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Becrux Anniversary

Today is the 6th anniversary of the Becrux blog.

This is the last post for this blog, and a new version Becrux 2.0 with a fresher theme will be started soon…

The site for the new blog is

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Interveiw at the Solar Show Asia 2013 (Singapore)

Robert Vose interviewed at The Solar Show Asia 2013 (Singapore)

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NASA – SPHERES Experimental Satellites

Brief Summary

Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites (SPHERES) are bowling-ball sized spherical satellites. They will be used inside the space station to test a set of well-defined instructions for spacecraft performing autonomous rendezvous and docking maneuvers. Three free-flying spheres will fly within the cabin of the station, performing flight formations. Each satellite is self-contained with power, propulsion, computers and navigation equipment. The results are important for satellite servicing, vehicle assembly and formation flying spacecraft configurations.



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MIT Open Course Ware

MIT OpenCourseWare makes the materials used in the teaching of almost all of MIT’s subjects available on the Web, free of charge. With more than 2,000 courses available, OCW is delivering on the promise of open sharing of knowledge.

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ISON Comet and the Bethlehem Star

Watch this space…

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Happy National Flag Day

Today, the 3rd of September, is National Flag Day in Australia.

And today the Australian Crown has its 74th birthday!
This will probably not be celebrated nor remembered by Australians this year or in the next, but the 3rd of September 2039 will mark an important milestone in Australia’s history – and the day may be a big one on the calendar for Australians.

Many of the greatest republics mark their Independence Day as the day when their nation stood up against tyranny. The Australian Crown was born on such a day, on the day when Australia declared war against Nazi Germany.

We currently have the British monarch as our head of state under the Australian Crown, but Australians could choose to periodically elect an Australian for that top job. We can make the Australian Crown our own and initiate a democratic and egalitarian election process for Australia’s head of state.

The Australian Crown is something Australians can be proud of. Today marks the 74th year since its melancholy birth.

Happy National Flag Day!

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Top Scientist Slams “Inferior Equipment” Used at Nuclear Plant – PowerInsider

Top Scientist Slams “Inferior Equipment” Used at Nuclear Plant

The Centre, speeding up the process to commission the first unit of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, received a jolt from one of the country’s noted nuclear scientist and former chairman of Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) A Gopalakrishnan, who raised doubts about the quality of equipment in the plant. “Sub-standard materials have come to the Kudankulam plant and they are causing problems,” he alleged.

Gopalakrishnan was speaking at the national convention on “Approach to the power question in the country,” organised by the People’s Committee for Safe Energy, and Breakthrough Science Society. “Dangerous things have been done undercover,” he said. “AERB officials are not responding to any queries. There are reports from Russia about the supply of substandard atomic energy equipment. This has to be investigated before they go ahead with the commissioning. Since faults may not be known for a few years, safety concerns of the people have to be cleared,” he said, while seeking an independent Indian investigation team to study the plant. “Chinese have now started examining the components from Russia,” he said.

The senior scientist, who endorsed indigenous development of atomic energy, complained the reactors under operation with foreign support were in a very bad state. The nuclear reactors in Tarapur built by America’s General Electric in 1965, suffered serious technical problems even when they were constructed. The spare parts could not be sourced from GE even in 1995 as they were no longer making it. “Even the GE’s assessment was that the plants were too old, dangerous and should be shut down, but the department of Atomic Energy continue running the plants till date,” said Gopalakrishnan. He questioned India’s commitment to French reactors for Jaitapur even while a single plant of that kind had not been built anywhere in the world.

Terming the Centre’s nuclear policy as dictated by foreign countries, Gopalakrishnan said, “Nuclear policy followed in this country today is moving on a reckless path and it could one day land us in trouble.”

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Only half pregnant

There is an interesting fact about the Flags Act 1953. There was a serious drafting error in the original legislation. Instead of the outer diameter of the Commonwealth Star being listed as three tenths of the width of the flag, it was incorrectly recorded as being three eighths of the width of the flag. With this size, the Commonwealth Star looked like it had a slight bulge to it.

The Flags Act 1953 was signed into law with the personal Royal Assent of Queen Elizabeth II during her first royal visit to Australia on the 14th of February, 1954. This was before the drafting error was spotted.

The Flags Act 1954 corrected the problem and set the outer diameter for the Commonwealth Star at three tenths of the width of the flag, which is correct. The Flags Act 1954 was provided Royal Assent on the 6th of November, 1954, and was made to apply retrospectively from the 14th of April, 1953, when the Flags Act 1953 was originally proclaimed in the Gazette.

Funnily enough, the length of time between the Royal Assent for the Flags Act 1953 and the Royal Assent for the Flags Act 1954 was roughly 38 weeks, which also happens to be a healthy term for a pregnancy.

The Flags Act 1954 was made to apply retrospectively, so the plump looking Commonwealth Star was never claimed to have been part of an Australian flag. As the saying goes, you can’t be half pregnant.

Anyway, because of the drafting error in the Flags Act 1953, there was a period of 9 months in 1954 when the Australian National Flag would have had a somewhat pregnant look to it. What other nation can make such a claim about their flag?

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Australian Federal Election on 14th of September

An election campaign that spans over 7 months…

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Ford EV MyEnergi Lifestyle Partnership Links EVs and Homes

Ford EV MyEnergi Lifestyle Partnership Links EVs and Homes.

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Raleigh, NC becomes first US city to adopt wireless EV charging project

Raleigh, NC has become the first US municipality to join the Apollo Program, which tests wireless electric vehicle chargers made by Evatran. The Virginia-based company’s Plugless Power chargers were, as of September, being tested by entities such as Google and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, in addition to Hertz, Duke Energy and the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research.

via Raleigh, NC becomes first US city to adopt wireless EV charging project.

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Heliacal rising – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Heliacal rising

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The heliacal rising ( /hɪˈlaɪəkəl/, hi-ly-ə-kəl) of a star (or other body such as the moon, a planet or a constellation[1]) occurs when it first becomes visible above the eastern horizon for a brief moment just before sunrise, after a period of time when it had not been visible.[2]

Each day after the heliacal rising, the star will rise slightly earlier and remain visible for longer before the light from the rising sun makes it disappear (the sun appears to drift eastward relative to the stars by about one degree a day along a path called the ecliptic). Over the following days the star will move further and further westward (about one degree per day) over the dome of the pre-dawn sky, until eventually it is no longer visible in the sky at dawn because it has already set below the western horizon. This is called the cosmical setting.[3] The same star will reappear in the eastern sky at dawn approximately one year after its previous heliacal rising. Because the heliacal rising depends on the observation of the object, its exact timing can be dependent on weather conditions…

via Heliacal rising – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This interpretation of the Star of Bethlehem being the star Alpha Crucis from the Southern Cross, takes the astronomical event that the Magi were observing to be the helical rising of Alpha Crucis.

The star rose in the east, moved west and then stopped being visible with the light of the sun at dawn. The Magi were looking south from Jerusalem to see the helical rising of the star Acrux – with the light of dawn making the star invisible as it was just above Bethlehem.

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Looking back from Bethlehem

Here is a thought experiment about the Star of Bethlehem.

The story is about the Magi  following the Star and seeing it above Bethlehem.

Now imagine at the time when the Magi could see the Star above Bethlehem, that you could look back at the Magi with a magical camera that went back in time and that was located in Bethlehem.

What would you see if you were in Bethlehem looking back at the Three Magi?

The Magi see the Star and Bethlehem. This magical camera in Bethlehem is looking back and seeing the three Magi.

The question is: what direction would that magical camera be pointing in and what would you see?

Where were the Three Magi when they could see the star above Bethlehem?

(The obvious answer would be that the Three Magi were in Jerusalem – as Bethlehem is only about 10km due south of Jerusalem. Herod and his court were also in Jerusalem, so this is where the three Magi would point out a Star to Herod which appeared just above Bethlehem on the horizon).

Why is this important?

It is an important question because this will tell you where the Star of Bethlehem would be in the night sky.

The Star of Bethlehem would have to be directly south of Jerusalem, and just above the horizon.

The Star would not be on the ecliptic. It could not have been a planet. And it was most unlikely a comet or nova, etc.

The Star of Bethlehem was the star Alpha Crucis (Acrux)  from the Southern Cross.

In early December 2000 years ago, looking south from Jerusalem, Acrux rose during the night in the east, it moved west and was visible  just above the horizon until it was hovering over Bethlehem, and then it STOPPED being VISIBLE with the rising of sun at dawn.

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Out-of-this-world proposal for solar wind power – tech – 24 September 2010 – New Scientist

Forget wind power or conventional solar power, the world’s energy needs could be met 100 billion times over using a satellite to harness the solar wind and beam the energy to Earth – though focussing the beam could be tricky.

The concept for the so-called Dyson-Harrop satellite begins with a long metal wire loop pointed at the sun. This wire is charged to generate a cylindrical magnetic field that snags the electrons that make up half the solar wind. These electrons get funnelled into a metal spherical receiver to produce a current, which generates the wire’s magnetic field – making the system self-sustaining.

Any current not needed for the magnetic field powers an infrared laser trained on satellite dishes back on Earth, designed to collect the energy. Air is transparent to infrared so Earth’s atmosphere won’t suck up energy from the beam before it reaches the ground.

via Out-of-this-world proposal for solar wind power – tech – 24 September 2010 – New Scientist.

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How space-based solar power will solve all our energy needs

How space-based solar power will solve all our energy needs

George Dvorsky

Humanity’s demand for energy is growing at an astonishing rate. Combine this with an ever-dwindling supply of fossil fuels, and it becomes painfully clear that something innovative and powerful is required. There’s one high-tech proposal that holds tremendous promise — an idea that has been around since the late 1960s. Here’s how space-based solar power will eventually solve all our energy needs…

via How space-based solar power will solve all our energy needs.

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Right royal split over how to change succession rules

…The Council of Australian Governments discussed changes to ensure males and females were seen as equals in terms of royal succession.

Rules would also be changed to ensure a royal would not be barred from succession for marrying a Catholic.

According to the formal summary of agreements reached, COAG “asked officials to continue to work towards co-operative implementation”.

The difference of opinion over how to achieve the changes emerged at a joint media conference following the COAG meeting in Canberra today.

Mr Newman said Queensland had a position that others did not agree with.

“Our position is that we will pass legislation in accordance with our position as a separate sovereign state,” he said.

“It’s the principle of the thing.”

Ms Gillard said the “very loud and very clear” advice the federal government had was that there was one crown in Australia and the states should pass laws referring to the commonwealth the ability to make changes to royal succession.

“For that to be a legally effective process all states have to do it,” she said.

But Mr Newman insisted his position respected “the federation of the states”…

…In a written statement, Mr Bleijie said the Newman government was happy to support the federal government’s line of succession proposal.

“However, given the longstanding historical ties and relationships between the Crown and each state from their origins as colonies, it is appropriate the states should preserve this relationship through their own legislation,” he said.

“Section 7 of the Australia Act 1986 (Commonwealth) impinged upon this general principle and the proposed implementation of succession rules should not aggravate this situation.

“We do not support the commonwealth model to refer the states’ power. Queensland is a sovereign state and at all times should look to preserve this status”…

Read more:
via Right royal split over how to change succession rules.

Very interesting. The Government makes sure it hears only the advice it likes to hear!

There has been an ongoing debate about the nature of the Crown in Australia. This has been since well before the Statute of Westminster.

The number of Crowns in Australia has been a contentious issue and simply stating that you have advice for one side of the argument that suits your position is not a reasonable way to deal with the topic. It says a lot about the Government and the people in power.

I agree with the Queensland Premier in this case. It is a matter of principle. The Federal Government is trying to brush away the issue of the nature of the Australian Crown as if this issue never existed. It is  a similar position to that taken by the ARM.

Any push for a Republic with Gillard as PM would surely fail. You couldn’t take her word as being honest.

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GE Energy keen to partner Malaysian firms | SME Corporation Malaysia (Official Website)

GE Energy keen to partner Malaysian firms

KUALA LUMPUR: US-based GE Energy is seeking local partners to market its tint film rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) panel systems.

The company will begin production of its tint film solar PV panel systems within the next two years in the US.

Leveraging on the capacity of the upcoming plant, GE Energy general manager of renewable sales (Asia Pacific) Peter Cowling said the group wants to expand in the emerging Asian market.

He said GE Energy is keen to find partners involved in the construction, electrical and engineering and rooftop activities.”With the recently passed Renewable Energy Bill 2010, discussions are quickly turning to how solar PV projects can be implemented in Malaysia.

via GE Energy keen to partner Malaysian firms | SME Corporation Malaysia (Official Website).

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US announces Asia-Pacific energy partnership: pv-magazine

The Presidents of the U.S. and Indonesia, and the Sultan of Brunei have proposed the formation of U.S.-Asia Pacific Comprehensive Partnership for a Sustainable Energy Future. Under the partnership, the U.S. has said it will provide up to US$6 billion in support.

via US announces Asia-Pacific energy partnership: pv-magazine.

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Indonesia set to challenge Thailand in PV stakes: pv-magazine

Indonesia set to challenge Thailand in PV stakes


Indonesia, with its thousands of scattered islands and consequent off-grid photovoltaics demand, is set to challenge the traditional dominance of Thailand in the South East Asian region over the next four years, according to a report by IMS Research.

The PV Market in South East Asia report, which also considers Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippines, predicts that almost 5 GW of installed photovoltaic capacity will be added by 2016, with nearly 1 GW cropping up across Indonesia.

“Given its substantial and quickly growing need for electricity, the small amount of the population that currently have access to electricity, and its reliance on diesel generators on its thousands of islands, PV is an highly attractive solution for providing distributed electricity sources in Indonesia,” stated IMS Research’s Jessica Jin.

Installed capacity is predicted to grow 50% annually for the next five years, with 1 GW expected to be online by 2015. Furthermore, while the region accounts for less than 1% of global photovoltaic capacity today, it is forecast to rise fourfold by 2016…

via Indonesia set to challenge Thailand in PV stakes: pv-magazine.

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ISES 2012

THE INTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABLE ENERGY SUMMIT — 7 & 8 November 2012 — Putrajaya Marriott Hote







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