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Other Archives

There are a growing number of web archives in Australia and overseas. The links below are to archives known to provide access to to their contents to anyone via the Web.

PADI provides a survey of web archiving initiatives by national libraries around the world.

The State Library of Tasmania is not a PANDORA partner, but is an important contributor to the wider Australian cooperative archiving effort. It is building its own archives, Our Digital Island : Preserved Tasmanian Web Sites and STORS: Long-term storage of Tasmanian electronic documents.

The Internet Archive aims to archive the entire Web and contains sites dating back to 1996. Australian publications and web sites that have not been archived in PANDORA may be found in the Internet Archive. Free access is available to the site using the Wayback Machine

The UK Web Archiving Consortium is a consortium of six leading UK institutions that has since 2004 been creating a selective archive of UK web publications.

The Library of Congress MINERVA includes thematic collections on Election 2000, Election 2002, and September 11, 2001.

Australian e-print archives

A number of Australian universities have established e-print archives to ensure ongoing access to research literature

SETIS: Australian Studies Resources creates digital editions of Australian literary and historical texts.

Australian Digital Theses Program is a national collaborative distributed database of digitised theses produced at Australian universities.