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1 Sep 2009 - 30 Sep 2009

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Title URI Display Date
BAMA-ISX 19-09-2009
Future Directions for the Northern Territory Emergency Response - Discussion Paper 29-09-2009
Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council 08-09-2009
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Australian War Memorial

Title URI Display Date
ADF Serials 10-09-2009
Australia and the Vietnam war 18-09-2009
Salute Magazine ( Totally and permanently incapacitated veterans association of NSW ) 01-09-2009
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National Film and Sound Archive

Title URI Display Date
APRA/AMCOS 28-09-2009
Lexus IF Awards 28-09-2009
The Bushwackers 25-09-2009
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National Library of Australia

Title URI Display Date
09/09/ 10-09-2009
2003 National health disaster management capability audit 01-09-2009
20th Anniversary of the House Committee System : 15 February 2008 16-09-2009
ACT plastic bags community consultation 09-09-2009
AMSAaboard 08-09-2009
AUSCERT : Australian Computer Emergency Response Team 24-09-2009
Administrative Review Council reports 21-09-2009
Adventure Kokoda Treks 13-09-2009
Airline On Time Performance (Annual Reports) 04-09-2009
Alternative dispute resolution in the civil justice system : issues paper 17-09-2009
Altitude : a journal of emerging humanities work 29-09-2009
American Chamber of Commerce in Australia 14-09-2009
An ideal city? : the 1912 competition to design Canberra 12-09-2009
Andy Griffiths home page 01-09-2009
Architecture Australia 25-09-2009
Art Song Canberra 25-09-2009
Asian Currents 21-09-2009
Association for Canadian Studies in Australia and New Zealand newsletter 18-09-2009
Aussie-Magyar Infonet 12-09-2009
Australia & New Zealand Postgraduate Music Research 08-09-2009
Australia @ war 21-09-2009
Australia ICOMOS : International Council on Monuments and Sites 16-09-2009
Australia donna : le donne di origine Italiana in Australia 22-09-2009
Australia's National Association of Forest Industries 24-09-2009
Australia's health 11-09-2009
Australian Capital Territory Rowing Association 11-09-2009
Australian Children's Music Foundation : ACMF 14-09-2009
Australian Christian Lobby National 08-09-2009
Australian Government. National Capital Authority 09-09-2009
Australian Honey Bee Industry Council 10-09-2009
Australian Intervarsity Choral Societies Association 10-09-2009
Australian Marriage Equality 10-09-2009
Australian Orangutan Project 12-09-2009
Australian Rock Art Research Association Inc. 14-09-2009
Australian Society for Music Education 04-09-2009
Australian Student Christian Movement 09-09-2009
Australian Trucking Association - ATA 03-09-2009
Australian Winegrape Conference report, 20 November 2003, Mildura 08-09-2009
Australian composers 25-09-2009
Australian journal of emergency management 11-09-2009
Australian mineral statistics 18-09-2009
Australian storytelling 04-09-2009
Australian windmills 04-09-2009
Australians for Australian books 04-09-2009
Autospeed : the world's best high performance online magazine 01-09-2009
Azimute 09-09-2009
Beaver Galleries 13-09-2009
Bharat Times 09-09-2009
Brain Tumour Australia [closed access] 21-09-2009
Brisbane Dance Parties Archive 11-09-2009
Brisbane line 22-09-2009
Butterpaper 14-09-2009
CAEPR working paper 02-09-2009
Cairns Group Farm Leaders 15-09-2009
Canberra Jazz blog 23-09-2009
Canberra Mandolin Orchestra 28-09-2009
Children's Book Council of Australia 01-09-2009
Clatterbox : new musical instruments ... and some nice bits of stuff 14-09-2009
Climate Action Network Australia 21-09-2009
Coalition for Cheaper Books 16-09-2009
Colin Bright 19-09-2009
Colin Thompson author & illustrator 02-09-2009
Commission for Australian Catholic Women 01-09-2009
Communities for communities 28-09-2009
Conservation Volunteers Australia 04-09-2009 04-09-2009
Cosmos and history : the journal of natural and social philosophy 01-09-2009
Country and landscape 12-09-2009
Craft Australia 21-09-2009
Cruising Yacht Club Australia 19-09-2009
Daily Chinese Herald 25-09-2009
Directory of archives in Australia 08-09-2009
Discussion papers (University of Queensland. School of Economics) 24-09-2009
Drug and Alcohol Service Reporting : a national profile of Australian Government funded Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander substance use specific services 02-09-2009
ENA update 12-09-2009
ESAA news 12-09-2009
Earthdance Assn Inc : Global Music Festival for Peace 21-09-2009
Econometrics and Business Statistics (EBS) Working Papers 02-09-2009
Elise Hurst : artist, illustrator 07-09-2009
Empyre : soft - skinned - space 20-09-2009
Environment update 11-09-2009
Exit International 14-09-2009
Fatal heavy vehicle crashes Australia 02-09-2009
Fibreculture : Internet theory, criticism, research 24-09-2009
Food Standards Australia New Zealand 29-09-2009
Friends of Aranda Bushland Inc. 16-09-2009
Governance and architecture of Australia's VET sector : country comparisons 04-09-2009
Government online directory 28-09-2009
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia 17-09-2009
Groovy Music Publishing 22-09-2009
Grown Fuel Biodiesel Consultancy 27-09-2009
Hazel Dooney 14-09-2009
Hazel Edwards home page 18-09-2009
Higher education update [ACER] 02-09-2009
Home of the rainbowfish : incorporating Rainbowfish on-line 14-09-2009
Homelessness Australia 29-09-2009
Hotel futures update 05-09-2009
Housing market dynamics in resource boom towns 02-09-2009
Indian Voice 28-09-2009
Indonesia project 04-09-2009
Innovative financing for homeownership : the potential for shared equity initiatives in Australia 02-09-2009
International Review of Business Research Papers 22-09-2009
Investigating the feasibility of portable funding for students with disabilities : final report 04-09-2009
James Moloney 14-09-2009
Jazz Australia 14-09-2009
Journal of business systems, governance and ethics 23-09-2009
Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature : JASAL 10-09-2009
Justine Larbalestier : writing, reading, eating, drink, sport 24-09-2009
Katherine Susannah Prichard Writers' Centre 14-09-2009
Keith Jackson's PNG attitude 29-09-2009
Koori Centre - University of Sydney 11-09-2009
Larry Sitsky : the Sitsky collection 09-09-2009
Laurel Papworth : the business of being social 21-09-2009
Liberal Party of Australia 22-09-2009
Life and Leisure Blogs - Sydney Morning Herald 02-09-2009
Limbs 4 life : supporting amputees 18-09-2009
Manual of air traffic services and supplementary information online 28-09-2009
Meme McDonald 07-09-2009
Men's Sheds in Australia : the official contact point for all information on community "Men's Sheds" 22-09-2009
Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia 11-09-2009
Mesh : Experimenta's media arts journal 09-09-2009
Michelle Potter on dancing 01-09-2009
Montenegrin Ethnic Association of Australia 11-09-2009
Moocoo news 23-09-2009
Murder piping hot 04-09-2009
Music. Count us in 03-09-2009
Nanotechnology: national business interviews 07-09-2009
Nation Building - Economic Stimulus Plan 25-09-2009
National Allied Health Conference 18-09-2009
National Band Council of Australia 20-09-2009
National Foundation for Australian Women 27-09-2009
National Times 16-09-2009
National Young Writers' Festival 21-09-2009
National pro bono resource centre 15-09-2009
Neos kosmos 28-09-2009
New Lawyer 10-09-2009
New Music Network 13-09-2009
Online memorials 11-09-2009
Operation Astute - Timor-Leste 24-09-2009
Opinion - Sydney Morning Herald 12-09-2009
PNG curriculum reform implementation project : impact study 6 final report 07-09-2009
Page Research Centre 26-09-2009
Palaeoworks 04-09-2009
Paul Mercurio online 06-09-2009
Pedestrian Council of Australia 10-09-2009
Peter Martin blog 25-09-2009
Pool User Experience : documenting the redesign of 07-09-2009
Post-script : the online journal for graduate research students 06-09-2009
Psyche : an interdisciplinary journal of research on consciousness 25-09-2009
Public opinion 05-09-2009
QL2 Centre for Youth Dance 22-09-2009
R&D tax concession : impact on the firm : report on a survey of 116 firms 10-09-2009
ReWater 27-09-2009
Recalls : last 30 days : Product Recalls Australia 02-09-2009
Reconciliation between China and Japan : a search for solutions 20-09-2009
Red Room Company 24-09-2009
Report of the Review of Veterans' Entitlements (Clarke Report) 09-09-2009
Restructuring the 'public interest' in globalising world: business, the professions, and the public sector 04-09-2009
Retort magazine 06-09-2009
Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 18-09-2009
Romance writers of Australia 13-09-2009
Save birth choices 14-09-2009
Schizophrenia Fellowship of N.S.W. 29-09-2009
Seismology Research Centre 17-09-2009
Senses of cinema [closed due to legal dispute] 11-09-2009
Sesame magazine : an online Australian fashion magazine 22-09-2009
Sing Tao Newspapers, July- September 2009 29-09-2009
Sisters in Crime Australia 01-09-2009
Skilling the existing workforce : final project report. 04-09-2009
Slightly Moving Productions 04-09-2009
Slovenian network in Australia = Sticisce avstralskih Slovencev 14-09-2009
Solid work you mob are doing : case studies in indigenous dispute resolution & conflict management in Australia 17-09-2009
Sound links : community music in Australia 14-09-2009
Speeches and papers (Australia. Administrative Appeals Tribunal) 18-09-2009
Student outcomes survey 14-09-2009
Submarkets in public sector housing : an abstract concept or a decision-making tool? 02-09-2009
Swiss Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 07-09-2009
Sydney Morning Herald (September 2009) 29-09-2009
Tama Leaver dot Net 28-09-2009
Tama's eLearning Blog 16-09-2009
The Middle East Times 25-09-2009
The Sydney Institute podcast 03-09-2009
The diversity and performance of the student population at Victoria university : a preliminary analysis 07-09-2009
The official Dads on the Air website 09-09-2009
The state of our public hospitals : reports 01-09-2009
Tim Blair 07-09-2009
Union songs 22-09-2009
United Nations Association of Australia 28-09-2009
Updating the evidence : the Rudd government's intentions for schools. 03-09-2009
Vacancy report 19-09-2009
Viet Times Newspaper 25-09-2009
Vocational Education and Training Research conference 29-09-2009
Web archiving strategy project (WASP) 25-09-2009
Welcome to the Sydney Centre for Studies in Caodaism 21-09-2009
West Australian ballet 25-09-2009
World AIDS Day Australia 13-09-2009
dLux Media Arts : innovative film, video, new media and sound arts 24-09-2009
eJournal of tax research 22-09-2009
iTWire : IT and Telcom news 25-09-2009
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Northern Territory Library

Title URI Display Date
A comparative analysis of indirect methodologies for estimating Indigenous life expectancy 11-09-2009
Chief Minister and Cabinet 11-09-2009
Corrugated Iron Youth Arts. 11-09-2009
Don't sleep on the road 09-09-2009
Look out for people - Imparja road safety advertisement 09-09-2009
Northern Territory Department of Natural Resources, Environment, the Arts and Sport 11-09-2009
Northern Territory Library 11-09-2009
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State Library of New South Wales

Title URI Display Date
'Apartments for Life' housing care & support concept for older people 01-09-2009
10 essentials to make Australia Fair : report 14-09-2009
ACOSS submission to Which Way Home? : a new approach to homelessness 22-09-2009
ACOSS submission to the Minister for Employment Participation and Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Children's Services. National mental health and disability employment strategy 22-09-2009
ARIA report (Australian Record Industry Association) 05-09-2009
Aboriginal participation in construction guidelines applying to projects commencing 1 January 2007 17-09-2009
Abuse of older people : preventing and responding to the abuse of older people who live in residential aged care. Model policy (revised August 2007) 07-09-2009
Access to transport 01-09-2009
Accreditation at professional accomplishment and professional leadership : information for external observers 29-09-2009
Accreditation at professional accomplishment and professional leadership : information for referees 29-09-2009
Accreditation at professional accomplishment and professional leadership : information for teacher accreditation authorities and principals 29-09-2009
Advice about familial aspects of breast cancer and epithelial ovarian cancer : a guide for health professionals 29-09-2009
Ambulance online 24-09-2009
Apartments for Life in Australia : lessons for Australia from Humanitas in the Netherlands 01-09-2009
Australia's children : safe and well : a national framework for protecting Australias children : The Benevolent Society's response 08-09-2009
Australia's national strategy for energy efficiency : policy paper 15-09-2009
Australian protection order legislation : an overview 01-09-2009
Available cultural data : regional New South Wales 11-09-2009
BIRR : Building Identity and Resisting Radicalisation Initiative 19-09-2009
Benevolent Society submission to Discussion paper on NSW Domestic and Family Violence Strategic Framework 08-09-2009
Benevolent Society submission to NSW Legislative Council Standing Committee on Social Issues Inquiry into homelessness and low-cost rental accommodation 08-09-2009
Benevolent Society submission to a national quality framework for early childhood education and care 14-09-2009
Birds in backyards 29-09-2009
Blokes booklet : Manning, Great Lakes 08-09-2009
Breast Cancer - Knowledge to Support Women in Your Communities : training workshop for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers. Summary report 28-09-2009
Breast cancer in men 28-09-2009
Breast cancer risk factors : a review of the evidence 28-09-2009
Breast health survey : technical report 29-09-2009
Bridging the gap : a literature review of social cohesion 08-09-2009
Canola : NSW planting guide 20-09-2009
Cape Banks Family History Society 01-09-2009
Caring for older Australians : care workers and care practices that support and enable good care 07-09-2009
Charity now : redefining charity law for the new millennium 14-09-2009
Children and young people from non-English speaking backgrounds in out-of-home care in NSW : Research report 25-09-2009
Childrens agency in communities : a review of literature and the policy and practice context 07-09-2009
Community building and health : lessons from two communities on the NSW Central Coast 07-09-2009
Community capacity building : from ideas to realities 07-09-2009
Community safety and domestic violence 01-09-2009
Continuing professional development policy : supporting the maintenance of accreditation at professional competence 29-09-2009
Corporate plan 2006/10 02-09-2009
Creating a new partnership between the commonwealth government and the not-for-profit sector : time for a national compact? ; a discussion paper 15-09-2009
Creating better communities : a study of social capital creation in four communities 07-09-2009
Creating social capital : what are the roles of government, business and community services? 07-09-2009
Cross City Tunnel 11-09-2009
Cultural and ethnic diversity 07-09-2009
Department of Aboriginal Affairs response to community input into the draft Partnership Community Governance Framework 17-09-2009
Disappearing age : a discussion paper on a strategy to address violence against older women 01-09-2009
Discussion paper : supporting our relative and kinship carers 01-09-2009
Dying With Dignity NSW [website] 23-09-2009
Early childhood services and support for vulnerable families 14-09-2009
Early detection of breast cancer : position statement 29-09-2009
Elders rural property index 13-09-2009
Emergency NSW 29-09-2009
Emergency relief handbook : a guide for emergency relief workers 15-09-2009
Encouraging Research into Lymphoedema : a report on summit ... 29-09-2009
Energy and equity : preparing households for climate change efficiency, equity, immediacy 15-09-2009
Enterprising Young Mothers Project : evaluation report 07-09-2009
Environment and the impact of climate change 07-09-2009
Evidence relevant to guidelines for the investigation of breast symptoms 29-09-2009
Explaining and preventing intimate partner violence 01-09-2009
Exploring the impacts and meanings of social isolation : Eastern suburbs community options, client and staff perspectives 07-09-2009
Factors affecting crime rates in indigenous communities in NSW : a pilot study in Wilcannia and Menindee 01-09-2009
Fair dental care for low income earners : national report on the state of dental care 15-09-2009
Families on the fringe : promoting the social inclusion of young families moving to non-metropolitan areas 01-09-2009
Future of the Community Development Employment Program in major urban and regional centres. ACOSS Submission to Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations 22-09-2009
Geographic aspects of social and economic inclusion 07-09-2009
Great Western Highway upgrade (Lapstone Hill to Medlow Bath) 18-09-2009
Health and social inclusion of young children 01-09-2009
How to forge an economic and social alliance : the role of community leadership 07-09-2009
Illawarra Folk Club Inc. 26-09-2009
Implementing the principles of multiculturalism locally 14-09-2009
Improving health and wellbeing requires more than health services 22-09-2009
Income and economic participation 07-09-2009
Independent Transport Safety and Reliability Regulator submission to Independent Pricing and Rregulatory Tribunal : Review of the interface between the land transport industries and the stevedores at Port Botany 25-09-2009
Information about Pagets disease of the nipple 28-09-2009
Information about inflammatory breast cancer 28-09-2009
Information about locally advanced breast cancer 28-09-2009
Information for new scheme teachers 29-09-2009
Investing in the future : $40 million electricity upgrade 16-09-2009
Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust 14-09-2009
Lane Cove Tunnel 12-09-2009
Makeshift 17-09-2009
Mental health 01-09-2009
Moving forward : women's journeys after leaving an abusive relationship 01-09-2009
Mt Kembla Mining Heritage Inc. 15-09-2009
NSW Aboriginal economic development policy discussion paper 17-09-2009
NSW Government advertising guidelines 02-09-2009
National Community Housing Forum [website] 03-09-2009
National breast cancer audit 28-09-2009
National data strategy for breast and ovarian cancer : strategy document 28-09-2009
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy in ovarian cancer : a systematic review 28-09-2009
Network : public electrical safety awareness plan 22-09-2009
New South Wales Lancers 20-09-2009
Newtown project 26-09-2009
Old Friends visiting program : research report summary 07-09-2009
Overarching job compact memorandum of understanding 17-09-2009
Partnerships in Early Childhood (PIEC) : promising practice profiles 08-09-2009
Police and domestic violence : an analysis of domestic violence incidents attended by police in the ACT and subsequent actions 01-09-2009
Policy and procedures for accreditation at professional accomplishment and professional leadership 29-09-2009
Poverty in Australia : sensitivity analysis and recent trends 14-09-2009
Priority actions for ovarian cancer control : a framework for a national approach 29-09-2009
Promoting social networks for older people in community aged care 07-09-2009
Proposed emergency response and development plan to protect Aboriginal children in the Northern Territory 15-09-2009
Psychosocial factors and the risk of developing breast cancer 29-09-2009
Public sector notices 20-09-2009
Putting the pieces back together 08-09-2009
Report of the taskforce on the review of teacher education in NSW 29-09-2009
Review of reseach evidence on secondary lymphoedema : incidence, prevention, risk factors and treatment 28-09-2009
SPAD management : an information paper 25-09-2009
Scan : journal of media arts culture 09-09-2009
Secure and affordable housing 01-09-2009
Sentinel node biopsy for early breast cancer : a systematic review 28-09-2009
Social and economic inclusion of Indigenous people 07-09-2009
Social inclusion seminar papers 14-09-2009
Special Commission of Inquiry into Child Protection Services in NSW 01-09-2009
Specialist breast nurse competency standards and associated educational requirements. Executive summary 29-09-2009
Stories from the Coast : celebrating our first 5 years 01-09-2009
Strategic priorities 2007-2011 : the Riverina Institute vision 08-09-2009
Strengthening support for women with breast cancer : background paper 29-09-2009
Submission to the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs : NT emergency response review 22-09-2009
Submission to the Inquiry into the Implementation of the Recommendations of the Forgotten Australians Report 08-09-2009
Submission to the Productivity Commission -- study into the contribution of the Not for Profit Sector 22-09-2009
Submission to the Productivity Commission inquiry into paid maternity, paternity and parental leave 01-09-2009
Submission to the Senate Community Affairs Committee Inquiry into the Employment and Workplace Relations (Welfare to Work) Bill 2005 22-09-2009
Submission to the Taxation Review Panel : strong foundations : reforming the tax and social security systems 22-09-2009
Sustainability of multidisciplinary cancer care : a follow-up study to the National Multidisciplinary Care Demonstration Project 29-09-2009
Sydney Airport Community Forum 01-09-2009
Systemic adjuvant therapy for women with early breast cancer 29-09-2009
Teacher identified continuing professional development policy 29-09-2009
Time for a national compact? : creating a new partnership between the Commonwealth Government and the not for profit sector 14-09-2009
Towards better practice : enhancing collaboration between mental health and domestic violence services 01-09-2009
Towards new indicators of disadvantage : deprivation and social exclusion in Australia 14-09-2009
Trastuzumab for HER2-positive breast cancer : a systematic review 28-09-2009
Two Ways Together New South Wales Aboriginal Affairs Plan (2003-2012) 17-09-2009
Waste reduction and purchasing plan 18-09-2009
Welfare to work : effects and solutions 15-09-2009
Who is missing out? : hardship among low income Australians 15-09-2009
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State Library of Queensland

Title URI Display Date
Australian Age of Dinosaurs 22-09-2009
Australian Banana Growers' Council 10-09-2009
Blackstone - Ipswich Cambrian Choir 21-09-2009
Brisbane Pride Festival 03-09-2009
Childers Festival of Cultures 19-09-2009
Corporal punishment in Queensland state schools 09-09-2009
Drover's Camp Camooweal 02-09-2009
Flooding in south west Queensland January to February 2007 23-09-2009
Flooding in the north and central coasts of Queensland 31 January to 10 February 2007 23-09-2009
Food Connect : a collaboration between local farmers & city folk 11-09-2009
Forde Foundation 02-09-2009
Gerry Cummins & Jill Stehn Pty. Ltd. : Australian stained glass artists 18-09-2009
Gold Coast Airport Marathon 24-09-2009
Invasive meningococcal disease in Queensland 22-09-2009
Liquor licensing update 09-09-2009
Mines, mills & shopping malls : celebrating the identity of Ipswich 15-09-2009
Opening and closing dates of Queensland schools 09-09-2009
Peace Convergence 04-09-2009
Queensland Asbestos Related Disease Support Society Inc. 23-09-2009
Queensland Energy Museum 11-09-2009
Queensland Health Q150 events 03-09-2009
Report on flooding from TC Larry March 2006 23-09-2009
Sirromet 01-09-2009
Stock Routes Coalition 15-09-2009
Strategic plan - Queensland. Dept. of Corrective Services 28-09-2009
SunWater Burdekin Water Festival 18-09-2009
Sunshine Coast floods, August 2007 23-09-2009
Theosophical Society : Brisbane Lodge and Sunshine Coast Lodge 23-09-2009
This is not a photo opportunity 10-09-2009
Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers 19-09-2009
Total 30

State Library of South Australia

Title URI Display Date
Adelaide Airport 07-09-2009
Ayers House Museum 24-09-2009
Department of the Premier and Cabinet (South Australia) 09-09-2009
Greenaway Art Gallery 04-09-2009
Greenhill Galleries Adelaide 04-09-2009
Hill Smith Gallery 05-09-2009
Hurry Save the Murray 04-09-2009
North Bundaleer 23-09-2009
Samstag Museum 29-09-2009
Save the R.A.H.: a voice for the Save the Royal Adelaide Hospital Committee 04-09-2009
TIA international aid 23-09-2009
Tandanya: national Aboriginal cultural institute 09-09-2009
The Mars Bar 07-09-2009
Urban Cow 17-09-2009
Water droplets 24-09-2009
Total 15

State Library of Victoria

Title URI Display Date
3CR Community Radio 855 AM 01-09-2009
AEPSMA : the official website of the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia 16-09-2009
Artary 26-09-2009
Astrononomical Society of Geelong 19-09-2009
Australia Asia Foundation (AAF) 20-09-2009
Australia's private rental market: changes (2001-2006) in the supply of, and demand for, low rent dwellings 29-09-2009
Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre 18-09-2009 05-09-2009
Baby bump project 24-09-2009
Barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) and cereal yellow dwarf virus (CYDV) 11-09-2009
Bayside Bushwalking Club 05-09-2009
Beaumaris Conservation Society 03-09-2009
Beremboke Wildlife Shelter 19-09-2009
Biosecurity guidelines for movement of equipment contractors between farms 11-09-2009
Bovine Johne's disease: alternatives for affected land 11-09-2009
Boycott Connex 03-09-2009
CICD : Campaign for International Cooperation and Disarmament 21-09-2009
Central Highlands Original Music Promotions 25-09-2009
Connections : Loddon Mallee region suicide prevention letter 29-09-2009
Cybafaeries 27-09-2009
Dairy effluent: flood irrigation of dairy effluent 14-09-2009
Dairy effluent: overview of effluent management in the northern irrigation region 14-09-2009
Determination of the enivronmental flow requirements for the Yea River 11-09-2009
Determination of the minimum enivronmental water requirement for the Yarra River 11-09-2009
Diamond Valley Group newsletter (Diamond Valley Oxfam Australia) 02-09-2009
Discover the Grange Heathland reserve 04-09-2009
Does higher housing wealth increase consumer spending? 29-09-2009
Enhancing the effectiveness of Australian social housing integration initiatives 29-09-2009
Environmental flow determination of the Steels, Pauls, and Dixons Creek catchments 08-09-2009
Environmental sustainability in residential housing: understanding attitudes and behaviour towards waste, water, and energy consumption and conservation among Australian households 25-09-2009
Environmental water needs of the Werribee River : final report : flow reccomendations 11-09-2009
Environmental water needs of the Wimmera terminal lakes : final report 11-09-2009
Factsheet 1 : northern region 08-09-2009
Factsheet 2 : northern region 08-09-2009
Factsheet 3 : northern region 08-09-2009
Factsheet 4 : northern region 08-09-2009
FourThousand 16-09-2009
Geekgirl 17-09-2009
Geelong Live 19-09-2009
Geelong Sustainability Group 03-09-2009
Grange newsletter 05-09-2009
Greenlink Box Hill 19-09-2009
Greenlink news 04-09-2009
Growth and innovation in affordable housing in Australia: the role of not-for-profit providers 29-09-2009
H1N1 influenza 09 24-09-2009
Harvesting in water catchments 08-09-2009
Healthy rivers healthy communities & regional growth : Victorian river health strategy 10-09-2009
Helen Gory Galerie 05-09-2009
Help for Wildlife 25-09-2009
Housing affrordibility and shortages in resource boom towns 29-09-2009
Housing insecurity and its link to the social inclusion agenda 29-09-2009
Housing wealth and consumer spending 29-09-2009
Human Services News 17-09-2009
Innovative financing for home ownership: the potential for shared equity initiatives in Australia 25-09-2009
Kinect Australia (incorporating Vicfit) 06-09-2009
Light Railway Research Society of Australia Inc. 07-09-2009
ME/CFS Australia (Victoria) 03-09-2009
Mediasearch : music, film & fashion in Australia 04-09-2009
Melbourne Gun Club 20-09-2009
Melbourne International Film Festival 01-09-2009
Melbourne Locked Out 03-09-2009
Melbourne craft cartel 03-09-2009
Melbourne's Living Museum of the West 24-09-2009
Merri Cohousing & Eco-Village 25-09-2009
Monitoring Victoria's groundwater : state observation bore network 08-09-2009
My motorcycle and the law 22-09-2009
NVIRP factsheet 08-09-2009
Newsletter : Vision for Werribee Plains 09-09-2009
Newstead & District Historical Society 16-09-2009
North east Victoria regional aquifer systems 08-09-2009
North east Victoria water table aquifers 08-09-2009
Office for Youth at the centre 08-09-2009
Otway coast basin 08-09-2009
Our foremothers 19-09-2009
Our water our future : the next stage of the government's water plan 08-09-2009
Outre Gallery 07-09-2009
Ovens basin 08-09-2009
Palliative Care Victoria 28-09-2009
People matter survey 18-09-2009
Port Phillip Eco-Centre 25-09-2009
Portland Coast basin 08-09-2009
Probus Club of Canterbury (Victoria) 24-09-2009
Progress towards securing our water future 08-09-2009
Provenance: the journal of Public Record Office Victoria 04-09-2009
Purchasing Dairy Cattle and Minimising the Risk of Buying Bovine Johnes Disease 11-09-2009
Rapid appraisal method (RAM) for floodplain management 08-09-2009
Review of the management of riparian land in Victoria 08-09-2009
Ride for tomorrow : respect the environment : respect others 24-09-2009
Royal Melbourne Show 26-09-2009
SAFETYvictoria 24-09-2009
Save the Cerberus Alliance 23-09-2009
Schools water efficiency program : a water story with a twist 09-09-2009
Schools water efficiency program agreement 09-09-2009
Seahorse Victoria 28-09-2009
Skate Victoria 18-09-2009
Snowy basin 08-09-2009
South western Victoria regional aquifer systems 08-09-2009
South western Victoria water table aquifers 08-09-2009
Spaced Out : Australia's first science fiction club for gays, lesbians and friends 18-09-2009
Specification for Victorian Flood database (VFD) dataset update 09-09-2009
Sustainable water strategy : northern region discussion paper 08-09-2009
Sustaining gardens in dry times 09-09-2009
Tambo basin 09-09-2009
Tara River environmental flows assessment 09-09-2009
Tax expenditures and housing 25-09-2009
Technical guidelines for waterway management 09-09-2009
Terang Urban Fire Brigade 18-09-2009
The Eco 21-09-2009
The Snowy flows again : intergovernmental co-operation on water reform 09-09-2009
The benefits and risks of home ownership: disaggregating the effects of household income 29-09-2009
The capacity of indigenous community housing organisations 29-09-2009
The role of home maintenance and modification services in achieving health, community care and housing outcomes in later life 29-09-2009
Thomson basin 09-09-2009
ThreeThousand 17-09-2009
Trail bike noise : turn it down 22-09-2009
Trail bike options paper 24-09-2009
Trail bike riding : Cheynes Bridge trail bike visitor area 22-09-2009
Trail bike riding : Latrobe Trail bike visitor area 22-09-2009
Trail bike riding : Yarra, La Trobe and Tarago state forests 22-09-2009
Transcend 25-09-2009
TwoThousand 17-09-2009
Under age trail bike riding 22-09-2009
Upper Ovens FLOWS assessment 09-09-2009
Upper Wimmera River water resources management plan : environmental flow study : final report 11-09-2009
Victorian desalination project environment effects statement 10-09-2009
Vision for Werribee Plains -- the next step -- action plan 2004 10-09-2009
Water smart gardens and homes rebate scheme : 1 July 2009 to 30 June 2010 10-09-2009
Watermaps : securing Victoria's water supplies 11-09-2009
Weed spotter catchment update 16-09-2009
Weed spotter newsletter 15-09-2009
Welcome to the Australian Breastfeeding Association 26-09-2009
Werribee basin 11-09-2009
Western region : sustainable water strategy 11-09-2009
What's business doing to save water 11-09-2009
Where can I ride my trail bike? 22-09-2009
Whittlesea CFA 28-09-2009
Wildlife Art Society of Australasia 26-09-2009
Wimmera Growers of Australian Plants Inc. 10-09-2009
Wimmera basin 11-09-2009
Yarra basin 11-09-2009
Yering District Archers : challenge yourself 19-09-2009
Your dam your responsibility 11-09-2009
Your private drinking water supply 11-09-2009
[Victorian AIDS Council/Gay Men's Health Centre] 29-09-2009
eGrow : Enhanced Grampians Regional Outreach Workers 05-09-2009
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State Library of Western Australia

Title URI Display Date
West Australian Railscene E-Mag 09-09-2009
Access Alliance Project 26-09-2009
Andy May's Railway Page 17-09-2009
Broome accomodation study 18-09-2009
Commissioner for Children and Young People Western Australia 11-09-2009
Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia - weather station sites 26-09-2009
Fairbridge Festival 16-09-2009
FuelWatch 29-09-2009
Geraldton Family History Society [includes cemetery database] 04-09-2009
Goldfields Land and Sea Council 11-09-2009
Great Southern Family History Society 07-09-2009
Hearing Voices Network Australia 07-09-2009
History of Western Australian Railways and Stations Website 10-09-2009
Human swine flu : what Western Australians need to know 16-09-2009
Indigenous Literacy Project 14-09-2009
Intersections of identity and discrimination : shifting from division to self determination 14-09-2009
Irra Barndimalgu : making language good a look at discrete discrimination and invisible language policy 14-09-2009
Jarlmadangah Burru 18-09-2009
Jules Sher 15-09-2009
Justice First : to change law into justice 15-09-2009
Ningaloo Turtle Program 09-09-2009
Norman Jorgensen 16-09-2009
Office of Native Title Newsletter 12-09-2009
Ololo 07-09-2009
Parkerville Children and Youth Care 25-09-2009
Perth Rocks 08-09-2009
Plant available soil moisture maps 26-09-2009
Remida 23-09-2009
Royalties for Regions : putting it back into your community 07-09-2009
Ruah Community Services 15-09-2009
Save Perth Hills 15-09-2009
Schools Online, a directory of public schools in Western Australia. 04-09-2009
South West Aboriginal Land & Sea Council 11-09-2009
Spirit Stones 16-09-2009
Supplementary report on the investigation of alleged public sector misconduct linked to the Smith Beach development at Yallingup 04-09-2009
Teknoscape 11-09-2009
The Afghan Islamic Association in Western Australia Inc 18-09-2009
The Country Link : WA country health services newsletter 17-09-2009
The Friends of Brixton Street Wetlands 11-09-2009
VOC Historical Society : enriching Australian history 07-09-2009
Western Australian war memorials register 26-09-2009
Your Choice or Theirs? Should Western Australian be trusted to choose when they can shop? 02-09-2009
Zoroastrian Association of Western Australia 15-09-2009
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