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1 Aug 2011 - 30 Sep 2011

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

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Australian War Memorial

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Australia and the Vietnam war 21-09-2011
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National Film and Sound Archive

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National Gallery of Australia

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National Library of Australia

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100 years of Australian Antarctic Expeditions 18-08-2011
A tax plan for our future: Stronger. Fairer. Simpler 10-08-2011
AFRC Issues 09-08-2011
AUSFocus 28-09-2011
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education matter : strategic plan 2010-2013 : priorities and actions for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education in ACT public schools 16-08-2011
Administrative Review Council reports 21-09-2011
Air Power Development Centre Publications 15-08-2011
Airline On Time Performance (Annual Reports) 04-09-2011
Annual climate summary archive 23-08-2011
Australasian journal of Victorian studies 02-09-2011
Australian Competition & Consumer Commission 21-09-2011
Australian Federal Minister for Defence 22-09-2011
Australian Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs (2010- ) 16-09-2011
Australian Federal Minister for Immigration and Citizenship 18-09-2011
Australian Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport 27-09-2011
Australian Federal Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research 17-08-2011
Australian Federal Minister for Trade (2010- ) 17-09-2011
Australian Securities and Investment Commission consultation papers 18-08-2011
Australian Transport Council - Documents 17-09-2011
Australian journal of emergency management 12-09-2011
Australian workforce futures : a national workforce development strategy 27-09-2011
Banking services : cost-effective switching arrangements 15-09-2011
Butterpaper 14-09-2011
CAFCA practice and resource sheets 09-08-2011
Canberra Spatial Plan 24-08-2011
Caring for older Australians - Productivity Commission inquiry report 24-08-2011
Clean Energy Future 06-08-2011
Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions 17-09-2011
Current speeches (Australian Federal Police) 07-08-2011
Daily weather observations 25-08-2011
Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer 18-09-2011
Disability care and support 31-08-2011
Drought statement archive 22-08-2011
ENSO wrap up : a regular commentary on the El Nino-Southern Oscillation 16-09-2011
Electronic APS Employment Gazette 22-09-2011
Emerging technology trial 2011 digitizing paper based instruction with smartpens and pencasting : final report 31-08-2011
Energy update 02-08-2011
Enhancing relationships in school communities (ERIS) : final report : creating culturally respectful primary schools : enhancing relationships through strategic professional learning July 2007-October 2010 28-09-2011
Good Practice in Schools : values education 06-09-2011
Green Loans program 04-08-2011
High speed rail : new high speed rail study 2010 04-08-2011
Higher education diploma supplements among APEC member economies 31-08-2011
IPS Radio and Space Services 24-08-2011
Immigration Detention Statistics Summary 12-08-2011
Inquiry report (Australia. Productivity Commission) 30-08-2011
Internationalisation of U.S. higher education in a time of declining resources 27-09-2011
Kenneth Myer Lecture 29-09-2011
Lounge of the Lab Lemming 14-09-2011
Media release / Department of immigration and citizenship 18-08-2011
Mitchell factory fire (A.C.T. Emergency Services Agency) 23-09-2011
Moneysmart tips 02-09-2011
National Capital Bootscooters 09-09-2011
National Classification Scheme Review 18-08-2011
National Indigenous higher education workforce strategy 27-09-2011
National Library of Australia service charter 30-08-2011
National Program for Sustainable Irrigation 27-09-2011
National Sport Information Centre - NSIC full text archive 26-08-2011
National cultural policy discussion paper 31-08-2011
National professional standard for principals 02-08-2011
Opportunities for small business and community organisations in NBN first-release areas 05-08-2011
PADI : preserving access to digital information 24-08-2011
PYP and MYP student performance on the international schools assessment (ISA) 27-09-2011
Parliamentary information - documents and related guidelines 11-09-2011
Passion to profit (Online) 12-09-2011
Pilot study to test the exposure draft of the national professional standard for principals 15-08-2011
Plantation Information Network 15-09-2011
Plastic bag ban 17-08-2011
Potential effects of climate change on forests and forestry in Australia 14-09-2011
Prime Minister of Australia - Julia Gillard 05-09-2011
Public Sector Innovation Toolkit 05-08-2011
Quantifying the possible economic gains of getting more Australian households online 01-08-2011
RIRDC Rural Women's Award 05-08-2011
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 01-09-2011
Regional Knowledge Resource Kit (RKRK) 13-09-2011
Regulatory observer 23-09-2011
Report for skills Australia: the Australian and New Zealand standard classification of occupations: scoping study 27-09-2011
Report on options for future collaborations of Canberra Institute of Technology and University of Canberra 11-08-2011
Research in practice 01-08-2011
Reserve Bank of Australia - Conferences 23-08-2011
Revolutionary Socialist Party 15-08-2011
S.O.I. (Southern Oscillation Index) archives - 1876 to present 03-08-2011
Seasonal climate outlook temperature archive 19-08-2011
Skills Australia 2011 interim report on resources sector skill needs 15-08-2011 19-08-2011
Strategic review of the student visa program 2011 : report 26-09-2011
Sydney Opera House 21-08-2011
Technical report DSTO (Defence Science and Technology Organisation (Australia)) 20-09-2011
Telehealth for aged care 01-08-2011
Telehealth for veterans 01-08-2011
The Annual Libraries Australia Forum 29-09-2011
The Great Badge Swap 28-09-2011
Trends and issues in crime and criminal justice 15-09-2011
Waypoint Online Newsletter 08-08-2011
World AIDS Day Australia 27-09-2011
Your home : design for lifestyle and the future 12-09-2011
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Northern Territory Library

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State Library of New South Wales

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A discussion paper for a NSW tertiary education plan 03-08-2011
Aboriginal cultural inclusion framework 2011-2015 14-09-2011
Annual report (Library Council of New South Wales) 20-09-2011
Architecture Insights [website] 03-09-2011
Birds in backyards 29-09-2011
Community Engagement Strategy : Mid-Western Regional Council Community Strategic Plan 24-08-2011
Community Strategic Plan (Kempsey Shire Council) 26-09-2011
Community Strategic Plan : Vision 2021 (Upper Lachlan Shire Council) 15-08-2011
Community Water Conservation Strategy (Liverpool City Council) 30-08-2011
Cultural plan (Kempsey Shire Council) 26-09-2011
Cultural plan (Mid-Western Regional Council) 25-08-2011
Eco news (Warringah Council) 05-08-2011
Economic Development Plan and Strategy : final report (Upper Lachlan Shire Council) 15-08-2011
Economic Development Strategy (Glen Innes Severn Council) 06-08-2011
Economic Development Strategy Mid-Western Region : a 10 year plan 25-08-2011
Emergency NSW 29-09-2011
Greenhouse Reduction Actions in Liverpool (Liverpool City Council) 26-08-2011
Housing and independent living : environmental and built factors for maintaining independence in older age 14-09-2011
Improving Road Safety : Speed Cameras 15-08-2011
Liverpool City-Wide Recreation Strategy 2020 : final report (Liverpool City Council) 31-08-2011
Local government and ageing : final report 14-09-2011
Local government and ageing : literature review 14-09-2011
Marrickville Urban Strategy (Marrickville Council) 08-09-2011
NSW Architects Registration Board 25-08-2011
New South Wales industrial gazette 15-08-2011
Positive Ageing in the Mid-Western Regional Council Area 26-08-2011
Quarterly report (Port Stephens Council) 16-08-2011
Reconciliation Action Plan (Warringah Shire Council) 05-08-2011
Research to practice notes (New South Wales. Dept. of Community Services) 21-08-2011
Review of self managed model demonstration project in the life choices and active ageing programs : final report 14-09-2011
Social plan (Liverpool City Council) 01-09-2011
Sydney architecture festival [website] 04-09-2011
Tamworth Regional Council 09-08-2011
The New Liverpool City Library : strategy for moving forward 01-09-2011
Tweed Coastline Management Plan (Tweed Shire Council) 16-08-2011
Tweed Vegetation Management Strategy (Tweed Shire Council) 16-08-2011
Upper Lachlan Shire Community Heritage Study (Upper Lachlan Shire Council) 15-08-2011
Warringah Bike Plan (Warringah Shire Council) 05-08-2011
Water Conservation Action Plan (Liverpool City Council) 01-09-2011
Whole of government ageing strategy : ideas pack 26-09-2011
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State Library of Queensland

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A flying start for Queensland children 10-09-2011
Australian flood and ex-Tropical Cyclone Yasi disaster information 26-09-2011
Cairns Base Hospital and associated services clinical services plan 2008 30-08-2011
Can of words : the e-magazine of the Hinchinbrook community 15-08-2011
Consumer engagement framework 29-08-2011
Creative Generation : State Schools Onstange 18-08-2011
Cyclone Yasi 05-08-2011
Disaster management and social media : a case study / Queensland Police Service 03-08-2011
Disaster operations : overview of activities 14-09-2011
Flood warning system for the Brisbane River above Wivenhoe Dam 19-08-2011
Gympie Gold Rush Festival 31-08-2011
Health care providers' handbook on Hindu patients 30-08-2011
Health care providers' handbook on Muslim patients (2nd ed.) 30-08-2011
Health care providers' handbook on Sikh patients 30-08-2011
Health impact assessment : a guide for service providers 30-08-2011
Ideas Festival 22-08-2011
In touch (Queensland. Prostitution Licensing Authority) 26-08-2011
Making Tracks towards closing the gap in health outcomes for Indigenous Queenslanders by 2033 : policy and accountability framework 30-08-2011
Media releases / Hinchinbrook Shire Council 31-08-2011
New Jobs and Skills Package / Australia. Dept. of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations 19-08-2011
Offender Health Services strategic directions 2010-2013 29-09-2011
Opening and closing dates of Queensland schools 09-09-2011
Population growth : highlights and trends, Queensland 19-09-2011
Queensland HIV models of care 2008 : a report to stakeholders 29-08-2011
Science test analysis : report to the Queensland Education Performance Review Implementation Steering Committee 29-09-2011
Social indicators for addressing health inequalities 30-08-2011
Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers 19-09-2011
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State Library of South Australia

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A Cultural Inclusion Framework for South Australia Cultural Competency Self-Assessment Instrument 24-08-2011
A Cultural Inclusion Framework for South Australia Cultural Inclusion Checklist 24-08-2011
A Cultural Inclusion Framework for South Australia Guide to the Framework 24-08-2011
Aboriginal Justice Action Plan 22-09-2011
Advertising Policies and Guidelines 14-09-2011
Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Bulletin 29-08-2011
Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Bulletin June 2007 24-08-2011
Annual Report Department of the Premier and Cabinet 31-08-2011
Artlab Australia 25-08-2011
Committment Statement Department of the Premier and Cabinet 31-08-2011
Department for Families and Communities - Our Commitment to the Environment 28-09-2011
Department for Families and Communities - Statement of Reconciliation 28-09-2011
Department of Environment and Natural Resources Corporate Plan 2010-2014 24-08-2011
Department of the Premier and Cabinet (South Australia) 19-09-2011
Department of the Premier and Cabinet Customer Service Charter 31-08-2011
Dog and Cat Management Board Annual Report 2007-08 24-08-2011
Family First Party (South Australia) 23-09-2011
Feature 14-09-2011
Five Year Strategic Plan 2009-2013 - Department for Families and Communities 14-09-2011
Housing Modifications for Persons with Disabilities 28-09-2011
Intellectual Property Report 14-09-2011
Maralinga Lands Unnamed Conservation Park Board annual report 21-09-2011
Ministerial Code of Conduct 14-09-2011
NRM Council Annual Report 07-09-2011
NRM Council Annual Report 2008-09 24-08-2011
Premier's Decleration Safety and Wellbeing in the Public Sector 31-08-2011
Report to the National Competition Council - Implementation of National Competition Policy and Related Reforms in SA 14-09-2011
South Australian Aboriginal Lands Bulletin 4 August 2010 24-08-2011
South Australian Aboriginal Lands Bulletin April 2009 24-08-2011
South Australian Aboriginal Lands Bulletin September 2007 24-08-2011
State Natural Resources Management Plan 24-08-2011
State Natural Resources Management Plan Summary 24-08-2011
Trails SA 18-09-2011
Welcome to the Multicultural SA website 25-09-2011
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State Library of Victoria

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2009 Research Partnerships Forum Advancing 018 Learning and Development 19-08-2011
2010 green light report 27-09-2011
A comparison of the avifaunal diversity on native hardwood plantations and pastureland in north-east Victoria 30-08-2011
A method for prioritising industrial estates to target EPA investigations 21-09-2011
A preliminary assessment of the abundance, size and population genetic structure of pipis (Donax deltoides) with specific reference to south west Victoria 14-09-2011
A summary of the relative abundance and size-class distribution of large-bodied fish in the Mallee region of the lower Murray River in the period 2002-10 14-09-2011
AG in focus 30-08-2011
About the TAC 25-08-2011
Access for all abilities newsletter 02-09-2011
Air monitoring in Brooklyn November 2009 to October 2010 21-09-2011
An overview of VET in the VCE and VCAL 06-09-2011
Analysis of coastal recreational fishing facilities 14-09-2011
Angler diary monitoring of recreational target fish stocks in selected Victorian estuaries 14-09-2011
Anti-bark and remote training collars 14-09-2011
Artificial aeration of Lake Bullen Merri : review of operations 14-09-2011
Australian bass movement and migration in the Snowy River 14-09-2011
Bayside Film Festival 15-09-2011
Boardroom to classroom: the role of the corporate and philanthropic sectors in school education 19-08-2011
Boroondara : city of harmony 22-09-2011
Building respectful and safe schools : a resource for school communities 25-08-2011
Business models for enabling sustainable precincts : finance, risk and return 27-09-2011
Caring for animals during extreme heat 14-09-2011
Cattle : guidelines for the provision of shelter 14-09-2011
Christie Walk, Adelaide : cooperative approach delivers community-focused eco-village 27-09-2011
City of Casey 27-09-2011
City of Glen Eira 20-09-2011
City of Stonnington 12-09-2011
Composting fish waste from the aquaculture industry : a technical guide 26-09-2011
Conflict of interest in local government : a guide for councillors 22-09-2011
Connecting people 19-08-2011
Country to coast 15-08-2011
Cultural diversity plan 2008 - 2010 06-09-2011
DPI services to horticulture producers 21-09-2011
Dairy shed water : how much do you use? A comprehensive guide to calculating water use in the dairy shed 30-08-2011
Declared noxious aquatic species : marron and red claw crayfish 27-09-2011
Description of VCE VET programs 05-09-2011
Determining the extent of summer trout habitat in Lake Hume and Lake Dartmouth 14-09-2011
Disability Services Division 25-09-2011
Discussion paper : review of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 07-09-2011
Drought feeding and management of beef cattle 30-08-2011
Drought feeding and management of sheep 30-08-2011
Ecovillage at Currumbin : a model for commercial viabiltiy in an eco-village development 27-09-2011
Effective schools are engaging schools : student engagement policy guidelines : promoting student engagement, attendance and positive behaviours in Victorian government schools 25-08-2011
Electricity from renewable energy in Victoria 2010 27-09-2011
Energy efficiency in commercial building, accreditation and skills scoping report 27-09-2011
Energy reductions pack a punch 21-09-2011
Ergo 19-08-2011
Expanding horizons 19-08-2011
First farm grant 14-09-2011
Gellibrand River restoration program 16-09-2011
Guide to best practice for waste management in multi-unit developments 28-09-2011
Guidelines for the TAC and hospitals: Independence clients only 25-08-2011
Health promotion and sustainability : transitioning toward healthy and sustainable futures 27-09-2011
Hendra virus (HeV) : Information for Horse Owners and Workers 30-08-2011
Hepburn Community Wind Park : community-driven renewable energy 27-09-2011
Home schooling : support materials for the registration of home schooling in Victoria 05-09-2011
Home schooling in Victoria : a guide to services and support 05-09-2011
Improving Victoria's Early Childhood Workforce : Working to give Victoria's children the best start in life 19-08-2011
Independence : an overview for providers 25-08-2011
Infectious diseases epidemiology &surveillance 27-09-2011
Large scale solar thermal systems design handbook 27-09-2011
Leading 21st century schools : engage with Asia : Victoria project : final report on round one of the project 15-08-2011
Local government in Victoria report 22-09-2011
Locust management on public land 30-08-2011
Looking ahead : DEECD's environmental sustainability strategy 07-09-2011
Malaysia summerfruit market overview 15-09-2011
Managing farm water supplies in drought 30-08-2011
Managing farm water supply 30-08-2011
Maribyrnong art bytes 18-09-2011
Moonda Wurrin Gree : pathways to a better economic future : the report of the Victorian Aboriginal Economic Development Group 07-09-2011
Most significant change sites 06-09-2011
Murray cod : overview of recent industry developments 29-08-2011
Newsletter - Friends of Boroondara (Kew) Cemetery 15-08-2011
Notices to schools 06-09-2011
Nourish Me 13-08-2011
Off the spork 07-08-2011
On-ground assessment of the energy efficiency potential of Victorian homes 27-09-2011
One Brighton U.K. development : best practice sustainability at a mainstream cost 27-09-2011
Partnerships between schools and the professional arts sector 19-08-2011
Pets and emergencies 14-09-2011
Phoenix Youth Centre news 02-09-2011
Pipis now and forever 27-09-2011
Play and folklore 14-09-2011
Portland streetcar : developer-funded public transport 27-09-2011
Powerful learning : taking educational reform to scale 19-08-2011
Program for students with disabilities guidelines 25-08-2011
Prohibited procedures for dogs 14-09-2011
Rapid test methods for E.coli and enterococci 21-09-2011
Renewable resourceful Victoria : the renewable energy potential of Victoria 29-08-2011
Report on Regulatory and Administrative Reforms to Support Aquaculture Development in Victoria 26-09-2011
Research into the connection between built learning spaces and student outcomes 19-08-2011
Sharing our journey : the transition from kindegarten to school 25-08-2011
Snapper fishery forecast 27-09-2011
Socio-economic characteristics of Victoria's forestry industries 30-08-2011
Soil remediation technologies in Victoria 21-09-2011
Standard for Restricted Breed Dogs in Victoria 14-09-2011
Strategic plan 2008 - 2011(Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council) 07-09-2011
Student support group guidelines 25-08-2011
TAC dependency benefits 25-08-2011
Testing the leachability hypothesis 21-09-2011
Thailand summerfruit market overview 15-09-2011
The Blurb e-newsletter 11-08-2011
The TAC and the Victorian Freedom of Information Act 1982 : a guide for people seeking access to documents from the TAC current from 25-08-2011
The break 15-09-2011
The society of editors newsletter 08-09-2011
The viability of domestic wind turbines for urban Melbourne 27-09-2011
Thermal treatment technologies 21-09-2011
Towards zero waste strategy : 2009 - 10 progress report 28-09-2011
Understanding climate change 06-09-2011
Upper Goulburn River : fishing for a premier experience 27-09-2011
Using student assessment for professional learning : focusing on students' outcomes to identify teachers' needs 19-08-2011
VCAL Achievement Awards 05-09-2011
Vauban, Germany : community leadership delivering sustainable urban renewal 27-09-2011
Victoria's forestry communities: adapting to change in the forestry industries : summary report 30-08-2011
Victorian Essential Learning Standards 05-09-2011
Victorian consumer guide to small wind turbine generation 28-09-2011
Victorian early years learning and development framework : for all children from birth to eight years 19-08-2011
Victorian government risk management framework 31-08-2011
Victorian property sales report median apartment/unit prices 22-09-2011
Victorian urban wind resource assessment (2010 revision) 27-09-2011
Victorias drought : responding to farmed fish kills 27-09-2011
Vietnam summerfruit market overview 15-09-2011
Water-wise gardens 16-09-2011
Welcome to East Gippsland online 20-09-2011
Welcome to Maroondah online 08-09-2011
What is best practice monitoring and evaluation for Sustainability Victoria 28-09-2011
Your fishing licence fees at work : improving recreational angling opportunities 27-09-2011
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State Library of Western Australia

Title URI Display Date
Fremantle Ports 27-09-2011
Getting a job in Western Australia 15-08-2011
Office Of Equal Employment Opportunity 31-08-2011
Office of the Public Sector Standards Commissioner 14-08-2011
The Country Link : WA country health services newsletter 29-08-2011
The Premier's Awards for Excellence in Public Sector Management 23-09-2011
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