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Notification form for suggesting websites and online documents for inclusion in the pandora archive

IMPORTANT - Please read before completing the form

If you are the publisher of an Australian website or online document, or if you are aware of a website or online document that you think should be preserved for long term preservation and access, you can use this form to notify the National Library of Australia. In notifying the National Library, the website or document will be considered for preservation in the PANDORA Archive.

Not all titles suggested will be included in the PANDORA Archive. They will be assessed according to the Library's selection guidelines. Only those titles which meet the guidelines and current collection priorities will be selected for PANDORA.

If the website or online document is selected the publisher will be contacted to seek permission (license under the Copyright Act 1968 before proceeding with the collecting and preservation process.

If you are the rights owner of the website or online document please ensure you complete Question 5 on the form as this will give the National Library an indication of your willingness for the Library to proceed with archiving. Will will still contact you (if you are the publisher) for formal permission. For more information about what is involved in providing permission to archive click here

Form Questions Form Input
1. Title of website or document:
2. Is the publication available in another format? (eg: CD-ROM, paper, microform)
3. Subscription details of the electronic version, if applicable, (including costs; period of subscription; subscription options):
4. Please provide all electronic addresses for accessing the publication, with absolute Uniform Resource Location (URL) if applicable, instructions for e-mail subscription etc.
5. If you are the publisher would you give the National Library of Australia permission to collect, preserve and make it accessible from the PANDORA archive? Yes
6. Comments or other information:
7. Publisher's or editor's name and address:
8. E-mail address:
9. Telephone:
10. Fax:
11. Please check the box to the right

Please check details before submitting