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Editing Title – Permissions

To record the publisher contact details, communication events and permission details for a specific title, select the Permissions tab on the Title Edit screen.

There are four steps you need to complete on the Title Edit – Permission screen.  Each step required is highlighted in red step by step.  So follow the step in red.

Step 1:  Select the Title Publisher

You must record a publisher name before you can record any other permission details.  A publisher name could be a corporate name or a personal name.

To find and select an existing publisher name on PANDAS from the Title Edit – Permission screen:

  1. Enter a publisher name in the search box*
  2. Click on the Search button (Do not use the Enter button on your keyboard, otherwise, it takes you back to the Title Edit – Details screen.)
  3. If matches are found, the number of matches will be displayed and a select-drop-down box will appear.
  4. Click on the down-arrow button next to the drop-down box and select the correct publisher name
  5. Click on the Select button when the publisher is highlighted in the Select box.

*Use specific terms to narrow your search, eg. Australiana

Use string search to broaden your search, eg. Aust to retrieve Australia, Australian, Australians, Australiana

This will set the publisher name in Step 1 and the system will take you to Step 2 - Record Contact People.  

Blanket Permission Information in Publisher record

If the selected publisher has blanket permission information recorded in the publisher record, this information will filter down to Step 2 and Step 4.  When this happens, the system will take you to Step 3 - Record Communication.  You can skip step 3 if no communication is required with the publisher.  You can then choose to mark the Active bullet next to the Publisher in Step 4 – Update Permission Status indicating that blanket permission is applied in this title.

If no publisher is found for your title, a message will be displayed “No publisher was found with a name that contains these keywords”. You can try another keyword or create a new publisher record.

To create a publisher record:

Click on the Create Publisher button underneath the Search box.  This will give you an Edit Publisher screen to create a full publisher record.  This template is the same as the one when you select Add Publisher from the Home Menu.  (See Section 8.2 on how to add details on a publisher record). On saving the publisher record, the publisher name will be set in Step 1 and the system will take you to the next appropriate step.

Step 2: Record Contact People

You must have at least one contact person recorded in Step 2 before you can record any communication events in Step 3.  You can add more than one contact person, one at a time.

To record a contact person:

  1. Click on the Add Contact Person button
  2. Fill in the blanks as appropriate when a window is opened up.  These include: contact name, position, contact numbers and email address.
  3. Click on the Update button to save and set the contact person details.

Step 3: Record Communication

 you can view and record all the contact events with the publisher on the title level.

To record a contact event:

  1. Click on the Add Contact Event button.  This will open up a window of a record of communication with the contact person.
  2. Fill in the blanks or select any option from the drop-down menu as appropriate.  These include:
    • Date: The date is defaulted to today’s date.  Change it if necessary.
    • Type: These are the types of contact you may have with the publisher.  Different form letters might be used in different contacts.
    • Enquiry
    • Initial request (eg. Formlet 1)
    • Follow-up request (eg Formlet 3)
    • Acknowledgement of reply
    • Acknowledgement of permission granted (eg Formlet 2)
    • Rights management
    • Publication notification (eg Formlet 4)
    • Contact person: The contact person created in Step 2 - Record Contact People should appear in the drop-down menu box. If the contact person is not in the selection box, you need to create a contact person in step 2 first.
    • Method: Select the method of communication you have had with the contact person eg. Email, Phone, Fax or Post
  3. Click on the Update button to save and set the contact event details.
  4. Click on Edit or Delete to edit or delete the contact event details.

To compose and send a form letter to the publisher using the Email Now button:

  1. Click on Form Letter option in the Navigation Menu.  This will open up a window with all the form letters in the PANDARA homepage.
  2. Open a form letter you want and copy its content.
  3. Close the window of the PANDORA page.
  4. Click on Email Now in the Action column in Step 3.  This will open up a Microsoft Outlook new mail message screen.  
  5. Paste the content of the form letter in the new message, edit the message as appropriate and send it to the publisher.  Once sent, the screen will return to the Title Edit – Permission screen.

Step 4: Record the Title Permission

You must record a publisher name in Step 1 before you can record the title permission.  The permission type is defaulted to Title with the active bullet marked by default.

To record the title permission:

  1. Click on Edit in the Action column.
  2. Fill in the blanks with details or select the option from the drop-down menu.  These include: permission status (Granted, Denied, Impossible), local reference, person who granted the permission and permission conditions. 
  3. Click on Update to save the details or Reset to clear the input.

To record the publisher’s blanket permission:

  1. Simply mark the active bullet next to the Publisher type field if the permission status information from the publisher record has populated the field eg. granted/denied.

When all the necessary steps are completed, click on Save to save all the permission details recorded and close the Title Edit – Permission screen.