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Original Cataloguing of Electronic Collections

Cataloguing tools

General information

Collections are created specifically for the PANDORA Archive to improve resource discovery for users by drawing together websites surrounding a particular event or occasionally a subject theme. These collections are catalogued using athe collective entry approach.

Creating the record on Voyager

There are several methods of creating new records for electronic items in Voyager: use a blank bibliographic template for the item, copy an existing record for another electronic resource and edit as necessary, or import a suitable record from a remote database and again edit as necessary. Copying records saves changing the default template and can minimise of data entry, as much of the text and codes do not have to be entered in the new record. However be aware that there is potential to accidentally edit (and change) the record you wish to copy; it is also easy to leave data relating to the copied record in the new record. It is necessary to check and/or amend every field in the new record. You may need to delete fields that are not relevant to the sites/titles being catalogued.

Required fields in bibliographic record

There are two sub-fields that may require attention if a suitable record has not been selected to copy. They are the 06 (Type of material) and 07 (Bibliographic level) sub-fields. Most sites are text based, so the type of material selection will usually be: Language material, printed. For more discussion about the 000/06 sub-field, see the general cataloguing procedure, Original cataloguing of electronic resources. The 000/07 will always be Collection.

000/06 (Type of record) Language material,
000/07 (Bibliographic level) Collection

As most electronic resources we catalogue are coded as language material, another code is necessary to describe the computer file aspects, i.e. field 006 (Computer files). When cataloguing collections, the code Combination is often used for Computer file type, but the code Document is appropriate when all files in the collection are text based.

Target audience As applicable
Computer file type Combination or Document
Government publication As applicable

The computer file 007 is mandatory in any record representing an item whose carrier is a computer file. For online resouces the specific material designation is always Remote. The Colour selection will depend on the display of colours in the collection being catalogued, but will usually be: Mixed. Check MARC 21 Format for bibliographic data for more information on colour.

Specific material designation Remote
Color Mixed
Dimension Not applicable
Sound on medium As applicable

Sub-fields in the 008 fixed field are the same as those for printed materials. Individual titles in the collections may span multiple dates. To reflect this, the Type of pub. Date-Status sub-field is coded Multiple dates. This sub-field determines the contents of the two date sub-fields. For coding Multiple dates, Date 1 contains the date of publication (260 field, that is, the date the collection was first formed) and Date 2 usually contains '9999' (open ended date) but contain a date when the collective recordhas been closed.

Publication status Inclusive dates of collection
Date 1 As applicable
Date 2 9999

If only one year is reflected in the collection code as:

Publication status Inclusive dates of collection
Date 1 2005
Date 2 2005

A new code has been added to sub-field 23 Form of item. Code 's', Electronic and should be added to all records for electronic publications.

Form of item Electronic

Add a Dewey Decimal Classification number. Use the full edition of DDC and code the first indicator as 0. Include subfield 2 for the DDC edition number.

082 0 4 $a796.809943 $2 22

As explained above, the title of the collection is one supplied by the agency responsible for creating the collection using a thesaurus. All titles have the phrase Australian Internet sites appended. This provides an easy method of locating all PANDORA collections and is likely to contain keywords useful to library users searching for online only resources. The only exception to this rule to date has been the creation of the collection: Australian Internet Sites for Juveniles. The same phrase was used but placed at the beginning of the title because the collection contains sites for juveniles rather than being about juveniles. The collective title should be given in square brackets. Include the general material designation electronic resource in square brackets following the title proper.

245 0 0 $a [Paralympic Games - Sydney, 2000 - Australian Internet sites] $h[electronic resource]
245 1 0 $a [Publishers - Australian Internet sites] $h[electronic resource]

Add Canberra in square brackets as the place of publication as it reflects that the collection has been drawn together by the NLA and also that it is not found on the chief source of information. Omit the publisher information and use open dates (unless the collection has already been closed).

260 # # $a[Canberra] : $c2000-
260 # # $a[Canberra] : $c2000.

Note: Records for computer files do not have 300 fields as there is no physical item.

A number of general notes may be required for a collection, including recognition of the source of the title proper.

Source of title proper

This must always be included in a record for an electronic resource. Always indicate the date on which the titles were viewed for cataloguing.

500 # # $a Title supplied by cataloguer based on contents (viewed on July 10, 2000).

Optional descriptor note that characterises the file or files present in the electronic resource.

516 # # $aText.
516 # # $aText, graphics and sound
516 # # $a Text, animation and video

Give a note to explain the type of information contained in the collection. Indicate the extent of the collection and the persons or organisations responsible for resources will be given added entries (without being mentioned elsewhere in the record).

520 # # $a A collection of sites concerned with different aspects of Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games. Includes information on paralympians and fundraising projects etc. New sites will be added from time to time and responsible organisations and individuals will be given an added entry.
520 # # $a A collection of the websites of Australian publishers or of the Australian subsidiaries of international publishers.

These notes record the technical information about a resource, including the mode of access and any special computer or system requirements. They are provided to explain how the resource can be accessed.

1. Mode of access note (mandatory)

538 # # $aMode of access: Internet via World Wide Web. Available at:

2. System requirements note (optional)

A note regarding system requirements when special software, equipment or operating systems are required for access. Do not include commonly encountered plug-ins such as Adobe Acrobat or Windows Media Player.

538 # # $aSystem requirements: Software to access sound clips in Mp3, WAV and MOV formats.

This note records that the title has been selected for preservation by the National Library or one of the PANDORA partners.

583 # # $aSelected for archiving$5ANL
583 # # $aSelected for archiving$5VSL

Provide appropriate general subject headings for the collection in accordance with the rules. There are NO form headings for online publications. Do not provide subject headings for prominent individuals or organisations unless the person or organisation is central to the collection.

Provide added entries for all prominent individuals and organisations associated with titles included in the collection. This may include the following:

  1. people or organisations that are the subject of a resource
  2. organisations or individuals responsible for publishing a resource.

In order to facilitate the compilation of a PANDORA data set of bibliographic records from the National Bibliographic Database, a series added entry field is added to the catalogue record.

830 # 0 $a PANDORA electronic collection

This field contains the URI required to locate and access the resource and its archived version. Include two 856 fields; the first points to the resource URL, and the second to the URN (or persistent identifier) for the archived version

856 4 0 $zPublisher site $u
856 4 1 $zArchived at ANL $u

On Voyager:

  1. If you have set up your preferences for cataloguing PANDORA items you should use the defaults that are available using the New Hldgs and New Items templates. Location (subfield 'b') for PANDORA items is ELECAUS, classification (subfield 'h') should be Internet and Item Type should be NFL

    852 8 # $bELECAUS$hInternet
  2. On the System tab check the box 'OK to export'. This will upload the record from Voyager to Libraries Australia overnight.