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pandas workflow


The PANDAS 3 workflow is described below. Users of PANDAS 2 should be familiar with most aspects of this process as the core functions are essentially the same.


Cycle Diagram

Logging on


To begin work on a record:




Viewing records

From the records displayed on your Worktray or from a search result you can either:


If there is no record found after a search, you can Add that record.


Adding records

To Add (i.e. create) a new record on PANDAS click on one of the Add options on the Navigation menu.

In the various Add record screens fill in the details as required.



For a Title record you will also generally need to edit the Permission status.



You can gather online resources by either downloading a copy of the file/s from the World Wide Web or by uploading the file/s from a local drive.

To Gather from the Web

To Upload a file or files


Quality Assurance (Processing Titles)

To view the gathered resource click on the Preserve Worktray on the navigation bar and select your title.

From the Process Instance page you can:



Once you have sent your instance to Archive, your title will now be available in the Publish Worktray.

From the Title screen, select the Publish option (top right) and check the instance, adding groups, issues, copyright statements as required.

You can use the Preview button to check that everything is in order before finally clicking on Save to send the instance to the publicly displayed PANDORA Archive.