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Archiving Instances

When you have completed your QA work you can either delete the instance (if it is unacceptable for archiving) or you can 'Archive' the gathered resource.

To delete the instance, click on the Delete button found on the Process Instances screen. This deletes the instance.

To archive the gathered resource, click on the Archive button found on the Process Instances screen. A message in red will display indicating the date and time when the instance archive request is submitted, e.g. “Instance archive request submitted 2007-06-29 16:06:44“.   This means the files will be moved from a working area to the display area.  This will also initiate preservation routines (i.e. creates preservation copies of the original unaltered downloaded/uploaded files/s and the display version including any fixes carried out during the QA process). This process may take some minutes to complete. 

As soon as you click on the Archive button, the title will change its status from 'Checking' to 'Archived' with a green tick next to it in the Preserve - Instances in QA Worktray.  On pressing the refresh button in the worktray, the title will move to the next Publish - Archived Titles Worktray.