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Notice to Publishers of Online Materials

The Director-General of the National Library of Australia requests the legal deposit of published online material in accordance with s.195CC of the Copyright Act 1968. This notice is published in support of automated requests made by user-agents (web harvesting software).

Dr Marie-Louise Ayres
National Library of Australia

Additional Information

For practical reasons and to ensure minimal compliance cost to publishers, legal deposit legislation provides for the Library to make requests for the delivery of online material through the process known as web crawling or web harvesting. This process uses harvesting robots to initiate requests to the web servers delivering online content using the HTTP protocol 'Get' request process. Compliance with this request, as required under the Act, is met by publishers when the publishing web server responds by returning the requested file(s) to the requesting user-agent (the robot harvester).

The user-agent authorised by the Library for the harvest provides direction to this notification page.

When files are not delivered by the web server in response to the user-agent requests, for whatever reason (e.g. presence of the robots.txt disallow protocol, login protocols, technological restrictions or barriers to harvesting), compliance with the requirements of the Act has not been met. In such circumstances the Library may make further written requests requiring publishers to facilitate the harvesting of the online material or to the supply the material by other deliver mechanisms (e.g. by deposit).

Further information regarding legal deposit information regarding legal deposit.

Notice to Webmasters - Autumn 2024 legal deposit Australian domain harvest crawl (underway between 4 March and 1 May 2024)

If you have linked directly to this page your site is being automatically crawled by the Internet Archive ( on behalf of the National Library of Australia.

If this crawling is having an impact upon the performance of your site, please email immediately:

You should also forward a copy of your message to the National Library of Australia web archiving project manager at: