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1 Oct 2011 - 30 Nov 2011

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

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ARC - Indigenous research and improving opportunities 23-11-2011
Implementation of the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing in the Northern Territory 23-11-2011
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Australian War Memorial

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National Film and Sound Archive

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National Gallery of Australia

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National Library of Australia

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A tax plan for our future: Stronger. Fairer. Simpler 10-10-2011
ABARE-BRS conference paper (formerly ABARE conference paper) 02-11-2011
ACIAR proceedings 23-10-2011
ACT water report (formerly ACT Water Quality Report) 05-11-2011
AGIMO blog 14-10-2011
AMSAaboard 02-11-2011
AUSMIN : Australia-United States Ministerial Consultations 22-11-2011
AUSSE research briefing 03-11-2011
Annual Report - National Library of Australia 11-11-2011
Archiving web resources : issues for cultural heritage institutions : international conference 23-11-2011
Asbestos Awareness 20-10-2011
Assessment of current process for targeting of schools funding to disadvantaged students 07-11-2011
Austral peace and security network : policy forums and special reports (Nautilus Institute) 25-10-2011
Australia's Water 04-11-2011
Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Intergrity 07-10-2011
Australian Federal Minister for Defence Materiel 13-10-2011
Australian Federal Minister for Defence Science and Personnel 24-10-2011
Australian Federal Minister for Human Services 15-11-2011
Australian Federal Minister for Indigenous Employment and Economic Development 09-11-2011
Australian Federal Minister for Mental Health and Ageing 24-10-2011
Australian Federal Minister for the Status of Women 13-10-2011
Australian Forces Abroad briefing books (Nautilus Institute) 25-10-2011
Australian Youth Forum 31-10-2011
Australian geomagnetism report 20-11-2011
Australian prescriber 03-10-2011
Clean Energy Future 09-11-2011
Commonwealth of Australia gazette. Tariff concessions. 24-11-2011
Community Monitoring of Golden Sun Moths in the ACT Region 2008-2009 08-11-2011
Competing for skills : migration policies and trends in New Zealand and Australia 20-10-2011
Department of Climate Change - publications 19-10-2011
Digital switchover : are you ready for digital TV? 18-11-2011
Drug and Alcohol Service Reporting : a national profile of Australian Government funded Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander substance use specific services 14-11-2011
Dutch Australians at a glance - DAAAG 12-11-2011
El telegraph 17-10-2011
Exercise, recreation and sport survey reports 13-10-2011
Exploring the opportunities for reform : discussion paper : smart transport for a growing nation project / National Transport Commission 12-10-2011
Fair Work Australia 12-10-2011
Forecast (Tourism Research Australia) 13-10-2011
Free trade agreements 11-10-2011
Gambling Research Australia reports 11-10-2011
Government online directory 01-11-2011
Health equity in Australia : a policy framework based on action on the social determinants of obesity, alcohol and tobacco 08-11-2011
Heard Island & McDonald Islands 08-11-2011
Higher education learning and teaching review 29-11-2011
Higher education update [ACER] 04-10-2011
Horizon Scanning 02-11-2011
Indian Voice 29-10-2011
Inquiry into the administration of the National Memorials 28-11-2011
Inquiry into the role and potential of the National Broadband Network 28-11-2011
Inside : Life in Children's Homes 1920s to 1970s 07-10-2011
Internet Service Provider (ISP) filtering 23-11-2011
Letters to editors 28-11-2011
Living heritage 09-11-2011
Maximos' blog 04-10-2011
Medical Services Advisory Committee 07-10-2011
Murray-Darling Basin Authority 29-10-2011
National Broadband Network 18-11-2011
National Drugs Campaign 26-10-2011
Natural Disaster Insurance Review : inquiry into flood insurance and related matters 16-11-2011
Northern Territory emergency response : evaluation report 2011 29-11-2011
Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator 20-10-2011
Ozhistorybytes 09-10-2011
Parks Australia 26-10-2011
Problem gambling 02-11-2011
Publications (Australian National Council on Drugs) 08-11-2011
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 06-11-2011
Research publication (Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority) 16-11-2011
Research report DSTO (Defence Science and Technology Organisation (Australia)) 25-11-2011
Review of school based management in the ACT : final report 02-11-2011
STI prevention testing & treatment - National Sexual Health Campaign 10-11-2011
Schooling challenges and opportunities : a report for the review of funding for schooling panel. 09-11-2011
Sexual harassment : serious business 17-11-2011
State of Australian cities 22-11-2011
Success stories of Australian migration 28-11-2011
The Annual Libraries Australia Forum 04-10-2011
The Line 07-11-2011
The Lodge, Canberra - refurbishment works 13-10-2011
The Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize 06-10-2011
The way forward : Inquiry into the role of the National Capital Authority 03-11-2011
Time to Talk : Canberra 21-10-2011
Vacancy report 31-10-2011
Visit Canberra 13-10-2011
Welcome to the Office for Women web site 20-10-2011
Working on Country Photography Competition 2010 21-10-2011
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Northern Territory Library

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State Library of New South Wales

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Advocacy program guidelines (Disability) 12-10-2011
All construction approved - quarterly totals (Albury City Council) 28-10-2011
Ambulance online 27-10-2011
Annual report (Auburn Council) 02-11-2011
Arts and Cultural Plan (Bellingen Shire Council) 11-11-2011
At home with dementia : a manual for people with dementia and their carers 12-10-2011
BPBulletin 22-11-2011
Barriers and enablers to the use of evidence based practice (EBP) for Ageing Disability and Home Care (NSW) : report 12-10-2011
Barwon-Darling Unregulated River : water transfer rules 15-11-2011
Berrigan Shire Cultural Plan 05-11-2011
Better Regulation Office 18-10-2011
Better practice guide for public place recycling 07-11-2011
Birds in backyards 07-10-2011
Brush Farm Corrective Services Academy [website] 13-10-2011
Cities of Albury and Wodonga community profile 28-10-2011
Client death : Policy and procedures 25-10-2011
Community Social/Cultural Plan (Warrumbungle Shire Council) 03-11-2011
Coolah Shire (former) Heritage Study Report 24-11-2011
Country web : a newsletter for rural women and their families 21-11-2011
Criminal justice resource manual 12-10-2011
Cultural Plan (Auburn Council) 03-11-2011
Dryland north-west summer crop gross margins 04-10-2011
Dryland south-west winter crop gross margins 04-10-2011
Eco news (Warringah Council) 05-11-2011
Education tourism : report and strategic plan 28-11-2011
Engaging Middle Years Boys in Rural Educational Settings : report 29-11-2011
Fact sheets / Office of the Public Guardian 27-10-2011
Final determinations (NSW Scientific Committee.) 03-11-2011
Forest facts and figures 21-11-2011
General Purpose Water Accounting Reports Groundwater methodologies 14-11-2011
Grabine Lakeside State Park 17-10-2011
Grade-separated interchange at Weakleys Drive : review of environmental factors 09-11-2011
GreenWise (Queanbeyan City Council) 10-11-2011
Handbook for community care services 12-10-2011
Housing NSW Disability Action Plan 25-10-2011
Hunter Street revitalisation 06-10-2011
Implementation of the NSW Government's response to the Final Report of the Special Commission of Inquiry into the Waterfall Accident 19-11-2011
Irrigated Murray summer crop gross margins 04-10-2011
Irrigated central winter crop gross margins 04-10-2011
Jerilderie Shire Social Plan 01-10-2011
Language background other than English 08-10-2011
Leaving school in Australia. Year 12 state by state. 26-11-2011
Local schools, local decisions : discussion paper 29-11-2011
MAAS bulletin 21-11-2011
Macro water sharing plans : The approach for unregulated rivers - report to assist community consultation 25-10-2011
NSW Resource Recovery Industries Survey 07-11-2011
NSW vehicle and driver statistics 12-10-2011
Native animal factsheets 23-10-2011
New South Wales Alligator weed strategy 2010-2015 24-10-2011
New South Wales Strategic Water Information and Monitoring Plan : Final report 2011 10-11-2011
New South Wales recorded crime statistics : regional analysis of crime trends 09-10-2011
Our River : Cooks River Sustainablilty Initiative 03-11-2011
Promoting Better Practice Program (Bellingen Shire Council) 11-11-2011
Quarterly Data (New South Wales. Family and Community Services) 22-11-2011
Register of war memorials in New South Wales 22-10-2011
Report of the section 430 investigation into body hire arrangements operating at Wyong Shire Council between January 2007 and May 2010 02-11-2011
Report on the community based heritage study of the former Coonabarabran Shire 24-11-2011
Safety Management Plan : Spring flushing flow release into the Snowy River below Jindabyne 15-11-2011
Shorebirds of Northern New South Wales 12-10-2011
Social plan (Bellingen Shire Council) 12-11-2011
State of the Environment Report (Parkes Shire Council) 18-10-2011
Strategic plan (Ashfield Council) 29-10-2011
Towards an enabling approach in community care 12-10-2011
Use of Taser weapons by New South Wales Police Force 28-11-2011
Vegetable gross margins 04-10-2011
Water Management (General) Regulation 2011 Regulatory Impact Statement 09-11-2011
Water Sharing Plan Castlereagh (below Binnaway) Unregulated and Alluvial Water Sources : background document 11-11-2011
Water Sharing Plan North Western Unregulated and Fractured Rock Water Sources : background document 11-11-2011
Water sharing plans inland NSW groundwater sources : overview 15-11-2011
Workers compensation and injury management factsheets (Workcover Authority NSW) 19-11-2011
e-Current (Sydney Ports Corporation) 18-11-2011
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State Library of Queensland

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Cyclone Yasi recovery news / Cassowary Coast Regional Council 29-11-2011
Impacts of tropical cyclone Yasi on the Great Barrier Reef 26-10-2011
2011 Queensland Natural Disasters Jobs and Skills Package 14-11-2011
Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts 24-11-2011
Barron Catchment Care : for healthy land and healthy waterways 18-11-2011
Brisbane Valley Rail Trail 13-11-2011
Council of Mayors South East Queensland 13-11-2011
Flood recovery in the Somerset Region / Somerset Regional Council 18-11-2011
John Oxley Library blog 20-10-2011
Monthly coal statistics 26-10-2011
Q Music : the Queensland music industry network 01-10-2011
Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) handbook 11-11-2011
Queensland government response to the Queensland post-secondary education and training review 15-11-2011
Reasonable adjustment in teaching, learning and assessment for learners with a disability : a guide for VET practitioners 15-11-2011
Recontructing Cardwell / Cassowary Coast Regional Council 29-11-2011
Skills Queensland Strategic Priorities Issues Paper 2011 03-11-2011
Tropical Cyclone Yasi : natural hazards 01-11-2011
Whitsunday Reef Festival 16-11-2011
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State Library of South Australia

Title URI Display Date
A Plan for Freight Transport for the South East/ Limestone Coast Region of South Australia 02-11-2011
A Review of Lake Frome and Strzelecki Regional Reserves 1991 - 2001 05-10-2011
A Review of Simpson Desert Regional Reserve 1998 - 2008 05-10-2011
About Time: South Australia's History Festival 06-10-2011
Adelaide Central School of Art 27-11-2011
Along the grapevine 11-11-2011
Art of Nature 05-10-2011
Central District Football Club 31-10-2011
Cory Bernardi 29-11-2011
Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure Disability Discrimination Act Action Plan 2007-2010 02-11-2011
Department of Education and Children's Services Annual Reports 05-10-2011
Directions for Alternative Care in South Australia 2011 - 2015 09-11-2011
Gawler Growth Areas transport Framework 02-11-2011
History of the Sporting Arms Company of Adelaide, South Australia 02-11-2011
Housing plan for South Australia 25-10-2011
Motorcycle Road Safety Strategy 2005-2010 02-11-2011
Premier of South Australia 19-10-2011
Public Service Association (South Australia) 02-11-2011
Quilters' Guild of South Australia 21-11-2011
Report 2007-2010 Burns SA 25-11-2011
Review of Nullarbor Regional Reserve 1999 - 2009 05-10-2011
Review of the Chowilla Regional Reserve 1993-2003 05-10-2011
Review of the Innamincka Regional Reserve 1998 - 2008 05-10-2011
South Australian Community History 03-10-2011
South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service 14-11-2011
South Australian Road Safety Action Plan 2008-2010 02-11-2011
South Australian Road Safety Strategy Plan 2003-2010 02-11-2011
Strategic Plan 2012-2016 for South Australian Public Education and Care 05-10-2011
The Driver's Handbook 02-11-2011
Third party access to infrastructure in South Australia 02-11-2011
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State Library of Victoria

Title URI Display Date
5 year plan 2011-2016 [EPA Victoria] 13-10-2011
A guide to applying for a movable unit 14-10-2011
Annual report (Victorian Veterans Council) 29-11-2011
Australian plague locust videos : 2.0 close up 10-11-2011
Australian plague locust videos : 3.0 locust swarm 10-11-2011
Australian plague locust videos : 4.0 plague in Victoria 10-11-2011
Australian plague locust videos : 5.0 Wimmera swarms 10-11-2011
Banyule City Council 28-10-2011
Bass Coast Shire Council 01-11-2011
Biodiversity data newsletter 09-11-2011
Biology and Symptoms of Pests Destructive to Young Eucalypt Plantations 18-10-2011
Biosecurity strategy for Victoria 19-10-2011
Buffer distances for composting facilities 05-10-2011
Bushfire management overlay and bushfire protection: planning requirements 22-11-2011
Business news 03-11-2011
Cardinia: welcome to Cardenia Shire Council 26-10-2011
Case study : salt free yields sweet savings 13-10-2011
Case study : savings in the bag 13-10-2011
Citrus industry 08-11-2011
City of Ballarat 06-10-2011
City of Whittlesea 26-10-2011
Climate change in Corangamite region 06-10-2011
Climate change in East Gippsland 06-10-2011
Climate change in Glenelg Hopkins region 06-10-2011
Climate change in Goulburn Broken 06-10-2011
Climate change in Port Phillip and Westernport 06-10-2011
Climate change in Victoria 06-10-2011
Climate change in West Gippsland 06-10-2011
Climate change in the Mallee 06-10-2011
Climate change in the North Central region 06-10-2011
Climate change in the North East region 06-10-2011
Climate monthly - October 2011 17-11-2011
Climate webinar - the evolving role of farming 17-11-2011
Community centres network 11-11-2011
Community fire refuge and private bushfire shelter exemptions 29-11-2011
Correctional Management Standards for Men's Prisons in Victoria 04-10-2011
Count us in : developing physical activity programs for women 26-10-2011
Country football and netball program 26-10-2011
Culture Victoria : stories, collections, places 05-10-2011
DPI services to grain growers 17-10-2011
Dairy industry 08-11-2011
Dairy science in action - Joe Jacob 17-11-2011
Delahey Community Centre newsletter 05-10-2011
Dive the HMAS Canberra : explore naval history in an underwater world 05-10-2011
Draft landfill gas fugitive emissions monitoring guidelines 13-10-2011
EPA Victoria news 18-10-2011
EQ bulletin 10-11-2011
Eastern Gambusia removal and recovery of native fish communities : bringing native fish back 18-11-2011
El Nino southern oscillation (ENSO) 17-11-2011
Energy efficient house 05-10-2011
Energy reduction pack a punch 14-10-2011
Environmental compliance : quarterly report 28-11-2011
Farm view season 1 - How much water do fruit trees need after harvest 24-11-2011
Farm view season 1 - the wine grape tannin research project 24-11-2011
Farm view season 1 - understanding smoke effect on wine grape quality 24-11-2011
Farmerama : Bing and Larry's guide to farms of the future 10-11-2011
Fonterra ANZ sustainability covenant 05-10-2011
Forestry/plantations 07-11-2011
Formula one Australian Grand Prix : benefits to Victoria 04-10-2011
Fruit and nut industries 08-11-2011
Future Coasts [special bulletin] 18-11-2011
Future farming strategy 19-10-2011
Game hunting in Victoria : game hunting and firearm safety 28-11-2011
Game hunting in Victoria : human safety legislation 10-11-2011
Game hunting in Victoria : registration and identification of scent-trailing hounds 10-11-2011
Game hunting in Victoria : twelve steps to safer boating 10-11-2011
Game hunting in Victoria: what hunters need to know about avian influenza? 28-11-2011
Gannawarra Shire Council 27-10-2011
Gippsland tertiary education plan supporting analysis : industry employment and population profile 26-10-2011
Gippsland tertiary education plan supporting analysis : student demand projections 26-10-2011
Gippsland tertiary education plan supporting analysis : student profile 26-10-2011
Grain industry 07-11-2011
Green snail 20-10-2011
Greening Maribyrnong 21-10-2011
Guidelines for environmental management in exploration and mining : exploration & rehabilitation of exploration sites 19-10-2011
Guidelines for environmental management in exploration and mining : rehabilitation plans and other environmental aspects of work plans 19-10-2011
Guidelines for geographic names 2010 : a guide to naming or renaming features, localities and roads in Victoria 25-10-2011
High rainfall zone cropping 17-10-2011
Hoppers in action 10-11-2011
Human services in focus 20-10-2011
Indian Ocean dipole (IOD) 17-11-2011
Indian myna 19-10-2011
Indicators of community strength in Victoria: framework and evidence : why social capital can build more resilient families and communities 17-11-2011
Information bulletin : EPA water plan 3 guidance (draft) 13-10-2011
Insect pests of you eucalypt plantations 18-10-2011
Installation report for community organisations 04-10-2011
Installation report for schools 04-10-2011
Keeping junior sport safe 26-10-2011
Key influences on health inequalities 01-10-2011
Laberal 03-11-2011
Landfill licensing guidelines 05-10-2011
Learning, earning and networking 11-11-2011
Licence management guidelines 05-10-2011
Livestock producers 08-11-2011
Living sustainably at 200 Victoria Street 05-10-2011
Local government : accounting for natural disasters : a guide 25-10-2011
Local government procurement strategy 25-10-2011
Local planning for bushfire protection 23-11-2011
Lower Loddon : flood studies 10-11-2011
Maribyrnong art bytes 27-11-2011
Market view - Vietnam 24-11-2011
Measuring water use in the dairy 29-11-2011
Melbourne 2030 : Audit Expert Group report 27-10-2011
Mildura City Council 20-11-2011
Mining Warden Yallourn mine batter failure inquiry: government response 19-10-2011
Moreland City Council 14-10-2011
Murrindindi Shire 12-11-2011
Myrtle rust 17-10-2011
National community attitudes towards Violence Against Women Survey 2009 01-10-2011
Native vegetation tracking 10-11-2011
Northern Grampians Shire Council 25-11-2011
Nurseries, ornamentals, cut flowers 07-11-2011
Operation Rotor 17-11-2011
Organic industry 08-11-2011
Otherways Magazine 03-11-2011
Planning for all of Melbourne : the Victorian government response to the Melbourne 2030 audit 01-10-2011
Planning matters 18-10-2011
Plantation thinning and pruning : farm forestry research seminar 18-10-2011
Product description : Vicmap transport 01-10-2011
Queenscliff shellfish hatchery 10-11-2011
Record stocking - two million native fish 17-11-2011
Rental report / Dept. of Planning and Housing, Victoria. 20-10-2011
Review of the April 08 windstorm Melbourne, Victoria 01-10-2011
SAFETYvictoria 18-10-2011
Small scale landholders 08-11-2011
Southern annular mode (SAM) 10-11-2011
Standards for the management of women prisoners In Victoria 04-10-2011
Strengthening the world game program : guidelines, club expression of interest and council application forms 26-10-2011
Sub-tropical Ridge (STR) 17-11-2011
Surveys for arboreal mammals, Long-Footed Potoroo and Spiny Crayfish in proposed logging coupes 840-502-0015 and 840-502-0019, Brown Mountain Creek, Catchment, Brodribb Forest Block, Errinundra Plateau 05-10-2011
Telecommunications spend and demand in Victoria 04-10-2011
The Blurb e-newsletter 11-11-2011
The asset-based approach to priority setting applying the asset-based approach to developing regional catchment strategies 10-11-2011
The climatedogs : the four drivers that influence Victoria's climate 10-11-2011
The evolving role of farming 24-11-2011
The facts about bats and bat viruses 10-11-2011
The source : a magazine by Melbourne Water 18-10-2011
Transport newsbytes 11-11-2011
Turf and parklands 08-11-2011
Vegetable and herb industry 08-11-2011
Victorian Government Submission on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Green Paper 2008 05-10-2011
Victorian ICT action plan : an information and communication technology plan for Victoria's future 01-10-2011
Victorian Waste Management Association : sustainability covenant 13-10-2011
Victorian Waste Management Association sustainability covenant 05-10-2011
Victorian blackberry strategy 2008 - 2013 01-10-2011
Victorian drug statistics handbook patterns of drug use & related harm in Victoria 14-10-2011
Viticulture industry 08-11-2011
War-related heritage in Victoria 09-11-2011
Web of trees : reconnecting the landscape and the community 13-10-2011
Welcome [Shire of Strathbogie] 26-10-2011
Welcome to Baw Baw Shire 02-11-2011
Welcome to Corangamite 25-10-2011
Welcome to Hepburn Shire 28-10-2011
Welcome to Horsham 23-11-2011
Welcome to Indigo Shire Council 20-11-2011
Welcome to Mitchell Shire Council 26-10-2011
Welcome to Moonee Valley 03-11-2011
Welcome to Nillumbik 20-11-2011
Wellington mint-bush : the impact of fire on population dynamics at Holey Plains State Park 10-11-2011
What happens to hay when it heats 29-11-2011
Yarriambiack Shire Council 28-10-2011
Youth central 11-10-2011
[Affordable rental : from March quarter 2000 to June quarter 2011] / Dept. of Planning and Housing, Victoria. 20-10-2011
[Moving annual rents by suburb] / Dept. of Planning and Housing, Victoria. 20-10-2011
[Quarterly median rents : from June 1999-June 2011] / Dept. of Planning and Housing, Victoria. 20-10-2011
[Quarterly median rents by major regions : from June 1999-June 2011] / Dept. of Planning and Housing, Victoria. 20-10-2011
[Rent indices time series : from June 1999-June 2011] / Dept. of Planning and Housing, Victoria. 20-10-2011
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State Library of Western Australia

Title URI Display Date
Aboriginal education plan for WA public schools 2011-2014 18-10-2011
Burswood Park 23-11-2011
CHOGM 2011 02-11-2011
Commissioner for Children and Young People Western Australia 27-10-2011
Indigenous Landholder Services 28-11-2011
Inta Goddard 28-11-2011
Kimberley Community Profile 21-10-2011
Library Camp Australia 06-10-2011
Ningaloo Turtle Program 29-10-2011
Office of the Electoral Distribution Commissioners 02-11-2011
Shire of Capel 21-10-2011
The Country Link : WA country health services newsletter 29-11-2011
Western Australian Community Resource Network 18-10-2011
Youth 22-11-2011
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