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1 May 2013 - 30 Jun 2013

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Title URI Display Date
Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership 07-05-2013
Tarwirri Inc. 22-05-2013
Yamatji Marlpa Barna Baba Maaja Aboriginal Corporation 01-05-2013
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Australian War Memorial

Title URI Display Date
Australian Peacekeeping Memorial Project 15-06-2013
Australian World War One Descendants 22-05-2013
Gallipoli 2015 commemorations 01-05-2013
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National Film and Sound Archive

Title URI Display Date
Hauntology House 07-05-2013
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National Gallery of Australia

Title URI Display Date
Karla Marchesi 03-05-2013
Noosa Stone Sculpture Bequest 07-05-2013
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National Library of Australia

Title URI Display Date
Australian Federal Minister for School Education / Australian Federal Minister for Early Childhood and Youth 28-06-2013
25 years 1988-2013 Parliament House 09-05-2013
@Aboriginaloz blog 16-05-2013
A Good Life 05-06-2013
A Kanga a Day 03-06-2013
A new federation with a cities and regional approach 28-06-2013
A.C.T. Records : Australian Capital Territory - genealogical and historical information 05-06-2013
ABC TV at Gore Hill in the Fifties 24-05-2013
ACT Bilingual Education Alliance 21-05-2013
ACT Exporters Network 05-06-2013
ANZ Litlovers Litblog 22-05-2013
ASIC Regulatory guides 13-05-2013
AUSTRAC information circular 17-06-2013
About a Bugg 14-05-2013
Action Bus - Free Centenary Loop starts Monday 4 February 13-05-2013
After grog blog 03-05-2013
Ambah : face and body painter 27-05-2013
American Australian Association 07-05-2013
Ampersand Duck 13-06-2013
An Australian poem a day : a celebration of poetry for the National Year of Reading 2012 01-05-2013
An Island Art : Bernard Caleo on storytelling, world creation and comic books 24-05-2013
Andrew Wilkie independent federal member for Denison 01-05-2013
Animals Australia 07-06-2013
Anita Heiss : author, poet, satirist, social commentator 14-06-2013
Annual Conference (Australian Teacher Education Association) 29-05-2013
Annual report (Australian Council for Educational Research) 28-05-2013
Annual report (Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth) 23-05-2013
Annual report / Australian Library and Information Association 31-05-2013
Annual review (Cancer Council Australia) 05-06-2013
Antipodean League of Temporal Voyagers 13-05-2013
Antipodean SF 04-06-2013
Anton Emdin 10-05-2013
Architecture & design 20-06-2013
Archivist scribbles 14-05-2013
Artificial eyes by Paul and Jenny Geelen 12-06-2013
Arts Access Australia 03-06-2013
Arts project Australia 25-06-2013
Asia / Asia Education Teachers' Association 30-05-2013
Asia rights : journal of human rights, media and society in Asia and the Pacific 24-06-2013
Asian Currents 23-05-2013
Association for the Study of Australian Literature : ASAL 18-05-2013
Ausdance : Australia's professional dance advocacy organisation 04-06-2013
Ausgeo news 03-05-2013
Aussie Criminals and Crooks: Australian criminals and their Crimes. Con artists, scum bags, murderers, corrupt cops, pollies, rapists and paedophiles will not escape notice either in my true-crime blog 15-05-2013
Aussie Jobs: Looking Back Looking Forward 03-06-2013 25-06-2013
AustCrime 13-05-2013
Australasian journal of ecocriticism and cultural ecology 07-05-2013
Australasian journal of market & social research 20-06-2013
Australasian journal of regional studies 16-05-2013
Australia Sports Betting 09-05-2013
Australia needs an R18+ rating for video games 03-05-2013
Australia's Prime Ministers 27-06-2013
Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce 08-05-2013
Australian Bankers' Association 29-06-2013
Australian Citizenship 09-05-2013
Australian Community Gardens Network 11-05-2013
Australian Community Psychologist 27-05-2013
Australian Farmers' Markets Association 28-06-2013
Australian Federal Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 27-06-2013
Australian Federal Minister for Early Childhood Education, Child Care and Youth 04-06-2013
Australian Federal Minister for Industry and Innovation (from Mar. 2013: Australian Federal Minister for Climate Change, Industry and Innovation) 26-06-2013
Australian Federal Minister for Trade and Competitiveness 26-06-2013
Australian Funeral Directors Association 01-05-2013
Australian Garden History Society 11-05-2013
Australian Gene Ethics Network 06-05-2013
Australian Horror Writers Association 23-06-2013
Australian Indigenous Astronomy 15-05-2013
Australian Industry Group National CEO Survey: Business prospects in 2013: Australia's gap year? 28-05-2013
Australian Industry Group National CEO Survey: Ready or not? Technology investment and productivity in Australian businesses 26-06-2013
Australian Jewish news 05-06-2013
Australian Journal of Earth Sciences. Supplementary Papers 28-06-2013
Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation 01-05-2013
Australian Medicine : the national news publication of the Australian Medical Association. 17-06-2013
Australian Mines and Metals Association : careers and industry guide blog 08-05-2013
Australian Mining : Australia's premier mining news website 11-06-2013
Australian Politics in a Digital Age 02-05-2013
Australian Polity 20-06-2013
Australian Private Equity & Venture Capital Journal 21-06-2013
Australian Society for Kangaroos 23-05-2013
Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) 15-05-2013
Australian Vocational Education and Training Research Association Conference 20-06-2013
Australian and New Zealand Map Society Newsletter 23-05-2013
Australian crop report 27-06-2013
Australian humanities review 22-06-2013
Australian independent media network 06-05-2013
Australian labour market update 19-06-2013
Australian newsagency blog 28-06-2013
Australian republic unplugged 02-05-2013
Australian social trends, April 2013 - 100 Centenary of Canberra 30-05-2013 23-06-2013 08-05-2013
Australians for Constitutional Monarchy 20-06-2013
Autospeed : the world's best high performance online magazine 21-06-2013
Back in a Bit 16-06-2013
Background Notes (Australia. Dept. of the Parliamentary Library. Information and Research Services) 28-05-2013
Baggas' blog 10-05-2013
Ban Live Export 10-06-2013
Bang the Table 01-06-2013
Bangarra Dance Theatre 11-05-2013
Banksia Environmental Foundation 09-05-2013
Big Fag Press 22-05-2013
Biosecurity bulletin 16-05-2013
Biotech business indicators 17-06-2013
Black Rainbow 08-05-2013
Blue September 12-06-2013
Blue pencil / newsletter of the Society of Editors (NSW) 20-05-2013
Blues Fiction 07-05-2013
Bonner (Land Development Agency) 18-06-2013
Boudist 12-05-2013
Brain Injury Australia 20-06-2013
Branch Cuttings 06-06-2013
Breast Cancer Network Australia 28-05-2013
Bright sparcs 29-06-2013
Brisbane line 23-06-2013
Budget 2013 (ABC News) 21-05-2013
Bush Heritage Australia 18-05-2013
Bushwalking blog : walking Melbourne and beyond 06-05-2013
Busidate 02-05-2013
Business Council of Australia 08-06-2013
Business gazette 22-05-2013
CEET Sheet 03-05-2013
Canberra 100 15-06-2013
Canberra Brickworks and Environs Planning Strategy 17-06-2013
Canberra City Band 27-05-2013
Canberra International Chamber Music Festival 15-05-2013
Canberra Youth Theatre 20-05-2013
Canberra centenary trails 30-05-2013
Canberra marathon 01-05-2013
Canberra's Centenary (ABC) 25-06-2013
Canberra100communitytapestry 12-05-2013
Capital Punishment : 100/50km MTB enduro 23-05-2013
Caravanning news 15-05-2013
Carbon farming conference and expo 07-05-2013
CathNews : a service of church resources 28-06-2013
Catherine Jinks 18-05-2013
Catherine Zengerer 03-05-2013
Catholica 28-05-2013
Celebrating Hazel 27-06-2013
Celebration of African Australians 03-05-2013
Census papers (Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research) 12-06-2013
Champions of Change (ASRC blog) 20-06-2013
Chemicals of security concern 05-06-2013
Chief Scientist for Australia - Professor Ian Chubb 29-05-2013
Children with Disability Australia 12-06-2013
Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation 26-06-2013
Chiropractic Journal of Australia 31-05-2013
Chloe Okoli : history is the story you tell 21-05-2013
Christians for an Ethical Society (CES) 17-05-2013
Christine Milne [twitter page] 06-05-2013
Cinema Autopsy 06-05-2013
Cinetology 14-06-2013
Claire Wright : historian, author, broadcaster 12-06-2013
Clean Energy Council - Resource Centre 04-06-2013
Clean Energy Future 09-05-2013
Closing the gap clearinghouse : Resource sheets 26-06-2013
Cockatoo Island 28-06-2013
Colloquy : text theory critique 18-06-2013
Commonwealth Environmental Water 16-05-2013
Commonwealth National Parks 26-06-2013
Commonwealth contribution to former forced adoption policies and practises - Senate committtee 06-05-2013
Commonwealth of Australia gazette. Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals 11-06-2013
Commonwealth of Australia gazette. Business 28-05-2013
Communities in control speeches 17-05-2013
Community Council for Australia 20-06-2013
Connecting Librarian 10-05-2013
Consultations : Office of the Australian Information Commissioner 14-05-2013
Cook republic 04-06-2013
Cooperative Research Centres : publications 30-05-2013
Cordite poetry review 20-06-2013
Corruption and Anti-Corruption 02-05-2013
Council of Australian Governments 15-05-2013
Creative Australia : national cultural policy 20-05-2013
Creative Commons Australia 01-05-2013
Creative Commons worldwide : International Commons : Australia 24-05-2013
Cretan Federation of Australia and New Zealand 14-05-2013
Crikey 14-05-2013
Crime Factory 01-05-2013
Culture Mulcher 16-06-2013
Curtain Call 13-06-2013
Cyber Crime & Security Survey Report 09-05-2013
Daily Chinese Herald 21-06-2013
Dance Informa 04-06-2013
Dave's ACT 08-06-2013
Dave's archives 31-05-2013
David Boyd's blog 17-05-2013
David Frazer 09-06-2013
Dead xerox press 02-06-2013
Debbie Kruger 03-05-2013
Dee Scribe 07-06-2013
Defence News 06-05-2013
Defence White Paper 2013 03-05-2013 20-05-2013
Development Policy blog 27-05-2013
Development of nationally consistent subacute and non-acute admitted patient care data definitions and guidelines 23-05-2013
Diary of a Truck Driver 27-06-2013
District Diggings 03-06-2013
Doctor Who Club of Australia 03-06-2013
Doctors e-cohort 05-06-2013
Doctors for the Environment Australia 25-06-2013
Down to Earth : a blog about the quality of life 28-05-2013
Drug Free Australia 22-05-2013
Dry lakes racers Australia 09-05-2013
EALRGA Newsletter 06-05-2013
EMR and health 12-06-2013
East Asia Forum quarterly 27-06-2013
Edmund Rice Centre 03-05-2013
Egg Artistry Guild of Australia 17-06-2013
Electrical world 06-05-2013
Electronic APS Employment Gazette 10-05-2013
Electronic Resources Australia (ERA) 29-05-2013
Emily Maguire 16-05-2013
Enable Canberra 16-05-2013
Enhancing the resilience of seaports to a changing climate: research synthesis and implications for policy and practice 03-05-2013
Eureka Street (Journal) 12-05-2013
Evie Wyld 10-05-2013
Experiences and aspirations of younger mothers 06-05-2013
FTM Australia 27-05-2013
Fact sheets and family trends (Australian Institute of Family Studies) 13-05-2013
Fair Dinkum Crime 20-05-2013
Farmers way of life 12-06-2013
Fat lot of good 03-06-2013
Field Notes: a blog by Senator Scott Ludlam 13-06-2013
Field natter 29-06-2013
Fiona Palmer 24-06-2013
Food standard news 14-06-2013
Footy Almanac 14-05-2013
Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife 20-06-2013
Foyer Talk 07-05-2013
Free Flow : the MDBA blog 03-05-2013
Freeview 23-06-2013
Friendly Street Poets 04-05-2013
From the outside looking in: limit to partnerships 28-06-2013
Fuel tax ruling 14-05-2013
Fully (sic) 14-06-2013
Furious vaginas 19-05-2013
Fusion Journal 16-05-2013
Future focus: 2013 National Workforce Development Strategy 01-05-2013
Future leaders 24-05-2013
G'day USA: Australia Week 14-06-2013
Geeen comix : the website of Ben Hutchings 08-05-2013
GenerationOne 08-06-2013
Geodate 11-06-2013
Geoff Robinson 01-06-2013
Geraldine Brooks 11-06-2013
Global climate leadership review 2013 03-05-2013
Glog 07-05-2013
Goethe-Institut Australien 10-05-2013
Going solar : renewing Australia's electricity options 15-05-2013
Googong 14-05-2013
Gourmet chick : a girl who loves food & travel 22-05-2013
Government online directory 01-05-2013
Graeme Chapman : natural history photograher - ornithologist 06-05-2013
Graham Readfearn : sustainability, climate change, environment, coffee and stuff 20-06-2013
Grain Trade Australia 24-05-2013
Group of Eight : Australia's leading universities 21-05-2013
Guide to information security 15-05-2013
Guidelines and procedures - Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet 25-06-2013
HMAS Canberra 04-06-2013
Habitat Advocate 06-05-2013
Harrison Four (Land Development Agency) 17-06-2013
Have your say on your National Capital 31-05-2013
Heaven Acts 02-05-2013
Historical documents (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) 20-05-2013
Home I own 14-05-2013
Hon. Paul J. Keating 05-05-2013
How fast is the NBN? 09-05-2013
How integrated are homelessness, mental health and drug and alcohol services in Australia? 07-06-2013
How to shuck an oyster -- Charlotte Wood 20-06-2013
Humanity 22-05-2013
Hungry Australia 08-05-2013
Ian Watson 27-05-2013
Immigration Detention Statistics Summary 18-06-2013
Impact (Environmental Defender's Office) 22-05-2013
Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission reports and papers 22-05-2013
Indian Voice 31-05-2013
Indigenous Traditional Games 06-06-2013
Indigenous education update 26-06-2013
Indonesia Project Blog 23-06-2013
Inquiry Reports 07-05-2013
Inside story : politcs, society and culture 28-05-2013
Inside teaching 27-06-2013
Institute for Cultural Diversity 30-05-2013
Insuring Australia's marine future : Marine Protected Areas are a smart hedge against the big risks facing our oceans 17-05-2013
International Art in Early Childhood Research Journal 28-05-2013
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (Australia) 03-06-2013
International Women's Day (IWD) 19-06-2013
International journal of emerging technologies and society 20-06-2013
International visitors in Australia : quarterly results of the international visitor survey 20-06-2013
Introducing ... Anna Jacobs 13-05-2013
Invurt 06-06-2013
Island views (Flinders Island, Tas.) 28-06-2013
Issues papers (Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Governmernt) 04-06-2013
It's not asking too much : national economic and social impact survey 07-06-2013
JA News 17-05-2013 01-05-2013
James Waites 03-06-2013
Janet Woods womens fiction 29-05-2013
Jazz Australia 10-05-2013
Jean Orval - stained glass artist 18-06-2013
Jennifer Mills 13-06-2013
Jeremy Hanson [twitter page] 12-06-2013
Jeremy Ley 23-05-2013
Joe Hockey [twitter page] 28-05-2013
John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library 15-05-2013
John Humphreys: My adventures in chapter 6 09-05-2013
Josephine Ulrick Poetry and Literature Prizes 29-05-2013
Journal of Music Research Online 01-05-2013
Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society 09-06-2013
JulieBishop [twitter page] 17-05-2013
Kings Cross Clinic 21-05-2013
Kingston Foreshore 18-06-2013
LEAD action news 19-06-2013
La Boite Theatre 26-06-2013
Labor Party (australianlabor) [Twitter] 15-05-2013
Labor in turmoil (ABC News) 27-06-2013
Leading adaptation practices and support strategies for Australia: an international and Australian review of products and tools 02-05-2013
Lee Grant (website and blog) 07-06-2013
Leukaemia Foundation - Vision to cure. Mission to care. 31-05-2013
Liedekijn 08-05-2013
Life and times of the unanimous libertarians 12-06-2013
Lifting our Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Skills 03-06-2013
Limited news 07-06-2013
Listening tour - Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission 11-06-2013
Living heritage 09-05-2013
Local Government referendum, 2013 : alternative yes/no case 03-06-2013
Local government and constitutional reform campaign 15-05-2013
Lola 22-06-2013
Low Carbon Tasmania Issues Paper 04-06-2013
Lucubratory Collaboratory 28-06-2013
MADGE - Mothers are demistifying genetic engineering 08-06-2013
Macedonian news 20-05-2013
Manufacturing Australia 08-05-2013
Market & social research 20-06-2013
Martin Duwell : Australian Poetry Review 22-05-2013
Max Barry 18-06-2013
Maximising the use of data : vocational education and training 21-05-2013
Meanjin 14-06-2013
Meryl Dorey's hilarious antivaccine idiocy 19-06-2013
Miles Franklin Literary Award 11-06-2013
Mirranda Burton 29-05-2013
Miscellaneous Taxation Ruling 30-05-2013
Miss Teen Australia 25-06-2013
Mobile Nation : The economic and social impacts of mobile technology 09-05-2013
Molonglo Valley 17-06-2013
Monthly Weather Review 26-06-2013
Mr Tulsi's Store 02-05-2013
Museum in a Bottle 12-06-2013
Museum of the long weekend 07-06-2013
Music Council of Australia 02-05-2013
My Cruise Experiences 21-05-2013
My Korean Husband 03-05-2013
My Unwelcome Stranger 10-05-2013
NBN Myths 13-05-2013
NCCARF Policy Guidance Briefs 03-05-2013
NQF Library (Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority) 31-05-2013
Natalie Perkins 21-05-2013
Nation Building Program 06-05-2013
National Basketball League - NBL 31-05-2013
National Council of Churches in Australia 15-05-2013
National Disability Insurance Scheme 02-05-2013
National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters's Council 30-05-2013
National Farmers' Federation 02-05-2013
National Folk Festival 15-05-2013
National Inhalants Information Service: informaing the Australian community about inhalant abuse 11-05-2013
National Performance Reports ... : rural water service providers 19-05-2013
National Performance Reports ... : urban water utilities 18-05-2013
National Play Festival ... 18-06-2013
National Rural Women's Coalition 07-06-2013
National Times 21-06-2013
National Tourism Alliance 04-06-2013
National Trust of Australia 19-06-2013
National Youth Science Forum 22-06-2013
National Youth Week 07-05-2013
Neil Creek : photographer 21-05-2013
Neos kosmos 27-06-2013
New Matilda 27-06-2013
Newsletter (Australian Society of Authors) 05-06-2013
Newsletter / the Duntroon Society 29-06-2013
No Carbon Tax 28-05-2013
Now What : your space for taking on cancer 24-05-2013
NowUC 13-06-2013
Nurses and midwives e-cohort 05-06-2013
O Kosmos 29-06-2013
Observation Point 16-05-2013
Observations of an economist environmentalist 01-05-2013
Office for Learning and Teaching 03-05-2013
Ohms Not Bombs 15-06-2013
On the Record 07-05-2013
Open public sector information: from principles to practice 02-05-2013
Operating in limits : defining an Australian carbon budget 03-05-2013
Ord 07-05-2013
Our Say 11-06-2013
Overseeing and Overlooking: Australian engagement with the Pacific islands 1988-2007 09-05-2013
OzeUkes 22-06-2013
Page Turners 12-06-2013
Parent wellbeing : live, love, learn 06-05-2013
Parliamentary information - documents and related guidelines 11-06-2013
Past, present and future landscapes: understanding alternative futures for climate change adaptation of coastal settlements and communities : final report 02-05-2013
Patrick Allington 05-06-2013
Pegasus : riding for the disabled ACT 28-05-2013
Pen Erases Paper : drawings by Sam Wallman 10-05-2013
Perilous adventures 17-05-2013
Personal insolvency regulator 22-05-2013
Perth Mint 03-05-2013
Peter Murphy's panoramic VR weblog 28-05-2013
Physical TV Company 18-06-2013
Plantations for Australia 2020 10-05-2013
Podmore Foundation 18-06-2013
Policy and Governance Discussion Papers - Crawford School of Economics and Government 20-05-2013
Polio Australia 27-05-2013
PolitiFact Australia 21-05-2013
Pool 16-06-2013
Portrait of a nation 19-06-2013
Practical hydroponics and greenhouses 29-06-2013
Prime Minister of Australia - Julia Gillard 26-06-2013
Prime Minister of Australia - Kevin Rudd 27-06-2013
Project Sisu 16-05-2013
Proportional Representation Society of Australia 04-06-2013
Protection of intellectual, biological & cultural property in Papua New Guinea 02-05-2013
Pub date critical 28-06-2013
Public perceptions of Australia's universities 01-05-2013
Pure Poison 19-06-2013
Quarterly general insurance performance statistics 08-06-2013
RBA: Chart pack 17-05-2013
Random House Australia 02-05-2013
ReWater 23-05-2013
Read in a single sitting 03-05-2013
Reality Ravings : for those who have reality tv as their guilty pleasure 23-05-2013
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 03-06-2013
Regional Reports 30-05-2013
Report (Commonwealth ombudsman) 27-05-2013
Report on the use of linked data relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 28-06-2013
Reports and papers - Australian Securities & Investment Commission 08-05-2013
Reports of reviews - Inspector General of Taxation 18-05-2013
Research note (Australia. Dept. of the Parliamentary Library. Information and Research Services) 28-05-2013
Research paper (Australia. Dept. of the Parliamentary Library. Information and Research Services) 28-05-2013
Research papers - Uniting Care, children, young people and families 20-06-2013
Research papers and reports 01-05-2013
Research report DSTO (Defence Science and Technology Organisation (Australia)) 05-06-2013
Reservoir Dad 03-05-2013
Resistance online 01-05-2013
Rise Up Australia Party 06-05-2013
Robert Hood 08-05-2013
Rolf Harris : the wizard of Aus 02-05-2013
Rosanne Dingli : author website 03-05-2013
Ross Garnaut 01-06-2013
Rudd Returns (ABC News) 29-06-2013
Rural and remote health : the international electronic journal of rural and remote health research, education, practice and policy 16-05-2013
SEARCH: South Eastern Australian Recent Climate History 30-05-2013
Sailing to Jessica 12-06-2013
Sam Crawford Architects 27-05-2013
Sarah Stewart 21-05-2013
Save our schools : Canberra's public schools under attack 07-05-2013
Schools Quadrennial Administrative Guidelines 20-06-2013
ScienceAlert 08-05-2013
Scratch! Media 23-05-2013
Screening the past : an international electronic journal of visual media and history 11-06-2013
Screenrights 31-05-2013
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 01-05-2013
Securing Village Life 03-06-2013
Security in Government Conference 14-06-2013
Selling the Sea, Fishing for Power 02-05-2013
Shareswatch Australia blog 27-05-2013
Sian Prior 15-05-2013
Simply Australia 27-05-2013
Siobhan McHugh : oral historian, writer, documentary maker 03-05-2013
SkeptiClawyer 06-06-2013
Smart Internet Technology Cooperative Research Centre - Annual report 18-05-2013
Solidarity Online 15-06-2013
Sorry Dad, England is Weird 21-05-2013
Soup blog 21-05-2013
South Asia Masala 23-06-2013
Southern Highlands International Piano Competition 09-05-2013
Space age archaeology 03-06-2013
Speeches / Australian Securities & Investment Commission 19-05-2013
SportingJournal 20-06-2013
Spray of the Day 03-05-2013
Stella Prize 06-06-2013
Steve Keen's Debtwatch 18-06-2013
Stop Population Growth Now 11-06-2013
Sultana's dream 16-05-2013
Super Butcher 29-05-2013 07-06-2013
Sydney Morning Herald (April 2013) 01-05-2013
Sydney Morning Herald (June 2013) 29-06-2013
Sydney Morning Herald (May 2013) 31-05-2013
Sydney Review of Books 18-06-2013
Table talk : Bob Ellis on film and theatre 23-05-2013
Tammi Tasting Terroir 14-05-2013
Target30 research papers 13-05-2013
Technical note DSTO / Defence Science and Technology Organisation (Australia) 12-06-2013
Terry Flew 01-05-2013
Terry McGee, flute maker : flutes for Irish, classical and early music 13-06-2013
Thai Oz 17-06-2013
The Australian Collaboration : A collaboration of National Community Organisations 04-06-2013
The Australian Grains Industry Conference (AGIC) 03-05-2013
The Australian Islamic College 29-06-2013
The Blog Formerly Known as All Things Counter Terrorism 29-05-2013
The Blowfly 27-05-2013
The Coalition's plan for fast broadband and affordable NBN 22-05-2013
The Coalition's plan for fast broadband and an affordable NBN : background papers 20-05-2013
The Coalition's policy to improve the fair work laws 05-06-2013
The Conscience Vote : politics for the human 14-06-2013
The Conversation (June 2013) 29-06-2013
The Conversation (May 2013) 31-05-2013
The Drum : analysis and views on the issues of the day 28-06-2013
The Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute 15-05-2013
The Governance of Common Property in the Pacific Region 02-05-2013
The History of Matt 14-05-2013
The Human Brochure 11-06-2013
The Korea Times Australia 27-06-2013
The Korean Times = Hoju ilbo 21-06-2013
The Mystery I Cannot Charge Right Now 29-06-2013
The National Cloud Computing Strategy 06-06-2013
The North Canberra Community Council 14-06-2013
The Northern Myth 14-06-2013
The Theosophical Society in Australia 11-05-2013
The Vine 17-06-2013
The Word on Canberra & Queanbeyan 03-05-2013
The blurb 04-06-2013
The boot : the business of online travel 24-05-2013
The chook house 07-05-2013
The cook who knew nothing 07-05-2013
The critical decade : extreme weather 20-05-2013
The critical decade : global action on building on climate change 21-05-2013
The hoopla : stay in the loop 08-06-2013
The light-trap 08-05-2013
The little big book of Labor waste 22-05-2013
The official web site of James Houston Turner 17-06-2013
The roar : your sports opinion 14-06-2013
The view from elsewhere 15-05-2013
Thematic list of projects using linked data relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 28-06-2013
Thinking points 17-05-2013
TiVi Tuan San 23-05-2013
Tibet Information Office 06-05-2013
Tony Abbott MHR : Federal member for Warringah 07-05-2013
TonyAbbottMHR [twitter page] 02-05-2013
Towards a culture of scholarly practice in mixed-sector institutions 21-05-2013
Towards better Indigenous health data 28-06-2013
Trans-Tasman mobile roaming 24-05-2013
Transnational literature 19-05-2013
Trusted Information Sharing Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection 16-05-2013
Truth in Media Resource Centre 21-05-2013
Tuggeranong Community Council 17-06-2013
Turnings Fiji Factions 02-05-2013
Turnstile 11-06-2013
Unburnable carbon : Australia's carbon bubble 14-05-2013
Under The Milky Way 06-05-2013
Undercover 17-05-2013
Understanding the adaptive capacity of Australian small-to-medium enterprises to climate change and variability 14-05-2013
Uneven Floor 16-05-2013
Uniting Justice Australia 05-06-2013
Unleashed 28-06-2013
Urban Taskforce Australia 05-05-2013
Vacancy report 08-06-2013
Viet Times Newspaper 19-06-2013
Virginia Chadwick Memorial Foundation 28-05-2013
Voiceprint 03-05-2013
WSPA Humane Chain 31-05-2013
Waltzing Australia 11-06-2013
War memorials in Australia 15-05-2013
We are all dead 16-05-2013
Welcome to Sandy's website 24-05-2013
Welcome to the Richard Harland homepage 26-06-2013
West Australian geologist : bi-monthly newsletter of the Western Australian Division of the Geological Society of Australia Inc. 21-05-2013
WetlandWanderer's Blog 06-05-2013
Woden Valley Community Council (WVCC) 11-06-2013
WolfPack 17-05-2013
Workforce Ageing Report 03-06-2013
Working paper series (Asia-Pacific Migration Research Network) 16-05-2013
Ya think? 29-05-2013
Yuki Crawford 29-05-2013
australian friend 26-06-2013
iTWire : IT and Telcom news 06-05-2013 : the online glossy magazine for modern mums 14-06-2013 28-05-2013 : Official website of Australian comicbook artist Wayne Nichols 23-05-2013
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Northern Territory Library

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State Library of New South Wales

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Animal Ethics Infolink 22-05-2013
Animal roundabout 06-06-2013
Annual report (Shellharbour City Council) 08-05-2013
Annual taxi licence release for Sydney 2013/14 - Issues paper 18-06-2013
Anzac Bridge Maintenance project 03-05-2013
Archibald Prize 08-05-2013
Assay : a newsletter about acid sulfate soils 09-06-2013
Assessment of Blacktown City Council Council's Draft Section 94 Contributions Plan No 22 - Area 20 Precinct 18-06-2013
Assessment of Blacktown City Council's Draft Section 94 Contributions Plan No 21 - Marsden Park Industrial Precinct 18-06-2013
Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse newsletter 06-05-2013
Bankstown economic profile 13-06-2013
Barani. Indigenous History of Sydney 29-05-2013
Border Rivers-Gwydir Catchment Management Authority 08-05-2013
CESE bulletin (Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation) 04-06-2013
Central Coast Regional Development Corporation 03-06-2013
Chinese Film Festival 31-05-2013
Coal Combustion Product Project 18-06-2013
Comments on RailCorp final submission on its 2009/10 Ceiling compliance 16-05-2013
Cultural Plan (Wollongong City Council) 27-06-2013
Cultural Plan for Wyong Shire (Wyong Shire Council) 27-06-2013
Customer engagement on prices for monopoly services - Final report 16-05-2013
Democracy 4 sale 13-06-2013
Economic and Tourism Development Strategy (Wentworth Shire Council) 07-05-2013
Endangered Houses Fund of the Historic Houses Trust 20-06-2013
Equal time : newsletter of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board 01-05-2013
External benefits of Sydney Ferry services - Final report to IPART 16-05-2013
Fact sheets (Land and Property Information) 21-05-2013
From The Loft...of the Justice and Police Museum 20-06-2013
Great Western Highway Upgrade, Kelso: Kelso liveability investigation 01-05-2013
Great Western Highway Upgrade, Kelso: pedestrian access and mobility plan (PAMP) 01-05-2013
Great Western Highway upgrade, Kelso: report on preferred concept design consultation 01-05-2013
Great Western Highway upgrade: Kelso Traffic Assessment: summary report 01-05-2013
Hunter Valley coal report 07-05-2013
Hunters Hill Trust Inc 16-06-2013
Hyde Park Barracks Domes Restoration Project 20-06-2013
I'm in! 2013 20-06-2013
ICAC strategic plan 03-05-2013
Impacts of Climate Change on Natural Hazards Profiles 30-05-2013
Implementation of the Aquatic Weeds of National Significance Strategic Plans 19-06-2013
Imputing transport usage and expenditure onto the IPART household survey 18-06-2013
Katoomba to Lithgow: Great Western Highway upgrade: Hartley Valley safety upgrade: community feedback report 06-05-2013
Katoomba to Lithgow: Great Western Highway upgrade: Mount Victoria safety upgrade: community feedback report 06-05-2013
Kings Cross City edge (Kings Cross online) 02-05-2013
Learning curve (Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation) 04-06-2013
Lgov weekly 01-06-2013
Maintenance costs for grain branch lines in NSW - Final report to IPART 18-06-2013
Major hazard facilities performance report 19-06-2013
Marine Parks Authority NSW 07-05-2013
Midwifery on the Central Coast 17-05-2013
Mirror Sydney 25-06-2013
Modelling local development contributions - Final Technical Paper 16-05-2013
Mount Victoria to Lithgow: Great Western Highway upgrade: Mount Victoria Village safety upgrade: feasibility report 01-05-2013
NSW Aboriginal Education and Consultative Group Inc 21-05-2013
NSW Government advertising 28-05-2013
NSW Murray Wetlands Working Group 28-06-2013
NSW Police Force [website] 15-05-2013
New South Wales. Centre for Affordable Housing [Website] 13-06-2013
New South Wales. Geographical Names Board [Website] 13-06-2013
Northern NSW Local Health District Strategic Plan 2012-2017 13-06-2013
Northern Road, Cranebrook 07-05-2013
OSR connect 08-05-2013
Occupy Sydney 06-05-2013
Operational costs for transporting grain from silos on the NSW Country Rail Network to ports at Newcastle or Port Kembla by rail and road: sensitivity testing of assumptions - Final report 18-06-2013
Penrith Valley Community Safety Plan (Penrith City Council) 08-05-2013
Poetry at the pub 27-06-2013
Portrait Artists Australia 25-06-2013
Proposed Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal Regulation 2012 16-05-2013
Public Sydney: Stop, Look, Live! 20-06-2013
Quality Systems Assessment Reports (Clinical Excellence Commission) 15-05-2013
Quarterly Data (New South Wales. Family and Community Services) 06-05-2013
RailCorp safety performance statistics 06-06-2013
Register of regulatory functions undertaken by Local Government in NSW - Final report 18-06-2013
Report on case file audits (New South Wales. Office of the Children's Guardian) 17-06-2013
Research and practice brief 03-05-2013
Review of access pricing on the NSW grain line network 18-06-2013
Review of the Metrpolitan Public Water Utilities Performance indicators - Compliance report 16-05-2013
Safer systems better care quality systems assessment report: findings from 2011 on-site verification, program of 2010 self-assessment 14-05-2013
Sample Magazine and Food Festival 30-05-2013
Scan : journal of media arts culture 03-06-2013
Shoot out. 24 hour film making festival 06-06-2013
Social Research Briefs (National Centre in HIV Social Research. University of New South Wales) 17-06-2013
Surf City : getting radical in the 50s, 60s and 70s 20-06-2013
Sydney 360 01-05-2013
Sydney Metropolitan Strategy 25-06-2013
Sydney Monorail 25-06-2013
Sydney Writers' Festival 08-05-2013
Sydney journal 27-06-2013
Tag times 06-06-2013
The Cook and the Curator : eat your history 21-06-2013
The Living Murray Initiative 19-06-2013
The Log (Botany Bay Yacht Club) 30-05-2013
Towns and Villages Study (Yass Valley Council) 07-05-2013
Trade statistics bulletin 06-06-2013
Transition to practice for newly registered nurses and registered midwives 17-05-2013
Travel to Central NSW 03-06-2013
Twentieth Century Heritage Society of NSW Inc. 19-05-2013
Updating Justice 19-06-2013
Vegie bites 31-05-2013
Water for life plan 06-06-2013
Water resources and management overview (NSW Office of Water) 06-06-2013
Watters Gallery 27-06-2013
Welcome and relocation manual 17-05-2013
White Ribbon Day [website] 19-06-2013
Willoughby City Strategy (Willoughby City Council) 15-05-2013
iSight 11-06-2013
Total 105

State Library of Queensland

Title URI Display Date
2013 Advocacy Action Plan 05-06-2013
2013 Federal Election Queensland Local Government Policy Plan 05-06-2013
A safer future for Emily : Queensland incidents in Transfusion (QiiT) June 2007-2009 report 03-06-2013
ANTaR Queensland 16-06-2013
Advance Cairns 08-05-2013
Anglican Diocese of North Queensland 05-06-2013
Anglican Diocese of Rockhampton 03-06-2013
Ausdance Queensland 16-05-2013
Australian Christian Churches Assemblies of God in Australia (Queensland) 14-05-2013
Australian South Sea Islanders Secretariat 10-05-2013
Bankfoot House 03-05-2013
Bartlett's blog / Andrew Bartlett 24-05-2013
Basin Sustainability Alliance 30-05-2013
Beaudesert Show Society 26-06-2013
Bible Education : searching for the truth 28-05-2013
Bimblebox Nature Refuge 05-06-2013
Bob Ansett 05-06-2013
Bowen and Galilee Basins non-resident population projections 17-05-2013
Brisbane Residents United Inc. 29-05-2013
Brookfield Show Society 05-06-2013
Bundaberg Show Society 03-06-2013
Burnett Mary Regional Group 16-06-2013
Callide Valley Show 03-06-2013
Campbell Newman (theqldpremier) [on Twitter] 01-06-2013
Cardwell & District Historical Society 10-05-2013
Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care 08-05-2013
Charleville Show 19-05-2013
Charters Towers Neighbourhood Centre 14-05-2013
Cherbourg memory 16-06-2013
Churches of Christ in Queensland 09-05-2013
Churchill Fellows' Association of Queensland Inc. 20-05-2013
Clermont Show 30-05-2013
Craig Lowndes : the official website of Craig Lowndes 02-05-2013
Crows Nest Show Society 20-05-2013
Darling Downs - Moreton Rabbit Board 14-05-2013
De-amalgamation Transfer Methodology 31-05-2013
Diabetes Australia Queensland 06-06-2013
Djabugay Community 15-05-2013
Eating Disorders Assocation Inc. Queensland 21-05-2013
FNQ Volunteers Inc. 19-05-2013
Fraser Coast Cultural Festival 03-05-2013
Fraser Coast Show 27-05-2013
Fraser Island Dingo Management Strategy Review 26-06-2013
Free Cap Coast : Capricorn Coast Independence Movement 03-05-2013
Fun and VJs : renovating a Queenslander 08-05-2013
Gayndah Museum 22-05-2013
Gladstone Foundation 14-05-2013
Gympie District Show Society Inc. 20-05-2013
Hiking in S. E. Queensland 08-05-2013
Hon Bob Katter MP (RealBobKatter) [on Twitter] 01-06-2013
I Stay Safe 16-05-2013
Inglewood Show 30-05-2013
Inside out : the mental health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in custody report 28-05-2013
Ipswich Show Society 21-05-2013
Jazz Queensland 29-06-2013
Kevin Rudd (KRuddMP) [on Twitter] 01-06-2013
Libraryhack 06-05-2013
Longreach Annual Show 21-05-2013
Mackay Show 26-06-2013
Magnetic Island Nature Care Association 22-05-2013
Maleny Show Society 25-06-2013
Mark Svendsen 20-05-2013
Maroon Outdoor Education Centre 18-06-2013
Mary River Turtle 04-06-2013
Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival 06-06-2013
Mick Doohan : official website 16-05-2013
Moreton Bay/South-east Queensland scheduled environmental values and water quality objectives 07-05-2013
Moreton Island Protection Committee Inc. 16-06-2013
NAPLAN (Years 3, 5, 7 and 9) 17-05-2013
Nature refuges 26-06-2013
Office of the Information Commissioner Queensland 20-06-2013
Open Minds : people supporting people 06-06-2013
Othila's : Young Women's Housing and Support Service Inc. 19-06-2013
Paluma Environmental Education Centre 21-05-2013
Population growth : highlights and trends, Queensland 16-05-2013
Pray 2010 : prayer and spirituality in the Catholic tradition 01-05-2013
Premier's Sustainability Awards 26-06-2013
Prison Fellowship Australia Queensland 29-05-2013
Pullenvale Environmental Education Centre 28-05-2013
QSport : serving Queensland sport 27-06-2013
Queensland Cabinet and Ministerial Directory 13-06-2013
Queensland Commission of Audit 01-05-2013
Queensland Congregational Fellowship 10-05-2013
Queensland Economy Watch 20-06-2013
Queensland Exploration Council 30-05-2013
Queensland Greens 27-05-2013
Queensland Health (qldhealthnews) [on Twitter] 08-05-2013
Queensland History with Myles Sinnamon 13-06-2013
Queensland Labor (QLDLabor) [on Twitter] 15-06-2013
Queensland Murray-Darling Basin 03-05-2013
Queensland Numismatic Society Inc. 30-05-2013
Queensland Reconstruction Authority 10-06-2013
Queensland Resources Council 29-05-2013
Queensland Trust for Nature 20-05-2013
Queensland Week 06-06-2013
Quit Smoking 16-05-2013
Ration Shed Museum 22-05-2013
Regional Development Australia - Brisbane 09-05-2013
Rental housing vacancy rates Queensland 17-05-2013
River Rock to Mountain Top Festival 24-05-2013
Rob Katter : Member for Mount Isa (Katter's Australian Party) 17-05-2013
Rocklea Show 03-05-2013
Roma Show Society 17-05-2013
Save Our Spit 13-05-2013
Save our Foreshore Inc. 15-05-2013
Scripture Union Queensland : bringing hope to a young generation 19-06-2013
Sea Turtle Foundation 25-06-2013
Senator Brett Mason 29-05-2013
Settle Petal! 07-05-2013
Seventh-Day Adventist Church South Queensland Conference 14-05-2013
She is... 16-05-2013
South West NRM 25-06-2013
St Mary's : community in exile South Brisbane 20-05-2013
Surat Basin Rail 29-06-2013
Surf Life Saving Queensland 17-05-2013
Sustainable Jamboree 06-06-2013
Sustainable Stradbroke 19-06-2013
Taroom Show Society 09-05-2013
The Bicentennial National Trail 22-05-2013
The Hon. Warren Entsch MP: Federal Member for Leichhardt; Chief Opposition Whip 28-05-2013
The National Trust St James Cathedral Conservation Appeal 04-06-2013
The Old Post Office 08-05-2013
The Queensland Chef 16-05-2013
Tree of Knowledge Festival 03-05-2013
Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia 17-06-2013
Working for Queenslanders 10-05-2013
Yeppoon & District Show Society Inc. 17-06-2013
Total 127

State Library of South Australia

Title URI Display Date
AIDS Council of South Australia annual report 28-06-2013
ANIFEX 29-05-2013
Aboriginal health council of South Australia 30-05-2013
About Time: South Australia's History Festival 14-06-2013
Adelaide Central School of Art 10-06-2013
Adelaide Critics Circle 09-06-2013
Adelaide Philharmonia Chorus 29-05-2013
Aldinga Arts Eco Village 18-06-2013
Anglican Community Care 30-05-2013
Barossa Vintage Festival 13-06-2013
Baseball SA 31-05-2013
Better Worlds Art 28-05-2013
Brand South Australia 20-06-2013
Bridget Currie 29-05-2013
Brillig [band] 07-06-2013
Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide 14-06-2013
Cellar Door Wine Festival Adelaide 28-06-2013
Cirkidz 06-06-2013
Clipsal 500 Adelaide 24-05-2013
Conservation Council of South Australia Inc. 19-06-2013
Decarbonise SA 30-05-2013
Department for Education and Child Development [SA] 03-05-2013
Diabetes SA 26-06-2013
Environment Protection Authority [SA] annual report 25-06-2013
Fleurieu Folk Festival 20-06-2013
Flinders Medical Centre Foundation 20-06-2013
Flinders Ranges Council 21-06-2013
Harvest Festival McLaren Vale 30-05-2013
Holden Street Theatres 03-05-2013
Isaac Lomman Hypnotist 17-06-2013
Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Garden 30-05-2013
Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board 04-06-2013
Law Handbook (Legal Services Commission) 27-06-2013
Learning Works Radio 20-06-2013
Legal Practitioners Conduct Board [SA] 21-06-2013
LinkAdelaide 29-05-2013
Local Government Association of South Australia 21-06-2013
Mental Illness Fellowship South Australia 19-06-2013
Mental Illness Fellowship South Australia annual report 22-06-2013
Monski Mouse 14-06-2013
NRM [Natural Resources Management] education 04-06-2013
Natural Resources Management Council 04-06-2013
Natural Resources: Alinytjara Wilurara 04-06-2013
Natural resources: SA Murray-Darling Basin 18-06-2013
Ombudsman SA 29-05-2013
Open House Adelaide 20-06-2013
Orienteering South Australia 28-06-2013
Peter Couche Foundation 14-06-2013
SA Urban Forests Million Trees Program 07-06-2013
Safework SA 25-06-2013
Santos Tour Down Under 02-06-2013
Save the Murray 14-06-2013
Shorts Film Festival 31-05-2013
Slatters 27-06-2013
Some historic towns and cities in Southern Australia 28-06-2013
Soundstream New Music 22-06-2013
South Australian Arid Lands Natural Resources Management Board 04-06-2013
South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy: the Voice of the Resources Industry in South Australia 21-06-2013
South Australian Economic Development Board 13-06-2013
South Australian Farmers Federation 27-05-2013
South Australian Football Budget [Footy Budget] 23-05-2013
South Australian Winegrape Crush Survey 14-06-2013
South East Field Days 15-06-2013
Tarts - Textile and Arts Collective 24-06-2013
Three D Radio 93.7 FM 24-06-2013
Tim Jarvis 20-06-2013
Ton of stuff 29-06-2013
University of South Australia Architecture Museum 14-06-2013
Urban Forest Biodiversity Program 04-06-2013
Young Adelaide Voices 04-06-2013
Youth Affairs Council of South Australia annual report 29-05-2013
yourrightsatnight 21-06-2013
Total 72

State Library of Victoria

Title URI Display Date
2013 Petroleum Acreage Release : Gippsland and Murray Basins 27-06-2013
2014 Victorian election countdown : a nurse's countdown to the 2014 Victorian election, with a little ranting thrown in 17-05-2013
A new beginning for an iconic destination: Point Nepean Quarantine Station 16-05-2013
A new regional velocity model for the Gippsland basin 27-06-2013
A positive influence : equipping parents to support young people's career transitions 13-05-2013
A response to the DEECD directions paper : pathways to re-engagement through flexible learning options 23-05-2013
A study of gambling in Victoria 01-05-2013
A survey of hunters bags conducted during opening weekend of the 2012 duck hunting season in Victoria 06-06-2013
AUUG Victoria 28-05-2013
Abbotsford Convent : arts, education and tourism 27-05-2013
Alpine stonefly 08-05-2013
Amateur Repertory Company 09-05-2013
Amaze 24-05-2013
Amazing animals : forest fact files 16-05-2013
Amendments to Murray goldfields fire operations plan : 2010-2011 to 2012-2013 10-05-2013
Amphibian Research Centre 27-05-2013
Anarchist Age 27-05-2013
Anne McDonald Centre 22-05-2013
Annual compliance plan 2012-13 : an outline of EPA's key compliance and enforcement priorities and projects in 2012-13 09-05-2013
Annual report (Melbourne, Vic. Council) 30-05-2013
Annual report (Mildura, Vic. Rural Council) 06-06-2013
Applied imagaination : Australian OzIdeas and innovations 1 03-05-2013
Art is ... 10-05-2013
Artist books by Cecilia 08-06-2013
Assignment of a retail premises lease. 23-05-2013
Association of Sculptors of Victoria Inc. 14-06-2013
Australasian Centre of Chinese Studies 27-05-2013
Australian Herpetology ONLINE 14-06-2013
Australian Map Circle 03-06-2013
Australian Plants Society : growing Australian 01-05-2013
Australian Venom Research Unit 14-06-2013
Australian Vietnamese Women's Welfare Association 03-05-2013
Australian Wool Testing Authority (ATWA) 02-06-2013
Australian teens and poker: gambling prevalence, influences and implications 02-05-2013
Bairnsdale & District Arts Society 10-05-2013
Ballarat Mechanics' Institute 29-05-2013
Banyule City Council domestic animal management plan 2008-2012 22-05-2013
Barriers to effective climate change adaptation : submission to the productivity commission inquiry 10-05-2013
Base metals : Victoria, Australia : an emerging base metal province 06-06-2013
Beach report : 2012-2013 summary 09-05-2013
Bendigo zone : 1:250 000 scale serial sections & accompanying notes 27-06-2013
Bendigo zone : 1:250 000 scale serial sections & accompanying notes : part two 27-06-2013
Berry Street Victoria : protecting children, strengthening families 27-05-2013
Best practice management guidelines for committees of management managing caravan and camping grounds on crown land 06-06-2013
Better housing futures : stimulating private investment in affordable housing 09-05-2013
Better housing futures : stimulating private investment in affordable housing : summary of report to the affordable housing forum 09-05-2013
Beware of scams: they're after your money. 23-05-2013
Big Al's blog 14-06-2013
Biodiversity assessment report : Alfred road : PSP 43 03-05-2013
Biodiversity assessment report : Manor Lakes : PSP 41 03-05-2013
Biodiversity assessment report : contract area 42 : Casey central : PSP 1051 03-05-2013
Biodiversity assessment report : contract area 43 : Pound road : PSP 1052 03-05-2013
Biodiversity assessment report : native vegetation : Melton - Wyndham investigation area : section A 03-05-2013
Biodiversity assessment report : native vegetation : Melton - Wyndham investigation area : section B 03-05-2013
Biodiversity assessment report : native vegetation : Melton - Wyndham investigation area : section C 03-05-2013
Biodiversity assessment report : native vegetation : Melton - Wyndham investigation area : section F 03-05-2013
Biodiversity assessment report : native vegetation : Melton - Wyndham investigation area: section D 03-05-2013
Biodiversity assessment report : native vegetation : Melton - Wyndham investigation area: section E 03-05-2013
Biodiversity assessment report : native vegetation : Melton - Wyndham investigation area: section G 03-05-2013
Biodiversity assessment report : native vegetation : Melton - Wyndham investigation area: section H 03-05-2013
Biodiversity assessment report : native vegetation : PSP 16 Cranbourne North 03-05-2013
Biodiversity assessment report : native vegetation : PSP 23 Greenvale South 03-05-2013
Biodiversity assessment report : native vegetation : PSP 37 Truganina employment area 03-05-2013
Biodiversity assessment report : native vegetation : PSP 40 Wyndham Vale 03-05-2013
Biodiversity assessment report PSP area 21: C21 business park 03-05-2013
Biodiversity assessment report revised : botanic ridge 03-05-2013
Biodiversity assessment report: native vegetation : PSP 10 : botanic ridge 03-05-2013
Biolinks and ecological connectivity 09-05-2013
Blue Ribbon Foundation 17-05-2013
Blue Wedges Coalition 01-06-2013
Born in a Taxi 01-06-2013
Box Hill Art Group 16-05-2013
Boyles football photos 18-06-2013
Brotherhood of St Laurence submission : inquiry into social security and other legislation amendment 23-05-2013
Brotherhood of St. Laurence : submission re whole of government Victorian alcohol and drug strategy 23-05-2013
Brown coal : Victoria, Australia : a principal brown coal province 27-06-2013
Building pathways to local jobs for young people : City of Kingston youth employment strategy 09-05-2013
Bushfire management overlay and bushfire protection: mapping methodology and criteria 13-05-2013
CAPO powerlifting : Council of Australian Powerlifting Organisations 01-06-2013
Cameras save lives 29-05-2013
Carbon use in poor Victorian households by local government area 09-05-2013
Carlton Residents Association 19-05-2013
Case study : RemScan gunning for contaminants 09-05-2013
Catching on early: sexuality education for Victorian primary schools. 19-06-2013
Changing faces in Craigieburn and Roxburgh Park : Brotherhood of St Laurence community consultation 09-05-2013
Changing pressures : seeing clearly : access to affordable eyecare for low-income Victorians 09-05-2013
Chinese Association of Victoria 01-05-2013
City of Darebin 19-06-2013
City of Greater Geelong 03-05-2013
Clean Ocean Foundation 16-05-2013
Coburg High School Historical Group 18-05-2013
Coming to grips with credit contracts : steps to protect vulnerable borrowers 09-05-2013
Community Music Victoria 16-05-2013
Community centres network 09-05-2013
Community pharmacy NSP recruitment project : final report 02-05-2013
Competitions, rewards and shopper loyalty schemes 02-05-2013
Connecting with Frankston families : examining service use for families in Frankston North, Karingal and Carrum Downs 09-05-2013
Construction of input meteorological data files for AUSPLUME 01-05-2013
Counting the cost : parental experiences of education expenses : results from the 2007 education costs survey 09-05-2013
Country Fire Authority 12-06-2013
Crafts Council of Ballarat 27-05-2013
Creating a market: Victorian electric vehicle trial mid-term report 18-06-2013
Creating a vibrant healthy eating culture in Victoria : the Victorian healthy eating enterprise 06-05-2013
Creating conversations : talking about drug issues training manual 11-06-2013
Creating conversations : talking about drug issues training manual (Arabic language) 11-06-2013
Creating conversations : talking about drug issues training manual (Cambodian language) 11-06-2013
Creating conversations : talking about drug issues training manual (Chinese language) 11-06-2013
Creating conversations : talking about drug issues training manual (Macedonian language) 11-06-2013
Creating conversations : talking about drug issues training manual (Somalian language) 11-06-2013
Creating conversations : talking about drug issues training manual (Turkish language) 11-06-2013
Creating conversations : talking about drug issues training manual (Vietnamese language) 11-06-2013
Creating conversations final report. 11-06-2013
Creating liveable new communities : checklist for liveability planning 03-05-2013
Creating liveable new communities : promising practice: a book of good practice case studies 03-05-2013
Culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) family engagement with schools project : case studies. 11-06-2013
Dairy Goat Society of Australia Victorian Branch 27-05-2013
Dangerous Ground 30-05-2013
Data processing of the GDPI10 2D seismic survey : southern flank, Gippsland basin 27-06-2013
Dead Person's Society 12-05-2013
Deaf Skiing and Snowboard Australia's website 27-05-2013
Decent sustainable work for all in a global economy : submission to the independent inquiry into insecure work in Australia 10-05-2013
Defence for Children International Australia 19-05-2013
Delahey Community Centre newsletter 29-05-2013
Delivering Melbourne's newest sustainable communities time stamping native vegetation data : frequently asked questions 01-05-2013
Developing dialogues about poverty in Australia : key findings 09-05-2013
Development of the multiple and complex needs initiative 22-05-2013
Disability Online 18-05-2013
Doing business responsibly : perceptions of ethical practice and governance of Australasia's top 100 companies 09-05-2013
Don't let a commercial dispute drag your business down. 23-05-2013
Draft fire operation plan : Ovens [map] 08-05-2013
Draft fire operations plan : Ovens district north east area 08-05-2013
Draft fire operations plan : Upper Murray district north east area 08-05-2013
Draft western region sustainable water strategy fact sheet 02-05-2013
Drug information for parents. 11-06-2013
EC news 09-05-2013
EPA : contaminated environments strategy 09-05-2013
EPA Victoria : Annoyed by noise? 09-05-2013
Early Arts Guild of Victoria 19-05-2013
Early days, much promise : an evaluation of the home instruction program for preschool youngsters (HIPPY) in Australia 09-05-2013
Earthcare St Kilda 12-05-2013
East Burwood Preschool 08-05-2013
East Gippsland Shire Council 03-05-2013
East Gippsland Shire Council urban waterway policy 07-05-2013
Ecosystem resiliance 09-05-2013
Eleven plus : life chances & family income 09-05-2013
Employing young workers : how well are we managing them 09-05-2013
Enabling low income households in the private rental market to respond to climate change : recommendations and report from the roundtable convened December 2007 by the Brotherhood of St Laurence 09-05-2013
Enews (Victoria. State Services Authority) 22-05-2013
Environment protection authority : annual compliance plan 2012-13 : mid-year report 09-05-2013
Environmental auditor guidelines : preparation of environmental audit reports on risk to the environment 09-05-2013
Equity in response to climate change roundtable 09-05-2013
Essential Services Commission 2013 - 18 : review of water prices assessment of expenditure forecasts for regional urban businesses Gippsland Water : final report 03-06-2013
Ethical Threads : corporate social responsibility in the Australian garment industry 09-05-2013
Euroa Guinea flower 08-05-2013
Evaluating investment impact on natural resource management outcomes for the projects : "Targeted Biolinks in the North East" and "North East Mega Murray Flagship" in north east Victoria 13-06-2013
Evaulation of Victoria Police energy device pilot project 22-05-2013
Fact sheet 1 : background and methodology 01-05-2013
Fact sheet 10 : gambling and substance abuse 01-05-2013
Fact sheet 11 : health and well-being 01-05-2013
Fact sheet 12 : regional gambling 01-05-2013
Fact sheet 13 : problem gamblers 01-05-2013
Fact sheet 14 : readiness to change gambling behaviour 01-05-2013
Fact sheet 15 : help seeking behaviour 01-05-2013
Fact sheet 16 : moderate risk gamblers 01-05-2013
Fact sheet 2 : measures and definitions 01-05-2013
Fact sheet 3 : prevalence of problem gambling 01-05-2013
Fact sheet 4 : prevalence, age and gender 01-05-2013
Fact sheet 5 : participation in gambling activities 01-05-2013
Fact sheet 6 : demographic profile of gamblers 01-05-2013
Fact sheet 7 : wagering 01-05-2013
Fact sheet 8 : electronic gaming machines 01-05-2013
Fact sheet 9 : effects of life events 01-05-2013
Fact sheet: reformed zones for Victoria improved industrial zones. 20-06-2013
Fact sheet: reformed zones for Victoria new commercial zones 20-06-2013
Fact sheet: reformed zones for Victoria reformed residential zones 19-06-2013
Fatigue and firefighting : ways to help you identify and minimise the risks associated with fatigue 30-05-2013
Feline Control Council of Victoria 27-05-2013
Fire and adaptive management report no. 86 : Guide to monitoring habitat structure : a rationale report 06-06-2013
Fire and adaptive management report no. 90 : Review of resilience concepts and their measurement for fire management 06-06-2013
Fire and adaptive management report no. 91 : Relationships between disturbance regimes and biodiversity: background, issues and approaches for monitoring 06-06-2013
Fitzroy Residents Association 08-05-2013
Fitzroy renewal plan 23-05-2013
Flagship areas 09-05-2013
Forest profile (VCE) : forest fieldwork files 24-05-2013
Forest trees : old and new (VCE) : forest fieldwork files 24-05-2013
FourThousand 19-06-2013
Frankston North Communities for Children local evaluation Final report 09-05-2013
Friends of Baluk Willam Flora Reserve 10-05-2013
Friends of the Koalas Inc. : the little Australian Phillip Island would hate to lose 27-05-2013
Gamblers tell their stories : life patterns of gambling 02-05-2013
Gasworks Arts Park : a place of art, ideas and events 27-05-2013
Geekgirl 11-06-2013
Geothermal : Victoria, Australia : an emerging geothermal province 27-06-2013
Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Victoria, established 1935 27-05-2013
Gilmont's New Stage Dramatics 27-05-2013
Gippsland tertiary education plan. 19-06-2013
Given the chance : an evaluation of an employment and education pathways program for refugees 09-05-2013
Glen Eira voice 30-05-2013
Gold : Victoria, Australia : a world class gold province 27-06-2013
Gold undercover report 1 : classifying gold-bearing deposits in central and western Victoria, Australia 27-06-2013
Gold undercover report 2 : assessment of undiscovered mesozonal orogenic gold endowement under cover in the northern part of the Bendigo zone. 27-06-2013
Grange newsletter 11-06-2013
Greater Dandenong 13-05-2013
Greater Shepparton Botanic Garden Association 05-05-2013
Green renters 30-05-2013
Greening Maribyrnong 03-05-2013
Greenlink news 03-06-2013
Growing community enterprise : an evaluation of the community enterprise development initiative 09-05-2013
Guidance : your organisation's environmental responsibility : leadership actions for company directors and officers 09-05-2013
Guide to social infrastructure planning 03-05-2013
Handweavers and Spinners Guild of Victoria Inc. 27-05-2013
Harvest Celebration : Beechworth Victoria 19-05-2013
Helping local people get jobs : insights from the Brotherhood of St Laurence experience in Fitzroy and Collingwood 09-05-2013
Hornets Nest 05-05-2013
I just want to go to school 04-06-2013
Impacts of intensive agriculture and plantation forestry on water quality in the Latrobe catchment : Victoria 09-05-2013
Implementation guidelines to the Victorian code of practice for the building and construction industry. 19-06-2013
Improving access to insurance for low-income Australians: submission to the Natural Disaster Insurance Review 23-05-2013
Improving resident transfers between hospitals and residential aged care facilities 09-05-2013
Information brochure: the Retail leases act 2003 23-05-2013
Information bulletin : calculating the landfill levy and recycling rebates 09-05-2013
Innovative community responses in overcoming barriers to employment 09-05-2013
Inquiry into social security legislation amendment (job seeker compliance) bill 2011 : presentation by the Brotherhood of St Laurence at the public hearing on 13 April 2011 in Melbourne by Michael Horn and Dina Bowman 23-05-2013
Inspectorate review 20/2011 : evaluation of pusuits : final report 22-05-2013
Intertidal reef monitoring program : Central Victorian marine protection areas, 2012 29-05-2013
Investigations 23-05-2013
JETAA Victoria/Tasmania 27-05-2013
Job network frontline staff survey preliminary findings 09-05-2013
Join us in the spectacular forest environment that is Toolangi State Forest 06-06-2013
Joint submission to reforming flood insurance: clearing the waters discussion paper 23-05-2013
Joint submission to the essential services commission Victoria : harmonised energy retail code consultation paper 10-05-2013
Latrobe Valley competitive advantages, barriers to investment and investment opportunities : final report 06-05-2013
Latrobe Valley industry growth projections : Regional Development Victoria : final report 06-05-2013
Leadbeater's Possum : classroom activities 24-05-2013
Leasing policy for Crown land in Victoria 09-05-2013
Life chances at 16 : Life chances study : stage 8 09-05-2013
Life in a messmate forest : examining plant and animal relationships : classroom activities 24-05-2013
Linden St Kilda : Centre for Contemporary Arts 29-05-2013
Line of sight : better tailored services for highly disadvantaged job seekers : submission to the Australian Government on future employment services from 2012 23-05-2013
Litter 09-05-2013
Live no fear 22-05-2013
Local government performance reporting framework : directions paper 03-05-2013
Local government planning and reporting : better practice guide 06-05-2013
Local government planning and reporting fact sheet 03-05-2013
ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Society of Victoria 16-05-2013
MFB [Metropolitan Fire Emergency Board] 03-05-2013
MG : 19-05-2013
Magnormous 03-05-2013
Making it work : promoting participation of job seekers with multiple barriers through the personal support programme 09-05-2013
Malvern East Group 02-06-2013
Mansfield Historical Society 10-05-2013
Manufacturing in Melbourne's north : now and into the future 09-05-2013
Maribyrnong art bytes 10-06-2013
Marine investigation discussion paper for public comment 01-05-2013
Maximising the positive economic, social and cultural impacts of migration : submission to the inquiry into multiculturalism in Australia 23-05-2013
Mediasearch : music, film & fashion in Australia 08-06-2013
Mediation & alternative dispute resolution. 23-05-2013
Mediation guide. 23-05-2013
Melbourne International Jazz Festival 27-05-2013
Melbourne Museum of Printing 04-06-2013
Melbourne Steam Traction Engine Club 27-05-2013
Melbourne Water education 02-05-2013
Melbourne Wholesale Fruit, Vegetable & Flower Market 28-05-2013
Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria 27-05-2013
Messmate : forests factsheet : trees and forests 06-06-2013
Methodist Ladies' College 24-05-2013
Mildura independent star 14-05-2013
Mineral sands : Victoria, Australia : a world class mineral sands province 27-06-2013
Mojo 30-05-2013
Moving more with less 22-05-2013
Much obliged : disadvantaged job seekers' experiences of the mutual obligation regime 09-05-2013
Mud Islands seagrass & coastline mapping 2011-12. 29-05-2013
Mudbrick at the Duckpond 06-05-2013
Multicultural Centre for Women's Health 27-05-2013
Myki : Public Transport Victoria 08-05-2013
National Livestock Identification System : sheep and goats 06-06-2013
National Seniors Australia Camberwell and District Branch 03-06-2013
National energy savings initiative : submission to department of climate change and energy efficiency (DCCEE) department of resources, energy and tourism (DRET) 10-05-2013
Native vegetation management : standards for management 07-05-2013
Natural breakdown (VCE) : forest fieldwork files 24-05-2013
New opportunities for the gifted and the talented : directions paper - April 2013 22-05-2013
New paradigm 21-06-2013
Newsletter (Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria) 12-06-2013
Nillumbik Ratepayers Association 24-05-2013
Nomads Outdoors Group 15-06-2013
North Mount and Swans additions to the Grampians national park : values statement 10-05-2013
Northern Victoria & Southern Riverina conservation and environment site 27-05-2013
Office of housing rent deduction services : evaluation of the March 2003 changes 09-05-2013
Oil and gas : Victoria, Australia : a world class petroleum province 27-06-2013
Options & renewals. 23-05-2013
Oral History Association of Australia (Victorian Branch) 28-06-2013
Organ Historical Trust of Australia 27-05-2013
Otherways Magazine 14-05-2013
Otway forest hydrology project : impact of logging practices on water yield and quality in the Otway forests 08-05-2013
Our Station Flinders Street 08-05-2013
Outcomes for older people with chronic and complex needs : a longitudinal examination of the use of community services following an aged care assessment in Victoria 09-05-2013
Overcoming barriers to education : Peninsula Youth Connections evaluation : stage 1 report 09-05-2013
PBS 106.7 FM 03-05-2013
Parent involvement in drug education : guidelines for schools, further information about the guidelines. 11-06-2013
Parent involvement in drug education : guidelines for schools. 11-06-2013
Parent partnerships : parent involvement in the later years of school. 11-06-2013
Parent partnerships : professional development module. 11-06-2013
Parent to Parent : Inner East 27-05-2013
Partnerships advancing community engagement : four pilot projects with Rotary 09-05-2013
Pathways to social and economic inclusion : submission to the Australian government on employment services from 2015 10-05-2013
Peninsula Woodturners Guild 27-05-2013
Performance and conformance in Victorian arts boards 13-05-2013
Personal support programme evaluation : interim report 09-05-2013
Petroleum explorers guide to Victoria 27-06-2013
Phoenix Youth Centre news 09-05-2013
Picture this : community consultation report and analysis, September 2009: increasing the cultural participation of people with a disability in Victoria 07-05-2013
Planned burns for 2010 07-05-2013
Planning and environment amendment (schools) act 2012 07-05-2013
Point Nepean National Park master plan 16-05-2013
Point Nepean Quarantine Station sustainable use & tourism framework 16-05-2013
Policy statement : licensing system for tour operators and activity providers on public land in Victoria 13-06-2013
Port Phillip Bay environmental management plan : Bay actions report 30-05-2013
Potentially contaminated land 09-05-2013
Poverty in Australia : developing community dialogue : report of a qualitative research study 09-05-2013
Prahran Historical and Arts Society Inc. 15-05-2013
Precinct structure planning guidelines : part one : overview of planning new communities 03-05-2013
Precinct structure planning guidelines : part two: preparing the precinct structure plan 03-05-2013
Precinct structure planning notes : biodiversity management 03-05-2013
Precinct structure planning notes : contents of a precinct structure plan 03-05-2013
Precinct structure planning notes : engaging the public and private sectors 03-05-2013
Precinct structure planning notes : heritage management 03-05-2013
Precinct structure planning notes : integrated water management 03-05-2013
Precinct structure planning notes : our roads : connecting people 03-05-2013
Preparing for what : the administration of youth allowance activity agreements for young job seekers 09-05-2013
Presentation to the inquiry into workforce participation by people with a mental illness 10-05-2013
Problem gambling and the criminal justice system : full report 02-05-2013
Problem gambling and the criminal justice system : summary of findings 02-05-2013
Probus Club of Canterbury (Victoria) 08-06-2013
Property update 12-06-2013
Public housing and social inclusion : submission to family and community development committee inquiry into the adequacy and future directions of public housing in Victoria 23-05-2013
Radical Cross Stitch 08-06-2013
Raising young children in Greater Dandenong : an initial needs study for the communities for children program 09-05-2013
Rebuilding connections : creating opportunities for socially isolated older Australians 09-05-2013
Reconnecting the customer : response to the Australian communications and media authority's draft public inquiry report 23-05-2013
Reef Watch Victoria 19-06-2013
Reform of the Australian retirement income system : research report 09-05-2013
Reformed commercial and industrial zones: State Government response... 20-06-2013
Reformed residential zones: State Government response ... 19-06-2013
Refugees and regional settlement : balancing priorities 09-05-2013
Refugees in the labour market : looking for cost effective models of assistance 09-05-2013
Renourishing Elwood beach 13-05-2013
Repair of fences damaged by bushfire or construction of fire control 09-05-2013
Research summary : addressing the challenges together : consultations with Brotherhood clients 09-05-2013
Research summary : overcoming barriers to education : Peninsula Youth Connections evaluation stage 1 09-05-2013
Residential zones progress report. 19-06-2013
Response to "Grey areas : age barriers to work in Commonwealth laws" discussion paper 10-05-2013
Response to Australian energy regulator (AER) issues paper on retail energy pricing information guidelines 23-05-2013
Response to grey areas: age barriers to work in Commonwealth laws (Australian Law Reform Commission inquiry) 10-05-2013
Response to the "Stronger futures for all young Victorians" discussion paper on the youth transitions system 23-05-2013
Response to the Department of Justice discussion paper "Practical lessons, fair consequences: improving diversion for young people in Victoria" 10-05-2013
Response to the productivity commission draft report : caring for older adults 23-05-2013
Response to the productivity commission's early childhood development workforce draft report 23-05-2013
Response to the productivity commission's early childhood development workforce issues paper 23-05-2013
Response to treasury options paper on unfair terms in insurance contracts 23-05-2013
Responses to Auditor General reports (Department of Treasury and Finance, Vic) 06-06-2013
Reviewing government practices. 23-05-2013
Ringwood Station and Interchange update 16-05-2013
Risk and reality : access to general insurance for people on low incomes 09-05-2013
River red gum forests factsheet : trees and forests 30-05-2013
Rural and regional health plan technical paper 06-05-2013
STEP into residential care : a training program evaluation 09-05-2013
Safety soapbox 18-06-2013
Save Albert Park 27-05-2013
Save Bastion Point 08-06-2013
Save the Brickworks 08-06-2013
Save the Planet 04-06-2013
Savoy Opera Company Inc. 20-05-2013
School engagement and life chances : 15 year olds in transition : life chances study stage 7 09-05-2013
School engagement and life chances at 15 & 16 09-05-2013
Sculpere newsletter 12-06-2013
Seagrass mapping of Victoria's minor inlets 30-05-2013
Seasonal labour mobility : responsible business conduct, decent work and regional engagement 09-05-2013
Security deposits. 23-05-2013
Sharing our coast with whales, dolphins and seals : minimum approach distances 02-05-2013
Should you sign it. 23-05-2013
Shout (Community Music Victoria newsletter) 04-05-2013
Showman? The Bret Braddock adventures 28-05-2013
Smoke-free patrolled beaches 22-05-2013
Social exclusion among older people : a preliminary study from inner city Melbourne 09-05-2013
Social exclusion in Boroondara : stage two: identifying the issues for children who experience social exclusion in Boroondara 09-05-2013
Social exclusion in Boroondara stage one : scoping published data on child poverty in Boroondara and recommendations for stage two 09-05-2013
Socio-economic impacts of access to electronic gaming machines in Victoria : effects on demand and communities 02-05-2013
South Melbourne FC official website 21-06-2013
South West Action for Refugees 27-05-2013
Speaking up for small business. 23-05-2013
Spiritual care and spiritual poverty in aged care : an investigation into current models of spiritual care in high and low care residential aged care facilities and implications 09-05-2013
Strategic framework for creating liveable new communities : final report 03-05-2013
Strategic framework for creating liveable new communities: the framework at a glance 03-05-2013
Submission to ACMA's reconnecting the customer consultation 23-05-2013
Submission to caring for older Australians productivity commission 23-05-2013
Submission to inquiry into liveability options in outer suburban melbourne : outer suburban interface services and development committee (OSISDC) 23-05-2013
Submission to review of funding for schooling 23-05-2013
Submission to senate economics committee inquiry into competition within the Australian banking sector 23-05-2013
Submission to senate economics committee inquiry into the banking amendment bill 2010 23-05-2013
Submission to the Australian energy market commission on the consolidated rule request : national electricity amendment (economic regulation of network service providers) rule 2011 10-05-2013
Submission to the DEECD "Safe and Caring Schools" student support service consultation 17-05-2013
Submission to the Department of Treasury and Finance : review of the advanced metering infrastructure program 23-05-2013
Submission to the Victorian competition and efficiency commission inquiry into a state-based reform agenda 23-05-2013
Submission to the Victorian government consultation : pathways to a fair and sustainable social housing system 10-05-2013
Submission to the essential services commission : vocational education and training fee and funding review 23-05-2013
Submission to the expert panel on asylum seekers 10-05-2013
Submission to the independent review of Centrepay 10-05-2013
Submission to the inquiry into cybersafety for senior Australians 10-05-2013
Submission to the inquiry into dementia : early diagnosis and intervention 10-05-2013
Submission to the inquiry into growth corridor plans 10-05-2013
Submission to the joint committee on Australia's immigration detention network 23-05-2013
Submission to the national advisory council on mental health regarding "daily bread, income and living with mental illness" 23-05-2013
Submission to the senate select committee on electricity prices 10-05-2013
Submission to the treasury's national credit reform green paper 23-05-2013
Survey GDPI10 interpretation project : southern flank Gippsland basin 27-06-2013
Survey GDPI10 interpretation project, southern flank, Gippsland basin : appendix 1 : synthetic seismograms for 20 key wells 27-06-2013
Survey GDPI10 interpretation project, southern flank, Gippsland basin : appendix 2 : well composites and porosity/permeability data for 20 key wells 27-06-2013
Survey GDPI10 interpretation project, southern flank, Gippsland basin : appendix 3 : formation tops for 20 key wells 27-06-2013
Survey GDPI10 interpretation project, southern flank, Gippsland basin : appendix 4 : data spreadsheets 27-06-2013
Survey GDPI10 interpretation project, southern flank, Gippsland basin : appendix 5 : interpretation extent of the 13 seismic horizons 27-06-2013
Survey GDPI10 interpretation project, southern flank, Gippsland basin : appendix 6 : isochron/isopach input grids 27-06-2013
Survey GDPI10 interpretation project, southern flank, Gippsland basin : appendix 7 : maps of interval velocity for isopachs and average velocity for interpreted surfaces 27-06-2013
Survey GDPI10 interpretation project, southern flank, Gippsland basin : appendix 8 : interpreted and uninterpreted seismic sections 27-06-2013
Sustainable apline resorts : a framework for discussion 09-05-2013
TAC Victoria's YouTube channel 09-05-2013
Tackling racism at a broader community level : submission to the Australian human rights commission 10-05-2013
Talking tactics together : an interactive family drug education program for parents and thier primary school aged children. 11-06-2013
Tarnagulla : formerly known as Sandy Creek (1852-1858), centre of the Victorian Goldfields, Australia 28-05-2013
Technical report : carbonnet project airborne gravity survey : Gippsland 27-06-2013
Technicolour yawn : Melbourne cinemas of the r-rated years : 1970-84 21-05-2013
Tenants Union of Victoria 27-05-2013
Testing the link between accessibility and gambling problems: gambling and problem gambling amongst gaming venue staff 02-05-2013
The Boite 30-05-2013
The Brotherhood's social barometer : challenges facing Australian youth 09-05-2013
The Brotherhood's social barometer : monitoring children's chances 09-05-2013
The Brotherhood's social barometer : the working years 09-05-2013
The CarbonNet project 07-05-2013
The Cottage service for highly disadvantaged children in Fitzroy : a review 09-05-2013
The Melbourne Foodie 17-05-2013
The Orstrahyun 31-05-2013
The Society of Editors (Victoria) Inc. 10-05-2013
The Victorian gambling study : a longitudinal study of gambling and public health : wave three findings 02-05-2013
The Victorian gambling study : a longitudinal study of gambling and public health : wave two findings 02-05-2013
The Victorian gambling study: qualitative component : report of findings from qualitative interviews 02-05-2013
The Wimmera Association for Genealogy Inc. Horsham 08-05-2013
The case for change : a snapshot analysis of the Australian tax system 09-05-2013
The community enterprise development initiative : learnings from work with twelve disadvantaged neighbourhoods in 2005-06 09-05-2013
The community expects : public opinion about breach penalties for unemployed people 09-05-2013
The early years : consultation with providers of early childhood services in the Melbourne municipalities of Yarra, Hume and Moreland 09-05-2013
The final reformed commercial zones, May 2013 19-06-2013
The final reformed industrial zones, May 2013. 19-06-2013
The final reformed residential zones, 6 March 2013 19-06-2013
The impact of an audience and venue size on poker machine gambling 02-05-2013
The inclusive role of playgroups in Greater Dandenong 09-05-2013
The planned burn program 01-05-2013
Theatreworks 17-05-2013
ThreeThousand 20-06-2013
To their credit : evaluating an experiment with personal loans for people on low incomes 09-05-2013
Towards a fair and decent social security system : submission to the senate inquiry into the adequacy of the allowance payment system for jobseekers and others 10-05-2013
Towards a new framework for forensic alcohol and other drug treatment 08-05-2013
Town and Country Planning Association 29-05-2013
Transport news bytes 09-05-2013
Trees and forests : forests factsheet 06-06-2013
Trends in alcohol and drug related ambulence attendances in Melbourne 2010/11. 19-06-2013
Trust for Nature (Victoria) 29-05-2013
Turning 21 : life chances and uncertain transitions : research summary 09-05-2013
Turning values into action : developing a code of ethical behaviour 09-05-2013
TwoThousand 27-06-2013
Un Magazine 22-05-2013
Urban forest conversation. 17-06-2013
Values and civic behaviour in Australia : executive summary 09-05-2013
Values and civic behaviour in Australia : in depth interview report 09-05-2013
Values and civic behaviour in Australia : project report 09-05-2013
Values and civic behaviour in Australia : report of the focus group discussions 09-05-2013
Values and civic behaviour in Australia : research method 09-05-2013
Values, unemployment and public policy : the need for a new direction 09-05-2013
VicRoads 10-05-2013
Vicdeaf : the website of the Victorian Deaf Society 27-05-2013
Victims of crime [Victoria] 09-05-2013
Victoria Police blueprint 2012-15 04-06-2013
Victoria's Aboriginal tourism development plan 2006-2009. 20-06-2013
Victoria's Climate Change Adaptation Research Centre : project update 2009 09-05-2013
Victoria's forestry heritage 17-05-2013
Victoria's forests : forests factsheet : a brief history 06-06-2013
Victoria's forests : forests factsheet : trees and forests 06-06-2013
Victoria's road safety action plan 2013-2016 19-06-2013
Victoria's road safety strategy 2013-2022. 19-06-2013
Victoria's technology plan for the future : biotechnology 06-05-2013
Victoria's vulnerable children: strategy 2013-2022 23-05-2013
Victorian Landcare network readiness project : summary 10-05-2013
Victorian Law Reform Commission 10-05-2013
Victorian Malleefowl Recovery Group 01-05-2013
Victorian Model Aeronautical Association 23-05-2013
Victorian Public Health Care Awards 03-06-2013
Victorian accredited driver education programs drink driver program/drug driver program 03-05-2013
Victorian best practice guidelines for assessing and managing coastal acid sulfate soils 06-06-2013
Victorian design initiatives 2012-2015 11-06-2013
Victorian greenhouse gas inventory 2007 : information sheet 13-06-2013
Victorian habitat database : seagrass assessment - Gippsland Lakes : attachment 3, maps - part A 30-05-2013
Victorian habitat database : seagrass assessment - Gippsland Lakes : attachment 3, maps - part B 30-05-2013
Victorian health priorities framework 2012 - 2022 : rural and regional health plan 06-05-2013
Victorian health services performance report 06-05-2013
Victorian intertidal reef monitoring program : Central Victoria marine protected areas, 2011. 29-05-2013
Victorian subtidal reef monitoring program : the reef biota at Beware Reef Marine Sanctuary, October 2011. 29-05-2013
Victorian subtidal reef monitoring program : the reef biota at Bunurong Marine National Park, May 2012. 29-05-2013
Victorian subtidal reef monitoring program : the reef biota at Marengo Reefs Marine Park, April 2011. 29-05-2013
Victorian subtidal reef monitoring program : the reef biota at Point Addis Marine National Park, May 2012. 29-05-2013
Victorian wetlands : resource for VCE teachers : activity 1 : wetland field investigation 09-05-2013
Victorian wetlands : resource for VCE teachers : activity 2 : ecology of your wetland 09-05-2013
Victorian wetlands : resource for VCE teachers : activity 3 : change in the area of the wetlands 09-05-2013
Victorian wetlands : resource for VCE teachers : activity 4 : land-use potential and conflicts at wetlands 09-05-2013
Victorian wetlands : resource for VCE teachers : activity 5 : importance of wetlands and wetland loss in Victoria 09-05-2013
Victorian wetlands : resource for VCE teachers : activity 6 : Australia's wetlands of international significance : Ramsar Wetlands 09-05-2013
Victorian wetlands : resource for VCE teachers : activity 7 : Australia's national and international wetland commitments 09-05-2013
Victorian wetlands : resource for VCE teachers : activity 8 : signatories to the Ramsar Convention 09-05-2013
Victorian wetlands : resource for VCE teachers : activity 9 : does the Ramsar Convention protect migratory birds 09-05-2013
Vnews 07-06-2013
Waking up in Geelong 08-05-2013
Water restrictions fact sheet 02-05-2013
Waterlions Swimming Club 21-05-2013
Welcome to NRCHI [North Ringwood Community House Inc] 22-05-2013
Wetland conceptual models : associations between wetland values, threats and management interventions : version one 09-05-2013
What is person-centred health care? A literature review 03-05-2013
What parents should know about ice (crystal methamphetamine) 11-06-2013
What value independence : is it a barrier to HACC services for financially disadvantaged older people? 09-05-2013
What we heard at the Greening the Central City community workshop 17-06-2013
White Cliffs to Camerons Bight Foreshore Reserve : draft coastal management plan 13-06-2013
Who needs a tree : forest fact files 24-05-2013
Who will care : the recruitment and retention of community care (aged and disability) workers 09-05-2013
Who's going to care? Informal care and an ageing population 09-05-2013
Workhealth news 19-06-2013
Xreassign investment 08-05-2013
Yarra Ranges Shire Council 22-06-2013
Yarra Touism Association : Yarra River Precinct 10-05-2013
Young people, parents and drugs : some commonly asked questions. 11-06-2013
Zonta Club of Melbourne on Yarra Inc. 24-05-2013
eSpectrum 28-05-2013 26-06-2013
waterMAP guide : how to build a waterMAP 08-05-2013
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State Library of Western Australia

Title URI Display Date
ARAFMI Mental Health Carers and Friends Association WA 26-06-2013
Baldivis Children's Forest Website 06-05-2013
Bega Garnbirringu Health Service 06-06-2013
Burma Thailand Railway Memorial Association 04-06-2013
Castledare Miniature Railways 16-05-2013
Cathie Travers 12-06-2013
Committee for Perth 17-06-2013
Environment and Conservation News 28-05-2013
Fremantle men's community shed 29-05-2013
Fresh Start Recovery Programme 06-06-2013
Gumala Aboriginal Corporation 07-05-2013
Heirisson lsland Sculpure Park 14-05-2013
Helen Hagemann's Poetry & Prose 02-05-2013
History of Western Australian Railways and Stations Website 04-06-2013
Indigenous Landholder Services 04-06-2013
Japingka Gallery 06-06-2013
Judi Moylan : MP member for Pearce 16-05-2013
Lauren Wilhelm 22-05-2013
Made on the Left 27-06-2013
Michael White 18-06-2013
Morapoi Station 13-06-2013
Natasha Lester 14-05-2013
Outcare 10-06-2013
Perth Observatory 06-06-2013
Rachelle Durkin 09-05-2013
Respect the risk : keep our prisons safe 11-06-2013
Ruah Community Services 06-06-2013
Sally Murphy 07-05-2013
Senator Alan Eggleston Senator for Western Australia 16-05-2013
Shaun Tan 06-06-2013
Shelter WA 27-06-2013
The Boulder Promotion and Development Association (Inc) 17-06-2013
The Hills Symphony Orchestra 13-06-2013
Tim Minchin 20-06-2013
Tony Crook O'Connor 16-05-2013
Warakurna Artists 13-06-2013
Wild Horses Kimberley 10-06-2013
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