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Services to publishers

The National Library of Australia and publishers have a shared interest in keeping Australia's online publications available for long-term access and to this end the Library seeks to cooperate with publishers.

We welcome contact from publishers who wish to work with us to find more effective solutions for collecting online publications, describing them (creating metadata for them), and providing access in perpetuity to both the metadata and the publications.


The Library offers the following information and services to publishers:


A notification form on the PANDORA Home Page enables publishers to advise the Library of publications that are available for archiving. The Library will consider notified publications in the light of its selection guidelines.


Because the legal deposit provisions of the Commonwealth Copyright Act 1968 do not include electronic publications, the Library and its partners must seek a copyright licence from creators and publishers before it can copy a publication into the Archive. NLA Copyright Licence Frequently Asked Questions addresses some of the questions that publishers may have about copyright in relation to PANDORA. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Web Archiving Section.

It is important to note that the creator or publisher retains copyright in both the original publication on the publisher's site, as well as in the copy in PANDORA.

It is also important to note that if we contact you seeking permission to archive a publication or web site, we have done so because it appeared to us that you are the copyright owner, the principal copyright owner, or someone acting on behalf of copyright owners, such as the editor of an e-journal. If others also own copyright in the publication, then they must also be agreeable to the granting of a copyright licence. If you are not the sole copyright owner, we would appreciate it if you would gain the permission of the others before granting the copyright licence. We assume that in granting permission all contributors to your publication are informed and in agreement that their work will be archived by the National Library. If you are not the person with authority to give permission, please advise us who is.

Commercial publications

Most of the publications and web sites in PANDORA are freely available on the Web and also freely available from the Archive to anyone in the world with Internet access. However, a small proportion of titles in the Archive are commercial publications that are not freely available on the Web. The Library recognises the right of creators and publishers to maximise income from their intellectual property and we do not want to jeopardise the viability of commercial publications. We are therefore happy to negotiate with publishers to restrict access to the copy of the publication in the Archive for a period of time deemed necessary by the publisher.

Under this arrangement, publishers are usually willing to give the Library the right to provide limited access to researchers in the Library building via a single PC in the Library's main reading room. Electronic copying and communication are disabled on this PC, but print copies can be made.

PANDORA search button

Publishers may use our search button on their web site to allow users to search across the PANDORA Archive.

All web publishers need to do is copy the HTML code below, flagged with the "Start Pandora Search" and "End Pandora Search" comments, into their web page and then start searching PANDORA.

<!--Start Pandora Search -->
<iframe src=""
name="lasearchframe" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"
frameborder="0" style="width: 15em; height: 7em;">
<a href="">Search Pandora</a>
<!--End Pandora Search -->

For further information on usage, please see our webpage at:

PANDORA logo button

Publishers may use this button on their web site to indicate that their publication is archived in PANDORA and to link directly to the Archive.

Guidelines for publishers

The National Library has published the following guidelines for publishers. To obtain printed copies of them, send an email message to

Guidelines for the Creation of Content for Resource Discovery Metadata, prepared by the National Library of Australia and the State Library of Tasmania, these guidelines are intended to assist with the creation of quality, consistent, descriptive metadata for online resources that will improve resource discovery services for them.

Keeping Government Publications Online: A Guide for Commonwealth Agencies explains how collaboration between agencies, the National Library of Australia and the National Archives of Australia will help to ensure that online Commonwealth government publications remain available to Australians into the future.

Managing Web Resources for Persistent Access outlines the steps that can be taken to ensure that links made to those resources continue to work for ongoing access.

Safeguarding Australia's Web Resources: Guidelines for Creators and Publishers assists those who do not already have well-established practices for ensuring long-term access to their web sites and publications.

International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

Like printed books, certain types of online publications are eligible for an ISBN

International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)

Like printed serials, many online serials are eligible for an ISSN, which is allocated by the National Library.

International Standard Music Number (ISMN)

ISMN may be applied to online music scores.

Cataloguing in Publication (CiP)

The Library is happy to assist online publishers by supplying CiP records.