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Bamboo is the collection manager (or repository) for the Australian Web Archive. It accepts WARC files from collecting tools like PANDAS, Heritrix and Webrecorder and stores them in the NLA's archival storage. It then makes the collection data available to delivery systems such as Pywb and Trove Search.

Uploading WARC files to the Australian Web Archive

If you have WARC files collected from somewhere else you can upload them into the Australian Web Archive:

  1. Open a Crawl Series in Bamboo
  2. Click 'Upload' to create a new crawl
  3. Enter a crawl name
  4. Select the WARC files to upload
  5. If you have other files related to the crawl (configuration, logs etc) you can upload them as crawl artifacts
  6. Click 'Save changes'

Creating Crawl Series

Agency Administrators can create new crawl series. When doing this the crawl series will need to be edited and added to the Australian Web Archive 'collection' before content flows through to Trove.