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Notification form for requesting persistent identifiers

The National Library of Australia offers this service to indexing agencies anywhere in the world for the archiving and assignment of persistent identifiers to Australian Internet publications. The persistent identifier is a special type of permanent URL that is managed so that it remains accessible. The intention is to ensure that links included in indexes and abstracts remain permanently viable. With the permission of the publisher, the Library will copy into PANDORA, Australia's Web Archive, any Australian Internet publication that is being indexed and will provide a persistent identifier for insertion into the citation.

More detailed guidelines for requesting a persistent identifier are available at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available at

1. What is the name of your agency?
2. Your name:
3. Your phone number:
4. Your e-mail address
(for return of the persistent identifier):
5. Title of the whole item being indexed
eg: title of series, e-journal, conference proceedings, or report.
6. What is the URL of the title:
7. Does the title have a print equivalent?
(Please note that this means exact print equivalent in terms of content. If the purpose of the electronic version is primarily promotional or if it contains only parts of the print version, the NLA will not archive it.)

No - If this title is available online only, please go to Question 13.

Yes - Please go to question 8.
8. Author
(where relevant) of the print version of the title (whole item):
9. Name of Publisher:
10. Place of Publication:
11. Date of Publication:
13. Please check the box to the right

Please check details before submitting