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The “Seven Golden Stars” Flag

Seven Golden Stars is the name of a new green and gold flag for Australia.

Seven Golden Stars

Seven Golden Stars in London, May 2012

The “Seven Golden Stars” flag includes the Southern Cross and the Federation Star (also known as the Commonwealth Star) from the Australian National Flag.

The gold disc in the canton is derived from the Aboriginal Flag and represents the sun.

The flag’s colours are the same as Australia’s national colours, green and gold.

The sun is, of course, also a star. Hence the name “Seven Golden Stars”.

The following diagram shows the design of the new flag.

The ratio of the green field is a conventional 2:3 and the flag ratio when you include the white stripe on the left is 9:14. Note that the Australian National Flag, the Australian Blue Ensign, has a ratio of 1:2 and the Aboriginal Flag has a ratio of 2:3. In the Australian National Flag the Union Flag takes up one quarter of the flag area, while on the green field of these proposed new designs the Aboriginal Flag would take up one ninth of the area of the green field.

The flag design is symmetrical. The Commonwealth Star is equidistant from the right and top edges of the flag. The stars Becrux, Delta Crucis and the Commonwealth Star are aligned, with Delta Crucis being at the midpoint between the centres of Becrux and the Commonwealth Star. The vertical axis for the Southern Cross is one third of the length of the green field of the flag from the left edge (not including the white stripe). Delta Crucis is at the midpoint along the total length of the flag including the white stripe on the left.  The centre of the sun in the canton forms a right angle with the centres of Becrux and Gacrux.

There are also a couple of versions of this new green and gold flag that are charged with the Australian Coat of Arms. The Coat of Arms has a kangaroo and an emu as supporters, a scroll and a couple of branches of wattle in bloom. The shield contains a badge for each of the six states (this part of the flag is clearly greyed out because these flags are not yet authorised by the Commonwealth).  One of these flags has a stylised version of the Commonwealth Star and torse so that the Commonwealth Star is also visually prominent on this flag.

The designs below have been modified so that it is clear that the images do NOT contain the official Coat of Arms for Australia.

Below  is a version of Seven Golden Stars in Blue and Gold. Blue and Gold were the original national colours for Australian.

Seven Golden Stars in Blue and Gold
Seven Golden Stars in Blue and Gold

The design of a national flag necessarily contains symbols that have relevance to the people of that nation. A national flag needs the acceptance of the vast majority of that nation’s population. Recent changes to the Flags Act require that a national plebiscite is needed to change the national flag. This is quite a separate issue to the republic and a proposed alternative national flag will need to win a national plebiscite on its own merits. At present the Australian public is happy with the current Australian Flag as it is and there are no other well known alternatives.

These flags were designed by Robert Vose and are registered with IP Australia.

Copyright © 2012 Robert Vose.

Contact: 7goldenstars (at)

7gs Logo

7gs Logo

Please note that these flag designs and logo are registered with IP Australia by Robert Vose and that they can only be reproduced with permission.

7 Responses

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  1. E.A.Anders says

    our country in the last 50 years has many of national new commers all came to start
    a new life with ther birth land left behind them.
    to form a new unity we must have a flag that give a sighn of togethernes and being proud of our new land.

  2. Robert Vose says

    Thanks for your comment E.A.Anders,
    I hope that these flag designs are seen as unifying and inclusive. They are in the national colours of green and gold and many of the symbols are well known. I see the Australian Coat of Arms as a symbol for our liberal democracy and a civic nationalism that we can be proud of.

  3. davidgrantlloyd says

    Great flag designs! My personal favourite is the second one from the top. Bring on the republic!

  4. Annita Cullen says

    This site is very inspiring. Our current flag, having ties to our legal system history does deserves some recognition but of course the Aboriginals should have some mark there too and this flag provides it. I do not like the 5 pointed star however and I would like to see a 7 pointed star in it’s place. The 5 pointed star reminds me of America. Is there some reason perhaps it is there?

  5. Stephen Woodhill says

    Well I have bee talking about ‘modifying’ our flag for many years – similar to yours but it will never get off the ground if it changes too radiciically – too much has gone on in our history and too many people seem to baulk at change. I think you are close with your designs however I think minimal change is he key – the Union flag should be replaced with our Coat of Arms (which is stunning), the blue of the flag changed to green and the stars from white to gold. The flag would look so similar many people anti change would be more likely to consider it – it harks back to the original flag but is still new and distinctly ours.

  6. David Latimer says

    Hi Robert. I noticed that you can submit your design to ABC Online at the moment.

  7. RobertVose says

    Hi David,
    Thanks for notifying me about the ABC site.
    I have in the last few days left a few messages on the ABC page, but I have also added my flags to the Wikipedia page

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