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Anglo-Catholics rejoice as Pope offers return to fold

Anglo-Catholics rejoice as Pope offers return to fold

BARNEY ZWARTZ – The Age – October 22, 2009

IN WHAT an Australian bishop calls the most significant Anglican-Catholic development in nearly 500 years, the Pope has invited disenchanted Anglicans to return to Roman Catholicism – as Anglicans…

The Pope’s move was announced in media conferences in Rome and London…

via Anglo-Catholics rejoice as Pope offers return to fold.

On the more mundane level, this gesture is likely to be reciprocated in the United Kingdom through modifying the Act of Settlement so that there is no more any discrimination against Catholics in the succession to the British Crown. A Commonwealth nations CHOGM meeting is due to discuss this very topic in November, if I remember correctly. I can’t help feeling that rather than such actions being as intended an affirmation of the universality of the Christian message, it may have the opposite effect and show how politically arbitrary the hierarchical power structures of the clergy actually are. The churches’  restructuring – perestroika in Russian – may have unintended consequences. We may ask whether it will it be followed by a Holy Glasnost, by the grace of God.  Even with unintended consequences, such a train of events might still paradoxically be a demonstration of the Christian message. The Holy Spirit has an egalitarian ethos and the wind will blow where it will…

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