2020
Click & collect overview : librarian's choice and reservations (Alpine Shire Council) 08-05-2020
Colac Otway Shire Council 25-06-2020
Collins Booksellers : COVID-19 : Shepparton show me 15-05-2020
Coming soon to Waurn Ponds Station 15-06-2020
Community crime prevention 17-05-2020
Community spotlight talk - meet our nature nocturnal animals 17-06-2020
Commuting and accommodating seasonal/contract workers during coronavirus (COVID-19) 11-06-2020
Connecting Victoria 19-06-2020
Cooking with Cr. Ruth Gstrein (Corangamite Council) 07-05-2020
Corangamite Shire : Coronavirus (COVID-19) 22-06-2020
Corangamite Shire @CorangamiteSC (Twitter page) 24-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) (City of Casey) 17-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) (City of Greater Geelong) 20-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice (Victoria. Dept. of Education and Training) 30-05-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) information (Borough of Queenscliffe 20-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities 24-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions Victoria 24-06-2020
Coronavirus (Creative Victoria) 26-06-2020
Coronavirus - COVID-19 (Public Transport Victoria) 20-06-2020
Coronavirus : information for the community (Colac Otway Shire) 20-06-2020
Coronavirus advice (Victoria Education & Training) 30-05-2020
Coronavirus advice for Aboriginal communities Nicole McCartney, Aboriginal Chief Health Advisor 15-05-2020
Coronavirus business support (Victorian Government) 20-06-2020
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) updates (Victorian Building Authority) 16-06-2020
Council's role in COVID-19 pandemic emergency (Greater Shepparton Council) 07-05-2020
Councillor's Mother's Day message 14-05-2020
Crisis Council of Cabinet set up to combat coronavirus (Victorian Government) 20-06-2020
Crowies Paints : COVID-19 : Shepparton show me 15-05-2020
Darebin business is... 10-06-2020
Demonwiki : the history of the Melbourne Football Club 22-05-2020
Directions issued by the Chief Health Officer (Victoria. Dept. of Health and Human Services) 28-06-2020
Directions issued by the Chief Health Officer - frequently asked questions 21-06-2020
Donnybrook Station upgrade complete 27-05-2020
Dotz for Kidz : COVID-19 : Shepparton show me 15-05-2020
Draft budget 2020/21 : Mayor's message (Golden Plains) 07-05-2020
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have been delivering our social support services differently 10-06-2020
Duplicate Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) (Melbourne CIty Council) 25-06-2020
Early parenting program continues with Zoom (Maroondah City Council) 07-05-2020
Easing of some COVID-19 restrictions (Maroondah Council) 15-05-2020
East Gippsland Shire @egsc (Twitter page) 23-06-2020
East Gippsland Shire Council : COVID-19 Coronavirus 22-06-2020
Education Week 02-06-2020
Elmhurst Hall - construction update 16-06-2020
Energy Safe Victoria 26-06-2020
Explore the eastern tunnel entrance at South Yarra 27-05-2020
Faces of small business 27-06-2020
Fairer safer housing 28-05-2020
Finer Fruit : COVID-19 : Shepparton show me 15-05-2020
Flinders St Station Design Competition 26-06-2020
Frankston City Council : Coronavirus updates 22-06-2020
FrankstonCityCouncil @FrankstonCity (Twitter page) 25-06-2020
Franskton City reinvented : stories of reslience and innovation (Frankston City Council) 08-05-2020
Fryers Street Food Store and Teller Collective : COVID-19 : Shepparton show me 15-05-2020
GV Party Hire : COVID-19 : Shepparton show me 15-05-2020
Gannawarra Shire Council : Coronavirus (COVID-19) 22-06-2020
GannawarraShire @GannawarraShire (Twitter page) 24-06-2020
Geelong arts atlas 29-06-2020
George Neophytou : community & political comment 27-06-2020
Gippsland Regional Aquatic Centre construction tour 17-06-2020
Glen Eira City Council : COVID-19 Council service updates 19-06-2020
Glenelg Shire : Coronavirus 19-06-2020
Golden Plains Shire @GPSCouncil (Twitter page) 25-06-2020
Government advice coronavirus diease (COVID-19) (Metro Trains Melbourne) 20-06-2020
Graeme Stockton [Towards environmental leadership] 04-05-2020
Greater Dandenong : News: Coronavirus update (COVID-19) 19-06-2020
Greater Shepparton : Pandemic - COVID-19 23-06-2020
Greater Shepparton @GreaterShepp (Twitter page) 24-06-2020
Grit and resilience community survey 17-06-2020
Happy IDAHOBIT DAY 2020 10-06-2020
Hepburn Shire Council : Coronavirus (COVID-19) 05-06-2020
Hey Moorabool we know you miss each other (Moorabool Council) 08-05-2020
Hindmarsh Shire Council : COVID-19 community update 23-06-2020
Hobsons Bay City Council : Coronavirus community information 15-06-2020
Hobsons Bay Council @HobsonsBayCC (Twitter page) 23-06-2020
Horsham Rural City Council : COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 27-06-2020
Hume City Council : Coronavirus (COVID-19) 24-06-2020
Hume City Council @HumeCityCouncil (Twitter page) 23-06-2020
Hume City Council preschool term 2 2020 08-05-2020
Independent Schools Victoria 10-06-2020
Indigo Shire Council : COVID-19 Information 10-06-2020
Inquiry into Abuse in Disability Services 11-05-2020
Inside Melbourne during COVID-19 05-06-2020
Inside a dog? 02-06-2020
Insure it. It's worth it 14-06-2020
International Nurses Day (Moreland City Council) 15-05-2020
International student emergency relief fund 11-06-2020
Introducing the Darebin City Council's COVID-19 navigation service 10-06-2020
Introduction to Apline Shire website libraries page 08-05-2020
James Gaffey @JGLaborforKew (Twitter page) 02-06-2020
Jobs Victoria 05-05-2020
John Wylie AM at 'Under the Night Sky' 13-05-2020
Join a community liason group 10-06-2020
Karen Shum [Towards environmental leadership] 04-05-2020
Karralyka live streaming and our delivered meals service (Maroondah City Council) 07-05-2020
Kate Torney at 'Under the Night Sky' 13-05-2020
Keeping busy with Cr. Lesley (Corangamite Council) 07-05-2020
Kelly O'Dwyer @kellyodwyer [Twitter page] 17-06-2020
Kids talk about libraries 15-05-2020
Kim Carr @SenKimCarr (Twitter page) 17-06-2020
Knox City Council @KnoxCC (Twitter page) 25-06-2020
Knox, your city : Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) 10-06-2020
La Trobe journal 01-06-2020
La-nee Isherwood [Towards environmental leadership] 04-05-2020
Lake Bolac Transfer Station upgrade 16-06-2020
Latest designs November 2019 10-06-2020
Latest designs Southern Section November 2019 10-06-2020
Latrobe City : Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) information 04-06-2020
Latrobe City Council @latbrobecitycouncil @latrobecity (Twitter page) 25-06-2020
Latrobe City Council flag raising ceremony 17-06-2020
Latrobe City Mayor's message - easing restrictions 17-06-2020
Latrobe City Mayor's message Friday 15 May 17-06-2020
Latrobe creative precinct construction time lapse 17-06-2020
Latrobe creative precinct update - concrete pour 17-06-2020
Les miserables : from page to stage 13-05-2020
Libraries Change Lives 16-06-2020
Live in Melbourne 07-05-2020
Loddon Shire Council's response to Coronavirus 10-06-2020
MFB [Metropolitan Fire Emergency Board] 03-05-2020
MPS - Best Bites Awards 2020 12-06-2020
MPS - Food business registration 12-06-2020
MPS - Libraries - how to use Borrow Box 10-06-2020
MPS - Mayor's message June 10-06-2020
Macedon Ranges Shire Council : stay informed : COVID-19 updates 23-06-2020
Macedon Ranges Shire Council @MacedonRangesSC (Twitter page) 23-06-2020
Main Course Butchery : COVID-19 : Shepparton show me 15-05-2020
Manningham : Coronavirus (COVID-19) : what you need to know 05-06-2020
Manningham Council @ManninghamCC (Twitter page) 25-06-2020
Mansfield Shire : Coronavirus (COVID-19) 19-06-2020
Maribyrnong City Council : COVID-19 community information 19-06-2020
Maribyrnong City Council @MaribyrnongCC (Twitter page) 29-06-2020
Maribyrnong business bulletin 29-06-2020
Maroondah City Council : COVID-19 Coronavirus 22-06-2020
Maternal & child health hotline now available (Maroondah City Council) 07-05-2020
Maternal & child health services go online (Maroondah City Council) 07-05-2020
Maternal and child health : we're here for you (Hume City Council) 08-05-2020
Mayor asks residents what they love about Moorabool (Moorabool Council) 08-05-2020
Mayoral message (Glenelg Shire Council) 07-05-2020
Meals on Wheels during COVID-19 10-06-2020
Meet the kids who co-designed Pauline Gandel Children's Quarter 15-05-2020
Melbourne : your City of Melbourne magazine 29-05-2020
Melbourne Water education 30-05-2020
Melbourne at War: Hidden Histories 1914-18 29-06-2020
Memory bank 28-06-2020
Message from our Mayor (Manningham Council) 08-05-2020
Metro Tunnel 02-06-2020
Mildura Council @MilduraCouncil (Twitter page) 29-06-2020
Mildura Rural City Council : Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic 18-06-2020
Milk bar 27-06-2020
Minors, gambling and liquour 26-06-2020
Mitchell Shire @MitchellShire (Twitter page) 26-06-2020
Mitchell Shire Council : Coronavirus (COVID-19) 18-06-2020
Moira Shire : COVID-19 update 18-06-2020
Monash City Council @MonashCouncil (Twitter page) 29-06-2020
Moonee Valley @mooneevalleycc (Twitter page) 28-06-2020
Moorabool Shire Council : COVID-19 Update 22-06-2020
Moorabool Shire Council @mooraboolshire (Twitter page) 28-06-2020
Moreland City Council : What Council is doing to support you during COVID-19 11-06-2020
Moreland Council @morelandcouncil (Twitter page) 23-06-2020
Mornington Peninsula @MornPenShire (Twitter page) 26-06-2020
Mornington Peninsula Shire : Coronavirus 15-06-2020
Mount Alexander Shire Council : Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates 15-06-2020
Moving through time audio tour 03-06-2020
Moyne Shire : Coronavirus (COVID-19) 11-06-2020
Moyne Shire Council @moyne_shire (Twitter page) 25-06-2020
Murrindindi Shire Council : Coronaviris disease (COVID-19) 16-06-2020
Natural Newstead : observations of flora, fauna and landscape in central Victoria 28-06-2020
New Hope 20-06-2020
Newsletter (Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria) 27-05-2020
Nillumbik Council @nillumbikshire (Twitter page) 23-06-2020
North East Link Project - Inquiry and Advisory Committee Hearing : Tuesday 27 August 2019 (evening) 10-06-2020
Northern Grampians Shire Council @ngshire (Twitter page) 23-06-2020
Novel corona virus COVID-19 : (Ballarat, Vic. Council) 07-06-2020
Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) (City of Melbourne) 27-06-2020
Off the spork 20-06-2020
On track : keeping young people's futures on track 26-06-2020
Our response to coronavirus (COVID-19) (Corrections Victoria) 16-06-2020
PV Parliament of Victoria @VicPalriament (Twitter page) 28-05-2020
Painting with Cr. Helen (Corangamite Council) 07-05-2020
Pause Fest Ballarat 2020 06-05-2020
Peter Gardner : global warming dwarfs all other political issues 14-05-2020
Playgrounds reopen in Maroondah : Message from the Mayor, 28 May 2020 10-06-2020
Popular baby names in Victoria 04-05-2020
Protecting the Yarra River consultation 14-06-2020
Pyrenees Shire Council @PyreneesShire (Twitter page) 19-05-2020
Q&A with the Mayor David Edwards (Moorabool Council) 08-05-2020
Rebecca O'Brien @rebeccaobrien__ [Twitter page] 03-06-2020
Reconciliation Week and Sorry Day 2020 online event, Uncle Trevor Gallagher and family 10-06-2020
Reconciliation Week and Sorry Day 2020 online event, speaker: Aunty Ava Jo Edwards 10-06-2020
Reconciliation Week and Sorry Day 2020 online event, speaker: Aunty Muriel Bamblett 10-06-2020
Reconciliation Week and Sorry Day 2020 online event, speaker: Ian Hamm 10-06-2020
Relief and recovery package message from Mayor Cr Sandra Mayer 15-05-2020
Repair Cafe Surf Coast [Towards environmental leadership] 04-05-2020
Respect each other 30 second ad (Respect Victoria) 12-05-2020
Responding to COVID-19 May 2020 (Bayside City Council) 07-05-2020
Riding the wave : Bicaro's Shepparton (Greater Shepparton Council) 07-05-2020
Riding the wave : GV Signmakers Mooroopna (Greater Shepparton Council) 07-05-2020
Riding the wave : The Gladstone Hotel Dookie (Greater Shepparton Council) 07-05-2020
Riding the wave : The Woolshed at Emerald Bank (Greater Shepparton Council) 07-05-2020
Riding the wave : milk to your door, Shepparton (Greater Shepparton Council) 07-05-2020
Road safety education Victoria 14-06-2020
Road safety statistical summary. 10-05-2020
Rob Mitchell @RobMitchellMP (Twitter page) 24-06-2020
Rural roads update 16-06-2020
Rural roads update - Ararat 16-06-2020
SEED : School Environment Education Directory North East 04-05-2020
Safe Steps 18-06-2020
Safe steps virtual candlelit vigil 2020 (Respect Victoria) 12-05-2020
SafeScript 08-06-2020
Schools programs at Pauline Gandel Children's Quarter 15-05-2020
Service Victoria 04-05-2020
Shepparton Brewery : COVID-19 : Shepparton show me 15-05-2020
Signposts stories for our fragile times 05-06-2020
Small business regulation review 05-06-2020
StartSpace : a coworking space at State Library Victoria 15-05-2020
State Library Victoria @Library_Vic (Twitter page) 04-06-2020
State of Emergency declared in Victoria over COVID-19 (Victorian Government) 17-06-2020
State of the bays 31-05-2020
Statement of regulatory intent (Victoria. Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquour Regulation) 19-05-2020
Stay Home. Protect our health system. Save Lives (Moreland City Council) 08-05-2020
Staying apart keeps us together (Victoria. Dept. of Premier and Cabinet) 15-05-2020
Steels Creek 17-06-2020
Stories at the end of the line (Frankston City Council) 08-05-2020
Stratford kids have their say on the Apex Park upgrade 27-05-2020
Strathbogie Shire @lovestrathbogie (Twitter page) 19-05-2020
Stronger together 16-06-2020
Summary statistics Victorian schools 01-06-2020
Support businesses during COVID-19 (Knox Council) 08-05-2020
Support during COVID-19 (Bass Coast Shire (Vic.) Council) 15-06-2020
Supporting our ratepayers during COVID-19 (Hume City Council) 08-05-2020
Surf Coast Environmental Action Team [Towards environmental leadership] 05-05-2020
Surf Coast Shire @surfcoastnotes (Twitter page) 24-06-2020
Sustainability matters 2020 webinars 10-06-2020
Sustainable living Maribyrnong newsletter 19-05-2020
Swan Hill Council @SwanHillCouncil (Twitter page) 23-06-2020
TBM Joan relaunched towards Parkville 27-05-2020
TBM Millie launched at Anzac Station 27-05-2020
Tech schools 04-06-2020
Thai Orchid Restaurant : COVID-19 : Shepparton show me 15-05-2020
The Hon. Daniel Andrews at 'Under the Night Sky' 13-05-2020
The Society of Editors (Victoria) Inc. 14-06-2020
The Terminus Hotel : COVID-19 : Shepparton show me 15-05-2020
There is no excuse for family violence (Victoria. Victoria Police) 15-05-2020
Towong Shire @Sustain_Intel (Twitter page) 23-05-2020
Trade reports (Victorian Water Register) 27-05-2020
Transport Safety Victoria. 26-05-2020
Tree planting in Wendouree 06-05-2020
Twin Bridges upgrade - Elmhurst 17-06-2020
VICGOVDHHS @VicGovDHHS (Victoria. Dept. of Health and Human Services Twitter page) 24-06-2020
Vic Emergency : incidents and warnings [text only] 29-06-2020
VicTrack 22-05-2020
Victims of crime [Victoria] 16-06-2020
Victoria's big build 11-05-2020
Victoria's restriction levels 19-06-2020
Victorian Catchment Management Council 04-05-2020
Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation 20-06-2020
Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation 04-06-2020
Victorian Skills Commissioner 26-06-2020
Victorian cladding audit 04-05-2020
Victorian drowning report 27-05-2020
Victorian. And proud of it 16-06-2020
Vision 2020 timelapse 15-05-2020
Volunteers week 2020 16-06-2020
Wall to Wall Festival 22-05-2020
Warrnambool City @WarrnamboolCity [Twitter page] 24-06-2020
We're getting started on North East Link 27-05-2020
Weekly message from Mayor Marg Attley OAM 1 May 2020 (Mansfield Council) 15-05-2020
Weekly message from Mayor Marg Attley OAM 24 April 2020 (Mansfield Council) 15-05-2020
Weekly message from Mayor Marg Attley OAM 8 May 2020 (Mansfield Council) 15-05-2020
Welcome to Benalla Rural City 10-06-2020
Welcome to FUSE 29-05-2020
Welcome to Hepburn Shire 27-05-2020
Welcome to Preschool at Home 08-05-2020
Wellington Shire @wellingtonshire (Twitter page) 24-06-2020
West Gate tunnel project 05-05-2020
What do you love about Moorabool (Moorabool Council) 08-05-2020
What is Social Distancing (Ambulance Victoria) 15-06-2020
What's on blog 27-05-2020
Winchelsea Land and River Care [Towards environmental leadership] 04-05-2020
Winter Solstice - Wangaratta edited version 17-06-2020
Wodonga Council @wodongacouncil (Twitter page) 23-06-2020
Working for Victoria 14-05-2020
Works update - Rundell Street sealing and kerbing 17-06-2020
Wyndham City Council @WyndhamCouncil (Twitter page) 23-06-2020
Wyndham together 06-05-2020
Yarra & bay 01-06-2020
Yarra Ranges Council @yrcouncil (Twitter page) 28-06-2020
Yarriambiack Shire @yarriambiack (Twitter page) 25-06-2020
Your licence fees at work 06-06-2020
[Apollo Bay Surf Life Saving Club] 14-06-2020
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State Library of Western Australia

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COVID-19 / Cornonavirus updates (Shire of Broome) 09-06-2020
COVID-19 Business and Community Relief Initiatves (Shire of Esperance) 09-06-2020
COVID-19 Health Guidance for remote Aboriginal communities of Western Australia 09-06-2020
COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Operations Centre (PHEOC) Bulletins 25-06-2020
COVID-19 Updates (City of Greater Geraldton) 09-06-2020
COVID-19 coronavirus: WA Roadmap Phase 1 to Phase 6 ( 25-06-2020
COVID-19 staying connected (City of Bunbury) 09-06-2020
COVID-19 updates (Department of Health) 24-06-2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) for Aboriginal people Healthy WA 18-05-2020
Organisational Direction COVID-19 (Central Desert Native Title Services) 03-06-2020
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