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1 May 2009 - 31 May 2009

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Title URI Display Date
Closing the Gap between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians 21-05-2009
Evaluation of the Yachad Accelerated Learning Project : final report 08-05-2009
Independent evaluation of final report to DEEWR on YALP Pilot Project 2005-2007 13-05-2009
Lessons learnt about strengthening Indigenous families and communities / John Scougall 01-05-2009
Overview of YALP response to PhillipsKPA Report 13-05-2009
Schools Performance Indicator Handbook 13-05-2009
Time for action : the National Council's plan for Australia to reduce violence against women and their children, 2009-2021 21-05-2009
YALP Pilot 2005-2007 Final Report 13-05-2009
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Australian War Memorial

Title URI Display Date
56th Battalion AIF 19-05-2009
Forces Advisory Committee on Entertainment (FACE) 21-05-2009
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National Film and Sound Archive

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National Library of Australia

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A national waste policy : managing waste to 2020 07-05-2009
Assessment of the international carbon market 15-05-2009
Australian Secret Intelligence Service 12-05-2009
Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) 15-05-2009
Australian climate and weather extremes : past, present and future 15-05-2009
Bridging the distance 12-05-2009
Cage of ghosts 12-05-2009
Carbon pollution reduction scheme : Australia's low pollution future : white paper 15-05-2009
Citizenship Test Review 13-05-2009
Cooee : Australia in the 19th century 12-05-2009
Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee reports 26-05-2009
Council of Australian Governments 15-05-2009
Defence White Paper 2009 05-05-2009
Digital switchover : are you ready for digital TV? 18-05-2009
Health Emergency 29-05-2009
In a new light : Australian photography 1930s - 2000 12-05-2009
Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission reports and papers 22-05-2009
Management of carry-over restrictions, the commitment period reserve and banking, price caps and export restrictions 15-05-2009
National Action Plan for Human Influenza Pandemic 06-05-2009
National Performance Reports ... : rural water service providers 18-05-2009
National strategy for rail safety data 2008-2010 13-05-2009
Prime Minister of Australia - Kevin Rudd 12-05-2009
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 02-05-2009
Recognising the full cost of university research : issues paper. 01-05-2009
Recognising the full costs of university research : discussion paper. 01-05-2009
Report of the participation review taskforce 18-05-2009
Reports and papers - Australian Securities & Investment Commission 08-05-2009
Review of legitimate and additional financial implications of the national secondary school computer fund 27-05-2009
Scamwatch 20-05-2009
Security in Government Conference 21-05-2009
Speeches / Australian Securities & Investment Commission 14-05-2009
Speeches and media releases (Australia. Dept. of the Prime Minister and Cabinet) 13-05-2009
The 2008 graduate pathways survey : graduates education and employment outcomes five years after completion of a bachelor degree at an Australian university 18-05-2009
The Human Network 21-05-2009
The System of Nature - Carl Linnaeus 12-05-2009
Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia 12-05-2009
Trusted Information Sharing Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection 14-05-2009
Vacancy report 19-05-2009
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Northern Territory Library

Title URI Display Date
Arafura Games 19-05-2009
Northern Territory airports 22-05-2009
Northern Territory deemed to comply standards 22-05-2009
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State Library of New South Wales

Title URI Display Date
Archibald Prize 22-05-2009
Australian Museum fish site 06-05-2009
Code of Practice for Collection of Milk from Dairy Farms 08-05-2009
Code of practce for dairy buildings 08-05-2009
Coorabakh National Park : plan of management 05-05-2009
Copperhannia Nature Reserve Plan of Management 05-05-2009
Environmental Trust connections 09-05-2009
Food safety risk assessment of NSW Food Safety Schemes 08-05-2009
Kungala 22-05-2009
Listeria Management Program 08-05-2009
Marine Parks Authority NSW 08-05-2009
Microbiological quality of high risk bakery products: a survey to determine the microbiological quality of bakery products sold in NSW 08-05-2009
NSW Retail Meat Food Safety Program 08-05-2009
NSW creative industry economic fundamentals 22-05-2009
NSW standard for construction and hygienic operation of retail meat premises 08-05-2009
New South wales creative industry insights 22-05-2009
OSR connect 19-05-2009
Our statement of business ethics 28-05-2009
Paramics microsimulation modelling - RTA handbook 29-05-2009
Path to innovation : Innovation in the NSW freight logistics industry 22-05-2009
Pest animal survey 2004-2006 : a review of the distribution, impacts and control of invasive animals throughout NSW and the ACT 18-05-2009
Potentially hazardous foods : foods that require temperature control for safety 08-05-2009
Quarterly drinking water quality report 07-05-2009
Regulatory Impact Statement Amendment Food Regulation 2004 NSW Food Act 2003 Egg Food Safety Scheme 08-05-2009
Report on the microbiological quality of sprouts 08-05-2009
Shelf stable acid preserved foods : Factors affecting the shelf stability of acid foods : condiments, sauces and salad dressings 08-05-2009
Water reuse guideline : for food businesses in NSW considering reusing water 08-05-2009
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State Library of Queensland

Title URI Display Date
@ your library 21-05-2009
Between a job and a hard place : multicultural people in search of work 13-05-2009
Cooroy Lower Mill site 05-05-2009
Disaster operations : overview of activities 07-05-2009
Driving export growth for Queensland 2006-2011 06-05-2009
Get Smart 2007 : schooling and home life issues for Samoan children and their families in the Deception Bay Region 13-05-2009
Guide to providing homestay in Queensland 06-05-2009
Housing update 02-05-2009
Queensland living : housing trends 2001 25-05-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Richmond Shire Council 07-05-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Rockhampton Regional Council 07-05-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Scenic Rim Regional Council 12-05-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Somerset Regional Council 12-05-2009
Queensland regional profiles : South Burnett Regional Council 12-05-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Southern Downs Regional Council 07-05-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Sunshine Coast Regional Council 07-05-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Tablelands Regional Council 20-05-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Toowoomba Regional Council 20-05-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Torres Shire Council 21-05-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Torres Strait Island Regional Council 21-05-2009
Queensland regional profiles : Townsville City Council 20-05-2009
Redcliffe City Multicultural Partnerships Project : final report 13-05-2009
Stand up and be counted! 13-05-2009
Upside down inside out : making sense of Vietnamese prisoner issues 13-05-2009
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State Library of South Australia

Title URI Display Date
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State Library of Victoria

Title URI Display Date
A comparison of risk and protective factors for young people: an analysis by maternal country of birth 26-05-2009
A strategic framework for Family Services 26-05-2009
About the bays : the newsletter of the Central Coast Board : coastal issues in Port Phillip and Western Port 04-05-2009
Access all areas : a guide for property managers to working with disability support networks 14-05-2009
Accident Compensation Conciliation Service 14-05-2009
Aged care quality improvement seminar : 25 & 26 June 2008 27-05-2009
Asbestos : a handbook for workplaces 27-05-2009
Business improvement plan March 2009 27-05-2009
Citizenship testing : a human rights issue : the Equal Opportunity Victoria's response to the "Australian citizenship: much more than a ceremony" discussion paper 14-05-2009
City of Greater Bendigo 01-05-2009
Common homelessness access points : definitions manual 27-05-2009
Connections resource guide : building reslience in your community 07-05-2009
Costing and pricing guide 26-05-2009
Count us in : social inclusion for people living in residential aged care : report on the 2006-2007 pilot projects 27-05-2009
Curriculum and standards framework II 05-05-2009
Disability Online 15-05-2009
Disclosing disability in employment 14-05-2009
Discussion paper : enforceable undertakings draft guidelines 01-05-2009
Emergency recovery plan 27-05-2009
Family and domestic violence crisis protection framework 27-05-2009
Family violence : practice forum 26-05-2009
First year review : Viridain (previously Pilkington) sustainability covenant 01-05-2009
Formal protocol between Department of Human Services and Victoria Police : family violence referral pathways 26-05-2009
Geelong smart move 28-05-2009
Good practice: a statewide snapshot 2008 19-05-2009
Guidance note : major hazard facilities regulations 01-05-2009
Guide to safe work related driving : a handbook for workplaces 13-05-2009
H1N1 influenza 09 26-05-2009
Hard labour? Pregnancy, discrimination and worlplace rights : a report to the Office of the Workplace Rights Advocate 15-05-2009
Hazardous substances regulations : how they affect manufacturers, importers and suppliers 27-05-2009
Human Services News 01-05-2009
Indigenous Human rights Forum : 19 March 2008 : a report fromt he Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission and Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service 15-05-2009
Is construction work part of your business 13-05-2009
Legal Services Commissioner 14-05-2009
Minister for Health Volunteer Awards 29-05-2009
Monitoring framework for the health, housing and community service sectors 27-05-2009
OverView 28-05-2009
Pregnancy and work : your rights and obligations 14-05-2009
Preventing and addressing bullying at work 28-05-2009
Provenance: the journal of Public Record Office Victoria 04-05-2009
Putting children first : an investment for a fairer Victoria : how the 2005-6 state budget provides for children and families 26-05-2009
Racial and religous tolerance act 22-05-2009
Responding to children and young people : demand management framework for sexual assault counselling services for children and young people 29-05-2009
Responding to the anti-terrorism legislation : report 21-05-2009
Rights of passage : the experiences of young Australian-Sudanese people 22-05-2009
Rosanna Parklands Protection Association 21-05-2009
Safe collection of hard waste : a handbook for workplaces 28-05-2009
Service agreement information kit for funded organisations 27-05-2009
Southern metropolitan region Koori disability information kit 27-05-2009
Submission by the Equal Opportunity Commission Victoria in response to human rights consultation discussion paper Have your say about HUman rights in Victoria 14-05-2009
Summary of public comment on the health and safety regulatory package and Worksafe Victoria's repsonses 27-05-2009
Training checklist for work experience and structured workplace learning students 13-05-2009
Transporting dangerous goods : know the signs for danger 13-05-2009
VicSuper sustainability report 27-05-2009
Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission submission to House of Representatives Legal and Constitutional Committee inquiry into the draft disability (access to premises-buildings) standards 14-05-2009
Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission submission to Mental Health Act 1986 (Vic) review 14-05-2009
Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission submission to National Disability Strategy 14-05-2009
Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission submission to Victorian Overseas Student Taskforce 14-05-2009
Victorian Ombudsman's Newsletter 14-05-2009
Victorian charter of human rights and responsibilities 19-05-2009
Volunteer health and safety : a handbook for community service organisations 12-05-2009
Women prisoners in Victoria 15-05-2009
Women's journey away from family violence : framework and summary 26-05-2009
Women, rights & equality : what do they want now? 22-05-2009
Total 64

State Library of Western Australia

Title URI Display Date
2009 Fremantle By Election 04-05-2009
Agricultural Safety and Health Checklist 06-05-2009
Agricultural Workbook 06-05-2009
Food strategy WA : building a healthy food future 09-05-2009
Forest Products Commission Western Australia 28-05-2009
FuelWatch 30-05-2009
Human swine flu : what Western Australians need to know 27-05-2009
Participate 28-05-2009
Sustainable Energy Development Office Newsletter 13-05-2009
The Western Australia state budget 2009-10 28-05-2009
West Australian Meat Industry Authority 29-05-2009
Western Australian health management plan for pandemic infuenza 2009 27-05-2009
Worksafe Smart Move! 06-05-2009
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