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You will need to provide us with the details of what you are indexing or abstracting on this form. You will need to complete a new form for each title.

For simplicity of expression, from here down, these guidelines refer to indexing only, but should be read to include both indexing and abstracting.

For Australian publications that are available online only, we need only the title of the whole item being indexed, for example, the title of the e-journal or conference proceedings, (question 5) and its URL (question 6). We do not need to know about component parts such as articles or papers. Even if you index only one or two articles or papers, we will still archive the whole title, including serials on an ongoing basis. You will be supplied with a single persistent identifier for this title. The citation service on the PANDORA home page enables you to generate the persistent identifier for part of that item, for instance, a paper from a set of conference proceedings, or an article from an issue of an e-journal.

Once you have confirmed that the title does not have a print equivalent, click on the SUBMIT button adjacent to question 7 to send us your request.

For Australian Internet publications that have a print equivalent, we need additional information. We do not usually archive these items and are doing so as a special service to indexers. Please provide name of publisher, and place and date of publication.

We aim to supply the persistent identifier within one month of your request.
Please note that where you are regularly indexing a serial title, the persistent identifier for the title will remain the same at the title level. Articles within it, however, all have their own individual persistent identifiers which can be cited instead to enable the researcher to be taken directly to the article required and doing away with the need to navigate to the article from the home page of the serial. To obtain the persistent identifier for individual articles, use the citation service on the PANDORA home page, as mentioned above.

We have received requests to archive items that were indexed when in print only, but have since become available online. We can provide a limited service only for this material and will archive when:

Link to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Link to Form for requesting a persistent identifier

If you have any questions or require assistance please contact the Web Archiving Section.