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1 Sep 2008 - 31 Oct 2008

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Title URI Display Date
Anindilyakwa Indigenous Protected Area - fact sheet 10-10-2008
Laynhapuy Indigenous Protected Area - fact sheet 22-10-2008
National NAIDOC 17-10-2008
The desert people of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park 14-10-2008
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Australian War Memorial

Title URI Display Date
Australians on the Western Front 1914 - 1918 08-09-2008
Fifty Australians 24-10-2008
Focus: Photography and War 1945-2006 24-10-2008
Looking Back: Australians on Crete 24-10-2008
Shared Experience: Art & War 24-10-2008
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National Film and Sound Archive

Title URI Display Date
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National Library of Australia

Title URI Display Date
A national baseline of the social and institutional foundations of natural resource management programs 10-09-2008
ACCC consumer express 14-09-2008
ACIAR monograph series 27-10-2008
Airline On Time Performance (Annual Reports) 04-09-2008
Analysis of Australian opportunities for more water-efficient toilets 09-09-2008
Asian foods research reports 09-09-2008
Assessing the environmental performance of the food value chain : an extension of the Signposts for Australian Agriculture 10-09-2008
Australian Capital Territory Chief Minister 10-10-2008
Australian Collaborative Rangeland Information System : reporting change in the rangelands : national synthesis of reports from pilot regions 10-09-2008
Australian Defence Science 24-10-2008
Australian Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government 29-10-2008
Australian Federal Minister for Transport and Regional Services 28-10-2008
Australian Federal Minister for the Environment and Water Resources 24-10-2008
Australian Federal Minister of Defence 27-10-2008
Australian Federal Special Minister of State 24-10-2008
Australian Government. National Capital Authority 09-09-2008
Australian Political Exchange Council 19-10-2008
Australian journal of emergency management 11-09-2008
Bioenergy, bioproducts and energy (RIRDC) 23-10-2008
Bunyips 22-10-2008
Bush capital legacy : iconic city, iconic natural assets 03-09-2008
CRC for Catchment Hydrology 02-09-2008
CRC for Freshwater Ecology 02-09-2008
Capital development : towards our second century 10-09-2008
Closed environment testing of ISP–level internet content filtering 01-09-2008
Collaborating to a purpose : review of the Cooperative Research Centres Program 05-09-2008
Commonwealth of Australia gazette. Tariff concessions. 24-10-2008
Creating new markets : broadband adoption and economic benefits on the Yorke Peninsula 01-09-2008
Cybersmart materials for public libraries 01-09-2008
Distilled Newsletter 04-09-2008
Fodder crops & animal feeds research reports 19-10-2008
Forecast (Tourism Research Australia) 13-10-2008
Free trade agreements 09-10-2008
Freight transport in a carbon constrained economy 01-09-2008
Garnaut Climate Change Review 02-10-2008
Global competitiveness research reports 09-10-2008
Government online directory 28-09-2008
Guidelines for the management of diabetic retinopathy 09-09-2008
Higher education equity plans for the ... triennium 04-09-2008
Human rights and climate change: Background Paper 30-10-2008
Impact : a monthly fact sheet on the economic impact of tourism and the latest visitor arrival trends 09-10-2008
Improving maternity services in Australia : a discussion paper from the Australian government 16-09-2008
Information technology for aged care providers : a step-by-step guide 16-09-2008
Insights from strategic and change management projects in registered training organisations 16-09-2008
International scheduled air transport (Annual) 07-09-2008
Kenneth Myer Lecture 14-09-2008
Learning leaders in times of change : Academic Leadership Capabilities for Australian Higher Education, 01-10-2008
Living Libraries Australia 22-09-2008
National Agricultural and Resources Outlook Conference proceedings 28-10-2008
National Curriculum Board : vodcasts 10-10-2008
National Evaluation of the Transition Care Program : final evaluation report 16-09-2008
National marine environmental condition assessment framework 09-09-2008
Native title hot spots 03-10-2008
New plant products research reports 08-09-2008
Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator 20-10-2008
Pasture seeds research reports 07-10-2008
Population profile series 24-09-2008
Quality of structured workplace learning 24-09-2008
Rail industry productivity review issues paper 01-09-2008
Rare natural fibres research reports 02-10-2008
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 01-10-2008
Recycled water quality : a guide to determining, monitoring and achieving safe concentrations of chemicals in recycled water 01-09-2008
Regional integrated catchment condition reporting : catchments to the coast : final report 09-09-2008
Resilient agricultural systems research reports 13-09-2008
Review of alien fish monitoring techniques, indicators and protocols : implications for national monitoring of Australia’s inland river systems 10-09-2008
Review of the Adult Migrant English Program : discussion paper 08-10-2008
Review of the National Innovation System 17-09-2008
Review report of the language, literacy and numeracy programme 01-10-2008
Richard Mulcahy (Canberra Party) 13-10-2008
Road deaths Australia. Statistical summary 11-09-2008
Rural People & Learning Systems Reports 27-10-2008
Secondary education statistics years 11 and 12 15-10-2008
Solar power plant pre-feasibility study 11-09-2008
Speeches and papers (Australia. Administrative Appeals Tribunal) 18-09-2008
Survey on changes in awareness and understanding of science, engineering and technology : report on findings 24-09-2008
Talking native title newsletter 03-10-2008
Technical report DSTO (Defence Science and Technology Organisation (Australia)) 04-09-2008
The Right Mix 12-10-2008
The performance of students in the Australian Capital Territory on PISA 10-09-2008
Understanding SET research career pathways : literature review 24-09-2008
Understanding science, engineering and technology research postgraduate career pathways : final report 24-09-2008
Water wastage of instantaneous gas water heaters : a report for the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme 09-09-2008
Welcome to the Office for Women web site 17-10-2008
World AIDS Day Australia 13-09-2008
Your home : design for lifestyle and the future 12-09-2008
eWater CRC 04-09-2008
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Northern Territory Library

Title URI Display Date
Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority 12-10-2008
Administrator of the Northern Territory 12-10-2008
Chief Minister and Cabinet 12-10-2008
Closing the Gap of Indigenous Disadvantage : Generational Plan of Action 09-10-2008
Community Cabinet 12-10-2008
Darwin Port Corporation 12-10-2008
Darwin Waterfront 13-10-2008
Department of Primary Industry, Fisheries and Mines 13-10-2008
Health and Community Services Complaints Commission 10-10-2008
Land Development Corporation 10-10-2008
Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory 17-10-2008
Natural Resources, Environment and the Arts 14-10-2008
Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Commission 15-10-2008
Northern Territory Archives Service 15-10-2008
Northern Territory Auditor-General's Office 16-10-2008
Northern Territory Department of Business and Employment 17-10-2008
Northern Territory Department of Business, Economic and Regional Development 16-10-2008
Northern Territory Department of Justice 18-10-2008
Northern Territory Department of Planning and Infrastructure 14-10-2008
Northern Territory Department of the Chief Minister 13-10-2008
Northern Territory Electoral Commission 13-10-2008
Northern Territory Government 11-10-2008
Northern Territory Infrastructure Group 11-10-2008
Northern Territory Land Information System (NTLIS) 12-10-2008
Northern Territory Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment 11-10-2008
Northern Territory Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions 11-10-2008
Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services 12-10-2008
Northern Territory Treasury 12-10-2008
Ombudsman for the Northern Territory 12-10-2008
PowerWater 12-10-2008
Research paper (Northern Territory Library) 18-09-2008
Tiwi Islands Local Government 04-10-2008
Tracks : dance theatre performance 24-10-2008
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State Library of New South Wales

Title URI Display Date
Ambulance online 03-09-2008
Annual report (NSW Department of Education and Training) 29-09-2008
Archives of the Australian Museum 20-10-2008
Birds in backyards 29-09-2008
Charter of Victims Rights, Victims Rights Act 1996 15-10-2008
Children's Emergency Care Project : final report 14-10-2008
Children's Hospital at Westmead 20-10-2008
Childrens Policy Guidelines for NSW Public Libraries 17-09-2008
Disability referral guide 01-09-2008
Dryland north-east summer crop gross margins 04-10-2008
Ecologically sustainable forest management (ESFM) plans- Native Forests 20-10-2008
Election Funding Authority (New South Wales) 11-09-2008
Electoral Commission of New South Wales : Local Government Elections 23-09-2008
Emergency NSW 29-09-2008
Forensic procedural note : updated January 2008 12-09-2008
Grabine Lakeside State Park 09-10-2008
Guidelines for community-based learner driver mentor programs 15-10-2008
HealthQuest 20-10-2008
Insects (Australian Museum) 22-10-2008
Irrigated Murray summer crop gross margins 04-10-2008
Irrigated central summer crop gross margins 25-10-2008
Local government electoral resources website 03-09-2008
Mammals (Australian Museum) 22-10-2008
Merit selection guide for NSW public sector panels-picking the best person for the job 30-09-2008
New South Wales Chiropractors Registration Board 20-10-2008
New South Wales Dental Technicians Registration Board 20-10-2008
New South Wales Medical Board 03-10-2008
New South Wales Optometrists Registration Board 01-10-2008
New South Wales Osteopaths Registration Board 14-10-2008
New South Wales Physiotherapists Registration Board 03-10-2008
New South Wales Podiatrists Registration Board 30-09-2008
New South Wales industrial gazette 18-10-2008
Personnel handbook (New South Wales. Premier's Dept.) 08-10-2008
Pharmacy Board of New South Wales 30-09-2008
Primefacts 12-09-2008
Psychologists Registration Board of New South Wales 01-10-2008
Public sector notices 07-09-2008
Special Commission of Inquiry into Child Protection Services in NSW 01-09-2008
Vegetable gross margins 04-10-2008
Vegie bites 07-10-2008
Victims protocol 15-10-2008
Young Offenders Act 1997 Background information 30-10-2008
Your rights as a victim of crime 15-10-2008
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State Library of Queensland

Title URI Display Date
Brisbane, city of education : the economic impact of international students 25-09-2008
Childers Festival of Cultures 19-09-2008
Code of conduct - Queensland. Prostitution Licensing Authority 07-09-2008
Essential learnings and standards : position paper 25-09-2008
Government House Queensland 17-10-2008
Health outcomes plan : cardiovascular health : coronary heart disease 2002-2004 28-10-2008
Health outcomes plan : cardiovascular health : stroke 2002-2007 28-10-2008
Health outcomes plan : diabetes mellitus 2000-2004 28-10-2008
Health outcomes plan : injury prevention and control 2000-2004 28-10-2008
Health outcomes plan for cancer control 2002-2007 28-10-2008
In touch (Queensland. Prostitution Licensing Authority) 05-09-2008
Its not just about drugs : the 2nd Youth Drug Summit report 24-10-2008
National health performance framework report 30-10-2008
Regional profile : Central Queensland DET region 26-09-2008
Statement of affairs - Queensland. Prostitution Licensing Authority 10-09-2008
Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers 19-09-2008
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State Library of South Australia

Title URI Display Date
A plan for freight transport for the South East / Limestone Coast region of South Australia 07-10-2008
Australian Electoral Commission Mayo By-election 2008 29-09-2008
Corporate Plan 2008-09 (SA Department of the Premier and Cabinet) 18-09-2008
Demand side management: energy efficiency potential in South Australia 28-10-2008
Department for Families and Communities 20-10-2008
Department of the Premier and Cabinet (South Australia) 09-09-2008
Di Bell. Independent for Mayo (2008 Mayo By-Election) 04-09-2008
Energy efficiency action plan: developed in accordance with The National Greenhouse Strategy Measure 3.1 28-10-2008
Extension of the Noarlunga rail line to Seaford: final report October 2007 30-09-2008
Family First Party (South Australia) 18-09-2008
Family First Party (South Australia) 2008 Mayo By-election 15-09-2008
Infrastructure (Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure SA) 13-10-2008
Infrastructure in South Australia: five yearly report to the Council of Australian Governments: February 2007 30-09-2008
Motorcycling road safety strategy 2005-2010 07-10-2008
Northern Connector: strategic road / rail link planning study 30-10-2008
Northern Connector: strategic road / rail link planning study [Vietnamese translation] 30-10-2008
On the lands: update on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) lands 18-09-2008
Plumbers guide: performance standards for domestic water heater installations 30-10-2008
Premier of South Australia 07-10-2008
Response by the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation to the children on Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) lands commission of inquiry: a report into sexual abuse 18-09-2008
Safety in numbers: a cycling strategy for South Australia 2006-2010 07-10-2008
South Australian Road Safety Action Plan 2008-2010 30-09-2008
The future of SA's transport infrastructure: strategic infrastructure plan for South Australia 30-10-2008
Tree lists 28-10-2008
Welcome to the Energy Division (SA) 13-10-2008
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State Library of Victoria

Title URI Display Date
A research paper to inform the development of an early years learning framework for Australia 16-10-2008
Ballot paper scanning 16-10-2008
Blueprint for Early Childhood Development and school reform : school reform discussion paper 02-10-2008
Cardinia: welcome to Cardenia Shire Council 23-10-2008
Counting arrangements 16-10-2008
Disability Services Division 25-09-2008
EPA Victoria news 14-09-2008
Electoral advertising and campaign material 16-10-2008
Gannawarra Shire Council 27-10-2008
Human Services News 01-10-2008
Improving the delivery of VET in Schools 02-10-2008
New initiatives 16-10-2008
Private property fire management : general information 11-09-2008
Provenance: the journal of Public Record Office Victoria 09-10-2008
Roll preparation 16-10-2008
Running your own election : first-past-the-post 16-10-2008
Sleep hygiene 15-10-2008
Sleep problems : babies 15-10-2008
Sleep problems : insomnia 15-10-2008
Smallpox 15-10-2008
Smog 15-10-2008
Smoking : effects on your body 15-10-2008
Smoking : how to discourage your children 15-10-2008
Smoking : quit services for diverse groups 15-10-2008
Smoking : the financial costs 15-10-2008
Smoking : weight gain and quitting 15-10-2008
Smoking and eye disease 15-10-2008
Smoking and heart disease : the facts 15-10-2008
Smoking statistics 15-10-2008
Smoking tobacco is deadly 15-10-2008
Snoring 15-10-2008
Soccer : preventing injury 15-10-2008
Social phobia 15-10-2008
Solariums 15-10-2008
Soybeans 15-10-2008
Structural overview & key dates 16-10-2008
Tay Sachs disease 15-10-2008
Tea leaves and health 15-10-2008
Thalassaemia 04-09-2008
Thyroid conditions : hyperthyroidism 04-09-2008
Thyroid conditions : hypothyroidism 04-09-2008
Thyroid conditions and weight gain : q&a 04-09-2008
Thyroid gland explained 04-09-2008
Thyroid issues : the parathryoid gland 04-09-2008
Tinnitus : lifestyle adjustments can help 04-09-2008
Tobacco laws aim to improve health 04-09-2008
Toddlers and choking 04-09-2008
Toddlers and dummies 04-09-2008
Toddlers and fussy eating 04-09-2008
Toddlers and mealtime manners 04-09-2008
Toilet training 04-09-2008
Toilet training : staying dry at night 04-09-2008
Tongue 04-09-2008
Tonsilitis explained 04-09-2008
Tonsillectomy 04-09-2008
Tooth brushing : start it young 04-09-2008
Tooth loss in children 04-09-2008
Torture and trauma 04-09-2008
Touch football : preventing injury 04-09-2008
Tourette syndrome 04-09-2008
Toxic shock syndrome 04-09-2008
Tracheostomy 04-09-2008
Trachoma 04-09-2008
Tranquillisers 04-09-2008
Transient ischaemic attack 04-09-2008
Trauma : after effects 04-09-2008
Trauma : helping loved ones 04-09-2008
Trauma : reacting and recovering 04-09-2008
Ultrasound scan 09-10-2008
Undescended testicles 09-10-2008
Urinary catherisation 09-10-2008
Urinary system 09-10-2008
Urinary tract infections 09-10-2008
Usher syndrome 09-10-2008
Uterine cancer 09-10-2008
Uterine inversion 09-10-2008
Vitamin K and newborn babies 09-10-2008
Vitamins : common misconceptions 09-10-2008
Vomiting 09-10-2008
Von Willebrands disorder 09-10-2008
Vote counting systems 16-10-2008
Vulval conditions 09-10-2008
Vulvar cancer 09-10-2008
Water tanks and dams : safety tips 04-09-2008
Wegener's granulomatosis 04-09-2008
Weight and muscle gain 04-09-2008
Weight loss : a healthy approach 04-09-2008
Weight loss : common myths 04-09-2008
Weight loss and carbohydrates 04-09-2008
West Nile virus 04-09-2008
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State Library of Western Australia

Title URI Display Date
2008 State Elections Policy Costing - Impact of Liberal Party Commitments on State Finance 25-09-2008
2008 State Elections Policy Costings - ALP Commitments to 1 September 2008 25-09-2008
2008 State General Elections : Legislative Assembly District Results 6th September 2008 22-09-2008
2008 State General Elections : Legislative Council Elected Members 22-09-2008
Aboriginal involvement in the Western Australian criminal justice system : a statistical review 11-09-2008
Baby names for 2007 17-10-2008
Births, death, marriage and change of name statistics 17-10-2008
Business Migration - State Migration Centre 10-10-2008
Cane Toads 10-10-2008
Cannabis infringement notice scheme 17-10-2008
Common Pests of Summer Fruit in Western Australia 26-09-2008
Culture strong career proud 19-09-2008
Declared Animals List 10-10-2008
Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia - weather station sites 26-09-2008
Food Frequency, Western Australia 2006. 19-09-2008
FuelWatch 30-10-2008
Go West Now 10-10-2008
Government of Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett & Cabinet Ministers 24-09-2008
Labour market bulletin 14-10-2008
Legislative Council Count Completed 22-09-2008
New performing arts venue 25-10-2008
Ningaloo Turtle Program 08-09-2008
Plant available soil moisture maps 26-09-2008
Pre election financial projection statement 2008-09 25-09-2008
Proceedings of the national workshop on footrot 26-09-2008
Research papers - Economic services group & regional economists 10-10-2008
Small Business Development Corporation 10-10-2008
Soil acidity in Western Australia 10-10-2008
State General Election : Polling Day 6th September 2008 08-09-2008
Statement by Alan Carpenter 24-09-2008
Surveillance for pest animals 10-10-2008
The Better Beginnings Family Literacy Program 29-10-2008
The Future Placement of Year 7 Students in Western Australian Public Schools: A Study 19-09-2008
The Hon Alan J Carpenter MLA 04-09-2008
The Hon Alannah MacTiernan BA LLB BJuris JP MLA 22-09-2008
The Hon David A Templeman MLA 04-09-2008
The Hon Eric S Ripper BA DipEd MLA 04-09-2008
The Hon Francis M Logan BA(Hons) MLA 05-09-2008
The Hon Jim A McGinty BA BJuris(Hons) LLB JP MLA 25-09-2008
The Hon John C Kobelke BSc DipEd JP MLA 05-09-2008
The Hon Jon R Ford JP MLC 04-09-2008
The Hon Kim M Chance MLC 06-09-2008
The Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich BA(SocSc) DipEd DipEd(Admin) MLC 06-09-2008
The Hon Margaret M Quirk LLB(Hons) MA MLA 05-09-2008
The Hon Mark McGowan BA LLB MLA 06-09-2008
The Hon Michelle H Roberts BA DipEd MLA 05-09-2008
The Hon Sheila M McHale MLA 05-09-2008
The Hon Sue M Ellery MLC 05-09-2008
Vegetable growing: a guide for home gardeners in Western Australia 26-09-2008
WA Government Electronic Marketplace 10-10-2008
WA State Supply Commission 10-10-2008
WA teacher demand and supply projections 19-09-2008
Western Australia state election 2008 election update 19-09-2008
Western Australian Aboriginal Education and Training Operational Plan 2005–2008 19-09-2008
Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission awards 10-10-2008
Western Australian Stimulant Regulatory Scheme 2007 Annual Report 19-09-2008
Western Australian war memorials register 26-09-2008
Wool Portal 10-10-2008
Total 58

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