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1 Oct 2009 - 31 Oct 2009

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

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Future Directions for the Northern Territory Emergency Response - Discussion Paper 09-10-2009
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Australian War Memorial

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2/6 Cavalry Commando Regiment 14-10-2009
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National Film and Sound Archive

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National Library of Australia

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ABARE Outlook Conference proceedings (National Agricultural and Resources) 28-10-2009
Asia-Pacific Focal Point (APFP) : for World Heritage Managers 06-10-2009
Australian Federal Minister for the Environment and Water Resources 24-10-2009
Australian Federal Minister of Defence 27-10-2009
Australian Youth Forum 22-10-2009
Australian rail safety occurrence data 21-10-2009
Collaborating to a purpose : Review of the Cooperative Research Centres Program 28-10-2009
Commonwealth of Australia gazette. Tariff concessions. 24-10-2009
Exercise, recreation and sport survey reports 13-10-2009
Forecast (Tourism Research Australia) 13-10-2009
Foundations for the future : proposals for future governance, architecture and market design of the national training system 15-10-2009
Free trade agreements 09-10-2009
Guidelines for the assessment of places for the National Heritage List 09-10-2009
Health Emergency 15-10-2009
Impact : a monthly fact sheet on the economic impact of tourism and the latest visitor arrival trends 23-10-2009
Indian Voice 28-10-2009
Inquiry into RAAF F-111 Deseal-Reseal workers and their families 28-10-2009
Land & Water Australia 16-10-2009
Mashup Australia 19-10-2009
Monitoring the social and economic impacts of forestry 13-10-2009
National Medication Safety Breakthrough Collaborative (NMSBC) Publications 22-10-2009
Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator 20-10-2009
Ozhistorybytes 08-10-2009
PADI : preserving access to digital information 07-10-2009
Powering Ideas: an innovation agenda for the 21st century 28-10-2009
Prime Minister of Australia - Kevin Rudd 30-10-2009
Privacy Matters 12-10-2009
Rainfall and temperature records 21-10-2009
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 02-10-2009
Report to the Council of Australian Governments on the elements of the National Identity Security Strategy - April 2007 28-10-2009
Secondary education statistics years 11 and 12 16-10-2009
Skills Australia : Industry Skills Council - report on facilitation of forums 15-10-2009
The Bureau of Meteorology and water information 21-10-2009
Trends and issues in crime and criminal justice 30-10-2009
Welcome to the Office for Women web site 20-10-2009
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Northern Territory Library

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A comparative analysis of indirect methodologies for estimating Indigenous life expectancy 15-10-2009
Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority 12-10-2009
Administrator of the Northern Territory 12-10-2009
Arafura Games 13-10-2009
Closing the Gap of Indigenous Disadvantage : Generational Plan of Action 28-10-2009
Coomalie Community Government Council 05-10-2009
Darwin Port Corporation 11-10-2009
Darwin Waterfront 11-10-2009
Tiwi Land Council 05-10-2009
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State Library of New South Wales

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A collaborative approach to management of MVA related injuries (Whiplash, Anxiety, ANF) in general practice 30-10-2009
A critical analysis of selected Australian and international mathematics syllabuses for the post-compulsory years of secondary schooling 27-10-2009
A prospective comparative study of shoulder pain after traumatic brain injury and cerebrovascular accident 29-10-2009
A review of paediatric spinal injuries in traffic-related incidents 23-10-2009
A survey of older pedestrians in metropolitan Sydney: walking patterns, perceptions and risk exposure. 29-10-2009
Agricultural Scientific Collections Unit 30-10-2009
Albury Wodonga Local Business Survey : key findings summary 28-10-2009
Asbestos management plan : assest management directorate 28-10-2009
Brush Farm Corrective Services Academy [website] 08-10-2009
Claims assessment guidelines 23-10-2009
Claims handling guidelines for CTP Insurers 22-10-2009
Community profile (Albury City Council) 28-10-2009
Condition of NSW state roads 22-10-2009
Crashes of older riders-characteristics and implications for counter measures 29-10-2009
Developing a national disability strategy for Australia 08-10-2009
Developing a sustainability charter for Australia : a submission by the Disability Council of NSW to the Inquiry into a sustainability charter by the Standing Committee on Environment and Heritage 08-10-2009
Developing an assessment tool for traumatic brain injury : the care and needs scale (CANS) 29-10-2009
Differential responses to MVA-induced pain: normative data 30-10-2009
Dryland south-west winter crop gross margins 04-10-2009
Effectiveness of bicycle helmets:: a review 29-10-2009
Evaluating markers of dysautonomia and noradrenaline related cardiac damage following severe traumatic brain injury : the care and needs scale (CANS) 29-10-2009
Evaluation of the plan-it youth program : final report. Report to the NSW Department of Education and Training 28-10-2009
Factors that influence children booster seat use 23-10-2009
Fatalities in older drivers and pedestrians : neuropathological evalauation of pre-clinical dementia 29-10-2009
Fit for the future planning for the future: NSW health 2025 : a submission by the Disability Council of NSW to the Inquiry of NSW Health on the future directions for health in NSW 08-10-2009
Future direction for the New England Regional Art Museum 20-10-2009
Grabine Lakeside State Park 15-10-2009
Graded exposure in-vivo in multidisciplinary chronic pain management groups: a randomised controlled trial 30-10-2009
Identification of injury mechanisms for child occupants aged 2-8 in motor vehicle accidents 23-10-2009
Improving knowledge about sleep and sleepiness in young drivers 29-10-2009
Is teacher quality the 'make or break' element in improving Aboriginal student outcomes? 02-10-2009
Long-term outcomes after traumatic brain injury : follow up consecutiive series at 20-26 years post-trauma 29-10-2009
MAA Market practice guidelines 22-10-2009
NESAC wide Local Companion Animals Management Plan 20-10-2009
NSW vehicle and driver statistics 10-10-2009
Olfactory functioning in children with a traumatic brain injury 30-10-2009
Permanent impairment guidelines : guidelines for the assessment of the degree of permanent impairment 23-10-2009
Personnel handbook (New South Wales. Premier's Dept.) 15-10-2009
Preliminary advice on increasing employment opportunities for people with disability in NSW, including the private sector : submission to the NSW Minister for Disability Services 08-10-2009
Reducing trauma as a result of crashes involving utility poles 08-10-2009
Register of war memorials in New South Wales 22-10-2009
Response to review of the disability standards for accessible public transport 2002 - Draft Report 08-10-2009
Review of CTP Claims: experience of 4WDs Report to the Legislative Council Standing Committee on Law and Justice 22-10-2009
Review of NSW CTP insurance industry's compliance performance in 2007 with the MAA claims handling guidelines industry 22-10-2009
Submission to the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs on the harmonisation of the disability parking permit schemes in Australia 08-10-2009
Submission to the Inquiry on the Draft Disability (Access to Premises - Buildings) Standards 08-10-2009
Suspension and Aboriginal students in NSW - June 2006 - One size does not fit all 02-10-2009
Sustaining our way of life : Macquarie Generation Sustainability Report 2008 21-10-2009
The interaction of mild obstructive sleep apnea, sleep deprivation, circadian factors and alcohol In driving fatigue risk 29-10-2009
Towards Albury 2030 : working together 29-10-2009
What about me: perceptions of support by siblings of children with an acquired brain injury 29-10-2009
atmitchell : journal of the friends and supporters of the State Library of New South Wales 20-10-2009
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State Library of Queensland

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Brisbane Show Camp 30-10-2009
Disaster operations : overview of activities 14-10-2009
Evaluation of the report of the Statewide Neonatal Intensive Care Services Project (2006) : summary report to the minister 14-10-2009
John Oxley Library blog 20-10-2009
Johnstone Gallery Archive 23-10-2009
Queensland Statewide Cancer Treatment Services Plan 2008-17 15-10-2009
Queensland Statewide Rehabilitation Medicine Services Plan 2008-12 15-10-2009
Queensland Statewide Renal Health Services Plan 2008-17 15-10-2009
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State Library of South Australia

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Infrastructure (Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure SA) 13-10-2009
Welcome to the Energy Division (SA) 13-10-2009
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State Library of Victoria

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A guide for the control over the possession, trade and movement of declared pest animals 22-10-2009
Access points mapping project report 21-10-2009
Assessment, care management and review in home and community care 02-10-2009
Assistance for homebuyers (2008-2009) 06-10-2009
Banyule City Council 27-10-2009
Budget information paper no. 1 : Treasurer's speech 06-10-2009
Budget paper no. 3 : service delivery 06-10-2009
Cardinia: welcome to Cardenia Shire Council 23-10-2009
Chemical use in Victoria : what I can and can't do 22-10-2009
Children's services guide 07-10-2009
Connections : Loddon Mallee region suicide prevention letter 29-10-2009
Design guide for Victorian Children's Services 07-10-2009
Determining effective area of shade in orchards and vineyards to estimate crop water requirement 22-10-2009
EPA Victoria news 08-10-2009
Establishing Puccinellia 22-10-2009
Gannawarra Shire Council 27-10-2009
HACC active service model seminar : the pilot projects 02-10-2009
Human Services News 17-10-2009
Ideas for the future of community care in Victoria 21-10-2009
Licensed children's services 07-10-2009
Low cost accomodation support news 02-10-2009
Managing puccinella 22-10-2009
OJD : implications for neighbours and traces from infected flocks 22-10-2009
Outdoor play guide for Victorian Children's Services 07-10-2009
Ovine Johnes disease definitions 22-10-2009
Provenance: the journal of Public Record Office Victoria 04-10-2009
Public health compliance 11-10-2009
Quality of Victorian home and community care Aboriginal client data : an analysis of the quality of Victorian HACC Aboriginal client data and a strategy for data quality improvement 21-10-2009
Risks associated with grazing or cutting failed crops for stockfeed 22-10-2009
School leadership development strategies : building leadership capacity in Victoria, Australia 30-10-2009
Small hive beetle a beekeeping pest 22-10-2009
Strategic directions in assessment : Victorian home and commuinity care program 02-10-2009
Strengthening Home and Community Care (HACC) in Aboriginal communities strategy 02-10-2009
The ACUP system in Victoria 22-10-2009
Use of the Home and Community Care program in Victoria by culturally and linguistically diverse communities 2006 - 07 : LGA profiles 21-10-2009
Using knapsack sprayers and compression sprayers 22-10-2009
Vaccinating sheep against ovine Johnes disease 22-10-2009
Victorian Drug Usage Advisory Committee 13-10-2009
Victorian HACC dependency survey : a study of clients in the Home and Community Care Program 21-10-2009
Victorian HACC seminar : the active service model 02-10-2009
Victorian bushfire resource 07-10-2009
Victorian drug statistics handbook patterns of drug use & related harm in Victoria 11-10-2009
Victorian drug statistics handbook patterns of drug use & related harm in Victoria for the period July 2006 to June 2007 12-10-2009
Welcome [Shire of Strathbogie] 26-10-2009
Welcome to Corangamite 25-10-2009
Welcome to Hepburn Shire 28-10-2009
Welcome to Mitchell Shire Council 23-10-2009
Welcome to the Glenelg Shire website 29-10-2009
Withholding period statements on labels 22-10-2009
Yarriambiack Shire Council 27-10-2009
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State Library of Western Australia

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Business Migration - State Migration Centre 10-10-2009
FuelWatch 30-10-2009
Gorgon Project (Barrow Island) 22-10-2009
Home based business network 16-10-2009
Honouring Creative Women in WA 14-10-2009
Human swine flu : what Western Australians need to know 28-10-2009
Kimberely LNG Social Impact Assessment Volume 1 Scope and Profile 23-10-2009
Northern Development Taskforce Final Site Evaluation Report 22-10-2009
Responses to the recommendations made by the state coroner following the investigation into the death of Mr. Ward 20-10-2009
Small business exporters network 16-10-2009
The Better Beginnings Family Literacy Program 29-10-2009
The Hon Alannah MacTiernan BA LLB BJuris JP MLA 15-10-2009
The Hydro Zone 15-10-2009
The Women in Business Network 16-10-2009
The Young Business Network 16-10-2009
WA State Supply Commission 10-10-2009
Western Australia Suicide Prevention Strategy 2009-2013 20-10-2009
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