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Services to other archiving agencies

Sharing information

The National Library of Australia is committed to sharing the results of its research, development and practical experience in the area of digital archiving with other institutions. The Library does this to avoid duplication of effort, to minimise the costs of this expensive activity, and to work with others in developing collaborative solutions. This web site links to many documents, e.g. Key Documents, that provide detailed information about our work.

PADI: Preserving Access to Digital Information

PADI is a subject gateway to international digital preservation resources that is managed and hosted by the National Library of Australia.

Its objectives are:

International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC)

The National Library of Australia is a member of the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC), a consortium of eleven national libraries and the Internet Archive, which has the following goals:

The work of the IIPC is carried out through six working groups. The National Library of Australia is the leader of, and an active contributor to, the Deep Web Working Group, which is developing methods and tools for the identification of web sites that are inaccessible to crawlers, the collection and storage of these sites, and the provision of access to them. The Library is also a member of the Framework, Researcher Requirements, Content Management, and Metrics and Testbed Working Groups.