Curriculum Corporation 14th Annual Conference 2007

Papers and Reports

The conference papers and keynotes will be accessible through this page as they become available. Please also see the Program area for further information.

Conference keynotes

         WMP_Logo Interview with Ben Levin - Live at the Conference (MP3 16.4MB)

         PDF_Logo A Strategy for Large-Scale Improvement in Education: The Ontario Approach

  • Mick Waters, Director of Curriculum, Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, UK

         WMP_Logo Keynote Address: Part One  (MP3 6.06MB)

         WMP_Logo Keynote Address: Part Two  (MP3 6.92MB)

         WMP_Logo Keynote Address: Part Three  (MP3 1.32MB)

         PDF_Logo The Big Picture of the Curriculum

         PDF_Logo The Secondary Curriculum Review

  • Peter Dawkins, Secretary, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Victoria

          WMP_Logo Keynote Address (MP3 18.9MB)

          PDF_Logo The Future of Schooling in Australia

          PPT_Logo PowerPoint Presentation - The Curriculum Discourse in Australia in 2007 and Beyond

  • Michael Coutts-Trotter, Director-General, New South Wales Department of Education and Training 

         WMP_Logo Keynote Address (MP3 10.7MB)

  • Tom Bentley, Director of Applied Learning, The Australian and New Zealand School of Government

         WMP_Logo Keynote Address (MP3 13.6MB)

         PPT_Logo PowerPoint Presentation - 21st Century Curriculum for 21st Century Schools: The value of applied learning